UTC 108 & INCITS Subgroup L2 205 Joint Meeting
Seattle, Washington --August 8-11, 2006
Hosted by Adobe
August 9, 2006

Unicode Technical Committee Script Subcommittee meeting time:

    Tuesday, August 8             10:30 am to 3:30 pm

Unicode Technical Committee Plenary meeting times:
    Tuesday, August 8             3:30 am to 5:30 pm
    Wednesday, August 9        8:30 am to 3:30 pm 
    Thursday, August 10          9:30 am to 5:30 pm
    Friday, August 11              9:30 am to 3:00 pm

L2 Plenary meeting time:
    Friday, August 11              3 pm to 5 pm

Scheduled activities:

Agenda Item


Day and Time (PST)

Call-in Information
C. Scripts
C.11, 12, 14, 15, 16
C. 8, 9
Tuesday, 10:30 to 3:30
Tuesday, 1:30 to 3:30
Tuesday, 1:00 to 1:30
Toll-Free (US & Canada): 866-500-6738
Toll: 203-480-8000
Participant Pass code: 741167
D.1.Unicode 5.0 Marketing
Wissink, Allen
Tuesday, 3:30
Toll-Free (US & Canada): 866-500-6738
Toll: 203-480-8000
Participant Pass code: 741167
B.5.2  IDN
Davis, Sanz, Steele
Thursday, 9:30
Toll-Free (US & Canada): 866-500-6738
Toll: 203-480-8000
Participant Pass code: 741167

Ad  Hoc Meeting Rooms:

Ad Hoc Subject
Day and Time (PST)
Call-in Information

Related meetings:



Day and Time (PST)

Location Call-in Information
Davis, et. al.
Tuesday, 8 am to 9 am

UTC Procedures posted at: http://www.unicode.org/consortium/utc-procedures.html

A. Administrative Issues

A.1 UTC membership roll call
  A.1.1 Call for proxies
  A.1.2 Roll call

A.2 Declaration of joint meeting

A.3 Registration of new documents

A.4 Approval of joint meeting agenda
  Latest version of this document [L2/06-230]

A.5 Minutes and action items
  A.5.1 Approval of minutes of Joint Meeting UTC 107/L2 204 [L2/06-108]
  A.5.2 Review of open action items [L2/SD2, L2/06-276]]
  Minutes publicly posted at http://www.unicode.org/unicode/consortium/utc-minutes.html

A.6 Calendar review
  UTC 109/L2 206 - November 7-10, 2006, San Jose, host, Adobe, Annual Members Mtg
  UTC 110/L2 207 - February 6-9, 2007, Mountain View, host, Unicode
  UTC 111/L2 208 - May 15-18, 2007, Mountain View, host, Google
  UTC 112/L2 209 - August 7-10, 2007, Redmond, host, Microsoft

  Calendar posted at http://www.unicode.org/unicode/timesens/calendar.html

A.7 Letter ballot review
  A.7.1 Approval of UCA 5.0
    A.7.1.1 Letter ballot [L2/06-227]
    A.7.1.1 Ballot results [L2/06-236]

A.8 Schedule ad hoc meetings

A.9 Membership update

B. Liaison Reports and Technical Topics

B.1  WG2
  B.1.1 Convenor's report [Ksar]
    B.1.1.1 First call meeting #49 [Ksar, L2/06-237]
  B.1.2 Liaison report [Freytag]
    B.1.2.1 Meeting report
  B.1.3 WG2 action items [Umamaheswaran]
  B.1.4 Amendments/Ballots 
    B.1.4.1 Amendment 3
      B. ISO/IEC 10646:2003 Amendment 3 (final) (WG2 N3875) [WG2, L2/06-223]
      B. Disposition of Comments Report on SC 2 N 3817 : ISO/IEC 10646:2003/PDAM 3 (WG2 N3874) [WG2, L2/06-222]
  B.1.5 Consent Docket
  B.1.6 WG2 Minutes
    B.1.6.1 Unconfirmed minutes of WG2 meeting 48
  B.1.7 Proposal to remove the question on levels in Proposal Summary Form [Umamaheswaran, L2/06-248]
  B.1.8 Collections
    B.1.8.1 Extended collections (WG2 N3105) [WG2, L2/06-287]
    B.1.8.2 Request For Collection Identifiers For Japanese Subsets of ISO/IEC 10646 (WG2 N3091) (Tables are HERE) [WG2, L2/06-284]
  B.1.9 Proposed modification to Clause 26.1 of ISO/IEC 10646:2003 [Korea NB, L2/06-286]

B.2 SC2/SC22/SC35/SC36/TC37/SC29
  B.2.1 Liaison report [Ksar]
  B.2.2 JTC/SC documents
    B.2.2.1 Notice of publication: ISO/IEC 10646:2003/Amd 2:2006 [SC2, L2/06-239]
    B.2.2.2 Report of the 14th Plenary Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2 (WG2 N3873) [SC2, L2/06-221]
    B.2.2.3 ISO/IEC CD 14651 - Second edition - International string ordering and comparison (Tables are HERE) [SC2, L2/06-283]

  B.3.1 Liaison report [Jenkins]
  B.4.1 Liaison report [Ksar]

  B.5.1 Liaison report [McGowan]
  B.5.2 Review and Recommendations for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN); draft-iab-idn-nextsteps-06.txt [Klensin, L2/06-263]    
    B.5.2.1 Comments on IETF NextSteps [Davis, L2/06-264]

B.6 W3C
  B.6.1 Liaison report [Davis]
B.7 UC Berkeley Department of Linguistics - Script Encoding Initiative
  B.7.1 Liaison report [Anderson, L2/06-271]

B.8 ILCAA (Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa)  

  B.9.1 Liaison report [Kaplan]

  B.10.1 Liaison report [Davis]

B.11 Public Review Issues [L2/06-200]
  B.11.1 Issue 75: Review of Proposed Update Unicode Technical Report #25: Unicode Support for Mathematics
    B.11.1.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/06-274]
      B. Comments on UTR #25 (Unicode and Mathematics) [Chastney, L2/06-034]
    B.11.1.2 Working draft for review [Freytag, L2/06-217]
B.11.2 Issue 83: Changing Glyph for U+047C/U+047D Cyrillic Omega with Titlo
    B.11.2.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/06-274]
      B. Cyrillic Omega with Titlo [Cleminson, L2/06-011, Anderson, L2/06-292]
    B.11.2.2 Document for review [L2/06-033]
B.11.3 Comments on closed Public Review Issues
    B.11.3.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/06-274]
      B. Clarification of Action Item 106-A69 (PRI#82) [Sidhu, L2/06-111]

B.12 Unicode Technical Reports, Standards, and Standard Annexes
  B.12.1 Unicode Technical Standard #10: Unicode Collation Algorithm
B.12.1.1 UCA options [Davis, L2/06-254]
    B.12.1.2  Collation registry (draft-newman-i18n-comparator-12.txt) [ Newman, L2/06-253]
      B. Comments on draft-newman-i18n-comparator-12.txt [Davis, L2/06-262]
    B.12.1.2 Foldings and UCA [Davis, L2/06-273R]
  B.12.2 Unicode Standard Annex #14: Line Breaking Properties
B.12.2.1 Review line-break feedback [Freytag, L2/06-224]
  B.12.3 Unicode Standard Annex #15: Unicode Normalization Forms
B.12.3.1 Stable normalization forms  [Davis, L2/06-235]
    B.12.3.2 Text fragments for UAX#15 [Davis, L2/06-238]
    B.12.3.3 Discourage adding new precomposed characters to CompositionExclusions [Scherer, L2/06-135]
  B.12.4 Unicode Technical Report #23: Unicode Character Property Model
    B.12.4.1 Use of an informative property by a normative algorithm [Davis]
  B.12.5 Draft Unicode Technical Standard #39: Unicode Security Mechnisms
    B.12.5.1 Draft text [Davis, L2/06-281]
    B.12.5.2 Security [Davis, L2/06-282]
  B.12.6 Draft Unicode Technical Report #36: Unicode Security Considerations
    B.12.6.1 Draft text [Davis, L2/06-047]
  B.12.7 Unicode Technical Standard #18: Unicode Regular Expressions
B.12.7.1 Proposed update [Davis]

B.13 Editorial Committee
  B.13.1 UTC action items assigned to the Editorial Committee
    B.13.1.1 Editorial Committee completed action item list
      B. Recently Closed Action Items (since 2006-05-12) [McGowan, L2/06-275]
 B.13.2 Errata
 B.13.3 Editorial Committee report [Whistler]

B.14 Properties 
  B.14.1 Review new properties
  B.14.2 Bug in script value [Davis, L2/06-241]
  B.14.3 Sk, Lm, Mc
    B.14.3.1 Distinguishing Sk, Lm, Mc [Davis, L2/06-242]
    B.14.3.2 Re: document Sk vs Lm vs [Hosken, L2/06-243]
  B.14.4 Halfwidth voice marks in Grapheme_Extend [Davis, L2/06-246]
  B.14.5 Comments on Capital R Rotunda [West, L2/06-252]
  B.14.6 NBSP in sentence break [Davis, L2/06-255]
  B.14.7 Suggested vertical property values and suggested assignments to Unicode characters [Karlsson, L2/06-265]
  B.14.8 Preferred ordering of marks [Davis, L2/06-086]

B.15 Policy against encoding duplicate script models

B.16 Microsoft casing stability [Kaplan, L2/06-178]

B.17 Invisible letter

C. Script Subcommittee Meeting

C.1 Letter from Government of Sikkim regarding Lepcha Encoding [L2/06-220]

C.2 Comments on Indic block descriptions [Constable, L2/06-225]
C.3 Request to allocate the Maithili script in the Unicode roadmap [Pandey, L2/06-226]
C.4 Pending WG2 documents
  C.4.1 Status of pending WG2 documents from L2/06-088 [McGowan, L2/06-228]

  C.4.2 Manichaean script [L2/03-099, L2/04-292]

  C.4.3 Avestan and Pahlavi [L2/03-072]

  C.4.4 Dictionary symbols [L2/03-354]

  C.4.5 Bantu phonetic click characters [L2/04-232, Pentzlin, L2/06-290, Spielmann, L2/06-293

  C.4.6 Domino tiles and other game symbols [L2/04-163, Pentzlin, L2/06-288]

  C.4.7 Tibetan characters for Balti [L2/05-244, L2/05-338]

  C.4.8 Mahjong Symbols [L2/05-256]
C.5 Proposal to update the codepage for the Tamil Script, with downward compatibility [Ramasami, L2/06-229]

C.6 Proposal to encode Gurmukhi letter Ssa [Sidhu, L2/06-233]
C.7 Ancient Roman characters
  C.7.1 Proposal to add ancient Roman weights and monetary signs [Perry, L2/06-234]
  C.7.2 Proposal to add additional ancient Roman characters [Perry, L2/06-269]
  C.7.3 Characters with many glyph variants: some encoding issues [Perry, L2/06-256]

C.8 Modifier letters
  C.8.1 Proposal to encode modifier letter low circumflex accent [Priest, L2/06-244]

  C.8.2 Proposal to Encode Additional Orthographic and Modifier Characters [Constable, Priest, L2/06-259, L2/06-279, L2/06-294]
C.9 Proposal to encode Samaritan Text symbol [SBL, L2/06-245]
C.10 Malayalam
  C.10.1 Proposal to revise names for Malayalam chillus [Umamaheswaran, L2/06-247]
  C.10.2 Malayalam fractions and letter-numerals [Ganesan, L2/06-260]
  C.10.3 Proposal to encode Malayalam consonant sign cillu [Ganesan, L2/06-261]
  C.10.4 Cillaksharam R and a comment on Cillu letter names (L2/06-247) [Ganesan, L2/06-270]

C.11 One additional Myanmar character for Mon for PDAM 3.2 [Everson, Hosken, L2/06-249]

C.12 Telegu
  C.12.1 Proposal to add eighteen characters for Telugu to the BMP [Everson, L2/06-250]
  C.12.2 Comments on L2/06-250, Proposal to add eighteen characters for Telugu [Ganesan, L2/06-267]

C.13 Saurashtran Haaru consonants in Named Sequences list [Ganesan, L2/06-251]

C.14 Proposal for encoding the Cham script in the BMP [Everson, L2/06-257]
C.15 Proposal for encoding the Lanna script in the BMP [Everson, L2/06-258]
C.16 Proposal to add Latin letters and a Greek symbol [Everson, L2/06-266]
C.17 Proposal to encode an EXTERNAL LINK SIGN in the BMP [Pentzlin, L2/06-268]
C.18 Public Signage (1) [Stötzner, L2/06-272]
C.19 Rumi numerals [Lazrek, L2/06-291]
C.20 A new model for using Hangul Jamo [Korea NB, L2/06-289]

D. Miscellaneous

D.1 Marketing Unicode 5.0
  D.1.1 Getting the word out [Allen]
  D.1.2 Microsoft actions [Wissink]
D.2 Meeting format (electronic meetings)
D.3 November, 2006 Members Meeting prep

E. Close of Joint Meeting

E.1 Review of UTC motions (recommendations to L2) [L2/06-232]

E.2 UTC position on current ballots [Muller]

E.3 Closing of joint meeting