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From UTC #108 and L2 #205

Action Who Description Documents Status
108-A1Lisa MooreFollow up with Agence de la Francophonie regarding their membership  
108-A2Lisa Moore, Editorial CommitteeCreate an FAQ on the Arabic model, based on L2/06-240L2/06-240In progress
108-A3Mark DavisAdd U+FF9E and U+FF9F to Other_Grapheme_Extend in PropList.txt for the next version of the standard.L2/06-246 
108-A4Mark DavisGive the script property value of "Latin" to all of the Roman Numerals which do not already have that property, in the next version of the standard.L2/06-241 
108-A5Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the documentation of modifier letters in the text of the standard, in UAX #31, and in UAX #29.L2/06-242, L2/06-243 
108-A6Asmus FreytagPropose appropriate text and pointers in UCD.html to clarify the meaning and usage of general category values.  
108-A7Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UCD.html as appropriate, based on outcome of action items 108-A005, 108-A006 by Asmus.  
108-A8Ken WhistlerChange the general category of U+02EC from Sk to Lm in the next version of the standard. Done
108-A9Mark DavisRespond to Martin Hosken on L2/06-243, check if rhotic hook is used in orthographies and needs to be changed to gc=Lm.L2/06-243Done
108-A10Mark DavisProvide text to the editorial committee for an erratum on the Sentence_Break property value of NBSP.L2/06-255 
108-A11Mark DavisProvide text of a "note added in proof" re the NBSP erratum for UAX #29 for the Unicode 5.0 book.L2/06-255Done
108-A12Mark DavisIncorporate text reflecting the change re NBSP Sentence_Break property value in Consensus 108-C4 in a future proposed update for UAX #29.L2/06-255 
108-A12aMark DavisUpdate NBSP property value in SentenceBreakProperty.txt in a future version of the standard.L2/06-255 
108-A13Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeAdd a section to UTR #23 indicating that addition of properties needs to take into account all existing relevant properties (and any derivation relations).L2/06-265 
108-A14Rick McGowanRespond quickly to Kent Karlsson on the outcome of his document L2/06-265.L2/06-265Done
108-A15Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDraft a PRI based on L2/06-235 to define a stable normalization process.L2/06-235Done
108-A16Rick McGowanPost the PRI on stable normalization, to close October 31, 2006. Done
108-A17Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeEvaluate the possibility and timing of a 5.0.1 release to include property updates and conformance additions to the standard approved by the UTC.  
108-A18Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake updates and post UTS #39.L2/06-282Done
108-A19Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeReview and post UTR #36.L2/06-047Done
108-A20Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd FAQs on issues raised in nextsteps doc.L2/06-263, L2/06-264 
108-A21Mark Davis, Michel Suignard, Editorial CommitteeCreate an Internet Draft presenting an overall picture of how UTC sees IDN developing.  
108-A22Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeProduce a proposed update of UTS #10 with consensus changes re parameterization, and post for public review.L2/06-254 
108-A23Rick McGowanPost a PRI for proposed update for UTS #10 when ready, to close Oct 31, 2006.  
108-A24Mark DavisContinue to work with the collation registry authors to make it support Unicode collations and Unicode members' collations.L2/06-253, L2/06-262Closed
108-A25Ken WhistlerMake DUCET table changes related to consensus 108-C11 (tatweel + accent, l-dot contractions) in the next dot version of the UCA.  
108-A26Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake the clarifications related to consensus 108-C11 in the proposed update to UCA. (case folding and compatibility equivalents)L2/06-273 
108-A27Mark DavisForward to Asmus Freytag information for inclusion in the character foldings draft UTR.L2/06-273 
108-A28Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeConsider L2/06-238 as source material for explanatory text on UAX #15.L2/06-238 
108-A29Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeProvide recommendations for how to restructure UTS #10 and UAX #15 for clarity.  
108-A30Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd clarifying text regarding when characters are added or not added to the composition exclusions table.L2/06-135In progress
108-A31Ken WhistlerUpdate the linebreak properties of U+00A1, U+00BF AI --> OP; U+060C EX --> IS; U+066A EX --> PO in a future version of the standard.L2/06-224Done
108-A32Asmus FreytagUpdate the text of UAX #14 to reflect consensus 108-C12, add clarifying language for issues raised in document L2/06-224, and incorporate in the next proposed update.L2/06-224 
108-A33Debbie AndersonFollow up on script-specific linebreak questions for N'ko and others mentioned in L2/06-224.L2/06-224Done
108-A34Lisa MooreAsk the officers to consider consensus 108-C13 to create casing stability policy, and communicate the result to WG2.L2/06-178  
108-A35Rick McGowanFind out what Government of Sikkim wants changed in 3 characters for Lepcha encoding. If specific erros are identified, bring them to the attention of UTC and WG2.L2/06-220Done
108-A36Eric Muller, Peter ConstableUpdate Indic block descriptions as appropriate for post 5.0.L2/06-225 
108-A37Michael EversonLook at old Bantu phonetic click proposal L2/04-232 and feedback documents and make a new proposal (if he wants to pursue it).L2/04-232, L2/06-290, L2/06-293 
108-A38Rick McGowanReport to Everson and Andrew West there is no consensus on the 4 Balti letters. Discuss and come back when they have consensus.L2/05-244, L2/05-338Done
108-A39Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/06-229 that all of the characters he request for Tamil are already representable as sequences, and the standard doesn't include duplicate encodings.L2/06-229Done
108-A40Eric MullerRespond to Sidhu on L2/06-233. Proposal is not actionable as is. Follow up and try to make the proposal clearer.L2/06-233 
108-A41Debbie AndersonInvite David Perry to rewrite L2/06-256 into a UTN for epigraphers and paleographers.L2/06-256Done
108-A42Michel SuignardAdd the sets of 6 and 5 Roman characters documented in L2/06-234 to the WG2 requirements doc for a future amendment.L2/06-234Done
108-A43Michael EversonUpdate the roadmap with new block 10190-101CF, Ancient Symbols.L2/06-234Done
108-A44Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with the 6 + 5 Roman characters.L2/06-234Done
108-A45Debbie AndersonContact author of L2/06-234 to get updated proposal for submission to WG2 and submit fonts to Asmus Freytag.L2/06-234Done
108-A46Lisa MooreAdd C.7.2 L2/06-269 to the agenda for the next meeting.L2/06-269Done
108-A47Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline to include U+A788L2/06-244Done
108-A48Rick McGowan, Lorna PriestForward L2/06-244 to WG2 and send a font to Asmus Freytag for printing.L2/06-244Done
108-A49Michel SuignardAdd U+A788 to the requirements document for Amd 3.L2/06-244Done
108-A50Rick McGowanFollow up with Lorna Priest on L2/06-259.L2/06-259Done
108-A51Lisa MoorePut C.8.2 Proposal to Encode Additional Orthographic and Modifier Letters on the agenda for the next meeting.L2/06-259, L2/06-279Done
108-A52Ken Whistler, Rick McGowanDocument the property decisions and other issues that need to be resolved in L2/06-259.L2/06-259Done
108-A53Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for U+1035.L2/06-249Done
108-A54Michel SuignardAdd U+1035 to US ballot comments for Amd 3.L2/06-249Done
108-A55Michael EversonProvide font for U+1035 to Asmus for printing.L2/06-249Done
108-A56Ken WhistlerAdd 85 Cham characters AA00..AA5F to the pipeline.L2/06-257Done
108-A57Michael EversonProvide font for Cham to Asmus for printing.L2/06-257Done
108-A58Eric MullerUpdate L2/06-207 and submit revision to Rick McGowan for the document register. (and submit to WG2)L2/06-207Done
108-A59Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include name changes for 6 Malayalam Chillu letters, per consensus 108-C18.L2/06-247Done
108-A60Mark Davis, Rick McGowanConvey Unicode actions on Malayalam back to government of Kerala and encourage them to provide feedback to WG2. CC to Swaran Lata, Govt. of India.L2/06-296Done
108-A61Asmus FreytagReflect the results of the UTC discussion of Korean issues in the UTC liaison statement to WG2.L2/06-286, L2/06-295Done
108-A62Ken WhistlerAdd 6 approved characters for Telugu to the pipeline.L2/06-250Done
108-A63Michel SuignardAdd 6 approved characters for Telugu to the requirements doc for a future amendment.L2/06-250Done
108-A64Michael EversonProvide a font for the Telugu character additions to Asmus for printing.L2/06-250Done
108-A65Michel SuignardAdd 3 Latin characters and 1 Greek symbol to requirements doc for a future amendment.L2/06-266Done
108-A65aKen WhistlerAdd 3 Latin characters and 1 Greek symbol to pipeline.L2/06-266Done
108-A66Michael EversonProvide font for 3 Latin characters and 1 Greek symbol to Asmus for printing.L2/06-266Done
108-A67Lisa MooreAdd the following script agenda items to the UTC agenda for the next meeting: C.9, C.17, C.18, and C.19. Done
108-A68Rick McGowanClose PRI #83 according to consensus 108-C22. Done
108-A69Debbie AndersonContact Cyrillicists and suggest they make a new proposal for "beautiful omega".L2/06-274, L2/06-011, L2/06-292, L2/06-033Done
108-A70Ken WhistlerUpdate names list annotations appropriately in a future version of the standard, to reflect consensus 108-C22 re omega with titlo.L2/06-274, L2/06-292 
108-A71Rick McGowanExtend the PRI close date for UTR #25, PRI #75. Done
108-A72Ken WhistlerCommunicate the approved UCA changes of this meeting to SC2 OWG/sort as request for changes to 14651 in a future version.  
108-A73Mark DavisDraft a web page describing the representation of sequences as entities.L2/06-251 
108-A74Rick McGowanRespond to the author of L2/06-251 conveying the sense of the scripts subcommittee.L2/06-251Done

From UTC #107 and L2 #204

Action Who Description Documents Status
107-A1Mark Davis, Michel SuignardCreate a new internet draft to update Stringprep and Nameprep for Unicode 5.0 In progress
107-A55John Jenkins, Richard CookMake a proposed draft UTR based on L2/06-206.L2/06-206 
107-A56Rick McGowanIssue a PRI for PD UTR #38 when ready, to close August 1, 2006.  
107-A65Michel SuignardDraft a proposal to remove the mention of levels as much as possible from 10646. In progress
107-A69John Jenkins, Richard CookRemove references to kWubi from UTR #38.  
107-A123Richard CookVerify the proposed additions in L2/06-212 and L2/06-147.L2/06-212, L2/06-147 
107-A127Rick McGowanVerify and update Rejang properties as needed.L2/06-139 
107-A130Rick McGowanUpdate the Phaistos Disc properties to treat as symbols (gc=So), and submit document to UTC with updated properties.  
107-A131Swaran LataTake feedback on the Vedic proposal and submit a revised proposal for November 2006 UTC meeting.L2/06-185 
107-A132Rick McGowanWork with the roadmap committee to find a place for Vedic symbols, preferably on the BMP.L2/06-185In progress
107-A138Martin Hosken, Rick McGowanRevise UTN #11 to add disclaimer at top about revision of Myanmar. In progress

From UTC #106 and L2 #203

Action Who Description Documents Status
106-A6Eric MullerHave a group look at the cases where ZWJ and ZWNJ cause an issue; check on refinement of rendering rules.L2/06-024 
106-A7Michael Kaplan Provide examples of well-formed character proposals to V S Umamaheswaran for inclusion in the WG2 Principles and Procedures.  
106-A28Ken WhistlerTake Section E of L2/06-030 (Udaat) into account when creating DUCET for a future version of the UCA.L2/06-030 
106-A54Eric Muller, Marcus Scherer, Ken WhistlerCreate a proposal for documenting the special casing conditions in the UCD.L2/06-067 

From UTC #105 and L2 #202

Action Who Description Documents Status
105-A12Ken Whistler, Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteePost the DUCET change management guidelines in an appropriate place on the website.L2/05-299In progress
105-A14Ken Whistler, Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeRemand L2/05-301 with changes suggested in the meeting and after editing by the Editorial Committee, post in an appropriate place on the website.L2/05-301In progress
105-A58Lisa Moore, Ken WhistlerPursue the Sindhi hamza issues with the Arabic experts on the bidi committee.L2/05-251In progress
105-A84Asmus FreytagUpdate the publication workflow document with the authorization to issue proposed updates for editorial changes and PRIs and the refreshing of drafts. In progress

From UTC #104 and L2 #201

Action Who Description Documents Status
104-A5Ken WhistlerCreate a proposal for a machine-readable list of metaproperties.L2/05-168In progress

From UTC #103 and L2 #200

Action Who Description Documents Status
103-A6Asmus Freytag, Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate a chart for Named Sequences in the "charts/" section of the Unicode website, for review by UTC. In progress
103-A8Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeProvide documentation for the last resort font. In progress
103-A62Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIssue a proposed update to UTS #18 (document revision 12) that addresses the issue in L2/05-121.L2/05-121In progress
103-A63Rick McGowanAfter UTS #18 is ready, post a PRI on UTS #18 to close May 9, 2006.L2/05-121 

From UTC #102 and L2 #199

Action Who Description Documents Status
102-A83Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and post draft UTR #33.L2/05-045In progress
102-A84Rick McGowanCreate a new PRI on UTR #33 to close May 9, 2006. [Date postponed from 8/9/2005.]  

From UTC #101 and L2 #198

Action Who Description Documents Status
101-A62Richard Cook, Rick McGowanProof the Pinyin readings and mapping data for the approximately 14000 ideographic characters from the XHC source and supply info to John Jenkins to update the Unihan database. In progress
101-A63John JenkinsUpdate the Unihan database with the new field from XHC source readings, and document the new field.  

From UTC #100 and L2 #197

Action Who Description Documents Status
100-A47aEric Muller, Editorial CommitteeDocument the Indic conjoining behavior model after Unicode 5.0 (was originally intended for 4.1), including fallback behavior. Also examine behavior with multiple consonants. See 100-C22L2/04-279In progress
100-A48Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeReview the Indic FAQ to ensure consistency with the Indic conjoining behavior model. See 100-C22.L2/04-279In progress
100-A50Eric MullerReview Indic scripts for inconsistencies with new Indic conjoining behavior model. See 100-C22.L2/04-279In progress
100-A51Eric MullerReview the Sinhalese document with regard to ZWJ/ZWNJ usage consistency.L2/04-279In progress
100-A55Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeMake an XML version of the UCD available. Part of the plan for roll-out includes public review of the schema. Issue a PRI when ready.L2/04-220In progress
100-A61Lisa MooreFind out about CR NEL from an EBCDIC point of view: will there be files containing CR NEL and why did XML add it?L2/04-331 
100-A68Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Draft UTR #30: Character Foldings and post as UTR #30.L2/04-312, L2/04-320, L2/04-322, L2/04-325In progress

From UTC #99 and L2 #196

Action Who Description Documents Status
99-A2Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeFurther discuss the design of UCD tags.L2/04-167