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From UTC #110 and L2 #207

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
110-A1Lisa MooreWrite letter to Govt of India regarding Swaran Lata's participation in the next UTC meeting.2007-03-28Done 
110-A2Mark DavisMake the change to Scripts.txt, changing U+327E to have "Hangul" script property.2007-04-26DoneUCD
110-A9John JenkinsFix the error in kFourCornerCode in the Unihan database, per section 1.2 of document L2/07-026.2007-05-09DoneUnihan database
110-A15Rick McGowanExtend PRI periods for PRI #102, #103, #104 to May 8, 2007.2007-02-16DonePRI #102, #103, #104
110-A20Mark DavisCorrect spelling of sfc > scf in PropertyValueAliases.txt.2007-04-26DoneUCD
110-A21Mark DavisCreate a new field for DerivedNumericValues.txt with the rational format for the number.2007-04-26DoneUCD
110-A23Ken WhistlerChange the linebreak property fro U+1FFD Greek Oxia from AL to BB.2007-02-16DoneUCD
110-A25Ken WhistlerMake linebreak changes for 7 characters.2007-02-16DoneUCD
110-A26Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #14 to reflect linebreak data changes for 7 characters.2007-03-06DoneUAX #14
110-A27Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeMake update to linebreak rule 12B with addition of ", HY" to the rule. In UAX #14 and text of the standard.2007-03-06DoneUAX #14, Unicode 5.0.1 text
110-A28Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeIssue a proposed update for UAX #14.2007-03-12DoneUAX #14
110-A29Rick McGowanIssue a PRI for proposed update of UAX #14 when ready.2007-03-12DonePRI #105
110-A30Mark DavisAdd U+00B7 Middle Dot to Other_ID_Continue in PropList.txt for Unicode
110-A30bRick McGowanClose PRI #100.2007-03-07Done 
110-A33Mark Davis, Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeProvide revised text for a new PRI on ZWJ/ZWNJ based on PRI #96 feedback, including the new Indic properties.2007-04-30DonePRI #96
110-A34Rick McGowanPost the PRI on ZWJ/ZWNJ based on PRI #96 feedback, to close May 8, 2007.2007-04-30DonePRI #96
110-A35Eric MullerCreate a WG2 proposal, to include in 10646 a reference to the Adobe collection in the list of IVD submissions.2007-04-20Done 
110-A36Rick McGowanExtend PRI #101 to May 8, 2007.2007-02-16DonePRI #101
110-A39Rick McGowanClose PRI #75.2007-02-16Done 
110-A41Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and post UTR #33.2007-03-06DoneUTR #33
110-A42Rick McGowanClose PRI #99.2007-02-16Done 
110-A43Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteePublish an updated version of UTR #20. (Handed off draft to Rick.)2007-03-27DoneUTS #20
110-A44Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeWithdraw UTS #40. (point to UTN)2007-02-16DoneUTS #40
110-A46Eric MullerRespond to INCITS IDSP survey request about identity theft standards.2007-02-16DoneL2/07-084
110-A47Eric MullerRespond to the letter from TC68 SC7.2007-04-20Done 
110-A49Rick McGowanRespond to Kent Karlsson to clarify his proposal re auxiliary character decompositions for Hangul2007-03-07Done 
110-A50Mark DavisExtend the Google room reservations for the May UTC meeting to 5 days.2007-05-11Done 
110-A51Ken WhistlerAdd Avestan characters to pipeline.2007-02-16DonePipeline
110-A52Michael EversonSubmit revised Avestan proposal to WG22007-03-27DoneL2/07-006
110-A53Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd annotation for 027F and 0285 to indicate preferred typography.2007-03-21DoneNames list
110-A55Ken WhistlerAdd Tay Viet characters to pipeline2007-02-16DonePipeline
110-A56Jim Brase, Debbie AndersonRevise the Tay Viet proposal, taking various feedback into account. Resubmit to UTC and to WG2.2007-04-11DoneL2/07-099
110-A57Debbie AndersonEnsure that Asmus Freytag gets a Tay Viet font.2007-04-12Done 
110-A58Ken WhistlerAdd Meitei Mayek characters to the pipeline.2007-02-16DonePipeline
110-A59Michael EversonUpdate and resubmit revised Meitei Mayek proposal to UTC and WG2.2007-03-27DoneL2/07-005
110-A60Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for Lanna (110-C33, 110-C34).2007-02-16DonePipeline
110-A61Michel SuignardAdd comments re Lanna additions and deletions to ballot comments on amd 4.2007-02-10Doneballot comments, L2/07-079
110-A62Michael EversonUpdate and resubmit revised Sinhala proposal with property changes.2007-03-27DoneL2/07-002
110-A63Ken WhistlerAdd archaic Sinhala numbers to the pipeline.2007-02-16DonePipeline
110-A64Ken WhistlerAdd Bamum to the pipeline.2007-02-16DonePipeline
110-A65Michael EversonUpdate Bamum proposal section on names.2007-03-27DoneL2/07-024
110-A66Michel SuignardAdd Bamum characters to WG2 input document, requesting addition for amd 4.2007-04-12Closedballot comments, not done
110-A67Ken WhistlerAdd Cyrillic characters to the Pipeline.2007-02-16DonePipeline
110-A68Ken WhistlerUpdate Pipeline for some existing Cyrillic characters, noting name changes.2007-02-16DonePipeline
110-A69Michel SuignardAdd name and glyph changes for 2DE0 to 2DF5 to ballot comments for amd 4.2007-02-10Doneballot comments
110-A70Michael EversonUpdate Cyrillic proposal with changes to reflect the UTC disposition, and resubmit to UTC and WG2.2007-03-27DoneL2/07-003
110-A71Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeIssue a glyph erratum for 0478 and 04792007-04-19Doneglyph erratum
110-A73Ken WhistlerAdd math symbols to Pipeline.2007-02-16DonePipeline
110-A74Asmus FreytagUpdate math symbols proposal and forward to WG2.2007-03-27DoneWG2 N3198R2
110-A75Ken WhistlerAdd 16 medievalist punctuation characters to Pipeline.2007-02-16DonePipeline
110-A76Michael EversonUpdate medievalist punctuation proposal with suggested name changes and add ring point at 2E38.2007-04-21DoneWG2 N3193
110-A78Ken WhistlerAdd 4 half brackets to Pipeline.2007-02-16DonePipeline
110-A79Ken WhistlerUpdate names list with annotations consistent with acceptance of the half brackets.2007-03-21DoneNames list
110-A80Ken WhistlerUpdate names list with annotations regarding the Cyrillic glyph changes.2007-03-21DoneNames list
110-A81Rick McGowanRespond to author of I LONGA proposal.2007-02-15Done 
110-A82Ken WhistlerAdd 7 CJK ideographs to the Pipeline2007-02-16DonePipeline
110-A83Michel SuignardAdd 7 CJK ideographs to ballot comments for amd 4.2007-02-10Doneballot comments
110-A84Eric MullerSend revised document L2/07-067 to Mike Ksar for WG2.2007-02-08DoneWG2 N3210
110-A85Eric MullerGather and submit Unihan.txt data for the 7 new CJK ideographs.2007-04-20DoneUnihan.txt
110-A87Ken WhistlerAdd 0972 DEVANAGARI LETTER CANDRA A to Pipeline.2007-02-16DonePipeline
110-A88Michel SuignardAdd 0972 DEVANAGARI LETTER CANDRA A to ballot comments for amd 3.2007-02-10Doneballot comments, L2/07-078
110-A89Peter ConstableAdd proposal summary form to L2/07-027, update, and submit to WG2.2007-04-21DoneWG2 N3249
110-A90John JenkinsUpdate L2/07-010 with feedback from Ken's document, and submit to WG2.2007-03-27DoneL2/07-010
110-A91Michael Kaplan, Michel SuignardPrepare a demo of Microsoft's support for complex jamos for Old Hangul.2007-04-21Done 
110-A93Eric MullerForward comments regarding CD 19757-7 on behalf of L2. by 2007-02-21.2007-02-12DoneL2/07-077
110-A96Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeDraft a response to the contributors who reported on the results of the recent conference in Kerala, and to people who contributed PRI #96 feedback.2007-04-17Done 
110-A97Lisa MoorePush all significant agenda items which haven't been covered to the next UTC agenda.2007-05-11Doneagenda
110-A99Rick McGowanMake up a set of questions for determining character properties, particularly punctuation. (Cf. 110-A098)2007-05-03DoneL2/07-115
110-A100Rick McGowanRespond to the authors of L2/06-392 and provide feedback about script identity issues. (before April WG2 meeting) (done by Debbie Anderson)2007-04-21Done 

From UTC #109 and L2 #206

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
109-A9Asmus FreytagPropose a disposition of the UTR #25 math data tables in line with the proposal in L2/06-352 for the February 2007 UTC meeting.2007-02-07DoneL2/07-051
109-A21Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeFix error in Default_Ignorable_Code_Point property. (Cox Sept. 24)2007-04-26DoneUCD
109-A30Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UCD.html with the rationale for bidi change authorized in consensus 109-C15.2007-03-07DoneUCD.html
109-A32Mark DavisUpdate ideographic property for U+FA30-U+FA6A (in PropList.txt) and fix the word break property (in WordBreakProperty.txt), for the next version of the standard.2007-04-26DoneUCD
109-A39John JenkinsSubmit the characters in L2/06-364 (including Lee's) to the IRG for C2 (=D)2007-02-07Done 
109-A41John JenkinsSuggest to Wenlin that they submit their set of deformed radicals, etc. to be registered as a separate variant collection.2007-02-07Done 
109-A50Mark DavisAdd tests on canonical equivalence of properties to invariance tests for UCD.2007-02-07DoneUCD
109-A51Michel SuignardAdd 4 orthographic and modifier characters at U+A789..U+A78C to PDAM 4 ballot comments.2007-03-05Doneballot comments, L2/07-080
109-A52Michel SuignardAdd U+312D BOPOMOFO LETTER IH to PDAM 4 ballot comments.2007-03-05Doneballot comments, L2/07-080
109-A53Michel SuignardAdd U+214F SYMBOL FOR SAMARITAN SOURCE to PDAM 4 ballot comments.2007-03-05Doneballot comments, L2/07-080
109-A56Michel SuignardAdd change in names of 11 recently accepted Arabic characters as per consensus 109-C27 to PDAM 4 ballot comments.2007-02-10Doneballot comments, L2/07-078
109-A57Michael EversonProduce an updated version of L2/06-345 to show all 4 forms for each proposed character. Also change name of U+0616.2007-02-07DoneL2/06-345R
109-A58Michel SuignardAdd 8 Arabic characters for Persian and Azerbaijani to PDAM 4 ballot comments.2007-03-05Doneballot comments, L2/07-080
109-A59Ken Whistler, Rick McGowan, Michael EversonFind a new supplementary block for further Arabic extensions in the Roadmap.2007-04-12DoneRoadmap
109-A60Michael EversonSupply a font for printing the Arabic characters accepted in L2/06-345.2007-04-12Done 
109-A62Michel SuignardAdd 4 Qur'anic Arabic characters, U+0617..U+061A to PDAM 4 ballot comments2007-03-05Doneballot comments, L2/07-080
109-A63Michael EversonAdd collation information to L2/06-358, as in consensus 109-C29, and note the revised position of other extensions.2007-02-07DoneL2/06-358R
109-A64Michael EversonSupply a font for printing the Arabic characters accepted in L2/06-358.2007-04-12Done 
109-A67Michael EversonSupply a font to Asmus Freytag for printing the Avestan characters when resubmitting the proposal.2007-02-07Done 
109-A69Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeIssue an erratum for omega with titlo, as per consensus 106-C30.2007-02-14Done 
109-A77Michael Kaplan Respond to author of L2/06-250 that some of these characters are already in FPDAM 3 and should not be disturbed. Other feedback as discussed by UTC.2007-02-07Done 
109-A81Michel SuignardAdd the characters in consensus 109-C23 through 109-C33 to PDAM 4 ballot comments.2007-03-05Doneballot comments, L2/07-080

From UTC #108 and L2 #205

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
108-A3Mark DavisAdd U+FF9E and U+FF9F to Other_Grapheme_Extend in PropList.txt for the next version of the standard.2007-04-26DoneUCD
108-A4Mark DavisGive the script property value of "Latin" to all of the Roman Numerals which do not already have that property, in the next version of the standard.2007-04-26DoneUCD
108-A12aMark DavisUpdate NBSP property value in SentenceBreakProperty.txt in a future version of the standard.2007-04-26DoneUCD
108-A13Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeAdd a section to UTR #23 indicating that addition of properties needs to take into account all existing relevant properties (and any derivation relations).2007-02-07DoneUTR #23
108-A17Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeEvaluate the possibility and timing of a 5.0.1 release to include property updates and conformance additions to the standard approved by the UTC.2007-02-07Done 
108-A72Ken WhistlerCommunicate the approved UCA changes of this meeting to SC2 OWG/sort as request for changes to 14651 in a future version.2007-04-20DoneSC2 N3930

From UTC #107 and L2 #204

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
107-A55John Jenkins, Richard CookMake a proposed draft UTR based on L2/06-206.2007-02-07DoneUTR #38
107-A56Rick McGowanIssue a PRI for PD UTR #38 when ready, to close August 1, 2006. (actual close date January 30, 2007)2007-02-07DonePRI #97
107-A65Michel SuignardDraft a proposal to remove the mention of levels as much as possible from 10646.2007-02-07DoneL2/06-407
107-A69John Jenkins, Richard CookRemove references to kWubi from UTR #38.2007-02-07DoneUTR #38
107-A132Rick McGowanWork with the roadmap committee to find a place for Vedic symbols, preferably on the BMP.2007-04-21DoneRoadmap, L2/07-095R
107-A138Martin Hosken, Rick McGowanRevise UTN #11 to add disclaimer at top about revision of Myanmar.2007-04-18DoneUTN #11

From UTC #106 and L2 #203

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
106-A6Eric MullerHave a group look at the cases where ZWJ and ZWNJ cause an issue; check on refinement of rendering rules.2007-02-07ClosedSuperseded by PRI #96

From UTC #100 and L2 #197

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
100-A61Lisa MooreFind out about CR NEL from an EBCDIC point of view: will there be files containing CR NEL and why did XML add it?2007-03-01ClosedNot done

From UTC #99 and L2 #196

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
99-A2Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeFurther discuss the design of UCD tags.2007-03-30ClosedNot done