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Date: May 30, 2007
Responses Due:  August 30, 2007
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INCITS Executive Board, INCITS Technical Committees


Request for Contributions Regarding a Proposed New Lifetime Achievement Award - Action Item a07.048 from the 2007 SDB Meeting


Background Information:

At the April 2007 INCITS Standards Development Board meeting, the Symposium Awards Ad Hoc report was reviewed.  It was noted that requests for a new awards category, Lifetime Achievement, had been received.  Following the discussion, it was agreed that contributions in support of this new awards category and related criteria should be solicited for discussion at a future SDB meeting.  The following action item was assigned:

Action Item (a07.048):  The INCITS Secretariat will request EB and TC member contributions on establishment of a new category for a "lifetime achievement" award and related criteria for long time TC officers who continue to serve at a high level.

Requested Action:

Contributions should be submitted by Thursday, August 30, 2007 for consideration at the September 2007 SDB meeting.

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