Public Review Issue #107

Script Property Values for some characters in U+3200..U+33FF

The following characters are derived from Han ideographs, either by decorating them or grouping them (maybe with digits); they have the script property value Common:

3220..3243 Common Parenthesized ideographs
3280..32B0 Common Circled ideographs
337B..337F Common Japanese era names
337F       Common Japanese corporation
32C0..32CB Common Telegraph symbols for months
3358..3370 Common Telegraph symbols for hours
33E0..33FE Common Telegraph symbols for days

Similarly, the following characters are derived from Latin characters, and also have the script property value Common:

3250       Common Squared Latin abbreviation
32CC..32CF Common Squared Latin abbreviations
3371..337A Common Squared Latin Abbreviations
3380..33DF Common Squared Latin abbreviations
33FF       Common Squared Latin abbreviation

This is in contrast with similarly constructed characters, which adopt the script value property of their parts

3200..320D Hangul Parenthesized Hangul elements
320E..321C Hangul Parenthesized Hangul syllables
321D..321E Hangul Parenthesized Korean words
3260..326D Hangul Circled Hangul elements
326E..327B Hangul Circled Hangul syllables
327C..327D Hangul Circled Korean words
327E       Hangul* Circled Hangul syllable
32D0..32FE Katakana* Circled Katakana
3300..3357 Katakana* Squared Katana words

* The script value property of the characters marked with an asterisk is Common in Unicode 5.0.0, but the UTC has already decided to change those to the indicated values in a future release.

The question for public review is whether to: