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(since 2007-05-11)

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From UTC #111 and L2 #208

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
111-A1Rick McGowanVerify whether we have a room in the hotel for all 3 days of the October UTC. Send info to officers & Eric. 2007-05-29Done 
111-A2Debbie AndersonSend info on Stanford 1-day script workshop to unicore. July 11, 2007.2007-07-14Done  
111-A3Rick McGowanMake a new closed subcommittee mail list for Tamil/Indic issues.2007-05-29Done 
111-A3aRick McGowanUpdate appropriate web pages related to mail list(s) and subcommittees for new South Asian Subcommittee. 2007-06-05Done 
111-A4Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeSend message to Patrick Falstrom indicating that Unicode is planning a liaison statement. (wording changed on AI)2007-06-27Done 
111-A7Mark Davis, Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeAdd to the PU UAX #31 (PRI #104) text that incorporates PRI #96 with the rules as discussed/amended and new examples based on feedback from India/MIT and Tamil Nadu. Post the update for review.2007-06-30Done UAX #31, PRI #104
111-A9Rick McGowanClose PRI #96.2007-05-29 Done 
111-A10Mark Davis, Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeAdd the note from the comment from ICT/Sri Lanka to the update of PU UAX #31. 2007-06-30DoneUAX #31
111-A11Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate revised text about 180B..180D versus 108E in rule for Mongolian for UAX #31. 2007-07-02DoneUAX #31
111-A11aRick McGowanContact Andrew West to follow up with Chinese NB re need for FVS1, 2, 3 in Mongolian identifiers. 2007-07-23Done 
111-A14Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeRedraft the 5.0.1 draft page to be a 5.1.0 page.2007-06-05Done  
111-A15Ken WhistlerReconstruct the 5.0.1 data directory as
111-A18Rick McGowanCreate a mail list for the symbols subcommittee.2007-05-24Done 
111-A19Rick McGowanInform the membership of creation of 2 new subcommittees (symbols, South Asian).2007-05-31 Done 
111-A20Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeRemove HL4 from the UAX #14 draft. Add U+02DF to the discussion of BB characters. Update 5.0.1 to 5.1.0. Post the draft (revision 21). (ready for review) 2007-07-22DoneUAX #14
111-A21Ken WhistlerUpdate Linebreak.txt file. U+02DF lb=AL -> BB for Unicode
111-A23Rick McGowanExtend PRI #105 to July 30, 2007. 2007-05-29DonePRI #105
111-A25Rick McGowanExtend PRI #103 to July 30, 2007. 2007-05-29DonePRI #103
111-A31Rick McGowanClose PRI #97.2007-05-31 DonePRI #97
111-A39Eric MullerAsk the officers to consider sending a liaison letter to SC2 & SC35 expressing concerns about the future of TR 14652 being revived in SC35.2007-06-28Done 
111-A40Markus SchererPut L2/06-268 on the symbols subcommittee agenda.2007-07-13 Done 
111-A41Rick McGowanClose PRI #1012007-05-31 DonePRI #101
111-A42Lisa Moore, Eric MullerSet up a concrete proposal for agenda management for October 17 (in conjunction with IUC 31), and present for discussion at the August UTC.2007-07-03 Doneagenda
111-A44Rick McGowanExtend PRI #102 to July 30, 2007. 2007-05-29DonePRI #102
111-A45Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeClarify text of UAX #31 in response to feedback to PRI #104. Update from 5.0.1 to 5.1.0, repost.2007-06-30DoneUAX #31
111-A46Rick McGowanExtend PRI #104 to July 30, 2007. 2007-05-29DonePRI #104
111-A47Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIn updating UAX #31, consider Antoine Leca's issues raised under Closed PRIs. 2007-06-30DoneUAX #31
111-A48Rick McGowanUpdate TR owner list. Add Heninger. Make sure Asmus files have been handed off.2007-07-23Done  
111-A49Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeMake final updates to UAX #11. 5.0.1 to 5.1.0. Repost as final candidate. 2007-06-28DoneUAX #11
111-A50Rick McGowan.Close PRI #1062007-05-29 DonePRI #106
111-A51Markus Scherer, Symbols SCPut L2/07-136 on agenda and consider issue of mirroring of symbols in general.2007-07-13Done 
111-A52Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline with all changes related to consent docket.2007-05-29DonePipeline
111-A53Ken WhistlerAdd North Indian accounting signs to pipeline.2007-05-29DonePipeline
111-A55Ken WhistlerAdd 4 Tibetan religious symbols to pipeline.2007-05-29DonePipeline
111-A59Rick McGowan, Ken Whistler, Michael Everson Roadmap the Rumi symbols2007-07-24DoneRoadmap
111-A61Rick McGowan, Debbie AndersonWrite response to Andreas Stoetzner re public signage proposal.2007-07-23 Done 
111-A62Rick McGowanSend L2/07-129 to Gov't of India for info/comments by Gov't of Kerala. 2007-06-27Done 

From UTC #110 and L2 #207

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
110-A4Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeDraft a PRI on reviewing the script property of the U+3200 and U+3300 blocks. 2007-07-03Done 
110-A5Rick McGowanPost the PRI on U+3200 and U+3300 block script property, to close on May 8, 2007. (close date updated to July 30, 2007)2007-07-03DonePRI #107
110-A14Mark DavisCommunicate Consensus 110-C9 to IETF colleagues, regarding addition of new Unicode property for use in IDN.2007-05-16Done 
110-A30aMark DavisAdd text to PU UAX #31 regarding potential tailoring of U+00B7 for identifiers in certain contexts. 2007-06-30DoneUAX #31
110-A37Eric MullerCreate a FAQ on the Greek mute iota representation and casing issues.2007-07-03Done FAQ
110-A38Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTR #25 and post.2007-05-16DoneUTR #25
110-A43aRick McGowanOversee the final publication/release process for UTS #20 with W3C.2007-05-16 DoneUTS #20
110-A50Mark DavisExtend the Google room reservations for the May UTC meeting to 5 days.2007-05-11Done 
110-A54Lorna PriestSend font to Asmus for 027F and 02852007-05-16Done 
110-A54aAsmus FreytagMake font change for 027F and 02852007-05-16Done 
110-A72Michel Suignard, Rick McGowan, Editorial Committee Issue a glyph erratum for 0460 and 047E (page 9 of revised proposal). 2007-08-01Doneglyph erratum
110-A86Rick McGowan, Debbie AndersonFollow up on Rumi with Lazrek and other scholars.2007-05-11Done 
110-A94Mark DavisRespond favorably to the governments of India and Kerala regarding their letters of support for the Malayalam chillus.2007-05-16Done 
110-A97Lisa MoorePush all significant agenda items which haven't been covered to the next UTC agenda.2007-05-11 Doneagenda

From UTC #108 and L2 #205

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
108-A2Lisa Moore, Editorial CommitteeCreate an FAQ on the Arabic model, based on L2/06-2402007-05-16DoneFAQ
108-A37Michael EversonLook at old Bantu phonetic click proposal L2/04-232 and feedback documents and make a new proposal (if he wants to pursue it).2007-05-16ClosedNot done

From UTC #107 and L2 #204

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
107-A123Richard CookVerify the proposed additions in L2/06-212 and L2/06-147.2007-05-16ClosedMoot
107-A132Rick McGowanWork with the roadmap committee to find a place for Vedic symbols, preferably on the BMP.2007-07-24 DoneRoadmap, L2/07-095R

From UTC #105 and L2 #202

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
105-A84Rick McGowanUpdate the publication workflow document with the authorization to issue proposed updates for editorial changes and PRIs and the refreshing of drafts. (Asmus to hand off files to Rick.)2007-08-01Done 

From UTC #103 and L2 #200

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
103-A6Asmus Freytag, Rick McGowan, Editorial Committee Create a chart for Named Sequences in the "charts/" section of the Unicode website, for review by UTC.2007-05-16Closed charts, not done