L2/UTC Open Action Items

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From UTC #111 and L2 #208

Action Who Description Documents Status
111-A1Rick McGowanVerify whether we have a room in the hotel for all 3 days of the October UTC. Send info to officers & Eric. Done
111-A2Debbie AndersonSend info on Stanford 1-day script workshop to unicore. July 11, 2007. Done
111-A3Rick McGowanMake a new closed subcommittee mail list for Tamil/Indic issues. Done
111-A3aRick McGowanUpdate appropriate web pages related to mail list(s) and subcommittees for new South Asian Subcommittee. Done
111-A4Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeSend message to Patrick Falstrom indicating that Unicode is planning a liaison statement. (wording changed on AI) Done
111-A5Michel SuignardUpdate idnaprep based on PRI #96 feedback and re-post to the IDNA Update list.L2/07-073R 
111-A6Pankaj AgrawalaCome up with a set of scripts requiring ZWJ/ZWNJ, within 1 month of this UTC meeting.PRI #96 
111-A7Mark Davis, Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeAdd to the PU UAX #31 (PRI #104) text that incorporates PRI #96 with the rules as discussed/amended and new examples based on feedback from India/MIT and Tamil Nadu. Post the update for review. Done
111-A8Rick McGowanAnnounce the update to PU UAX #31 draft when ready.  
111-A9Rick McGowanClose PRI #96. Done
111-A10Mark Davis, Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeAdd the note from the comment from ICT/Sri Lanka to the update of PU UAX #31. Done
111-A11Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate revised text about 180B..180D versus 108E in rule for Mongolian for UAX #31. Done
111-A11aRick McGowanContact Andrew West to follow up with Chinese NB re need for FVS1, 2, 3 in Mongolian identifiers. Done
111-A12Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeDraft proposed language to the effect of specifying the interpretation rules for UTF ill-formed sequences.L2/07-116, L2/07-152 
111-A13Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeNote the potential for security exploits related to UTF-8 conversion of ill-formed sequences in UTR #36.L2/07-116  
111-A14Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeRedraft the 5.0.1 draft page to be a 5.1.0 page. Done
111-A15Ken WhistlerReconstruct the 5.0.1 data directory as 5.1.0. Done
111-A16Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeOversee updating all the PU UAX's from 5.0.1 to 5.1.0.   
111-A17Murray SargentPrepare a revision of L2/07-162 taking into account the discussion in the meeting.L2/07-162 
111-A18Rick McGowanCreate a mail list for the symbols subcommittee. Done
111-A19Rick McGowanInform the membership of creation of 2 new subcommittees (symbols, South Asian). Done
111-A20Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeRemove HL4 from the UAX #14 draft. Add U+02DF to the discussion of BB characters. Update 5.0.1 to 5.1.0. Post the draft (revision 21). (ready for review) Done
111-A21Ken WhistlerUpdate Linebreak.txt file. U+02DF lb=AL -> BB for Unicode 5.1.0. Done
111-A22Andy HeningerContact Elika Etemad and Paul Nelson and get a justification for change to LB algorithm to allow tailoring of LB before space. Post result to UTC to consider. In progress
111-A23Rick McGowanExtend PRI #105 to July 30, 2007. Done
111-A24Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd more explanatory text about use of word boundaries to UAX #29 and post new revision.L2/07-140 
111-A25Rick McGowanExtend PRI #103 to July 30, 2007. Done
111-A26Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeInclude changes of consensus 111-C11 in text of PU UAX #29. Modify tables suitably. Clarify use of "Any" in all 3 tables and rules.  
111-A27Peter ConstableCommunicate request (Consensus 111-C12) to have IDS sequences published as part of 10646, to WG2.  
111-A28John JenkinsPrepare WD of PDUTR on U-source data for CJK ideographs, including the current U0 sources.  
111-A29Michel SuignardUse L2/07-160 as basis for U.S. ballot comments on PDAM5.L2/07-160 
111-A30John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate draft UTR #38 boilerplate to indicate its change to draft UAX status. Post draft.  
111-A31Rick McGowanClose PRI #97. Done
111-A32Rick McGowanOpen a new PRI for the draft UAX #38, to close July 30, 2007.  
111-A33Michel SuignardRequest in U.S. ballot comments the addition of the Adobe Japan IVD submission for Amendment 4 for 10646.  
111-A34Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeCreate a WD of a PU UTS #37 for the next UTC meeting. Clarify when variation sequences are apropriate.  
111-A35Lisa MooreAdd B.14.1 Review property values for newly approved scripts and characters to agenda for UTC #112.  
111-A36Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeWork on L2/07-115 to incorporate it into the website in the Submitting Proposals area. Provide feedback to Uma on WG2 proposal summary form.L2/07-115In progress
111-A37Mark DavisUpdate PropertyValueAliases.txt and UCD.html re trinary properties.  
111-A38Debbie AndersonMake an estimate of the number of modern scripts yet to be encoded and number of characters involved in each. Post to doc register. In progress
111-A39Eric MullerAsk the officers to consider sending a liaison letter to SC2 & SC35 expressing concerns about the future of TR 14652 being revived in SC35. Done
111-A40Markus SchererPut L2/06-268 on the symbols subcommittee agenda.L2/06-268Done
111-A41Rick McGowanClose PRI #101 Done
111-A42Lisa Moore, Eric MullerSet up a concrete proposal for agenda management for October 17 (in conjunction with IUC 31), and present for discussion at the August UTC. Done
111-A43Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeTake feedback from Per Mildner on PRI #102 into consideration for next draft of UAX #15. Update from 5.0.1 to 5.1.0, repost.L2/07-163, L2/07-153 
111-A44Rick McGowanExtend PRI #102 to July 30, 2007. Done
111-A45Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeClarify text of UAX #31 in response to feedback to PRI #104. Update from 5.0.1 to 5.1.0, repost.L2/07-163 Done
111-A46Rick McGowanExtend PRI #104 to July 30, 2007. Done
111-A47Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIn updating UAX #31, consider Antoine Leca's issues raised under Closed PRIs.L2/07-163Done
111-A48Rick McGowanUpdate TR owner list. Add Heninger. Make sure Asmus files have been handed off. Done
111-A49Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeMake final updates to UAX #11. 5.0.1 to 5.1.0. Repost as final candidate. Done
111-A50Rick McGowan.Close PRI #106 Done
111-A51Markus Scherer, Symbols SCPut L2/07-136 on agenda and consider issue of mirroring of symbols in general.L2/07-136Done
111-A52Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline with all changes related to consent docket.L2/07-150Done
111-A53Ken WhistlerAdd North Indian accounting signs to pipeline.L2/07-150, L2/07-139Done
111-A54Debbie AndersonForward North Indian accounting signs proposal to WG2.L2/07-139In progress
111-A55Ken WhistlerAdd 4 Tibetan religious symbols to pipeline.L2/07-148Done
111-A56Lee CollinsDocument guidelines for interoperability between the Unicode Egyptian hieroglyphs and Manuel de Codage.  
111-A57Mark DavisProvide a document clarifying the need for tailoring in casing operations, especially in regards to sharp s.  
111-A58Debbie AndersonWork with Azzeddine Lazred and Rosa Comes to improve the Rumi proposal and get a Rumi font.L2/07-155 
111-A59Rick McGowan, Ken Whistler, Michael EversonRoadmap the Rumi symbols Done
111-A60Jonathan Kew, Lisa MooreWorking with Dr. Durrani, make an alternative nuqta proposal, to add spacing characters. K. Mansour, Rick, Ken, Mark to review.L2/07-039R, L2/07-174 
111-A61Rick McGowan, Debbie AndersonWrite response to Andreas Stoetzner re public signage proposal.L2/06-272Done
111-A62Rick McGowanSend L2/07-129 to Gov't of India for info/comments by Gov't of Kerala.L2/07-129Done
111-A63Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate L2/07-129 (with code points provided by Cibu) into beta documentation for 5.1.0.L2/07-129 
111-A64Richard Cook, John JenkinsFix 2B151, ref L2/07-167 page 6 and page 15.L2/07-167 
111-A65Ken Whistler, Michel Suignard, Editorial CommitteeDocument the font change for U+03E7 in Unicode 5.1.0.  
111-A66Pankaj AgrawalaContact Peter Scharf and Michael Everson, and come up with revised, single Vedic proposal.L2/07-185, L2/07-095R 
111-A67Mike KsarConvey change of Unicode alt rep to NCITS. (Now Rick McGowan, instead of Asmus.)  

From UTC #110 and L2 #207

Action Who Description Documents Status
110-A3Mark DavisUpdate Scripts.txt, changing the script property of all the characters in L2/06-399 with Katakana parts to Katakana script. Highlight this change in the Unicode 5.0.1 beta. (done except for docs)L2/06-399In progress
110-A6Mark DavisAdd an invariant test to tools, asserting (sc=XX) === (gc = [Cn, Co])L2/07-026In progress
110-A7Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteePrepare text for UAX #24 Script Names describing the use of the script property in layout systems, as part of the proposed update. In progress
110-A8John JenkinsFix the regex in Unihan.html and Unihan.txt per section 1.1 of document L2/07-026.L2/07-026In progress
110-A10Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake the changes to UCD.html to add regexes. See Consensus 110-C5. See also AI 110-A008 and 110-A009.L2/07-026 
110-A11Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd default string values as in Consensus 110-C6. (Default values from Table 2, Column 4 in UCD.html) Item #3.L2/07-026In progress
110-A12Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDocument Consensus 110-C7 regarding conventions for booleans in UCD.html and in PropertyValueAliases.txt. Item #4.L2/07-026In progress
110-A13Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDocument the decomposition mapping for Hangul syllables. See Consensus 110-C8.L2/07-026 
110-A16Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeResolve dispute about whether correct text was added to UTS #18 or needs updating.L2/07-029In progress
110-A17Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteePrepare a proposed update for UAX #24. See Consensus 110-C10. In progress
110-A18Rick McGowanPost a PRI for PU UAX #24 when ready, to close May 8, 2007.  
110-A19Mark DavisDocument in UCD.html what happens when an explicit value is not provided for the foldings and mappings listed in item #10 of L2/07-026R, except for special casing conditions.L2/07-026In progress
110-A22Mark DavisRemove scc from PropertyAliases.txt and UCD.html. Add appropriate commentary in CaseFolding.txt and SpecialCasing.txt.L2/07-026In progress
110-A24Asmus Freytag, Andy Henninger, Editorial CommitteeCreate a PRI on the Ethiopic linebreak issue.L2/07-050 
110-A31Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate a beta page and issue a PRI for beta Unicode 5.1.0, to close ???, 2007. (Updated from 5.0.1.) In progress
110-A32Ken Whistler, Eric MullerCreate new draft properties that support the determination of orthographic clusters in Indic scripts. In progress
110-A40Asmus Freytag, Murray Sargent, Editorial CommitteeImplement the consensus on the disposition of UTR #25 data tables. In progress
110-A45Mark Davis, Michel SuignardAdd a section to UTR #36 that explains the implications of character and property stability.L2/07-074 
110-A48Mark DavisCreate a document summarizing any remaining issues with ISO 4217.L2/07-025In progress
110-A77Michael Everson, Debbie AndersonCreate a new proposal for medievalist punctuation focussed only on positura and related punctuation, taking into account various input.L2/07-004 
110-A92Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerMake changes to various properties, based on canonical checking results.L2/07-071In progress
110-A95Cibu Johny, Mark Davis, Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeCreate text and background material for Malayalam in the 5.1.0 beta. (Updated from 5.0.1.) In progress
110-A98Rick McGowan, Ken WhistlerMake determination of the rest of the properties for all the new characters add at this UTC meeting, and bring proposal back to next UTC meeting.  

From UTC #109 and L2 #206

Action Who Description Documents Status
109-A7Pankaj AgrawalaRecheck items in document L2/06-372 and come back to UTC with results.L2/06-372 
109-A18Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeImplement Consensus 109-C13, to preserve canonical equivalence by adding property values where necessary. (In particular, DerivedNumericValues.txt.)L2/06-378In progress
109-A24Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeReview and respond to Sidhu on issue raised in L2/06-111.L2/06-111 
109-A25Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeMake editorial updates to UTS #22 based on L2/06-302 and create a proposed update. (waiting feedback from Mark Davis and Frank Ellermann)L2/06-302In progress
109-A26Rick McGowanPost a PRI for PU UTS #22, to close January 30, 2007.  
109-A27Mark Davis, Michel Suignard, Editorial CommitteeCreate proposed update UTR #36 and UTS #39 and draft updated data tables.  
109-A28Rick McGowanPost PRI for updated UTR #36 to close January 30, 2007.  
109-A29Rick McGowanPost PRI for updated UTS #39 to close January 30, 2007.  
109-A40John JenkinsSubmit the characters in L2/06-365, minus the Wenlin variants, to be registered as a variant collection.L2/06-365In progress
109-A45Mark DavisProvide source files as part of UTS #39 that alow XID_Modifications to be derived from existing Unicode properties plus distinguished exceptions. In progress
109-A65Michel Suignard, Mark DavisAdd the 4 Qur'anic Arabic characters in L2/06-358 to the list of confusables.L2/06-358In progress
109-A73Pankaj AgrawalaEngage in more discussion of L2/06-373 in India and return to UTC with the results.L2/06-373 
109-A75Pankaj AgrawalaInvestigate cillaksharams YA and TA as discussed in documents L2/06-337 and L2/06-343.L2/06-337, L2/06-343 
109-A78Pankaj AgrawalaInvestigate 18 characters for Telugu listed in L2/06-267.L2/06-267 
109-A79Eric MullerIn preparing the UTR on Indic issues, consider L2/06-334 and add to Telugu discussion of alternate forms of "R" analogous to Gurmukhi. In progress

From UTC #108 and L2 #205

Action Who Description Documents Status
108-A5Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the documentation of modifier letters in the text of the standard, in UAX #31, and in UAX #29. (See 2007-02-14 email from Asmus)L2/06-242, L2/06-243In progress
108-A6Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteePropose appropriate text and pointers in UCD.html to clarify the meaning and usage of general category values. (Taken by Ken from Asmus.)  
108-A7Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UCD.html as appropriate, based on outcome of action items 108-A005, 108-A006 by Ken.  
108-A20Mark Davis, Michel Suignard, Editorial CommitteeAdd FAQs on issues raised in nextsteps doc. (On hold pending resolution of IDNA drafts.)L2/06-263, L2/06-264 
108-A22Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeProduce a proposed update of UTS #10 with consensus changes re parameterization, and post for public review.L2/06-254 
108-A23Rick McGowanPost a PRI for proposed update for UTS #10 when ready, to close Oct 31, 2006.  
108-A25Ken WhistlerMake DUCET table changes related to consensus 108-C11 (tatweel + accent, l-dot contractions) in the next dot version of the UCA.L2/06-273 
108-A26Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake the clarifications related to consensus 108-C11 in the proposed update to UCA. (case folding and compatibility equivalents)L2/06-273 
108-A29Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeProvide recommendations for how to restructure UTS #10 and UAX #15 for clarity.  
108-A36Eric Muller, Peter ConstableUpdate Indic block descriptions as appropriate for post 5.0.L2/06-225 
108-A40Eric MullerRespond to Sidhu on L2/06-233. Proposal is not actionable as is. Follow up and try to make the proposal clearer.L2/06-233 
108-A73Rick McGowanDraft a web page describing the representation of sequences as entities.L2/06-251 

From UTC #107 and L2 #204

Action Who Description Documents Status
107-A131Pankaj AgrawalaTake feedback on the Vedic proposal and submit a revised proposal for May 2007 UTC meeting.L2/06-185In progress

From UTC #106 and L2 #203

Action Who Description Documents Status
106-A7Michael Kaplan Provide examples of well-formed character proposals to V S Umamaheswaran for inclusion in the WG2 Principles and Procedures. In progress
106-A28Ken WhistlerTake Section E of L2/06-030 (Udaat) into account when creating DUCET for a future version of the UCA.L2/06-030 
106-A54Eric Muller, Marcus Scherer, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeCreate a proposal for documenting the special casing conditions in the UCD.L2/06-067In progress

From UTC #105 and L2 #202

Action Who Description Documents Status
105-A58Lisa Moore, Ken WhistlerPursue the Sindhi hamza issues with the Arabic experts on the bidi committee.L2/05-251In progress

From UTC #104 and L2 #201

Action Who Description Documents Status
104-A5Ken WhistlerCreate a proposal for a machine-readable list of metaproperties.L2/05-168In progress

From UTC #103 and L2 #200

Action Who Description Documents Status
103-A8Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeProvide documentation for the last resort font. In progress
103-A62Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIssue a proposed update to UTS #18 (document revision 12) that addresses the issue in L2/05-121.L2/05-121In progress
103-A63Rick McGowanAfter UTS #18 is ready, post a PRI on UTS #18 to close May 9, 2006.L2/05-121 

From UTC #101 and L2 #198

Action Who Description Documents Status
101-A62Richard Cook, Rick McGowanProof the Pinyin readings and mapping data for the approximately 14000 ideographic characters from the XHC source and supply info to John Jenkins to update the Unihan database. In progress
101-A63John JenkinsUpdate the Unihan database with the new field from XHC source readings, and document the new field.  

From UTC #100 and L2 #197

Action Who Description Documents Status
100-A47aEric Muller, Editorial CommitteeDocument the Indic conjoining behavior model after Unicode 5.0 (was originally intended for 4.1), including fallback behavior. Also examine behavior with multiple consonants. See 100-C22L2/04-279In progress
100-A48Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeReview the Indic FAQ to ensure consistency with the Indic conjoining behavior model. See 100-C22.L2/04-279In progress
100-A50Eric MullerReview Indic scripts for inconsistencies with new Indic conjoining behavior model. See 100-C22.L2/04-279In progress
100-A51Eric MullerReview the Sinhalese document with regard to ZWJ/ZWNJ usage consistency.L2/04-279In progress
100-A55Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeMake an XML version of the UCD available. Part of the plan for roll-out includes public review of the schema. Issue a PRI when ready.L2/04-220In progress
100-A68Asmus Freytag, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Draft UTS #30: Character Foldings and post as UTS #30. [Ready for final review]L2/04-312, L2/04-320, L2/04-322, L2/04-325In progress