L2/UTC Open Action Items

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From UTC #114 and L2 #211

Action Who Description Documents Status
114-A1Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #15 with editorial comments from public feedback.L2/08-075Done
114-A2Rick McGowanRespond to John Cowan that it is not feasible for the UTC never to introduce new canonical equivalences.L2/08-021Done
114-A3Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeEdit the stability policy additions and forward to the officers for approval.L2/08-079Done
114-A3aMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #15 to make the text consistent with the new stability policies.L2/08-079Done
114-A4Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeModify the list of SContinue characters in UAX #29, per 114-C2.L2/08-029Done
114-A5Mark DavisUpdate SentenceBreakProperty.txt for SContinue changes.L2/08-029Done
114-A6Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate 5.1 text with D51a and D56a plus other explanatory material from L2/08-047.L2/08-047Done
114-A7Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate D60 and D61 from Chapter 3 for Unicode 5.1, per L2/08-047, as modified in discussion.L2/08-047Done
114-A8Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake coordinated changes in UAX #29 for Unicode 5.1 (re ECCS and GC definitions).L2/08-047Done
114-A9Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeChange the text of UAX #29 to modify word break behavior before and after NL character sequences.L2/08-083Done
114-A10Mark DavisModify word break property as needed, per 114-C5. New property value for Word_Break = (Newline, NL)L2/08-083Done
114-A11Mark DavisUpdate PropertyValueAliases.txt for Word_Break = (Newline, NL)L2/08-083Done
114-A12Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #42 with the new Word_Break = (Newline, NL), per 114-C5.L2/08-083Done
114-A13Mark Davis, Andy HeningerMark to regenerate the boundary tests, Andy to verify. Done
114-A14Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate editorial feedback in L2/08-072 into UAX #29 for Unicode 5.1.L2/08-072Done
114-A15Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate text of UAX #29 for Grapheme_Cluster_Break property value "Prepend" for Thai and Lao. Done
114-A16Mark DavisModify grapheme cluster break property as needed, per 114-C5. New property value for Grapheme_Cluster_Break = (Prepend, PP) Done
114-A17Mark DavisUpdate PropertyValueAliases.txt for Grapheme_Break = (Prepend, PP). Done
114-A18Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #42 with the new Grapheme_Break = (Prepend, PP). Done
114-A18aMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeExplain the relationship between aksaras and extended grapheme clusters (EGC), and why aksaras are not included in EGCs, in UAX #29. Done
114-A19Rick McGowanRespond to Michael D'Errico re tailoring and UAX #31.L2/08-075Done
114-A20Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate conformance rules of UAX #31 to fix wording "precise list of any" --> "precise specification of the".L2/08-075Done
114-A21Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate bidi feedback from L2/08-075 into UAX #9 for Unicode 5.1.L2/08-075Done
114-A22Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAddress the problem raised in L2/08-075 for UTS #10.L2/08-075Done
114-A23Rick McGowanReply to author of UTS #10 feedback in l2/08-075, PRI #113.L2/08-075Done
114-A24Ken Whistler, Mark DavisFinish UCA data tables, making changes as necessary for Unicode 5.1. Done
114-A25Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #34 to fix two Khmer names.L2/08-075Done
114-A26Rick McGowanReply to Arthur Reutenauer re UAX #34 and his other feedback in L2/08-075L2/08-075Done
114-A27Eric MullerFollow up with John Jenkins and Richard Cook on changes needed to UAX #38 for Unicode 5.1.L2/08-064Done
114-A28Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt to change the bidi category of U+1929..U+192B from NSM to L and the general category of U+A802 from Mc to Mn.L2/08-075Done
114-A29Rick McGowanRespond to Kent Karlsson re his feedback on UAX #44.L2/08-075Done
114-A30Michael Everson, Editorial CommitteeFollow up on U+203E font bounding box issue, reported by Chuck Caldarale.L2/08-075Done
114-A31Rick McGowanRespond to Benjamin Scarborough re suggestion for U+A789 and U+A78A and other items.L2/08-075Done
114-A32Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #24 with an explanation for the use of the script property for combining marks only used with a single script.L2/08-075Done
114-A33Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt for Unicode 5.1, U+1DCE ccc=230 -> 214, U+1DD0 ccc=220 -> 202.L2/08-075Done
114-A34Mark DavisUpdate CaseFolding.txt in Unicode 5.1 to correctly handle U+1E9E capital sharp sL2/08-075Done
114-A35Mark DavisUpdate U+2064 in PropList.txt to odi=FL2/08-075Done
114-A36Mark DavisInsert an empty 3rd field into DerivedNumericValues.txt and update documentation of the field(s) for Unicode 5.1.L2/08-075Done
114-A37Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Malayalam chillu text in 5.1 with Peter Constable's comment re "Unicode 5.1 beta: chillus" (done by Julie)L2/08-075Done
114-A38Ken WhistlerUpdate UCD.html to correct names for NFD_QC, etc., in section on UCD Property Files.L2/08-075Done
114-A39Rick McGowanRespond to Oistein Andersen re comments on Table 3-6.L2/08-075Done
114-A40Debbie AndersonReview comments on "Hooks and descenders in Abkhaz letter" in L2/08-075 and respond to author of comments.L2/08-075Done
114-A41Richard CookForward the comments on U+20202 glyph error and on U+214FA in L2/08-075 to the IRG and appropriate individuals. (removed Rick from owners for AI)L2/08-075In progress
114-A42Ken Whistler, Debbie Anderson, Editorial CommitteeDocument 0313/0314 use for transliteration of Egyptian. Also document the rendering behavior of 0485/0486. Respond to Karl Pentzlin.L2/08-075In progress
114-A43Michel Suignard, Editorial CommitteeInvestigate the current ANSI patent policy to see if there are changes since Unicode adopted it. Done
114-A44Mark DavisVerify the updates to the XML version of the UCD after Eric has updated it. Done
114-A45Mark DavisFormalize mechanically readable Unicode invariants.  
114-A46Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #42 with feedback received in the meeting.L2/08-093, L2/08-094Done
114-A47Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeClarify in UAX #14 that priorities between linebreaking opportunities are out of scope, if that clarification is needed.L2/08-022Done
114-A48Rick McGowanRespond to Martin Hosken about priorities between linebreaking opportunities.L2/08-022Done
114-A49Mark Davis, Andy HeningerMark to update Linebreak test generation program, Andy to verify.L2/08-082, L2/08-083Done
114-A50Peter EdbergAssemble additional test cases for Linebreak for next version of Unicode, post 5.1. Ensure adequate coverage of JIS compliance.  
114-A51Ken WhistlerAdd ISO comment fields for 4 Tibetan characters in UnicodeData.txt.L2/08-091Done
114-A52Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTR #36 with the information in L2/07-415, re replacement of noncharacters.L2/07-415 
114-A53Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd a note in Unicode 5.1 to C7 in Section 3.2, update Section 16-7 changing "removal" to "replacement" and point to UTR #36.L2/07-415Done
114-A54Mark Davis, Michel Suignard, Editorial CommitteeTake comments on UTR #36 in L2/08-075 into consideration and post as approved UTR.L2/08-075 
114-A55Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeClarify the uppercase, lowercase and titlecase issues in an FAQ.L2/08-026 
114-A55aMark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd a note to Unicode 5.1 drawing attention to the possible pitfalls in the uppercase, lowercase and titlecase issues.L2/08-026Done
114-A55bMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the FAQ entry on uppercase sharp s.  
114-A56Mark Davis, Eric MullerChange the default ignorable property and derivation in UCD.html (done) and DerivedCoreProperties.txt (done). Done
114-A57Mark Davis, Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to Unicode 5.1 documenting changes in the default ignorable property.L2/08-027Done
114-A58Mark Davis, Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the FAQ on default ignorables.  
114-A58aEric MullerInform the South Asian SC of consensus 114-C16 on Malayalam and schedule a meeting ASAP. Done
114-A59Murray Sargent, Editorial CommitteePost L2/08-107 as proposed update for UTR #25, along with diffed version, per 114-C17.L2/08-107Done
114-A60Rick McGowanCreate and post a PRI for Math TR to close May 8, 2008. Done
114-A61Mark DavisPer 114-C18, add Greek, Combining_Marks_For_Symbols, Private_Use as block aliases to PropertyValueAliases.txt.L2/07-405Done
114-A62Mark DavisAdd ASCII, Latin_1, Canadian_Syllabics as block aliases to PropertyValueAliases.txt.L2/07-405Done
114-A63Eric Muller, Julie Allen, Editorial CommitteeAdd the Tamil table in L2/08-078 to Unicode 5.1 (include aytham and srii), add relevant text, and note the acceptance of Tamil named sequences. (AI reassigned to Eric from Mark, for final table prep.)L2/08-078Done
114-A64Ken WhistlerAdd the Tamil provisional named sequences to the Pipeline table. Done
114-A65Michel SuignardRequest addition of Tamil named sequences to Clause 29 of 10646. Done
114-A66Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to Chapter 12 (Section 12.1, Section 16.4) re IVD sequences, for Unicode 5.1. Also need changes for StandardizedVariants.txt and .html. Done
114-A67Michel SuignardRequest an update to Clause 20.5 of 10646 re IVD sequences.L2/08-109Done
114-A68Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteePrepare a notice about a new version of the IVD. Add a pointer to the IVD from the homepage and other appropriate places. Done
114-A69John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate WD UTR #45 and data files and post as Draft UTR #45.L2/08-053In progress
114-A70Rick McGowanCreate and post a PRI for UTR #45, to close May 8, 2008.  
114-A71Michel SuignardAdd a reference to U_Source ideographs to ballot comments for Amd 5 Done
114-A72Rick McGowanUpdate the TR versions file to cover UTR #45 and other recent updates. Done
114-A73Mark DavisSend an official letter from the Unicode Consortium to govts of India and Tamil Nadu outlining concrete steps that can be taken to assist in the goal of 114-C24.  
114-A74Eric MullerSubmit a document on dandas to WG2, based on L2/08-110 section 1 as amended in discussion.L2/08-110Done
114-A75Michel SuignardAdd to ballot comments that archaic Sinhala numerals should be removed from Amd. 5. Done
114-A76Michel SuignardAdd to ballot comments that we continue to request that the Avestan Separation Point be removed from Amd 5. Done
114-A77Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline with Tai Tham changes. See consensus 114-C27.L2/08-037, L2/07-073Done
114-A78Michel SuignardAdd Tai Tham changes to ballot comments on Amd 5. See consensus 114-C27.L2/08-037, L2/07-073Done
114-A79Michel SuignardAdd comment consistent with 114-M1 re removal of 4 compatibility characters U+FA6B - U+FA6E to ballot comments on Amd 5. Done
114-A80Michel SuignardAdd consensus 114-C28 re unresolved conflicting info for KangXi sources to ballot comments on Amd 5. Done
114-A81Michel SuignardUpdate Amd 5 to correct U source to J source for ARIB characters in table on page 5; add to ballot coments. Done
114-A82Michel SuignardAdd to ballot comments to correct the names of U+11FD, U+A973, and U+A96E, as approved by prior WG2 resolution. Done
114-A83Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for Vedic, in accord with 114-C29 and motion 114-M2.L2/08-110Done
114-A84Peter Scharf, Michael EversonUpdate L2/08-050 with recommendations from L2/08-110 and submit to WG2.L2/08-110Done
114-A85Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeInclude removal of LB30 in changes for UAX #14 for 5.1, add informative note about parentheses. Done
114-A86Andy HeningerDevelop a proposal for handling the "person(s)" case in UAX #14, post 5.1.  
114-A87Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #31 for 5.1, based on points 1 and 2 in L2/08-108.L2/08-108Done
114-A88Mark DavisAsk the officers to follow through on item 3 of L2/08-108 to add to the stability policies in the 5.1 timeframe. Done
114-A89Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDraft text for updated stability policies based on item 3 of L2/08-108 for the officers.L2/08-108Done
114-A90Rick McGowanClose all the UAX PRIs for 5.1, and close PRIs for UTR #36 and UTS #10. Done
114-A91Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRelease Unicode 5.1, targetted for the end of March 2008. Done
114-A92Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRelease UCA 5.1.0, targetted for the end of March 2008. Done
114-A93Rick McGowanForward Livre tournois sign proposal L2/07-332 with summary form to WG2, and respond to author.L2/07-332Done
114-A94Kamal MansourForward L2/08-044 to WG2L2/08-044Done
114-A95Michael EversonModify the Javanese proposal L2/08-015 to use a 6 column block, and submit the updated document to WG2.L2/08-015Done
114-A96Eric Muller, Debbie AndersonDraft a document for WG2 to request that user communities be specifically called out in new script proposals Done
114-A97Rick McGowanPrepare a contribution to WG2 suggesting that the Japanese NB provide comments on L2/07-421, and forward the document ot WG2.L2/07-421Done
114-A98Rick McGowanWork with Leo Broukhis to update L2/08-030 and forward to WG2.L2/08-030Done
114-A99Rick McGowanForward Kaithi proposal L2/07-418 to WG2.L2/07-418Done
114-A99aRick McGowan, Debbie AndersonSend Anshuman Pandey's Kaithi font to Michael Everson and Rick for use with publication. Done
114-A100Rick McGowan, Lisa MooreAdd to the agenda for the next UTC meeting: C.4, C.8, C.9.1, C.9.2, C.10, C.14  
114-A101Rick McGowanCommunicate comments and follow-up actions to Michael Everson on the Batak proposal L2/08-011L2/08-011Done
114-A102Debbie AndersonWork with Lazrek to update Rumi proposal and forward to WG2.L2/07-235, L2/06-291Done
114-A103Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for consensuses 114-C34 to 114-C41 Done
114-A104Mark Davis, Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #18 and post for public review. Done
114-A105Rick McGowanExtend all open PRIs not explicitly closed in this meeting to May 8, 2008. Done
114-A106Mark Davis, Peter EdbergPrepare a proposal on deprecated characters for the next UTC meeting.L2/08-018 
114-A107Debbie AndersonPrepare a UTC/L2 position paper on egyptological yod based on L2/08-087 and forward to WG2.L2/08-087Done

From UTC #113 and L2 #210

Action Who Description Documents Status
113-A17Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate a glyph erratum for Ogham Space In progress
113-A32Rick McGowan, Richard Cook Work with IRG to ensure that chart production issues are resolved for Ext C, and to resolve the KangXi mapping discrepancies.  
113-A36Mark DavisLook at the script property status of 1FC1, 1FED..1FEF and 1FFD, plus 1FBF, 1FC0, 1FFE after Unicode 5.1.L2/07-202 
113-A37Rick McGowanCheck, and correct if necessary, the UTF-8 sample code on the website (ConvertUTF.c) for handling of ill-formed UTF-8 sequences.L2/07-351In progress
113-A53aMark DavisLook for more illustrative ordering of rows and columns for LineBreak HTML test files. (after Unicode 5.1.0)  
113-A55Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeWhen appropriate, follow the recommendation in L2/07-384 to use representative characters instead of complete lists in UAX #14.L2/07-384 
113-A70Rick McGowanWhen UTR #20 is next touched, fix the typo re "grave and accent"L2/07-350 

From UTC #112 and L2 #209

Action Who Description Documents Status
112-A27Swaran LataProvide draft update to section of Devanagari block description to cover U+02BC MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE as appropriate for uses described in L2/06-373.L2/06-373 

From UTC #111 and L2 #208

Action Who Description Documents Status
111-A34Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeCreate a WD of a PU UTS #37 for the next UTC meeting. Clarify when variation sequences are appropriate.  
111-A36Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeWork on L2/07-115 to incorporate it into the website in the Submitting Proposals area. Provide feedback to Uma on WG2 proposal summary form. Add wording re submitting proposals which are not for adding characters.L2/07-115In progress
111-A38Debbie AndersonMake an estimate of the number of modern scripts yet to be encoded and number of characters involved in each. Post to doc register. In progress
111-A56Lee CollinsDocument guidelines for interoperability between the Unicode Egyptian hieroglyphs and Manuel de Codage. In progress

From UTC #110 and L2 #207

Action Who Description Documents Status
110-A24Daniel Yacob, Asmus Freytag, Andy Henninger, Editorial CommitteeCreate a PRI on the Ethiopic linebreak issue.L2/07-050In progress
110-A32Ken Whistler, Eric MullerCreate new draft properties that support the determination of orthographic clusters in Indic scripts. In progress
110-A40Asmus Freytag, Murray Sargent, Editorial CommitteeImplement the consensus on the disposition of UTR #25 data tables. 100-C25L2/07-051In progress
110-A48Mark DavisCreate a document summarizing any remaining issues with ISO 4217.L2/07-025In progress
110-A77Michael Everson, Debbie AndersonCreate a new proposal for medievalist punctuation focussed only on positura and related punctuation, taking into account various input.L2/07-004 

From UTC #109 and L2 #206

Action Who Description Documents Status
109-A7Bharat BhushanRecheck items in document L2/06-372 and come back to UTC with results.L2/06-372In progress
109-A24Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeReview and respond to Sidhu on issue raised in L2/06-111.L2/06-111 
109-A25Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeMake editorial updates to UTS #22 based on L2/06-302 and create a proposed update. (waiting feedback from Mark Davis and Frank Ellermann)L2/06-302In progress
109-A26Rick McGowanPost a PRI for PU UTS #22, to close January 30, 2007. (changed to May 5, 2008.)  
109-A27Mark Davis, Michel Suignard, Editorial CommitteeCreate proposed update UTR #36 and UTS #39 and draft updated data tables. In progress
109-A29Rick McGowanPost PRI for updated UTS #39 to close January 30, 2007. (changed to May 5, 2008.)  
109-A40John JenkinsSubmit the characters in L2/06-365, minus the Wenlin variants, to be registered as a variant collection.L2/06-365In progress
109-A45Mark DavisProvide source files as part of UTS #39 that allow XID_Modifications to be derived from existing Unicode properties plus distinguished exceptions. In progress
109-A65Michel Suignard, Mark DavisAdd the 4 Qur'anic Arabic characters in L2/06-358 to the list of confusables.L2/06-358In progress
109-A75Bharat BhushanInvestigate cillaksharams YA and TA as discussed in documents L2/06-337 and L2/06-343.L2/06-337, L2/06-343 
109-A78Bharat BhushanInvestigate 18 characters for Telugu listed in L2/06-267.L2/06-267 
109-A79Eric MullerIn preparing the UTR on Indic issues, consider L2/06-334 and add to Telugu discussion of alternate forms of "R" analogous to Gurmukhi. In progress

From UTC #108 and L2 #205

Action Who Description Documents Status
108-A29Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeProvide recommendations for how to restructure UTS #10 for clarity.  
108-A29aKen Whistler, Editorial CommitteeProvide recommendations for how to restructure UAX #15 for clarity.  
108-A36Eric Muller, Peter ConstableUpdate Indic block descriptions as appropriate for post 5.1.L2/06-225 
108-A40Eric MullerRespond to Sidhu on L2/06-233. Proposal is not actionable as is. Follow up and try to make the proposal clearer.L2/06-233 
108-A73Rick McGowan, Ken WhistlerDraft a web page describing the representation of sequences as entities.L2/06-251 

From UTC #106 and L2 #203

Action Who Description Documents Status
106-A54Markus Scherer, Eric Muller, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeCreate a proposal for documenting the special casing conditions in the UCD.L2/06-067In progress

From UTC #105 and L2 #202

Action Who Description Documents Status
105-A58Lisa Moore, Ken WhistlerPursue the Sindhi hamza issues with the Arabic experts on the bidi committee.L2/05-251In progress

From UTC #104 and L2 #201

Action Who Description Documents Status
104-A5Ken WhistlerCreate a proposal for a machine-readable list of metaproperties.L2/05-168In progress

From UTC #100 and L2 #197

Action Who Description Documents Status
100-A47aEric Muller, Editorial CommitteeDocument the Indic conjoining behavior model after Unicode 5.0 (was originally intended for 4.1), including fallback behavior. Also examine behavior with multiple consonants. See 100-C22L2/04-279In progress
100-A48Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeReview the Indic FAQ to ensure consistency with the Indic conjoining behavior model. See 100-C22.L2/04-279In progress
100-A50Eric MullerReview Indic scripts for inconsistencies with new Indic conjoining behavior model. See 100-C22.L2/04-279In progress
100-A51Eric MullerReview the Sinhalese document with regard to ZWJ/ZWNJ usage consistency.L2/04-279In progress
100-A68Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Draft UTS #30: Character Foldings and post as UTS #30. [Ready for final review]L2/04-312, L2/04-320, L2/04-322, L2/04-325In progress