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From UTC #117 and L2 #214

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
117-A1Rick McGowanInform Omi Azad of the result for PRI #123 and ask him to inform government officials in Bangladesh. Post to Indic list.2008-12-02Done 
117-A2Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt for Bengali Currency Numerator values.2008-11-12DoneUCD
117-A3Rick McGowanClose PRI #123.2008-11-14Done 
117-A4Rick McGowanClose PRI #124.2008-11-14Done 
117-A5Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeReview and post UTR #23 as approved.2008-11-14DoneUTR #23
117-A6Rick McGowanClose PRI #125.2008-11-14Done 
117-A7Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeReview and post UTR #33 as approved.2008-11-14DoneUTR #33
117-A8Rick McGowanClose PRI #126.2008-11-14Done 
117-A9Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeReview and post UTR #17 as approved.2008-11-14DoneUTR #17
117-A10Rick McGowanReply to Michael Adams re disposition of his comments on UAX #44.2008-12-02Done 
117-A11Rick McGowanExtend date for PRI #127 to January 26, 2009.2008-11-14DonePRI #127
117-A12Rick McGowanReply to Philippe Verdy briefly re his feedback in L2/08-388.2008-12-02Done 
117-A20Ken WhistlerUpdate annotations for 015F, 1063, 0219, 021B.2008-11-17DoneNames list
117-A21Rick McGowanInform author of feedback on Romanian that UTC will update the annotations in the next version of the standard.2008-12-02Done 
117-A22Rick McGowanForward the Mongolian feedback from MA Xudong to the Mongolian mail list, respond to author.2008-12-02Done 
117-A23Magda DanishUpdate FAQ on what to do with U+FEFF in the middle of a file. (see minutes for details)2008-11-12DoneFAQ
117-A25Rick McGowanRespond to Daniel Freedman, author of Hebrew feedback.2008-12-02Done 
117-A26Eric MullerCommunicate to bidi list that we would like a FAQ on certain Hebrew issues, and ask for volunteers to work on it.2008-11-05DoneFAQ
117-A27Rick McGowanRespond to Ake Persson's note in L2/08-388 about a bug he reported in UCA.2008-12-02Done 
117-A28Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare a PRI and background document about consensus re ZWSP word boundary property change.2008-11-14Done 
117-A29Rick McGowanPost PRI on ZWSP word boundary property change, to close January 26, 2009.2008-11-14DonePRI #130
117-A30Rick McGowanRespond to author of ZWSP property issue.2008-12-02Done 
117-A31Ken Whistler, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake updates to UAX #44 according to the decisions on contributory properties.2008-11-14DoneUAX #44
117-A32Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeProduce wording for a proposed stability policy based on L2/08-352 and request action by the officers.2008-11-14Donestability policy
117-A33Mark DavisConvey results to W3C regarding new stability policy.2009-01-16Done 
117-A36Julie Allen , Editorial CommitteePost an erraturn for (1a) in L2/08-415, for UAX #38.2009-01-16Doneerrata
117-A47Debbie AndersonProvide draft text to Michel Suignard for FPDAM 6 ballot re the additional Kaithi punctuation characters.2009-01-16Done 
117-A48Ken WhistlerAdd 23 named sequences to NamedSequencesProv.txt for Unicode 5.2.2008-11-12DoneUCD
117-A49Lisa MooreAdd Batak to the agenda for next UTC meeting. (re Amd 7 ballot comments)2009-01-23Doneagenda
117-A50Lisa MooreAdd Imperial Aramaic to the agenda for the next UTC meeting (Code point U+10857, re Amd 6 ballot comments.)2009-01-23Doneagenda
117-A51Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with all decisions made re WG2 consent docket.2008-11-12DonePipeline
117-A55Rick McGowanRespond to John Cowan re his suggestion in the feedback document.2008-12-02Done 
117-A61Rick McGowanRespond to author (Ellert L2/08-251).2008-12-02Done 
117-A62Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for U+A790 and U+A7912008-11-12DonePipeline
117-A64Rick McGowanRespond to author (Pentzlin, L2/08-404).2008-12-02Done 
117-A65Rick McGowan, Ken WhistlerFormulate a response to the author (Pentzlin, L2/08-405) re letters with slash.2008-12-02Done 
117-A66Rick McGowanFormulate a response to the author of L2/08-392.2008-12-02Done 
117-A67Debbie Anderson, Michael EversonRespond on harmonization and reordering of new UCAS characters in Amd 6 and Amd 7, for the next UTC meeting.2009-01-23DoneL2/09-018
117-A68Lisa MooreAdd agenda item C.4.2 Old Bamum on the next UTC agenda.2009-01-23Doneagenda
117-A70Rick McGowan, Debbie AndersonFollow up with author of L2/07-421, L2/08-359, etc. (Kato) to seek other experts who want to see the kana character encoded.2009-01-28Done 
117-A74Mark DavisForward feedback on L2/08-403 to ICANN2009-01-16Done 
117-A77John JenkinsProvide a U-source font to Michel for multi-column chart printing for the 94 U-source characters, by November 7, 2008.2009-01-16Done 
117-A80Debbie AndersonFollow up with experts re the names list issues in Old South Arabian.2009-01-28Done 
117-A81Lisa MooreSend another clarification that the Arabic model cannot be changed and clarify the intended role of the spacing nuqtas that have been encoded. (to Dr. Durrani)2009-01-23Done 
117-A82Mark DavisPrepare PRI text for code point names.2008-11-14Done 
117-A83Rick McGowanPost PRI for code point names, to close January 26, 2009.2008-11-14DonePRI #132
117-A84Rick McGowanClose PRI #129.2008-11-14Done 
117-A86Rick McGowanRespond to Asmus Freytag that no one was willing to champion text changes for boustrophedon.2008-12-02Done 
117-A87Ken WhistlerUpdate bidi class of 5 differential symbols, for Unicode 5.2.2008-11-12DoneUCD
117-A88Rick McGowanRespond to author (Iancu, L2/08-406)2008-12-02Done 

From UTC #116 and L2 #213

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
116-A6Mark Davis, Michel Suignard, Editorial CommitteeFinish a proposed draft UTS on IDNAbis Preprocessing and post for public review.2009-01-16Done 
116-A7Rick McGowanIssue a PRI on IDNAbis Preprocessing draft, to close January 26, 2009.2008-12-16DonePRI #133
116-A12Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeReview Section 5.8.1 of UAX #44 and propose invariants in stability policy page and propose a consistent disposition.2008-11-13Done 
116-A19Rick McGowanStart preparing a draft of Unicode 5.2 web pages.2009-01-16DoneUnicode 5.2 text
116-A42Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeFix the Saurashtra font to eliminate problems with clipping at some resolutions. (appears to be problem in pdf generation)2008-11-13Closed 
116-A52Michael EversonInclude example of A8F9 shown in context, for L2/08-273R. (Vedic)2008-11-13Done 
116-A56Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteePropose new status for the 23 historic Meetei characters in the pipeline, to record the decision to remove code point assignments for them.2009-01-16Donepipeline
116-A64Martin Hosken, Rick McGowanProvide a font for new Khamti Shan characters.2008-11-13ClosedMoot
116-A82Ken WhistlerSubmit L2/08-266 to WG2 in time for the October WG2 meeting.2008-11-13ClosedMoot

From UTC #115 and L2 #212

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
115-A48aRick McGowanPublicize the updated charts noted in 115-A048, when available, to highlight the glyph changes.2008-11-13Done 
115-A62Ken LundeProvide updated L2/08-148 with U-Source information and separating out the 3 already encoded in Ext C.2008-11-13Done 
115-A63Ken LundeForward revised L2/08-148R to IRG.2008-11-13Done 
115-A66Ken Whistler, Mark DavisUpdate UAX #44 (and UCD.html) with information about default properties.2008-11-26DoneUAX #44
115-A69Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTR #23 and text of standard regarding the scope of default property assignments. (suggest retarget to UAX #44)2008-11-26DoneUTR #44, Unicode 6.0 text
115-A90Debbie AndersonFollow up on linebreaking properties for UCAS hyphen, 1400.2008-11-13Done 
115-A91Debbie Anderson, Rick McGowanFollow up with Michael Everson on Meetei Mayek properties for symbols and other non-letter characters.2008-11-13Done 
115-A92Debbie AndersonFollow up with Peter Scharf on properties of newly accepted Vedic characters.2008-11-13Done 
115-A93Debbie AndersonFollow up on properties for the new Tifinagh separator character.2008-11-13Done 

From UTC #114 and L2 #211

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
114-A55bMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the FAQ entry on uppercase sharp s.2008-11-13DoneFAQ
114-A73Mark DavisSend an official letter from the Unicode Consortium to govts of India and Tamil Nadu outlining concrete steps that can be taken to assist in the goal of 114-C24.2009-01-16Closednot done

From UTC #111 and L2 #208

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
111-A38Debbie AndersonMake an estimate of the number of modern scripts yet to be encoded and number of characters involved in each. Post to doc register.2009-01-28DoneL2/09-016

From UTC #110 and L2 #207

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
110-A77Michael Everson, Debbie AndersonCreate a new proposal for medievalist punctuation focussed only on positura and related punctuation, taking into account various input.2008-11-13ClosedNot done