South Asia Subcommittee Report

February 2, 2009



1 Bengali

Recommendation: wait for the next UTC meeting to discuss this.

2 Kashmiri


3 Malayalam

3.1 Malayalam Dot Reph

There is a general consensus that a DOT REPH character should be encoded. It seems that the comments of the Govt. Of India are the result of a misunderstanding, and that the concerns with regards to the keyboard layout can be accomodated in a sufficiently adequate manner (noting that this is a rare character).

Recommendation: create a formal proposal for the encoding of a DOT REPH character, to be acted on the May UTC meeting. This proposal should concentrate on justifying the need for the encoding of a separate character, explaining the similarity with <RA, VIRAMA>, and discussing the keyboard layout concerns.

3.2 Malayalam Chandrakkala


3.3 Malayalam Sorting

Recommendation: change the DUCET in the Unicode Collation Algorithm (UCA) so that it accomodates the needs of the Malayalam language with as little tailoring as possible.

4 Vedic

4.1 Annotation of U+0FD5

The requested annotation is present in FPDAM 6. No action.

4.2 Encoding of Vedic


5 Brahmi

L2/08-277R was already approved at the August UTC meeting and is in PDAM 7. No modifications are requested at this point.

6 Kaithi