UTC #119 Symbols Subcommittee Report

Markus Scherer, 2009-05-13

The subcommittee discussed agenda items D.1 Emoji, D.2 Pentagrams proposal and D.3 preliminary proposal for STIX math symbols additions.

D.1 Emoji

The subcommittee recommends that the UTC accept the Emoji symbols addition from L2/09-026R "Emoji Symbols Proposed for New Encoding" as modified by the 2009-April WG2 meeting and documented in L2/09-153 "Emoji ad-hoc meeting report" and L2/09-173 "Amd7-8 post Dublin charts", with the following action items.

Action Items

  1. Markus Scherer et al. to absorb the PDAM 8 NamesList data into the Emoji database and review the changes.
  2. Markus Scherer et al. to review additional characters added in PDAM 8 which do not correspond to L2/09-026R symbols for unification/disunification issues.
  3. Markus Scherer et al. to work with Ireland and Germany NBs on outstanding name and glyph issues.

D.2 Pentagrams

The subcommittee recommends that the UTC accept the addition of the three proposed characters, with suggested code points U+26E4, U+26E5 and U+26E6, as well as the request for change of the annotation of U+269D OUTLINED WHITE STAR.

D.3 STIX Math Symbols

The subcommittee discussed the preliminary proposal and provided the authors with feedback.