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From UTC #119 and L2 #216

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
119-A2Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate a PRI on deprecating U+0673 and encoding the other characters in L2/09-176.2009-05-28DonePRI #147
119-A3Rick McGowanPost the PRI on deprecating U+0673, to close August 3, 2009.2009-05-28DonePRI #147
119-A5Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for U+065F and U+0620.2009-05-27DonePipeline
119-A8Mark DavisUpdate PropertyValueAliases.txt with Zinh for Unicode 5.2.2009-05-29DoneUCD
119-A9Ken WhistlerUpdate UAX #24 to make Zinh the preferred short alias for Inherited script. For Unicode 5.2.2009-05-27DoneUAX #24
119-A10Eric MullerUpdate UAX #42 and the XML representation of the UCD to make Zinh the preferred short alias for Inherited script. For Unicode 5.2.2009-06-11DoneUAX #42
119-A11Mark DavisRequest script code registrations in ISO 15924 for scripts in Unicode 5.2 that currently have no codes.2009-05-29Done 
119-A12Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for U+0D4E.2009-05-27DonePipeline
119-A14Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeDocument the situation for casing for parenthesized Latin letter symbols for Unicode 5.2.2009-06-10DoneUnicode 5.2 text
119-A15Ken WhistlerMake changes in Linebreak property for 5.2 per consensus 119-C6.2009-05-27DoneUCD
119-A16Mark DavisMake the changes in X6 and N1 of bidi per 119-C7 and L2/09-179 in PU UAX #92009-06-18DoneUAX #9
119-A17Mark DavisAttach bidi test cases to the PRI for UAX #9 and send a notice out to bidi and unicore lists.2009-07-15DoneUAX #9
119-A18Rick McGowanSend a notice when the PRI for UAX #9 is updated, mentioning test cases, etc.2009-07-15Done 
119-A19Mark DavisAdd the change to HL6 to PU UAX #9 and adjust the associated ed note.2009-06-18DoneUAX #9
119-A20Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeTake into account the editorial input in L2/09-179 for PU UAX #9.2009-06-18DoneUAX #9
119-A21Mark DavisModify the new bidi test file to include level information, deliver to Ken Whistler for addition to the UCD 5.2. beta.2009-06-02DoneUCD 5.2
119-A22Ken WhistlerUpdate documentation on test files in PU UAX #44.2009-05-27DoneUAX #44
119-A23Mark DavisAdd a section to PU UAX #9 describing the use of the bidi test file, parallel to NormalizationTest.txt.2009-06-18DoneUAX #9
119-A25Lisa MooreAdd an agenda item for next UTC to discuss placement of Nameslist.html (and XML).2009-07-29Doneagenda
119-A26Lisa MooreAdd B.14.1 (Subheads) to the agenda for the next UTC.2009-07-29Doneagenda
119-A27Ken WhistlerUpdate ArabicShaping.txt based on L2/09-146 for Unicode 5.2.2009-05-27DoneUCD
119-A29Eric MullerUpdate UAX #42 and the XML representation with the changes to ArabicShaping.txt.2009-05-27DoneUAX #42
119-A30Mark DavisUpdate PropertyValueAliases.txt for Unicode 5.2 with changes to joining group.2009-05-27DoneUCD
119-A31Ken WhistlerReflect consensus re default value No_Joining_Group handling into header of ArabicShaping.txt for Unicode 5.2.2009-05-27DoneUCD
119-A32Mark Davis, Uma, Peter ConstablePrepare a document requesting updates to WG2 P&P, including restrictions on ranges for RtoL scripts and default ignorables, for approval at August UTC.2009-07-17Done 
119-A33Ken WhistlerUpdate documentation in PU UAX #44 on default values changes for new RtoL range.2009-05-27DoneUAX #44
119-A34Mark DavisUpdate DerivedBidiClass.txt with new default RtoL range U+1E800 through U+1EFFF.2009-05-29DoneUCD
119-A35Rick McGowanUpdate the roadmap for reservation of default RtoL range U+1E800 through U+1EFFF. Also move Siyaq down, update for emoji, etc. (with Roadmap com).2009-06-29Doneroadmap
119-A36Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 98 Meroitic characters.2009-05-27Donepipeline
119-A39John Jenkins, Richard CookSelect delimiters for the kHanyuPinyin readings and update the Unihan Database accordingly.2009-05-27DoneUnihan Database
119-A40John JenkinsEnsure that kHanyuPinyin readings are included as part of Unicode 5.2.2009-06-02DoneUCD
119-A41John JenkinsUpdate UAX #38 with the documentation on kHanyuPinyin.2009-06-02DoneUAX #38
119-A42Eric MullerUpdate UAX #42 and the XML representation with kHanyuPinyin.2009-06-11DoneUAX #42
119-A43John JenkinsUpdate UTR #45 with new information on DYC source glyphs from L2/09-119. Respond to author of L2/09-118.2009-06-02DoneUTR #45
119-A44Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeSuggest appropriate revision of the TUS text on Ideographic Description Sequences, for Unicode 5.2.2009-06-15DoneUnicode 5.2 text
119-A46Rick McGowanRespond to Andrew West re L2/09-171.2009-05-27Done 
119-A48John JenkinsUpdate UTR #45 to reflect new terminology for Ext D and Ext E.2009-06-02DoneUTR #45
119-A51Richard CookUpdate the categories for 2 Unihan tags in the Unihan Database, based on L2/08-430. For Unicode 5.2.2009-05-27DoneUnihan Database
119-A52John JenkinsUpdate UAX #38 with the category corrections for tags in L2/08-430.2009-06-02DoneUAX #38
119-A53John JenkinsDeliver Unihan.zip in the new format (file names based on tag categories) for Unicode 5.2.2009-06-11DoneUCD
119-A54Ken WhistlerDescribe the discontinuity in Unihan delivery in UAX #44 for Unicode 5.2.2009-05-27DoneUAX #44
119-A55John JenkinsUpdate UAX #38 to describe the new delivery format for Unihan.zip.2009-06-11DoneUAX #38
119-A57Lisa MoorePut L2/09-031 on the agenda for the August UTC meeting. (letter middle dot)2009-07-29Doneagenda
119-A58Ken WhistlerResync the pipeline with all the outcomes from the WG2 Consent Docket.2009-05-27DonePipeline
119-A59Lisa MoorePut B. Proposal to reallocate eight phonetic subscripts on the agenda for the next UTC meeting.2009-07-29Doneagenda
119-A60Mark DavisAdd the 8 new derived properties to Unicode 5.2.2009-05-29DoneUCD
119-A61Mark DavisAdd property names and values to PropertyAliases.txt and PropertyValueAliases.txt for the 8 new derived properties.2009-05-29DoneUCD
119-A62Eric MullerMake updates to UAX #42 for the 8 new derived properties.2009-05-27DoneUAX #42
119-A63Ken WhistlerUpdate documentation for the derived properties in UAX #44.2009-05-27DoneUAX #44
119-A64Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Chapter 3 text to reference the 8 new derived properties.2009-06-22DoneUnicode 5.2 text
119-A65Mark DavisDraft and send a communique indicating some of the problems in the approach taken in PEP 383 and suggesting alternative approaches. Needs doing ASAP.2009-06-02Done 
119-A66Rick McGowanRespond to author of Thai feedback re UAX #29.2009-06-26Done 
119-A67Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDecide what to include in the summary list of characters for each of the 3 tables of UAX #29. (decided to leave as is)2009-06-11DoneUAX #29
119-A68Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake changes to UAX #31 as per 119-C31.2009-06-18DoneUAX #31
119-A71Rick McGowanUpdate all of the TR-related documentation about UTR #47 in the editorial committee TR status page, etc. (title changed)2009-06-29Done 
119-A72Ken WhistlerUpdate the alias for U+3164.2009-05-27DoneNames list
119-A74Lisa MoorePut L2/09-023 (John Knightley feedback) on the agenda for August 2009 UTC meeting.2009-07-29Doneagenda
119-A75Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate PU UAX #42 based on feedback in L2/09-123.2009-06-11DoneUAX #42
119-A76Eric MullerRespond to author of comments on PU UAX #42 (Mary Holstege).2009-05-27Done 
119-A77Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeWrite a FAQ about use of XML Schemas in UAX #42.2009-05-27DoneFAQ
119-A79Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for Sharada.2009-05-27DonePipeline
119-A82Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for Sora Sompeng2009-05-27DonePipeline
119-A86Rick McGowan, Ken WhistlerUpdate spelling of (incorrect) "Sorang Sompeng" on the roadmap and other places on the website.2009-06-26Donewebsite
119-A88John JenkinsIncorporate feedback from L2/09-123 into PU UAX #38 and respond to Toshiya Suzuki on his feedback.2009-07-17DoneUAX #38
119-A91Rick McGowanRespond to Richard Kunst re feedback on UTR #45.2009-06-26Done 
119-A94Rick McGowanThank Kent Karlsson for his feedback in L2/09-123.2009-06-26Done 
119-A95Rick McGowanRespond to John Cowan re IDC feedback in L2/09-123.2009-06-26Done 
119-A96Rick McGowanExtend the closing dates on all open PRIs to August 3, 2009.2009-05-27Done 
119-A97Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeStart the beta period for Unicode 5.2.2009-06-11Done 
119-A98Rick McGowanPost a PRI for Unicode 5.2 beta, to close August 3, 2009.2009-06-11DonePRI #148
119-A100Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with the new set of emoji characters as per 119-C382009-05-27DonePipeline
119-A104Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with 3 pentagram characters.2009-05-27DonePipeline
119-A105Ken WhistlerUpdate the annotation for U+269D.2009-05-27DoneNames list
119-A107Lisa MoorePush the 14651 agenda items to August 2009 UTC meeting. (Covered in May 2009 L2 meeting.)2009-07-29Closedagenda

From UTC #118 and L2 #215

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
118-A1Rick McGowanRespond to Mr. Overington re L2/09-0102009-02-18Done 
118-A2Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeDraft a page of precedent-setting non-approvals to replace the rejected characters page.2009-02-26Donewebsite
118-A3Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRestructure the current rejected characters page as a numbered list of explanations for non-approvals.2009-02-13Donewebsite
118-A4Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeDelete the alloc/investigation.html page as no longer interesting.2009-02-13Donewebsite
118-A5Peter ConstableNotify SIL about the Krung characters on the alloc/investigation.html page to see if there are any continuing issues.2009-02-13Done 
118-A6Deborah AndersonWork with authors of L2/09-037R to make corrections, and resubmit.2009-02-13Done 
118-A7Deborah AndersonSend a font for the Newton alchemical symbols to Michel Suignard and Rick McGowan by March 1, 2009.2009-04-10Done 
118-A8Lorna Priest, Michael EversonPrepare new chart for Ethiopic letters.2009-02-13Done 
118-A9Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd the information from L2/09-051 about the Regex pattern for grapheme clusters to UAX #29 proposed update, as informative. To be modifed as necessary for any future changes in grapheme clusters.2009-04-02DoneUAX #29
118-A10Rick McGowanPost draft UAX pages and open PRIs for proposed updates for all the UAXes for Unicode 5.2, to close May 4, 2009.2009-02-20Done 
118-A10aRick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeWork with edcom to draft an announcement for the UAX proposed updates.2009-02-20Done 
118-A11Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/09-007.2009-02-18Done 
118-A12Deborah AndersonAdd consensus 118-C4 re names of 10 ARIB symbols, to ballot comments for FPDAM 6.2009-02-20Doneballot comments
118-A13Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for names of 10 ARIB symbols, and move of U+1F14F to U+1F190.2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A14Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for U+1F12E CIRCLED WZ2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A15Deborah AndersonAdd consensus 188-C5 re U+1F12# CIRCLED WZ, to ballot comments for FPDAM 6.2009-02-20Doneballot comments
118-A16Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for U+275F and U+2760.2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A17Rick McGowan, Debbie AndersonRespond to author of L2/09-035 (re French trademark symbol additions).2009-03-26Done 
118-A19Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeTake into account the feedback from L2/09-023 on PRI #127, to make the default values clearer in UAX #44.2009-02-20DoneUAX #44
118-A20Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeInclude comments on PRI #128 in the next revision of UTS #37.2009-05-22DoneUTS #37
118-A21Lisa MooreAdd B. and B. re PRI #128 on agenda for May 2009 UTC meeting.2009-04-10Doneagenda
118-A22Mark DavisChange the wordbreak property of ZWSP to "Other" in Unicode 5.2. (ref PRI #130)2009-05-29DoneUCD
118-A23Rick McGowanClose PRI #130. Ref 118-C7.2009-02-13Done 
118-A24Rick McGowanExtend PRI #127 and PRI #128 to May 4, 2009.2009-02-13DonePRI #127, PRI #128
118-A25Rick McGowanSend PRI #131 feedback in L2/09-023R to CLDR-TC.2009-02-13Done 
118-A26Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of Unicode 5.2 to reflect the outcome of PRI #132.2009-03-10DoneUnicode 5.2 text
118-A27Ken WhistlerRequest the officers to update the stability policy on character names as per 118-C9.2009-02-18Donestability policy
118-A28Rick McGowanClose PRI #132. Ref 118-C9.2009-02-13Done 
118-A29Mark DavisAsk bidi committee to come up with revised text for HL6 and possibly L2 of UAX #9 to address problems with bidi mirroring.2009-04-02DoneUAX #9
118-A30Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDraft text for a PRI connected with X9 and N1 of the bidi algorithm. Ref 118-C11.2009-04-02Done 
118-A31Rick McGowanPost the PRI connected with X9 and N1 of the bidi algorithm, to close May 4, 2009. Ref 118-C11.2009-04-02DonePRI #134
118-A32Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake changes in PU UAX #9 to include removing the "Bug 2" statement.2009-04-02DoneUAX #9
118-A33Mark DavisWork with the bidi committee on a PRI and document for 118-C13, by the end of February, 2009.2009-04-02Done 
118-A34Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeReview the bidi committee's PRI background document, per 118-C13, and include for the PRI.2009-04-02Done 
118-A35Rick McGowanPost PRI on bidi, to close May 4, 2009. Ref 188-C13.2009-04-02DonePRI #134
118-A36Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 34 Ethiopic additions.2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A37Lorna PriestForward L2/09-050R to WG2.2009-04-10DoneWG2 N3572
118-A38Deborah AndersonAdd 34 Ethiopic characters from L2/09-50R to new content request for 10646.2009-02-20Done 
118-A39Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for U+10857 Imperial Aramaic Section Sign.2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A40Deborah AndersonFollow up with authors of L2/09-019 (Old Bamum) as per discussion.2009-04-10Done 
118-A41Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for addition of 2 Cyrillic characters.2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A42Deborah AndersonAdd 2 Cyrillic characters from L2/09-020 to new content request for 10646.2009-02-20Done 
118-A43Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for reordering of UCAS characters.2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A44Deborah AndersonAdd to ballot comments reordering of Amd 6 and 7 UCAS characters, per L2/09-018.2009-02-20Doneballot comments
118-A45Deborah AndersonAdd position in 118-M1 on encoding of Batak to ballot comments.2009-02-20Doneballot comments
118-A46Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for U+1B000 KATAKANA LETTER ARCHAIC E2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A47Deborah AndersonAdd to ballot comments for Amd 7, acceptance of U+1B000 KATAKANA LETTER ARCHAIC E2009-02-20Doneballot comments
118-A48Rick McGowanCheck for glyph errors in U+1883 and U+1884 (Mongolian) and report back to UTC.2009-05-18DoneL2/09-125
118-A49Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 4 new Tibetan characters.2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A50Deborah AndersonAdd 4 Tibetan characters to request for new content for 10646.2009-02-20Done 
118-A51Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 2 new Tibetan annotation marks.2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A52Deborah AndersonAdd 2 new Tibetan annotation marks to request for new content for 10646.2009-02-20Done 
118-A53Rick McGowanObtain fonts from Chris Fynn for 6 new Tibetan characters, forward to Michel Suignard.2009-03-11Done 
118-A55Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 3 new Bopomofo characters.2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A56Deborah AndersonAdd 3 new Bopomofo characters to request for new content for 10646.2009-02-20Done 
118-A57Lisa MooreAdd L2/09-008 to agenda for the next UTC meeting.2009-04-10Doneagenda
118-A58Lisa MooreAdd Kashmiri L2/09-012 to agenda for the next UTC meeting.2009-04-10Doneagenda
118-A59Eric MullerAsk Swaran Lata to forward L2/09-012 to WG2.2009-03-11Done 
118-A60Cibu JohnyCreate a proposal for Malayalam dot reph and bring to UTC for the next meeting.2009-05-01DoneL2/09-178
118-A63Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline with change of name for U+1CD4.2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A64Deborah AndersonAdd change of name for U+1CD4 and annotation for U+A8FA to Amd 6 ballot comments.2009-02-20Doneballot comments
118-A65Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for two Kaithi section marks.2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A66Deborah AndersonAdd two Kaithi section marks to ballot comments for Amd 6.2009-02-20Doneballot comments
118-A67Rick McGowanObtain font for 2 Kaithi section mark additions. Contact Anshuman Pandey as necessary.2009-03-11Done 
118-A68Deborah AndersonSubmit revised version of L2/09-071 to WG2.2009-02-13Done 
118-A69Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 116 alchemical symbols.2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A70Deborah AndersonAdd alchemical symbols to request for new content for 10646.2009-02-20Done 
118-A71Deborah Anderson, William NewmanAdd summary proposal form to L2/09-037R and submit to WG2.2009-04-10DoneWG2 N3584
118-A72Deborah Anderson, Rick McGowanObtain the font for the alchemical symbols and forward to Michel Suignard2009-03-26Done 
118-A73Eric MullerUpdate L2/09-080 and forward to WG2 for the April meeting.2009-03-11DoneL2/09-080R, WG2 N3590
118-A74Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 674 emoji characters.2009-02-13DonePipeline
118-A75Deborah AndersonAdd 674 emoji characters to request for new content for 10646.2009-02-20Done 
118-A76Markus SchererRevise L2/09-25R to include a rationale section and forward to WG2 along with the (unchanged) L2/09-026R. Include information on the emoji compatibility symbols.2009-03-11Done 
118-A77Markus SchererAdd the context and explanation of the emoji sources into the revision of L2/09-025R and also forward L2/09-078 to WG2.2009-03-11Done 
118-A80Lisa MooreAdd B.3 IRG Liaison report, L2/09-079 to agenda for the next UTC meeting.2009-04-10Doneagenda
118-A82Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeProduce a WD of a new proposed section for UAX #24 that discusses the use of characters with multiple scripts, for May, 2009 UTC meeting.2009-06-26DoneUAX #24
118-A83Lisa MooreAdd B.3.2 IRS use of IVD collections, L2/08-425 on agenda for next UTC meeting.2009-04-10Doneagenda
118-A84Ken WhistlerChange gc=Ll->Lm for 2071, 207F for Unicode 5.2.2009-02-18DoneUCD
118-A85Eric Muller, Richard Cook, Editorial CommitteeCreate the data file relating radical numbers to the appropriate ideographs and CJK radicals.2009-05-22DoneUCD
118-A86Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeDetermine the appropriate place for the data file relating radical numbers to ideographs and CJK radicals.2009-05-22Done 
118-A87Eric MullerDetermine if there is a problem with the kRSUnicode values (to account for the missing xxx.0 value).2009-06-11Done 
118-A88Ken WhistlerClarify the point made in section 4 of L2/08-426 (about underscores) by updating relevant text in UAX #24 (and if relevant, UAX #44).2009-03-09DoneUAX #24
118-A89Rick McGowanReply to Kent Karlsson re L2/08-426.2009-03-26Done 
118-A90Lisa MooreAdd B.14.2, B.14.4, B.14.7.2, B.15.9.1, B.15.20, B.15.21 to agenda for next UTC meeting.2009-04-10Doneagenda

From UTC #117 and L2 #214

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
117-A14Eric MullerFormulate a letter and request of the officers that Mark Davis send that letter to SC2 indicating the Unicode Consortium will waive registration fees for IVSes if SC2 has approved the sets.2009-03-11DoneSC2 N4060
117-A15Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and repost PU UTS #37 based on feedback in discussions.2009-05-22DoneUTS #37
117-A16Eric MullerProvide updated text for the PRI #128 to Rick McGowan2009-05-22DonePRI #128
117-A17Rick McGowanRepost new PRI #128 text and extend date to January 26, 2009. (Date changed to August 3, 2009.)2009-06-11DonePRI #128
117-A18Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeCreate a proposed update of UAX #9 incorporating changes in L2/08-357, and post for public review.2009-04-02DoneUAX #9
117-A19Rick McGowanPost the PRI for PU UAX #9, to close January 26, 2009. (Date moved to May 4, 2009.)2009-04-02DonePRI #134
117-A24Rick McGowanAfter Magda has updated FAQ (on U+FEFF in the middle of a file), respond to Chris Weber re the FAQ update.2009-04-27Done 
117-A35John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeDocument in 3.7 of UAX #38 that simplified and traditional mappings may be to multiple alternates. Also document use of spaces to mean alternates, in 2.3.2009-03-13DoneUAX #38
117-A37John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeMake fixes in UAX #38 for the next version of Unicode for 1a and 2 in L2/08-415.2009-03-13DoneUAX #38
117-A38John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeAdd informative notes on testing characters (the 7 that are both traditional and simplified), to UAX #38.2009-03-13ClosedUAX #38
117-A41Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #44 with changes for Unihan properties.2009-03-11DoneUAX #44
117-A42Mark DavisProduce text on the preferred representation of Korean text.2009-02-02DoneUTR #47
117-A46Eric MullerReview and prepare draft feedback for next UTC on request from Japan for additional compatibility characters.2009-02-06DoneL2/09-080
117-A52Eric MullerForward Murray Sargent's comments in L2/08-421 to TC 12.2009-02-02Done 
117-A56Eric Muller, Cibu JohnyCreate a proposal document for separate encoding of dot-reph as a base character for Malayalam. Forward to GoI by November 21, 2008.2009-02-02DoneL2/09-056
117-A57Bharat BhushanProvide feedback on the Malayalam dot-reph base character proposal for the February 2009 UTC meeting.2009-02-02DoneL2/09-072
117-A59Eric MullerRespond to the proposer of Myanmar changes in L2/08-408.2009-03-11Done 
117-A60Peter ConstablePrepare a UTC/L2 response on the use of fillers in Korean and forward to WG2.2009-04-27DoneWG2 N3624, L2/09-149
117-A63Peter ConstableNote a position of non-support for the two Tatar yeru's ("i with right bowl") proposed in L2/08-404.2009-04-27Done 
117-A69Debbie AndersonAdd ballot comments for Amd 7 urging Japan to continue investigation toward encoding the Katakana character "ORIGINAL E"2009-02-20Closedballot comments, superseded by 118-A047
117-A72Rick McGowanCheck the Unihan feedback in L2/08-281 in detail and report to UTC if larger issues arise.2009-02-02Done 
117-A73Michel SuignardUse Unihan to correct any IRG source mappings. (see Eric's earlier email.)2009-05-18Closed 
117-A75John Jenkins, Richard Cook, Michel Suignard, Eric MullerCome up with a plan for how to progress Unihan database data (Kwanyin) to make it most useful for QA and development of the standard.2009-05-18Closed 
117-A76Eric MullerExamine the proposed repertoire in L2/08-371 and identify the delta between that and Adobe J1, to provide feedback to Japan for the registration alternatives.2009-03-11Closedsuperseded by 118-A73
117-A78John JenkinsFollow through with John Knightley on Annex S revision.2009-07-17Done 
117-A79Debbie Anderson, Richard CookFollow up with Andrew West about L2/08-349. (Tangut disunifications)2009-02-02Done 
117-A85Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeCome up with proposed language for a revision of rule HL6 in UAX #9.2009-04-10DoneUAX #9

From UTC #116 and L2 #213

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
116-A1Mark DavisUpdate PropValueAliases.txt with Attached_Above label. 116-C1.2009-05-29DoneUCD
116-A15Ken Whistler, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare a PRI regarding changes to clarify documentation of normalization for Chapter 3. (on hold until after Feb UTC)2009-03-25Done 
116-A16Rick McGowanIssue a PRI on changes to clarify documentation of normalization, to close May 4, 2009.2009-03-25DonePRI #146
116-A17Ken Whistler, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #15 with changes to the specification section and post as a proposed update UAX. (on hold until after Feb UTC)2009-03-25DoneUAX #15
116-A18Rick McGowanIssue a PRI for PU UAX #15, to close May 4, 2009.2009-03-25DonePRI #145
116-A25John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTR #45 with feedback from meeting and post.2009-02-20DoneUTR #45
116-A27Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to Unicode 5.2 recommending Option 2 of PRI #121 as best practice.2009-03-10DoneUnicode 5.2 text
116-A29Mark DavisUpdate PropList.txt as per 116-C13 re deprecated property for Unicode 5.2.2009-05-29DoneUCD
116-A30Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate text and Unicode names list for Unicode 5.2, to reflect changes re deprecation and discouragement of characters. 116-C13.2009-02-02DoneUnicode 5.2 text, names list
116-A36Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeReview UTR #23 to see if there are useful sections of text that should go into UAX #44.2009-03-13DoneUAX #44
116-A38Ken Whistler, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of UTS #10 in response to L2/08-299 and post as a proposed update.2009-04-01DoneUTS #10
116-A39Rick McGowanIssue a PRI for UTS #10, to close May 4, 2009.2009-02-20DonePRI #143
116-A43Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the online charts page to note the known problem with bounding rect clipping.2009-03-11Donecode charts
116-A51Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to the Devanagari block description on PRISHTHAMATRA E2009-07-17DoneUnicode 5.2 text
116-A53Manoj JainReview U+A8F9 GAP FILLER and U+A8FB HEADSTROKE and provide feedback by the February 2009 UTC meeting.2009-02-02Done 
116-A54Debbie AndersonFollow up on properties for U+A8F9 GAP FILLER and U+A8FB HEADSTROKE, particularly the General_Category.2009-05-18DoneUCD
116-A55Manoj JainReview the Kashmiri additions proposed on L2/08-250 and provide recommendations.2009-02-02DoneL2/09-012
116-A70Mark DavisUpdate the script property values of U+0485 and U+0486 from Cyrillic to Inherited. (for Unicode 5.2)2009-05-29DoneUCD
116-A72Debbie AndersonCommunicate to Egyptologists the UTC action on Egyptological Yod. 116-C23.2009-05-18Done 
116-A76John JenkinsReview document L2/08-2812009-05-18Closed 

From UTC #115 and L2 #212

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
115-A5Mark DavisAdd new derived properties to DerivedCoreProperties.txt and DerivedNormalizationProps.txt. See 115-C2.2009-05-29DoneUCD
115-A6Ken Whistler, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the documentation file for the new derived Properties.2009-03-11DoneUCD, UAX #44
115-A7Mark DavisUpdate PropertyAliases.txt and PropertyValueAliases.txt for new derived Properties.2009-05-29DoneUCD
115-A8Mark DavisProduce updated proposal for the "operationally X-cased" properties, with more background.2009-05-29DoneL2/09-219R2
115-A9Eric MullerUpdate UAX #42 for new derived properties.2009-06-11DoneUAX #42
115-A23Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeTake the proposed text for Bodo, Dogri, and Maithili for the Devanagari block description to the ed committee. Submit revised text to the Government of India for review.2009-04-10DoneUnicode 5.2 text
115-A44Ken Whistler, Mark Davis, Ienup Sung, Editorial CommitteeCreate draft UTR on preferred representation for Korean text and mechanisms for conversions to that format. See 115-C11.2009-02-02DoneUTR #47
115-A53Debbie AndersonFollow up with the author of the Kaithi proposal to determine character properties for ones which are not clear.2009-02-02Done 
115-A67Eric MullerUpdate UAX #11 with default property changes for EAW.2009-03-13DoneUAX #11
115-A68Andy Heninger, Mark DavisUpdate UAX #14 with explanation of default lb properties for unassigned characters in CJK ranges.2009-06-26DoneUAX #14
115-A86Debbie AndersonSend feedback on Tai Don in L2/08-217 to Jim Brase.2009-04-10Closed 

From UTC #114 and L2 #211

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
114-A45Mark DavisFormalize mechanically readable Unicode invariants. (After Unicode 5.1.)2009-06-11DoneUnicode tools
114-A58Mark Davis, Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the FAQ on default ignorables.2009-02-02DoneFAQ
114-A86Andy HeningerDevelop a proposal for handling the "person(s)" case in UAX #14, post 5.1.2009-06-26DoneUAX #14

From UTC #113 and L2 #210

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
113-A32Rick McGowan, Richard Cook, Michel Suignard Work with IRG to ensure that chart production issues are resolved for Ext C, and to resolve the KangXi mapping discrepancies.2009-02-02Closed 
113-A36Mark DavisLook at the script property status of 1FC1, 1FED..1FEF and 1FFD, plus 1FBF, 1FC0, 1FFE after Unicode 5.1. (Decided not to change.)2009-06-11ClosedUCD 5.2
113-A55Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeWhen appropriate, follow the recommendation in L2/07-384 to use representative characters instead of complete lists in UAX #14.2009-06-26DoneUAX #14

From UTC #111 and L2 #208

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
111-A56Lee Collins, Rick McGowanDocument guidelines for interoperability between the Unicode Egyptian hieroglyphs and Manuel de Codage.2009-05-18Done 

From UTC #110 and L2 #207

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
110-A48Mark DavisCreate a document summarizing any remaining issues with ISO 4217. [edcom recommends closing this AI]2009-05-18Closed 

From UTC #109 and L2 #206

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
109-A7Swaran LataRecheck items in document L2/06-372 and come back to UTC with results. (Perso-Arabic for Kashmiri) (See also L2/09-012.)2009-05-18ClosedL2/09-176
109-A25Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeMake editorial updates to UTS #22 based on L2/06-302 and create a proposed update. (waiting feedback from Mark Davis and Frank Ellermann)2009-07-01DoneUTS #22
109-A26Rick McGowanPost a PRI for PU UTS #22, to close January 30, 2007. (changed to May 4, 2009.)2009-07-16DonePRI #149
109-A75Swaran LataInvestigate cillaksharams YA and TA as discussed in documents L2/06-337 and L2/06-343.2009-05-18ClosedNot done
109-A78Swaran LataInvestigate 18 characters for Telugu listed in L2/06-267.2009-05-18ClosedNot done