Comments on ISO/IEC CD 10646 (SC2 N4079)

Eric Muller, Adobe Systems

August 6, 2009



p 8, second paragraph, "over 99 000 characters" change to "over 100,000 characters"

p 9, note, "The Unicode Standard, Version 5.2": should probably have an editor note to remember to change the 5.2 to the appropriate value

p 21, bnf expression, "{ U|u } [ ...]": remove the [ and ]

p 33, note 5: "The variation selector only selects a different appearance of an already encoded character." change to "The variation selector only selects a specific appearance among those acceptable for an encoded character."

p 34, 20.1, note: shouldn't the last word, "SPACE", be "NO-BREAK-SPACE"

p 37, last paragraph of 22.2. This could be read as applying to the two part vowels, while would be wrong. Not sure how to reword.

p 2159, A.6 Unicode collections. May be those could be defined in terms of DerivedAges.txt in Unicode?

p 2174, description of PDF: "initiated by the above characters" change to "initiated by one fo the four characters above".

In addition to these comments, I have communicated directly to the editor a number of typos/rewordings which are purely editorial in nature and can probably be fixed without the need of ballot comments.