From: Eric Muller, L2 Chair
Date: July 14, 2010
Subject: JTC 1 / SC 2 / WG 5 US Tag


It has come to L2's attention that SC 35/WG 5 is restarting some work in the area of internationalization, which is in the scope of L2. The work used to be in SC 22/WG 20, before this WG was disbanded. L2 was the US TAG for WG 20.

Right now, there is no US TAG to SC 35/WG 5. This makes it difficult for L2 to follow and influence the work of WG 5. L2 would like to become the US TAG for SC 35/WG 5, and took a resolution to that effect at its last meeting; from the minutes (document L2/10-111):

It was moved by Ken Whistler and seconded by Lisa Moore that INCITS/L2 should seek US TAG responsibility for JTC 1/SC 35/WG 5.

The motion passed 9:0:0:1

For: Adobe, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Sybase, Unicode, University of California at Berkeley, Yahoo!
Against: none
Abstain: none
No vote: Sun

INCITS/V2 is the US TAG for SC 35 and a few of the other working groups. We think there is not much ovelap between the interests of V2 (user interface mechanisms)  and the interests of L2. We have no problem with some kind of setup similar to what existed in the past  in the databases area: V2 retains the TAG responsibility for SC 35, but defers to us for SC-level votes and JTC-level recommendations related to WG5 activities.



Eric Muller.