From: Mark Davis
Date: October 22, 2010
Subject: Proposal for enhancements to UTS#46

Proposal for enhancements to UTS#46 for next Unicode version
1. We've heard from some people that it would be useful to indicate whether a character is allowed in IDNA2008 or not, and whether a test case is.
Possible syntax for the mapping table:
00B6..00B7    ; valid     # 1.1         PILCROW SIGN..MIDDLE DOT
00B6..00B7    ; valid     ; notIDNA2008 # 1.1         PILCROW SIGN..MIDDLE DOT
Possible syntax for the test file:
B;	xn--53h;	☕;	xn--53h
B;	xn--53h;	☕;	xn--53h ; notIDNA2008
2. It would be useful to generate a more comprehensive set of test cases, like we do for collation. It could include one sample for: