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From UTC #124 and L2 #221

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
124-A1Ken WhistlerFix the value in Table 15 of UAX #44 and respond to Vallois.2010-08-23DoneUAX #15
124-A2Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeReview feedback from C.E. Whitehead on UAX #9 for 6.0, and make any editorial changes that look warranted.2010-08-30DoneUAX #9
124-A3Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate changes to UAX #9 for 6.0 as suggested by Asmus Freytag and Mati Allouche.2010-08-30DoneUAX #9
124-A4Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeMake various updates to UAX #14 for 6.0. See minutes and L2/10-237.2010-09-21DoneUAX #14
124-A5Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeMake changes to UAX #14 suggested in L2/10-309, as amended in committee. For 6.0.2010-09-21DoneUAX #14
124-A6Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate text of UAX #24 for 6.0 to make singular treatment of "data" consistent.2010-08-23DoneUAX #24
124-A7Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate feedback from E. Vallois on UAX #29, from L2/10-237, and respond to the author. For 6.0.2010-09-01DoneUAX #29
124-A8Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeImplement changes from 124-C1 in UAX #29 and GraphemeBreakProperty.txt, for 6.0. (data file has been posted)2010-08-30DoneUAX #29, UCD 6.0
124-A9Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake textual changes to UAX #31 (see minutes for details), and respond to Behdad.2010-09-01DoneUAX #31
124-A10Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMove Syriac to limited use. Document that Tifinagh, Yi, UCAS, Mongolian are in limited use currently but will probably increase in use ("aspirational use"), so are in recommended list. For 6.0.2010-08-30DoneUAX #31
124-A12Ken Whistler, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to UAX #34 re scope of named sequences and alternative formats used in data. For 6.0.2010-08-24DoneUAX #34
124-A13John JenkinsFix typo for "percieve" in Unihan database. For 6.0. (For extra credit, spell-check the English data fields.)2010-09-21DoneUnihan Database
124-A14aKen WhistlerRespond to Ake Persson's various feedback on UCA.2010-10-19Done 
124-A15Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDraft text for a PRI on collation behavior and general category of U+17B4 and U+17B5. (See 124-C2.)2010-08-26Done 
124-A16Rick McGowanPost PRI on U+17B4 and U+17B5, to close Oct 25, 2010.2010-08-26DonePRI #176
124-A17Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate text of the default ignorable code points subsection in Sec. 5.3 of the standard. For Unicode 6.0.2010-10-19DoneUnicode 6.0 text
124-A18Ken Whistler, Mark DavisCheck weights of 01C5, 01C8, 01CB, 01F2 and fix if needed. Also check Malayalam NNNA and AU sign.2010-08-27DoneUCA 6.0
124-A19Mark Davis, Ken WhistlerCheck "Collation Test and CJK ExtC (5.2.0)" from Sadahiro Tomoyuki, and fix if needed.2010-10-18DoneUCA 6.0
124-A23Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt for 6.0, to change gc=Po->So for U+19DE and U+19DF.2010-08-23DoneUCD 6.0
124-A24Ken WhistlerRegenerate and post allkeys.txt with changes to make 0640, 07FA, 180A ignorable by default in DUCET. (See 124-C5.)2010-08-26DoneUCA 6.0
124-A25Mark DavisRegenerate all derived UCA data files for 6.0.2010-10-18DoneUCA 6.0
124-A26Debbie AndersonMake ballot comments on 14651 re changes for 124-C5, if necessary.2010-08-23Closedballot comments
124-A27Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for Miao.2010-08-23DonePipeline
124-A28Debbie AndersonAdd Miao changes to ballot comments on CD 10646 3rd edition.2010-08-23Doneballot comments
124-A29Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for U+1078A LINEAR A SIGN AB048.2010-08-23DonePipeline
124-A30Debbie AndersonAdd U+1078A to request for future additions.2010-08-23Done 
124-A31Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt (and other UCD files) for U+20B9 INDIAN RUPEE SIGN, for 6.0.2010-08-23DoneUCD 6.0
124-A32Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for U+20B9.2010-08-23DonePipeline
124-A33Mark DavisRegenerate dependent data files in UCD for U+20B9, for 6.0.2010-08-23DoneUCD 6.0
124-A34Debbie Anderson, Peter ConstableSupport proposals for U+20B9 INDIAN RUPEE SIGN in WG2 with urgency.2010-10-15Done 
124-A35Debbie AndersonFollow up with Manoj Jain to submit L2/10-258R to WG2.2010-10-15DoneWG2 N3887
124-A36Ken WhistlerAdd U+20B9 to DUCET for UCA 6.0.2010-08-26DoneUCA 6.0
124-A37Mark DavisRegenerate dependent data files in UCA to include U+20B9 for UCA 6.0.2010-10-18DoneUCA 6.0
124-A38V. S. UmamaheswaranFollow up with GoI on identifying guidelines for implementing U+20B9 INDIAN RUPEE SIGN and send information to Lisa Moore.2010-09-28Done 
124-A39Debbie AndersonAdd U+20B9 to ballot comments for 14651.2010-08-30Doneballot comments
124-A40Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for Palmyrene2010-08-23DonePipeline
124-A41Debbie AndersonAdd Palmyrene to request for future additions.2010-08-23Done 
124-A42Ken WhistlerAdd 2CF2 and 2CF3 (Coptic) to pipeline.2010-08-23DonePipeline
124-A43Debbie AndersonAdd 2CF2 and 2CF3 (Coptic) to request for future additions.2010-08-23Done 
124-A44Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #10 Sections 7.1.2 and 7.1.3 regarding using implicit weights for noncharacter code points. For 6.0.2010-09-03DoneUTS #10
124-A45Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIn the modification section of UTS #10 call out the issues for migration (from version 5.2.0). For 6.0.2010-09-03DoneUTS #10
124-A47Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeClarify in section 7.1.1 of UTS #10 that one could have a special mapping for ill-formed code unit sequences. For 6.0.2010-09-03DoneUTS #10
124-A48Rick McGowanClose PRI #167.2010-08-23Done 
124-A49Rick McGowanClose PRI #169.2010-08-23Done 
124-A51Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAddress issue raised by Roozbeh re Mongolian text for Unicode 6.0.2010-10-19DoneUnicode 6.0 text
124-A52Rick McGowanRespond to Roozbeh re Mongolian feedback.2010-08-31Done 
124-A53Ken WhistlerUpdate annotation of U+0970 to remove "such as the rupee sign".2010-08-23DoneUCD 6.0
124-A54Rick McGowanRespond to Kent Karlsson re his comment on U+0970 in L2/10-237.2010-08-31Done 
124-A56Julie AllenUpdate 2 instances of "Named Sequence" to "Named Character Sequence" on the Pipeline page.2010-09-21DonePipeline
124-A58Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd information about stability of approved Named Character Sequences to UAX #34, for 6.0.2010-08-24DoneUAX #34
124-A59Rick McGowanRespond to Karl Pentzlin's feedback in L2/10-237 re named character sequences.2010-08-31Done 
124-A60Rick McGowanRespond to Andreas Stoetzner re his comment on U+26FC.2010-08-31Done 
124-A61Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUse input on Georgian and Armenian punctuation in L2/10-237 to appropriately update Unicode 6.0.2010-10-19DoneUnicode 6.0 text
124-A62Rick McGowanRespond to Alex Ostrovski re his feedback in L2/10-237.2010-08-31Done 
124-A63Peter Constable, Eric MullerInclude all of the property changes between Unicode 5.2 and 6.0 in the Unicode liaison report to WG2.2010-09-30Done 
124-A64Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt for property changes to 06DE, for 6.0.2010-08-23DoneUCD 6.0
124-A65Ken WhistlerUpdate LineBreak.txt for property change for 06DE, for 6.0.2010-08-23DoneUCD 6.0
124-A66Rick McGowanGet updated glyph for 06DE (removing the dotted circle), for 6.0.2010-08-30Done 
124-A67Rick McGowanClose PRI #171.2010-08-23Done 
124-A69Rick McGowanClose PRI #173.2010-08-23Done 
124-A70Peter Constable, Debbie AndersonSupport amended Sinhala proposal in WG2.2010-10-15Done 
124-A71Ken WhistlerAdd U+9FCC to Pipeline.2010-08-23DonePipeline
124-A72Debbie AndersonAdd U+9FCC to request for future additions.2010-08-23Done 
124-A73Rick McGowan, Ken LundeForward updated L2/10-228 to WG2.2010-08-30DoneWG2 N3885
124-A74Eric Muller, Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeDocument the known differences between 6.0 CJK and 10646 2nd edition.2010-10-29DoneUnicode 6.0 text
124-A75John JenkinsUpdate Unihan and UAX #38 for 6.0. Update the prefixes for all sources except G and U, to match exactly the 2nd edition of 10646.2010-10-05DoneUAX #38, Unihan Database
124-A79Rick McGowan[duplicate item, deleted]2010-08-23Closed 
124-A81Rick McGowanRespond to Ezio Melotti re his feedback on Section 3.9 of TUS.2010-08-31Done 
124-A82Ken WhistlerUpdate gc=Nd->No for U+19DA, for 6.0.2010-08-23DoneUCD 6.0
124-A83Mark DavisRequest that the officers establish a stability policy for Numeric_Type.2010-08-23DonePolicies
124-A84Ken WhistlerInclude feedback from Asmus in L2/10-262 in the final update of UAX #44.2010-08-25DoneUAX #44
124-A85V. S. UmamaheswaranRequest an update to the principles and procedures document, based on L2/10-262.2010-10-15Done 
124-A87Debbie Anderson, Roozbeh PournaderForward revised L2/10-282 to WG2.2010-09-21DoneWG2 N3889
124-A88Peter ConstableAdd L2/10-282 to UTC liaison report to WG2.2010-09-30Done 
124-A90Rick McGowanRespond to Philippe Verdy re comments 1, 2, 3, on Arabic, in L2/10-237.2010-08-31Done 
124-A91Mark DavisUpdate IDNAMapping.txt according to L2/10-311, as modified in discussion, for 6.0 version.2010-08-31DoneUTS #46
124-A93Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to PU UTS #46 to describe the changes to the data files, for 6.0 version.2010-08-31DoneUTS #46
124-A94Rick McGowanExtend the close data of PRI #172 to Sept 15, 2010.2010-08-23Done 
124-A95Eric MullerIssue a letter ballot by Sept 17, 2010 for approving the proposed update of UTS #46.2010-10-06Done 
124-A96Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 3 POMMY to POMMEE spelling changes.2010-08-23DonePipeline
124-A97Debbie AndersonAdd spelling changes for POMMY in U+1F540..U+1F542 to ballot comments for CD 10646 3rd edition.2010-08-23Doneballot comments
124-A99Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 35 Arabic additions.2010-08-23DonePipeline
124-A100Debbie AndersonAdd 35 Arabic characters to request for future additions.2010-08-23Done 
124-A101Lorna PriestForward L2/10-288R to WG2.2010-09-21DoneWG2 N3882
124-A102Lorna PriestForward a font for Arabic characters in L2/10-288R to Michel Suignard.2010-10-25Done 
124-A105Ken WhistlerMake editorial updates based on L2/10-308 for UTR #49 and respond to Whitehead.2010-10-29DoneUTR #49
124-A106Ken WhistlerUpdate the data file for UTR #49 to the Unicode 6.0 level and repost (with suggested fixes by others as improvements).2010-10-27DoneUTR #49
124-A107Rick McGowanClose all open PRIs for UAXes.2010-08-23Done 
124-A109Mark DavisRemove "Phag" and "Tibt" from ScriptExtensions.txt (in the set "Bopo.. Yiii") for Unicode 6.0.2010-08-30DoneUCD 6.0
124-A110Ken WhistlerUpdate gc=So->Sm for U+2118, for Unicode 6.0.2010-08-23DoneUCD 6.0
124-A111Mark DavisUpdate the Other_Math property to "True" for U+2107, in PropList.txt, for 6.0.2010-08-23DoneUCD 6.0
124-A114Debbie AndersonAdd request for U+2118 formal alias to ballot comments for CD 10646 3rd edition.2010-08-23Doneballot comments
124-A115Rick McGowan, Michel SuignardEnsure that the new Brahmi font is used for Unicode 6.0 and publication of 10646 2nd edition. (Fix is for U+11065.)2010-08-30Done 
124-A116Mark DavisFix the problem in LineBreakTest.txt so that there is no break at the start of text for each test in the file. (Scheduled for post 6.0, but accelerated into 6.0).2010-08-30DoneUCD 6.0
124-A117Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeWork with UAX editors to make final updates and prepare final UAXes for publication for 6.0.2010-10-15Done 
124-A118Rick McGowanPost final approved UAXes for 6.0.2010-10-15Done 
124-A119Ken Whistler, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #10 for publication for UCA 6.0.2010-09-30DoneUTS #10
124-A120Rick McGowanPost final approved version of UTS #10 for UCA 6.0.2010-09-30Done 
124-A121Rick McGowanClose PRI #166.2010-08-23Done 
124-A122Rick McGowanClose PRI #170.2010-08-23Done 
124-A123Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeOrchestrate the release of Unicode 6.0.2010-10-15Done 
124-A124Rick McGowan, Debbie AndersonRemove U+11350 Grantha Om from the consensus document L2/10-265.2010-08-30Done 
124-A126Rick McGowan, Debbie AndersonUpdate the name of U+11301 GRANTHA SIGN ANUNASIKA to GRANTHA SIGN CANDRABINDU in L2/10-265.2010-08-30Done 
124-A127Rick McGowan, Debbie AndersonUpdate the name of U+1134F to GRANTHA SIGN LIGATING VIRAMA in L2/10-265.2010-08-30Done 
124-A128Rick McGowan, Debbie AndersonAdd the Vedic Grantha characters from L2/10-235, with suggested name changes to the Grantha consensus proposal, L2/10-265.2010-08-30Done 
124-A130Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for U+1CF5 and U+1CF6.2010-08-23DonePipeline
124-A131Debbie AndersonAdd U+1CF5 VEDIC SIGN JIHVAMULIYA and U+1CF6 VEDIC SIGN UPADHMANIYA to request for future additions.2010-08-23Done 
124-A132Rick McGowan, Debbie AndersonRespond to Government of India and point them at the Grantha consensus document, L2/10-265.2010-08-30Done 
124-A133Laurentiu Iancu, Murray SargentUpdate text of UTR #25 and its data file (to include the two new Unicode 6.0 characters).2010-08-23DoneUTR #25
124-A135Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for Duployan approvals.2010-08-23DonePipeline
124-A136Debbie AndersonAdd Duployan characters to request for future additions.2010-08-23Done 
124-A137Van AndersonSend revised Duployan proposal to next WG2 meeting.2010-09-21DoneWG2 N3895
124-A140Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for Sindhi.2010-08-23DonePipeline
124-A141Debbie AndersonAdd Sindhi characters to request for future additions.2010-08-23Done 
124-A142Anshuman Pandey, Debbie AndersonProvide the Sindhi font to Michel Suignard and Rick McGowan2010-10-29Done 
124-A143Anshuman Pandey, Debbie AndersonProvide an updated Sindhi proposal to L2 and WG2 (with minor corrections).2010-09-21DoneWG2 N3871
124-A145Rick McGowanRespond to Pentzlin with feedback on his proposal, L2/10-229R.2010-08-31Done 
124-A147Debbie Anderson, Lorna PriestRespond to Paul Anderson re L2/10-278 (Tifinagh).2010-08-30Done 

From UTC #123 and L2 #220

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
123-A6John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate PU UTR #45 and post as approved.2010-08-16DoneUTR #45
123-A18Debbie AndersonInclude name changes for Miao characters in ballot comments for the CD for the 3rd edition.2010-08-16Doneballot comments
123-A20Debbie AndersonAdd U+A7AA to document requesting future additions.2010-08-16Done 
123-A21Lorna PriestProvide a font for U+A7AA to Michel Suignard, and submit the proposal to WG2.2010-08-16DoneWG2 N3840
123-A22Lorna PriestSubmit a new document with additional information on annotation, casing relations for U+A7AA.2010-08-16DoneL2/10-268
123-A26Debbie AndersonAdd U+2D66 and U+2D67 to document requesting future additions.2010-08-16Done 
123-A32Debbie AndersonAdd U+A7F8 and U+A7F9 to document requesting future additions.2010-08-16Done 
123-A36Debbie AndersonAdd U+1F16A and U+1F16B to the document requesting future additions.2010-08-16Done 
123-A46Debbie AndersonAdd Linear A character to document requesting future additions.2010-08-16Done 
123-A48Debbie AndersonAdd Old North Arabian characters to document requesting future additions.2010-08-16Done 
123-A56Roozbeh Pournader, Debbie AndersonDraft feedback on L2/10-129 to be reviewed at the next UTC meeting as potential USNB feedback.2010-08-16DoneL2/10-282
123-A59John JenkinsUpdate the description of the formats for the IRG Source tags to match the revisions made for 10646. (In UAX #38.)2010-10-05DoneUAX #38
123-A60John JenkinsUpdate the IRG Source values in the Unihan database to match those specified by Michel Suignard, for Unicode 6.0.2010-08-16DoneUCD
123-A69Debbie AndersonAdd U+1CF3 to the document requesting future additions.2010-08-16Done 
123-A72Debbie AndersonAdd U+1CF4 to the document requesting future additions.2010-08-16Done 
123-A77Debbie AndersonAdd request for 3 Sinhala named sequences to ballot comments for the CD for the 3rd Edition of 10646.2010-08-16Doneballot comments
123-A81Debbie AndersonAdd Coptic numbers to the document requesting future additions.2010-08-16Done 
123-A85Mark DavisPrepare and post a proposed update for UTS #46 v6.0 (including information about test cases). (After UTS #46 v5.2 is released)2010-09-21DoneUTS #46
123-A91John JenkinsAdd the suggested Cantonese definition for U+7DCA to the Unihan database. (See PRI #163 feedback on UAX #38.)2010-08-16Done 
123-A98Rick McGowanMake sure that "Authors" is changed to "Editors" in all UAXes and UTSes that are currently open for update. For Unicode 6.0.2010-10-15Done 
123-A99Rick McGowanCheck for old UTR citation style in the open UAXes and UTSes.2010-10-15Done 
123-A100V. S. UmamaheswaranRequest WG2 to update the Principles and Procedures document to ask proposers of whole scripts to provide a list of which other already-encoded characters are used with the script.2010-10-15Done 
123-A105Lisa MooreAdd the IRG Principles and Procedures document L2/10-098 to the agenda for the August 2010 UTC meeting.2010-08-16DoneAgenda

From UTC #122 and L2 #219

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
122-A49Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteePrepare the final UTS #46 and associated data for publication and post the final when ready.2010-08-05DoneUTS #46
122-A53Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTR #36 for publication and post the final when ready.2010-08-05DoneUTR #36
122-A56Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTS #39 and associated data for publication and post the final when ready.2010-08-05DoneUTS #39

From UTC #121 and L2 #218

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
121-A24Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeLook into feasibility of providing finer-grained stable links into sections of the book pdfs.2010-08-16Done 
121-A94Mark DavisCreate a UCA 6.0 alpha directory containing copies of the UCA 5.2 test and rules files with associated explanatory readme.txt.2010-09-30ClosedUCA 6.0

From UTC #115 and L2 #212

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
115-A58John JenkinsEnsure that the new IRG Principles & Procedures include requirement for provision of multi-column fonts to WG2 and Unicode.2010-08-16Done 

From UTC #114 and L2 #211

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
114-A50Peter EdbergAssemble additional test cases for Linebreak for next version of Unicode, post 5.2. Ensure adequate coverage of JIS compliance. (target: Unicode 6.0)2010-08-16DoneUCD

From UTC #108 and L2 #205

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
108-A36Peter ConstableUpdate Indic block descriptions as appropriate for Unicode 6.0. (refers to reviewing the subsections of "Vowel Letters" to see if any additions should be made)2010-09-30DoneUnicode 6.0 text