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From UTC #125 and L2 #222

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
125-A1Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for Khojki.2010-11-11DonePipeline
125-A2Debbie AndersonForward Khojki proposal to WG2.2011-02-02DoneWG2 N3978
125-A3Anshuman PandeySend Khojki fonts to Michel Suignard.2011-02-02Done 
125-A4Debbie AndersonAdd 61 Khojki characters to document requesting future additions.2011-02-02Done 
125-A5Debbie AndersonProvide feedback to the proposer of L2/10-368.2010-12-08DoneL2/10-463
125-A6Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for U+1F544.2010-11-11DonePipeline
125-A7Debbie AndersonAdd U+1F544 NOTCHED RIGHT SEMI-CIRCLE WITH THREE DOTS to document requesting future additions.2011-02-02Done 
125-A8Debbie AndersonWork with proposer to update L2/10-394 and submit with just a single character to WG2. (actually 2 case pairs, for total of 4)2011-02-02DoneWG2 N3974
125-A9Debbie AndersonRelay UTC feedback to Anshuman Pandey re L2/10-399. (Soyombo)2010-12-08Done 
125-A10Debbie AndersonRelay UTC feedback to Anshuman Pandey re L2/10-411. (Horizontal Square script)2010-12-08Done 
125-A11Debbie AndersonRelay UTC feedback to authors of L2/10-396. (Naxi Dongba)2010-12-08DoneL2/10-462
125-A13Rick McGowanRespond to Karl Pentzlin re triple diacritics proposal.2010-11-11Done 
125-A14Rick McGowanRespond to Karl Pentzlin re Latin yeru proposal.2010-11-11Done 
125-A15Debbie AndersonRespond to authors of L2/10-437 and 438 with UTC feedback. (Pau Cin Hau)2010-12-08Done 
125-A19Rick McGowanRespond to Myint to relay the UTC discussion of Myanmar collation issues raised in L2/10-355.2010-11-16Done 
125-A21Julie Allen, Andrew Glass, Editorial CommitteeModify the current wording of the Brahmi block introduction to remove reference to ZWJ in Brahmi numbers. (for Unicode 6.0)2010-11-18DoneUnicode 6.0 text
125-A22Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 3 new candrabindus.2010-11-11DonePipeline
125-A24Debbie AndersonAdd 3 new candrabindus to document requesting new additions.2011-02-02Done 
125-A25Debbie AndersonAsk Shriramana Sharma to change the name of 0C00 and forward L2/10-392, with modifications, to WG2.2010-12-08DoneWG2 N3964
125-A26Debbie AndersonSend feedback to Anshuman Pandey based on UTC discussion. (Mahajani)2010-12-08Done 
125-A27Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for name change of Sindhi to Khudawadi.2010-11-11DonePipeline
125-A29Michael EversonUpdate the roadmap with the change from Sindhi to Khudawadi.2010-12-08Done 
125-A30Ken WhistlerUpdate other references on the Unicode web site from Sindhi to Khudawadi.2010-11-11Done 
125-A31Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for Coptic Epact Numbers block name change.2010-11-11DonePipeline
125-A32Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt for Unicode 6.1, to change 17B4 and 17B5, gc=Cf->Mn, bc=NSM.2010-11-11DoneUCD 6.1
125-A37Rick McGowanClose PRI #176.2010-11-12Done 
125-A38Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd info re collation weights to the documentation of 17B4 and 17B5 in Khmer section for Unicode 6.1. (See PRI #176.)2010-12-02DoneUnicode 6.1 text
125-A39Ken WhistlerUpdate the names list with annotations for 17B4 and 17B5, for Unicode 6.1.2010-11-11DoneNames list
125-A40Ken WhistlerAdd Mandaic joining types to ArabicShaping.txt for Unicode 6.1.2010-11-11DoneUCD 6.1
125-A41Rick McGowanRespond to Pentzlin and the Rowe to relay UTC feedback. (Comic symbols)2010-12-06Done 
125-A55Debbie AndersonAdd to ballot comments to PDAM1 that only one Armenian eternity sign should be encoded, at 058E.2011-02-02Doneballot comments
125-A56Debbie AndersonAdd to ballot comments to PDAM1 that U+0605 -> U+102FC COPTIC EPACT NUMBER MARK.2011-02-02Doneballot comments
125-A58Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with accumulated decisions from the WG2 consent docket.2010-11-11DonePipeline
125-A60Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline with decisions re Sinhala numbers. See 125-C24, 125-C25, 125-C26.2010-11-11DonePipeline
125-A61Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 41 Mro characters.2010-11-11DonePipeline
125-A62Debbie AndersonAdd ballot comments to PDAM1 that request removal of Mro punctuation characters 16A6E and 16A6F unless better clarification and evidence can be provided.2011-02-02Doneballot comments
125-A63Debbie AndersonAdd ballot comments to PDAM1 requesting name and block change Sindhi to Khudawadi.2011-02-02Doneballot comments
125-A64Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeHandle the editorial work for the 125-C29 consensus. (re hamza issues)2010-11-12DoneUnicode 6.0 text
125-A67Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 13 additional emoticons.2010-11-11DonePipeline
125-A79Ken WhistlerChange the bidi class of U+070F from AN to AL, for Unicode 6.1.2010-11-11DoneUCD 6.1
125-A80Ken Whistler, Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate and post a corrigendum #8 on the bidi class of U+070F in Unicode 6.0.2010-11-16DoneCorrigendum #8
125-A81Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of Unicode 6.0 to loosen the half-row restriction on allocations.2010-11-16DoneUnicode 6.0 text
125-A84Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd the specific subtitle "Core Specification" to the core specification for Unicode 6.0.2010-12-08DoneUnicode 6.0 text
125-A86Rick McGowanRespond to Kent Karlsson on his PRI #172 comment.2010-12-06Done 
125-A88Rick McGowanRespond to Steffen Kamp.2010-12-06Done 
125-A89Ken WhistlerAdd subheads for jokers in the playing cards block in the names list, for Unicode 6.1. Respond to Laurentiu Iancu.2010-11-11DoneNames list
125-A91Rick McGowanRespond to Ernest van den Boogaard.2010-12-06Done 
125-A92Ken WhistlerUpdate NameAliases.txt and names list with new aliases for 2448 and 2449. For Unicode 6.1.2010-11-11DoneUCD 6.1
125-A93Rick McGowan, Debbie AndersonRespond to Michael Bobeck about making a proposal on uppercase Greek Letter Yot.2010-12-08Done 
125-A94Rick McGowan, Debbie AndersonRespond to Barun Kumar Sahu about making a proposal for a blank consonant for Indic scripts.2010-12-08Done 
125-A101Debbie AndersonAdd request for removal of 1BFA and 1BFB to ballot comments for FCD for the 3rd edition of 10646.2011-02-02Doneballot comments
125-A102Debbie AndersonAdd request for removal of A78F LATIN LETTER GLOTTAL DOT to ballot comments for FCD for the 3rd edition of 10646.2011-02-02Doneballot comments
125-A106Rick McGowanExtend PRI #174 to January 31, 2011.2010-11-12Done 

From UTC #124 and L2 #221

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
124-A14Lisa MooreAdd Ake Persson's feedback on PRI #166, UCA, middle dot collation to the UTC agenda for next meeting.2010-11-08DoneAgenda
124-A55Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Section 4.6 of Unicode 6.0 based on Asmus' input in L2/10-237, L2/10-262, L2/10-276.2010-12-08DoneUnicode 6.0 text
124-A57Julie AllenCheck the text of the standard for consistent use of the terms "Named Character Sequence" and "Named Sequence".2010-11-10DoneUnicode 6.0 text
124-A86Roozbeh PournaderDocument the hamza issues for hamza above used with Arabic characters, for the November UTC meeting.2010-11-08DoneL2/10-455
124-A112Ken WhistlerAdd U+2118 WEIERSTRASS ELLIPTIC FUNCTION to NameAliases.txt, for Unicode 6.1.2010-11-10DoneUCD 6.1
124-A113Ken WhistlerUpdate NamesList.txt for the new formal alias for U+2118, for Unicode 6.1.2010-11-10DoneNames list
124-A125Rick McGowanInvite others to prepare a separate proposal for Grantha Om, and for Oriya Om if appropriate.2010-11-08Done 
124-A129Rick McGowanRespond to Sharma re document L2/10-256 with UTC feedback.2010-11-12Done 
124-A138Van AndersonProvide updated Duployan font to Michel Suignard and Rick McGowan.2010-11-08Done 
124-A144Rick McGowanRespond to Sharma re his feedback on abbreviation signs.2010-11-12Done 
124-A146Rick McGowanRespond to Pentzlin re L2/10-2302010-11-08Done 

From UTC #123 and L2 #220

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
123-A46aMichael EversonSupply an updated Linear A font to Michel2010-11-08Done 
123-A58Rick McGowan, Kamal MansourRespond to Dhafer re input in L2/10-112.2010-11-12Done 

From UTC #120 and L2 #217

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
120-A145Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeRevise rule R7 in Section 8.2 for Unicode 6.0 to allow for exceptional conditions in cursive scripts. 120-C39.2010-11-08DoneUnicode 6.0 text