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From UTC #127 and L2 #224

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
127-A1Michael EversonProvide a new glyph for U+2D7F, showing a dotted circle with 6 dots below within a dashed box.2011-05-18Done 
127-A3Rick McGowanNotify WG2 of the glyph change for U+2D7F.2011-05-18ClosedDuplicate of 127-A005
127-A4Lorna PriestUpdate L2/11-112 with revision of glyph for U+2D7F, and forward to WG2.2011-05-20DoneWG2 N4069
127-A5Peter ConstableAdd glyph change of U+2D7F to liaison report to WG2.2011-06-13DoneWG2 N4096
127-A6Ken WhistlerAdd 51 Manichaean characters to pipeline.2011-05-18DonePipeline
127-A7Debbie AndersonAdd Manichaean characters to document requesting new additions.2011-05-20DoneL2/11-195
127-A8Michael EversonSend a font and lst file for Manichaean to Michel Suignard.2011-05-23Done 
127-A9Michael EversonSend clarifying text on the directionality of the Phaistos Disc characters to the editorial committee.2011-05-18Done 
127-A10Debbie AndersonSend pointer to the Tulu document to Govt of India and ask for their feedback.2011-05-20Done 
127-A11Mark DavisRequest of the officers a stability policy that permanently reserves ccc=255.2011-05-20DoneStability policies
127-A12Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to UAX #15 documenting the restriction on ccc=255, and techniques for reducing memory footprint. For Unicode 6.1.2011-07-25DoneUAX #15
127-A13Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDraft text for a PRI on possible change to properties for U+2011 to make it also block word breaking, by making it either wb=MidLetter or MidNumLet.2011-07-01Done 
127-A14Rick McGowanPost PRI on non-breaking hyphen properties, to close July 25, 2011.2011-07-01DonePRI #186
127-A15Rick McGowanRespond to Martin Hosken re 127-C4.2011-05-18Done 
127-A17Rick McGowanRespond to Martin Hosken re L2/11-114.2011-05-18Done 
127-A18Ken WhistlerCreate a liaison position document for UCS Sequence Identifiers based on L2/11-131, and forward to WG2.2011-05-18DoneL2/11-188, WG2 N4063
127-A19Peter ConstableAdd information on 127-C5 to the UTC liaison report to WG2.2011-06-13DoneWG2 N4096
127-A20Ken WhistlerAdd hex digits to the notices of non-approval.2011-05-25Done 
127-A21Rick McGowanExtend PRI #177 to close July 25, 2011.2011-05-24DonePRI #177
127-A22Roozbeh PournaderWork with the authors of L2/11-005 to document examples and to provide exact text changes or additions.2011-07-20DoneL2/11-278
127-A25Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 2 Old Italic characters.2011-05-18DonePipeline
127-A26Chris LittleForward L2/11-146 to WG2.2011-06-13DoneWG2 N4046
127-A27Debbie AndersonAdd two Old Italic characters to document requesting new additions.2011-05-20DoneL2/11-195
127-A29Chris LittleProvide a font to Michel Suignard for the two Old Italic characters.2011-05-23Done 
127-A30Peter ConstableAdd the request to add Duployan to a ballot to the Unicode liaison report to WG2.2011-06-13DoneWG2 N4096
127-A31Debbie AndersonWrite a response to L2/11-178 (Naxi Dongba), as discussed in the meeting.2011-05-20DoneL2/11-197
127-A32Peter ConstableSupport the addition of the revised webdings proposal to an amendment to 10646 in WG2.2011-06-13Done 
127-A33Rick McGowanRespond to Karl Pentzlin re L2/11-136.2011-05-18Done 
127-A34Rick McGowanRespond to Logasundaram re L2/11-0752011-05-18Done 
127-A35Rick McGowanRespond to Kurdish IT group on proposal in L2/11-090.2011-05-18Done 
127-A36Rick McGowanContact Joe Becker re the Kurdish annotations in L2/11-090.2011-05-23Done 
127-A37Roozbeh PournaderInvestigate whether U+0678 ARABIC LETTER HIGH HAMZA YEH should have a joining group of Farsi Yeh. (conclusion: No)2011-07-20Done 
127-A39Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for 2 Mro dandas.2011-05-18DonePipeline
127-A40Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for Pau Cin Hau.2011-05-18DonePipeline
127-A41Debbie AndersonAdd Pau Cin Hau to document requesting additions.2011-05-20DoneL2/11-195
127-A42Debbie AndersonUpdate the Pau Cin Hau proposal with new code locations and forward to WG2.2011-05-20DoneWG2 N4017
127-A43Anshuman PandeySend the Pau Cin Hau font to Michel Suignard.2011-06-13Done 
127-A44Debbie AndersonAsk Anshuman Pandey to change the script name from Maithili to Tirhuta, include decompositions for multi-part vowels, and submit a revised document to UTC and WG2.2011-05-20DoneWG2 N4035
127-A45Anshuman PandeySend Tirhuta font and updated .lst file to Michel Suignard.2011-06-13Done 
127-A46Peter ConstableSupport the Tirhuta script in WG2.2011-06-13Done 
127-A47Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for 5 Arabic letters.2011-05-18DonePipeline
127-A48Debbie AndersonAdd 5 Arabic letters to document requesting additions.2011-05-20DoneL2/11-195
127-A49Lorna PriestSend font for 5 Arabic letters to Michel Suignard.2011-05-20Done 
127-A50Rick McGowanRespond to authors of L2/11-138 about 5 Arabic characters accepted.2011-05-18Done 
127-A52Ken WhistlerUpdate pipeline for 14 characters for Lithuanian dialectology.2011-05-18DonePipeline
127-A53Debbie AndersonAdd 14 characters for Lithuanian dialectology to document requesting additions.2011-05-20DoneL2/11-195
127-A54Michael EversonProvide font for 14 characters for Lithuanian dialectology to Michel Suignard.2011-05-27Done 
127-A55Rick McGowanRespond to authors of L2/11-135.2011-05-18Done 
127-A56Peter ConstableRevise L2/11-189 and submit to WG2.2011-06-13DoneWG2 N4062
127-A57Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/11-129.2011-05-18Done 
127-A64Ken LundeSupply FAQ text based on L2/11-111, re IVS software support.2011-05-27DoneFAQ
127-A65Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt to change general category of U+00AA and U+00BA to Lo, for Unicode 6.1.2011-05-27DoneUCD 6.1
127-A66Rick McGowanClose PRI #181.2011-05-25Done 
127-A67Richard CookPrepare a UTC document for WG2 that requests IRG to assist in the preparation of IVD registrations. (Ken Lunde, Peter C., Ken W. Reviewing)2011-05-27DoneL2/11-205, WG2 N 4084
127-A68Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeNote new editors of UTS #37. (Ken Lunde, et al.)2011-05-20DoneUTS #37
127-A69Ken Lunde, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #37 to address IRG concerns re UTC IVD registrations.2011-05-27DoneUTS #37
127-A70Peter ConstableAdd information about UTS #37 to the UTC/WG2 liaison report. Include reference to the IVD proposal in L2/11-109.2011-06-13DoneWG2 N4096
127-A71Rick McGowanForward to WG2 the PU UTS #37 when ready, and inform Peter Constable when that happens.2011-06-13DoneUTS #37, WG2 N4109
127-A75Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDraft text for a PRI on extending UBA for URLs.2011-07-01Done 
127-A76Rick McGowanPost the PRI on extending UBA for URLs, to close July 25, 2011.2011-07-01DonePRI #185
127-A78Rick McGowanFind out who the best contacts in Perl organization are. Report to Mark Davis.2011-07-05Done 
127-A80Rick McGowanExtend PRI #179 to July 25, 2011, and re-issue an announcement that we have extended the deadline for it.2011-05-24DonePRI #179
127-A81Rick McGowanAdd to the PRI/announcement checklist to always send an announcement when a PRI date is extended.2011-05-24Done 
127-A83Rick McGowanExtend PRI #177 and PRI #182 to July 25, 2011.2011-05-24DonePRI #177, PRI #182

From UTC #126 and L2 #223

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
126-A2Peter EdbergRespond to Martin Hosken re L2/10-051.2011-05-16Done 
126-A3Mark DavisAdd "Combining Mark" as a second alias for gc=M in PropertyValueAliases.txt for Unicode 6.1.2011-07-25DoneUCD 6.1
126-A5Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Section 5.7.1 of UAX #44 to explain the set of combined values for General_Category, for Unicode 6.1.2011-06-28DoneUAX #44
126-A10John JenkinsRequest that the IRG make total stroke counts available with new submissions.2011-05-16Done 
126-A11V S UmamaheswaranRequest update of the Principles & Procedures to require stroke counts for all proposed CJK ideographs.2011-06-13DoneWG2 N4049
126-A14Ken WhistlerUpdate gc for 12 modifier letters (to gc=Lm) for Unicode 6.1. (see 126-A12.)2011-05-27DoneUCD 6.1
126-A15Mark DavisUpdate Other_Lowercase for 12 modifier letters in PropList.txt for Unicode 6.1. (see 126-A12.)2011-07-25DoneUCD 6.1
126-A24Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteePrepare updated text of D-UTR #49 for posting.2011-07-13DoneUTR #49
126-A25Rick McGowanPost PRI for D-UTR #49, to close July 25, 2011. (date updated)2011-07-13DonePRI #200
126-A33Debbie AndersonWork with Barun Kumar Sahu on Bengali Om.2011-07-20DoneL2/11-275
126-A45Rick McGowanProduce a new Grantha chart and names list without the 7 Dravidian letters.2011-05-18DoneL2/11-200
126-A46Michel SuignardPrepare a draft proposal for encoding Wingdings, based on L2/11-052.2011-05-16DoneL2/11-149
126-A49Lorna PriestUpdate L2/11-033 and send to UTC and WG2. Send font to Michel.2011-05-16Done 
126-A55Ken WhistlerAdd SUBSCRIPT SOLIDUS to archive of non-approval notices.2011-05-25Done 
126-A58Rick McGowanContact Mike Ksar to update L2/10-474 with the correct L2 number and WG2 number in the WG2 register. (Both are incorrect.)2011-06-13DoneWG2 N3997
126-A72Michael EversonSend Elbasan font and LST file to Michel Suignard.2011-05-16Done 
126-A75Michael EversonSend the Nabataean font and LST file to Michel Suignard.2011-05-16Done 
126-A78Michael EversonSend the Linear A font and LST file to Michel Suignard.2011-05-16Done 
126-A79Lisa MooreAdd L2/11-059 and L2/10-327 to the agenda for the May UTC meeting.2011-05-16DoneAgenda
126-A80Ken WhistlerMove yogh (U+021C/U+021D) to be immediately before letter Z in the DUCET for UCA 6.1.2011-07-27DoneUCA 6.1
126-A81Ken WhistlerRequest Alain LaBonte put L2/10-078 (WG2 N3782) on the agenda for the next OWG-SORT meeting in Helsinki.2011-05-27Done 
126-A85Lorna PriestForward L2/10-442R to WG2.2011-05-16Done 
126-A121Debbie AndersonRequest authors to update L2/11-031 and forward to WG2.2011-05-16DoneWG2 N3998
126-A123Eric MullerProvide copies of ISO 9995-7 for UTC to review.2011-05-16Done 
126-A125Lisa MooreAdd agenda item on Discussion of the orientation of the symbols on the Phaistos Disc for May UTC meeting.2011-05-16DoneAgenda
126-A126Lisa MooreAdd Duployan to the May UTC agenda.2011-05-16DoneAgenda

From UTC #125 and L2 #222

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
125-A12Debbie AndersonGather more feedback from classicists on L2/10-358 and respond to Karl Pentzlin, including comments from UTC discussion. (Metrical symbols)2011-05-16DoneL2/11-128, WG2 N4047
125-A23Michael EversonProvide font for 3 new candrabindus to Michel.2011-05-16Done 
125-A33Mark DavisUpdate PropList.txt for Unicode 6.1, to give the ODICP property to 17B4 and 17B5.2011-07-25DoneUCD 6.1
125-A34Mark DavisUpdate segmental properties for 17B4 and 17B5. Grapheme Break: Control -> Extend. Word Break: Format -> Extend. Sentence Break: Format -> Extend. See 125-C12.2011-07-25DoneUCD 6.1
125-A35Ken WhistlerChange the collation weights for 17B4 and 17B5 from primary weight to completely ignorable in DUCET for UCA 6.1.2011-07-27DoneUCA 6.1
125-A36Ken WhistlerPrepare a background document as input for ballot comments on the next edition of ISO 14651, reflecting the change of collation weights for 17B4 and 17B5.2011-05-27Done 
125-A47Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of UAX #29 (to clarify that the property file data lists are normative) and post as a proposed update for Unicode 6.1.2011-07-25DoneUAX #29
125-A52Ken WhistlerUpdate the DUCET table with the change of primary wieght for U+1680 OGHAM SPACE MARK, for the next version of UCA. (6.1)2011-07-27DoneUCA 6.1
125-A53Peter ConstableRelay the release plans for Unicode 6.1 to WG2 in the next liaison report. See 125-C18.2011-06-13DoneWG2 N4096
125-A57Michael EversonProvide information on collation for the seven new Myanmar Extended-B characters.2011-05-16DoneL2/11-130
125-A72John JenkinsUpdate UTR #45 with new U sources for CJK characters without sources. (Needed for Unicode 6.1.)2011-07-26DoneUTR #45
125-A77Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDraft a proposed update for UAX #29 for Unicode 6.1. (to clarify the status of legacy grapheme clusters and provide additional Thai examples)2011-07-25DoneUAX #29
125-A78Rick McGowanPost the PRI for UAX #29 proposed update, to close October 31, 2011.2011-07-20DonePRI #193
125-A90Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeReview feedback from Ernest van den Boogaard on UAX #9 and see if anything needs updating in the summary. If so, fix that and corresponding other places in standard.2011-07-25DoneUAX #9
125-A95Mark DavisWrite up a proposal based on Andy Heninger's feedback on UTS #18. (Re definition of [:word:])2011-05-16DoneUTS #18, L2/11-142
125-A96Mark DavisAdd Mandaic to list of scripts for Arabic tatweel in ScriptExtensions.txt.2011-07-25DoneUCD 6.1
125-A97Michel SuignardFix glyph of 06FF to use knotted heh base from 06BE. (done by Michael Everson)2011-05-16Donecharts
125-A98Mark DavisReview the error report from Asmus Freytag on "@missing" directive in CaseFolding.txt, for UCD 6.1.2011-07-25DoneUCD 6.1
125-A104Eric MullerGet a copy of ISO 9995-7 and Amd 1 and add to the L2/UTC document register.2011-05-16ClosedSuperseded by 126-A123

From UTC #124 and L2 #221

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
124-A21Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare text for a PRI about sorting U+20A8 RUPEE SIGN and U+FDFC RIAL SIGN. (Mooted by 127-C13.)2011-06-29ClosedMoot
124-A22Rick McGowanPost PRI on sorting 20A8 and FDFC.2011-06-29ClosedMoot
124-A98Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUse information in L2/10-268 for case annotation updates once A7AA is encoded in the standard. For Unicode 6.1.2011-06-29DoneNames list
124-A103Ken WhistlerInclude appropriate Arabic shaping information for Arabic characters in L2/10-288R. (for Unicode 6.1)2011-07-25DoneUCD 6.1

From UTC #123 and L2 #220

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
123-A4Ken LundeCreate a WD for UTS #37 that incorporates consensus 123-C12. (Owner updated from Eric Muller to Ken Lunde.)2011-05-27DoneUTS #37
123-A5John JenkinsSubmit the proposed set of registration sequences from 109-A040 to IRG as FYI. See China's participation in extending the registration. (for November IRG)2011-05-16Done 
123-A61Ken Lunde, Editorial CommitteeCreate a proposed update for UTS #37. (owner updated from Eric Muller)2011-05-27DoneUTS #37
123-A62Rick McGowanPost proposed update UTS #37 as a PRI, to close July 25, 2011. (updated from August, 2010)2011-05-27DonePRI #184

From UTC #122 and L2 #219

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
122-A68Mark DavisUpdate the Script property of U+0970 to Devanagari. For Unicode 6.1.2011-07-25DoneUCD 6.1
122-A73Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd annotation of 0AF1 indicating the preferred spelling for the Rupee sign, in a future version of the standard. (for Unicode 6.1) 122-C25.2011-06-29DoneNames list

From UTC #120 and L2 #217

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
120-A27Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd a caution about the use of the Age property in UTS #18.2011-05-20DoneUTS #18