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From UTC #128 and L2 #225

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
128-A1Mark DavisUpdate the derived bidi class to reflect the change of U+08A0..U+08FF and U+1EE00..U+1EEFF to "AL". Update the associated derived bidi text.2011-08-23DoneUCD 6.1
128-A2Ken WhistlerUpdate documentation in UAX #44 to reflect the change of U+08A0..U+08FF and U+1EE00..U+1EEFF to "AL".2011-08-17DoneUAX #44
128-A3Ken WhistlerUpdate and post NameAliases.txt in the 6.1 beta.2011-08-17DoneUCD 6.1
128-A4Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeWrite the text for the PRI on NameAliases.txt, as in Consensus 128-C4.2011-08-26Done 
128-A5Rick McGowanPost the PRI on NameAliases.txt to close October 24, 2011.2011-08-31DonePRI #202
128-A6Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeReview Section 1 of L2/11-283 to see if the text of UAX #44 could be improved.2011-08-18DoneUAX #44
128-A7Mark DavisAsk the officers to establish a stability policy that the full compatibility and canonical decomposition of any single character cannot exceed eighteen characters.2011-08-18Done 
128-A8Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #10 based on Section 1 of document L2/11-310.2011-08-26DoneUTS #10
128-A9Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt for U+0F14, U+1360, and U+10102, U+00A7 and U+00B6 in Unicode 6.1.2011-08-17DoneUCD 6.1
128-A10Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd a mention of the property changes to the 5 characters U+0F14, U+1360, and U+10102, U+00A7 and U+00B6, to the 6.1 landing page.2011-08-18Done 
128-A11Ken WhistlerUpdate the DUCET for UCA 6.1 to make U+0F3E and U+0F3F ignorable.2011-08-17DoneUCA 6.1
128-A12Ken WhistlerMake the change of general category from "So" to "No" for the 8 characters U+3248..U+324F. The numeric type goes to "Numeric", and assign a numeric value for each.2011-08-17DoneUCD 6.1
128-A13Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeNote the change of general category for the 8 characters U+3248..U+324F on the 6.1 landing page.2011-08-18Done 
128-A14Mark DavisCommunicate with Patrik Faltstrom (IETF) the status of property changes in Unicode 6.1. The data are not final properties and there is one more meeting before being finalized.2011-09-01Done 
128-A16Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the Syriac section of the core spec with items 1-4 of L2/11-286.2011-08-23DoneUnicode 6.1 text
128-A17Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeMake the change for section 4 of L2/11-286 visible in the 6.1 beta.9/13/2011Done 
128-A18Rick McGowanExtend PRI #177 to Oct 24, 2011.2011-08-17DonePRI #177
128-A19Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #29 to include info from the preceding consensus 128C-10 re tailoring hyphen. See also L2/11-289.2011-08-26DoneUAX #29
128-A20Rick McGowanClose PRI #186 and use statement in above consensus 128-C10 for disposition.2011-08-17Done 
128-A21Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeChange UAX #29 to add "Cn" and "Cs" to "Control" Value in Table 2.2011-08-26DoneUAX #29
128-A22Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate by adding "Cn" and "Cs" to "Control" Value and re-generate GraphemeClusterBreak.txt, the test file, and the HTML file, for Unicode 6.1.2011-08-23DoneUCD 6.1
128-A23Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDelete the two sentences in UAX #29 mentioning Old Korean.2011-08-26DoneUAX #29
128-A24Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd new text explaining restrictions imposed by KS X 1026-1 and emphasize that Unicode text segmentation can be tailored to meet its requirements.2011-08-26DoneUAX #29
128-A25Rick McGowan, Magda Danish, Editorial CommitteeAdd KS X 1026-1 to references in UAX #41.9/13/2011DoneUAX #41
128-A26Rick McGowanRespond to Philippe Verdy to thank him for his feedback and explain UTC position.2011-08-22Done 
128-A27Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIn UAX #31, renumber the 5a 5b 5c tables to 5, 6, 7; add a migraton section; and update internal references to the table(s).2011-08-26DoneUAX #31
128-A28Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeCall out the change in the table numbering for UAX #31 in the 6.1 landing page.2011-08-18DoneUAX #31
128-A29Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #44 based on the consensus on L2/11-282. For Unicode 6.1.2011-08-17DoneUAX #44
128-A30Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to UAX #29 clarifying the relations between Grapheme_Base, Grapheme_Extend and Grapheme_Cluster_Break. For Unicode 6.1.2011-08-26DoneUAX #29
128-A31Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeResolve the discrepencies between D60 and D61 of Chapter 3, and the grapheme cluster types in UAX #29. (Updated to refer to text in Chapter 3 as target.)2011-09-28DoneUnicode 6.1 text
128-A32Rick McGowanRespond to Yevstifeyev re L2/11-231 Manat sign.2011-08-22Done 
128-A33Rick McGowanRespond to Karl Pentzlin re L2/11-232R.2011-08-17Done 
128-A36Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 23 playing card characters: U+1F0BF, and U+1F0E0..U+1F0F52011-08-17DonePipeline
128-A39Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for Psalter Pahlavi.2011-08-17DonePipeline
128-A42Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline with 504 symbols for Wingdings and Webdings from proposal L2/11-247. See also L2/11-316.2011-08-17DonePipeline
128-A43Rick McGowanClose PRI #179. (Fold any remaining issue into PRI #182.)2011-08-17Done 
128-A45Rick McGowanExtend the PRI #182 to close October 24, 2011.2011-08-17DonePRI #182
128-A46Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteePrepare and issue a Unicode 6.1 beta.2011-09-20Done 
128-A47Rick McGowanPost a 6.1 beta PRI to close October 24, 2011.2011-09-20DonePRI #206
128-A49Mark DavisAdd 2071, 207F, 2095..209C to Other_Lowercase in PropList.txt for Unicode 6.1.2011-08-19DoneUCD 6.1
128-A50Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to UAX #24 explaining the script properties given to "TM", "SM" (2120, 2122) and similar script anomalies for symbols.2011-09-02DoneUAX #24
128-A52Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd a text to UAX #44 section 5.7.1 discussing the apparently anomalous situations of the characters in L2/11-319, for Unicode 6.1.2011-08-17DoneUAX #44
128-A53Rick McGowanRespond to Karl Pentzlin re L2/11-288.2011-08-17Done 
128-A55Mark DavisUpdate PRI #185 to establish the context for the problem and incorporate feedback received.2011-09-28DonePRI #185
128-A56Rick McGowanExtend PRI #185 to October 24, 2011.2011-08-17DonePRI #185
128-A58Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeDraft PRI document for ALM and ELM.2011-09-02Done 
128-A59Rick McGowanPost the PRI on ALM and ELM to close October 24, 2011.2011-09-02DonePRI #205
128-A60Rick McGowanRespond to Nobuyoshi Mori re PRI #184 feedback.2011-08-22Done 
128-A61Ken Lunde, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #37 and post as approved.2011-08-18DoneUTS #37
128-A62Rick McGowanClose PRI #184 with disposition "UTS will be updated and published".2011-08-17Done 
128-A63Ken LundeRespond to authors of the feedback.2011-08-17Done 
128-A64Rick McGowanProduce a PDF version of the final UTS #37 as published and forward to SC2 and WG2, for their information.2011-08-23DoneUTS #37
128-A66John Jenkins, Michel Suignard, Editorial CommitteePrepare the final document for UTR #45 with updates to the data files.2011-10-06DoneUTR #45
128-A67Rick McGowanClose PRI #201. UTR will be updated and posted.2011-08-17Done 
128-A68Rick McGowanRespond to the author of L2/11-304.2011-08-22Done 
128-A69Ken WhistlerRemove the word "lowercase" from the definition of LCTAG in NamesList.html for Unicode 6.1.2011-08-17DoneUCD 6.1
128-A70Rick McGowanRespond to Ran Ari-Gur on his comment about "noBreak", per above consensus 128-C22.2011-08-22Done 
128-A71Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 82 Grantha characters at U+11301 - U+11374 .2011-08-17DonePipeline
128-A74Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+1135D Grantha Sign Pluta.2011-08-17DonePipeline
128-A76Rick McGowanWork with authors of Grantha proposals to assure they are forwarded to WG2.2011-08-23DoneWG2 N4135, WG2 N 4136
128-A77Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+1CF8 Vedic Tone Ring Above and U+1CF9 Vedic Tone Double Ring Above.2011-08-17DonePipeline
128-A82Deborah AndersonAdd names for six Pau Cin Hau U+11AC5, U+11ACA, U+11AE7, U+11AEA, U+11AF0, U+11AF1, based on document L2 11/287 to ballot comments on Amd 1.2.2011-09-23Doneballot comments
128-A83Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to indicate name changes for 6 Pau Cin Hau letters based on document L2/11-287.2011-08-17DonePipeline
128-A84Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 39 Mahajani characters.2011-08-17DonePipeline
128-A86Anshuman PandeySend Mahajani font to Michel Suignard.2011-10-21Done 
128-A87Deborah AndersonRelay feedback to Anshuman Pandey on Siyaq number proposals and get revised proposals for the November meeting, including code point updates.2011-10-21Done 
128-A89Deborah AndersonAdd a ballot comment to PDAM 1.2 asking to remove the U+A78F LATIN LETTER MIDDLE DOT.2011-09-23Doneballot comments
128-A90Deborah AndersonAdd to ballot comments the need to correct the name for U+1F545 to SYMBOL FOR MARKS CHAPTER.2011-09-23Doneballot comments
128-A93Deborah AndersonAdd to ballot comments on Amd 1.2 to correct the names of U+FE29 and U+FE2A.2011-09-23Doneballot comments
128-A94Deborah AndersonAdd a ballot comment on PDAM 1.2 requesting the addition of U+1032F OLD ITALIC LETTER TTE.2011-09-23Doneballot comments
128-A96Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline based on the decisions made on the WG2 consent docket.2011-08-17DonePipeline
128-A97Rick McGowanLook for document from Spanish government on Catalan use of middle dot.2011-08-23Done 
128-A98Rick McGowanRespond to Keith Fenske re his feedback in L2/11-289 on UAX #38.2011-08-22Done 
128-A99Rick McGowanRespond to Philippe Verdy re UTR #49 that there will be some clarification added to the text.2011-08-22Done 
128-A100Rick McGowanRespond to Andrew West re his feedback on UTR #49. 2011-08-22Done 
128-A101Mark DavisPropose text on ideograph, ideogram, logograph, and logogram explaining the reason for the four terms.2011-09-28Done 
128-A102Rick McGowanRespond to 2 feedback items from A.R.Amaithi Anantham and Tamil Virtual Academy re UTR #49.2011-08-22Done 
128-A103Rick McGowanRespond to Behdad Esfahbod re UTR #49.2011-08-22Done 
128-A104Rick McGowanRespond to Bob Hallissy re UTR #49.2011-08-22Done 
128-A105Rick McGowanRespond to Behnam Esfahbod re UTR #49.2011-08-22Done 
128-A106Rick McGowanRespond to Doug Ewell re UTR #49.2011-08-22Done 
128-A107Rick McGowanRespond to Martin Hosken re UTR #49.2011-08-22Done 
128-A108Rick McGowanRespond to John Cowan re feedback on Tarot in L2/11-289.2011-08-22Done 
128-A109Rick McGowanRespond to Elika Etemad on her feedback re ScriptExtensions.txt.2011-08-22Done 
128-A110Deborah Anderson, Mark DavisIncorporate Script Extensions data for North Indic fractions and Aegean numbers, for Unicode 6.1.2011-08-22Done 
128-A111Rick McGowanRespond to "Elena" re right Russian quotation mark.2011-08-22Done 
128-A112Rick McGowanRespond to John Cowan re feedback on svara.2011-08-23Done 
128-A113Mark DavisLook at text in Other Reports on UTS #10 from Sergiusz Wolicki re soft hyphen and make changes in the proposed update UTS #10.2011-08-26DoneUTS #10
128-A114Rick McGowanRespond to Sergiusz Wolicki re UTS #10 feedback.2011-08-23Done 
128-A115Mark DavisLook into UTS #10 section 6.3.1 and remove the section 6.3.1 if no longer applicable.2011-08-26DoneUTS #10
128-A116Rick McGowanRespond to Henning Makholm re UTS #10 section 6.3.1 and collation order.2011-08-23Done 
128-A117Mark DavisLook at the proposed collation for A/S U+214D AKTIESELSKAB in L2/11-289; ask the CLDR list.2011-08-17DoneUCA 6.1
128-A120Rick McGowanRespond to Philippe Verdy on MathClass12.txt.2011-08-23Done 
128-A121Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for U+0528, U+0529.2011-08-17DonePipeline
128-A124Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text in chapter 15 on playing cards in accordance with the above consensus 128-C40, for Unicode 6.1.2011-09-27DoneUnicode 6.1 text
128-A126Ken WhistlerChange the sort order of U+214D AKTIESELSKAB so that it sorts equivalent to the sequence "A/S", for UCA 6.1.2011-08-17DoneUCA 6.1
128-A128Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeProcess the withdrawal of UTR #49.2011-08-19Done 
128-A129Rick McGowanClose PRI #200 with status that the draft UTR has been withdrawn.2011-08-17Done 
128-A130Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake changes in the form and contents of PRI #185 based on discussion to widen the public discussion of the PRI.2011-09-27DonePRI #185
128-A131Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeCreate Proposed Draft UTR #50.2011-10-06DoneUTR #50
128-A132Rick McGowanPost a PRI for Proposed Draft UTR #50 to close October 24, 2011.2011-10-06DonePRI #207
128-A133Rick McGowanCreate a sub-forum for discussion of Proposed Draft UTR #50 with Eric as moderator.2011-10-06Done 
128-A134Rick McGowanExtend all of the UAX PRIs to Oct 24, 2011.2011-08-17Done 

From UTC #127 and L2 #224

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
127-A2Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteePost a glyph erratum for U+2D7F.2011-07-27Done 
127-A16Peter EdbergAsk the CLDR-TC to consider L2/11-114, come up with any changes for UAX #29, and submit a document to UTC for the August, 2011 meeting. (Done instead via the proposed update for UAX #29.)2011-08-31DoneUAX #29
127-A23Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeDraft text for a PRI on kinsoku issues, based on section 6 of L2/11-141R. (Text added to proposed update of UAX #29, instead.)2011-08-26ClosedUAX #29
127-A24Rick McGowanPost the PRI on kinsoku issues, to close July 25, 2011.2011-08-26Closed 
127-A59Ken LundeWork with Japan NB representatives regarding not creating duplicate IVS registrations for the 89 compatibility characters listed in L2/11-189.2011-08-08Done 
127-A60Lisa MoorePut B.14.3 Preserving Variant Glyphs on the agenda for the next UTC meeting.2011-07-28DoneAgenda
127-A61Ken Whistler, Mark DavisUpdate DUCET for UCA 6.1 (re changes for CLDR handling of punctuation and symbols).2011-08-08DoneUCA 6.1
127-A62Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #10 for UCA 6.1 (re changes for CLDR handling of punctuation and symbols).2011-08-26DoneUTS #10
127-A63Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the collation/ducet-changes.html page, to improve discussion per item #4 of L2/11-176R2.2011-09-30Done 
127-A72John JenkinsSend L2/11-109 to WG2, FYI.2011-08-08Done 
127-A73John JenkinsUpdate UAX #38 to say that the first field of the kRSUnicode entries mirrors the radical-stroke data from 10646.2011-08-26DoneUAX #38
127-A74John JenkinsVerify that the first field of the kRSUnicode entries does in fact mirror the radical-stroke data from 10646. 2011-08-08Done 
127-A77Mark DavisEngage Tom Christiansen and other Perl community members to see how they address multi-character transform issues.2011-09-01DoneUTS #18
127-A82Lisa MooreAdd L2/11-142 and L2/11-154 to the agenda for the August UTC meeting.2011-07-28Done 

From UTC #126 and L2 #223

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
126-A1John JenkinsProvide U Sources for compatibility and unified CJK characters without sources to Michel Suignard for Unicode 6.1.2011-08-08Done 
126-A6Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeModify the explanatory text for D143 as given in L2/11-044 for Unicode 6.1.2011-07-29DoneUnicode 6.1 text
126-A8John JenkinsUpdate the Unihan database with relevant information on kMandarin and kTotalStrokes, for Unicode 6.1.2011-08-08DoneUnihan 6.1
126-A9John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of UAX #38 to document redefined kMandarin and kTotalStrokes fields for Unicode 6.1. Include examples of problematical cases.2011-10-06DoneUAX #38
126-A16John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeDocument in UAX #38 that the intent for the 1st field value in kRSUnicode to be identical with CJKU_SR value. For Unicode 6.1.2011-08-26DoneUAX #38
126-A17John JenkinsCorrect the kRSUnicode values for U+2305A and U+2AAA9 in Unihan 6.1.2011-08-08DoneUnihan 6.1
126-A19Ken WhistlerReview L2/10-452 for small fixes that can be made to the text of UTR #49.2011-08-19ClosedUTR #49
126-A26Mark DavisEnsure that the column documentation in IDNATest.txt is correct.2011-09-13DoneUTS #46
126-A28Mark DavisChange format of IDNATest.txt per UTC decisions.2011-08-31DoneUTS #46
126-A29Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate text of UTS #46 regarding description of IDNATest.txt.2011-09-13DoneUTS #46
126-A37John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeReview feedback from Brett Zamir and Robert Siemer in L2/11-023, and correct the text for the next update of UAX #38.2011-08-26DoneUAX #38
126-A41Eric MullerFix UAX #42 copy paste error in next update of UAX #42. For Unicode 6.1.2011-08-08DoneUAX #42
126-A54Peter EdbergDrive the development of a unified proposal (on ALM or ELM), suitable for public review, and coordinate contributions from Murray Sargent, Mark Davis, Mati Allouche, and Mohamed Mohie, for the May, 2011 UTC meeting.2011-08-08Closed 
126-A80Ken WhistlerMove yogh (U+021C/U+021D) to be immediately before letter Z in the DUCET for UCA 6.1.2011-07-27DoneUCA 6.1
126-A82Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeProvide appropriate documentation regarding decomposition decisions involving Arabic letters with hamza-shaped diacritics.2011-10-12DoneUnicode 6.1 text
126-A87Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUse L2/11-069 and L2/11-071, as augmented by discussion, to update the description of Arabic diacritic marks in a future version of the standard. 6.1.2011-10-11DoneUnicode 6.1 text
126-A100Debbie Anderson, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Vedic documentation based on information in L2/11-007, for Unicode 6.1.2011-09-20DoneUnicode 6.1 text.
126-A110Debbie Anderson, Editorial CommitteeWork with text of Section 1 of L2/10-471 to come up with additional text for the standard. For Unicode 6.1.2011-09-20DoneUnicode 6.1 text.

From UTC #125 and L2 #222

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
125-A20Andrew GlassCreate an alternate proposal for the representation of Brahmi numbers.2011-10-24DoneL2/11-357
125-A35Ken WhistlerChange the collation weights for 17B4 and 17B5 from primary weight to completely ignorable in DUCET for UCA 6.1.2011-07-27DoneUCA 6.1
125-A49Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeDocument the derivation of the 4th weight in the DUCET file, in UTS #10. Post a proposed update.2011-09-21DoneUTS #10
125-A50Ken WhistlerRemove the "QQK" etc. comments from allkeys.txt data file for DUCET.2011-07-28DoneUCA 6.1
125-A52Ken WhistlerUpdate the DUCET table with the change of primary wieght for U+1680 OGHAM SPACE MARK, for the next version of UCA. (6.1)2011-07-27DoneUCA 6.1
125-A87Mark DavisReview Steffen Kamp's feedback on UTS #46 in L2/10-427.2011-09-13DoneUTS #46

From UTC #124 and L2 #221

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
124-A11Mark Davis, John JenkinsGather a list of recommended sample characters, one per script, for use in contexts like the last resort font.2011-08-08DoneL2/11-279
124-A20Peter EdbergDraft proposed text to add to UTS #10, after 6.0, based on L2/10-210 as modified in the meeting. (for Unicode 6.1)2011-08-31DoneUTS #10
124-A46Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeFind a better way to document significant migration issues for UTSes in their next revisions. (See esp. UTS #18, UTS #46.) (Template for this created in UAX #31.)2011-09-01DoneUAX #31

From UTC #121 and L2 #218

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
121-A43Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeDocument the implications of the two new math operators U+27CB and U+27CD in a future version of the standard. (for Unicode 6.1)2011-10-11DoneUnicode 6.1 text
121-A91Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd documentation about CollationTest.html and a section about other new UCA verification files to the proposed update for UTS #10. (See 121-C36, 121-C37.)2011-09-27DoneUTS #10 6.1

From UTC #117 and L2 #214

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
117-A43Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Section 3.12 of TUS for Korean (for Unicode 6.1)2011-09-20DoneUnicode 6.1 text
117-A44Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeInclude an update on Korean in the rewrite of UAX #15 for Unicode 6.1.2011-09-28DoneUAX #15
117-A45Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate information on Korean for UTS #10 for Unicode 6.1.2011-09-21DoneUTS #10

From UTC #114 and L2 #211

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
114-A55Addison Phillips, Editorial CommitteeClarify the uppercase, lowercase and titlecase issues in an FAQ. (Updated owner from Mark Davis and Peter Edberg to Addison Phillips.)2011-09-20DoneFAQ