From: Craig Cummings
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2012 4:30 PM
To: l2@unicode.org
Subject: Accelerated Letter Ballot to Recommend INCITS EB on ISO/IEC FDIS 10646 (3rd Ed.), Information technology - Universal Coded Character Set (UCS)

Dear INCTS/L2 Members:


This accelerated letter ballot is to respond with a vote and recommendation to the INCITS Executive Board regarding ISO/IEC FDIS 10646  (3rd Edition), Information technology - Universal Coded Character Set (UCS). Use this link to view associated documents:

International Tickler Item on: ISO/IEC FDIS 10646 - For INCITS EB Letter Ballot

Note that the download of the 3rd Edition is very large ~120MB+. Also note that your ICMS username and password you received just before our February meeting should work to access these. The link in the February mail may have since expired, but your username and password are still valid.


The ballot closes on March 14, 2012. Please send your vote to both Lisa and me before March 13 – earlier, if possible.


The proposal is to recommend to INCITS EB to approve.




Craig Cummings,

INCITS/L2 Chair.