Pre-Preliminary Motions of the UTC 131 / L2 228 Joint Meeting
San Jose, CA -- May 7-11, 2012
Hosted by Adobe

UTC #131 Agenda
Revision date: May 21, 2012

[131-C1] Consensus: Approve the minutes of UTC 130, L2/12-007R.

[131-C2] Consensus: Approve the update of UTR #36.

[131-M1] Motion: Approve the update to UTS #39.

Moved by Mark Davis, Seconded by Rick McGowan
6 for (Apple, Google, IBM, Adobe, Rearden, UCB)
0 against
1 abstain (SAP)
Motion carries.

[131-C3] Consensus: The UTC thanks the chairs of the Bidi, East Asian, South Asian, Security, and Symbols subcommittees for all of their successful hard work, and resolves to continue the work of these committees by incorporating it into the ongoing work of the UTC plenary meetings.

[131-C4] Consensus: Confirm that kMandarin and kTotalStrokes, or any other normative or informative character property, can only be changed in a particular version of Unicode with explicit approval by the UTC for each of the characters.

[131-C5] Consensus: Adopt option "C" from L2/12-178. A release for Turkish Lira Sept 2012; optional 6.2.1 with data and UAXes mid 2013; Jan 2014 Uni 7.0 with amendments 1 and 2 (Wingdings/Webdings).

[131-M2] Motion: Change the linebreak class of U+2E3A two-em-dash to "AL" in the next version of the standard.

Moved by Mark Davis, seconded by Steven Loomis
6 for (Google, Apple, IBM, Yahoo, Rearden, MS)
0 against ()
3 abstain (SAP, Adobe, UCB)
Motion carries.

[131-C6] Consensus: Accept U+20BA Turkish Lira Sign, with properties as given in L2/12-117 and glyph as in L2/12-132, for encoding in a future version of the standard in Unicode 6.2.

[131-C7] Consensus: Accept 84 Warang Citi characters at U+118A0 - U+118FF with block "Warang Citi" U+118A0 - U+118FF, with names and properties as given in L2/12-118, for encoding in a future version of the standard.

[131-C8] Consensus: Accept 43 Old Permic characters at U+10350 - U+1037A, with block "Old Permic" U+10350 - U+1037F, with names, glyphs, properties as documented in L2/12-137, for encoding in a future version of the standard.

[131-C9] Consensus: Fix the UCA problems raised in document L2/12-107.

[131-C10] Consensus: Adopt the recommendation for requiring prefix contractions as in document L2/12-131R, with a change to 2A that it only applies to contractions ending with a non-starter. For Unicode version 6.2.

[131-C11] Consensus: Make the Script_Extensions property informative in version 6.2.

[131-C12] Consensus: Change the script property of U+065F to "Arabic".

[131-C13] Consensus: Accept U+08B2 Arabic Letter Zain with Inverted V Above, with properties as given in L2/12-181, for encoding in a future version of the standard.

[131-C14] Consensus: Make the current and future contents of the UTC document registry publicly accessible.

[131-C15] Consensus: Approve Proposed Update UTS #18 for publication, based on discussion and feedback in the meeting.

[131-C16] Consensus: Add rules to proposed updates of UAX #29 and possibly UAX #14, to prevent breaking of strings "regional indicator ZWJ regional indicator". Explain in a review note the reasons for doing this and solicit feedback.

[131-C17] Consensus: Issue a PRI based on L2/12-141R.

[131-C18] Consensus: Forward the request to the officers to adopt L2/12-109R (policy re decomposition of combining marks) as a stability policy.

[131-M3] Motion: Prepare and post a PRI on the issues raised in L2/12-146.

Moved by Mark Davis (Google), Peter Edberg (Apple)
5 for (Apple, Google IBM, Adobe, UCB)
2 against (Rearden, SAP)
2 abstain (Yahoo, MS)
Motion carries.

[131-C19] Consensus: Accept U+111CD Sharada Sutra Mark, with properties as specified in L2/12-171, for encoding in a future version of the standard.

[131-C20] Consensus: Approve a formal name alias for U+0709 to: "SYRIAC SUBLINEAR COLON SKEWED LEFT", for Unicode 6.2.

[131-C21] Consensus: Accept the "Adjustment of Repertoire Related to Wingdings" documented in section A of L2/12-134.

[131-C22] Consensus: Accept two new characters and move U+FE2B COMBINING CONJOINING MACRON BELOW to codepoint U+2E2D as follows:


[131-C23] Consensus: Accept the 98 additional webdings and other symbols as recommended in L2/12-134 Section C and documented in L2/12-129.

[131-C24] Consensus: Accept 59 Caucasian Albanian characters (U+10530..1056F) with block "Caucasian Albanian" (U+10530..1056F), with code points, names, and glyphs as shown on p. 22 of 52 of the L2/12-129, for encoding in a future version of the standard.

[131-C25] Consensus: Accept 108 Pahawh Hmong characters U+16B00..U+16B77 (excluding the 18 clan logographs) with block "Pahawh Hmong" U+16B00..U+16B8F, with code points, names, and glyphs as show in L2/12-129.

[131-C26] Consensus: Put the external link sign on the page of rejected proposals page (notice of non-approvals).

[131-C27] Consensus: Make UTR #45 a UAX in Unicode 6.2.

[131-C28] Consensus: Accept the 1002 standardized variation sequences as defined in the document L2/12-197, with the understanding that this can be modified in consultation with WG2, for Unicode 6.2.1.

[131-C29] Consensus: Change the East Asian Width of characters 11A3..11A7, 11FA..11FF, D7B0..D7FB from "W" to "N", for Unicode 6.2.

[131-C30] Consensus: Change the numeric values for 1240F..12414 to 40 through 90, for Unicode 6.2.

[131-C31] Consensus: Move most of Table 14 into LDML (UTS #35) except for Strength, Alternate, Backwards, and Normalization, and others as decided upon by the Editorial Committee.

[131-M4] Motion: Create a public review issue based on L2/12-173R as amended in discussion.

Moved by Peter Constable, Seconded by Peter Edberg
7 for (Google, Apple, IBM, Rearden, UCB, Microsoft, Yahoo)
0 against ()
2 abstain (Adobe, SAP)
Motion carries.

[131-C32] Consensus: Change PropertyValueAliases.txt to move BMG to miscellaneous properties. Change BidiMirroring.txt to remove the note about inconsistency. Change the value in Table 9 of UAX #44 from "S" to "M" for the second column for Bidi_Mirroring_Glyph. For Unicode 6.2.

[131-C33] Consensus: Create a PRI based on L2/12-198 on line break issues with Emoji as amended in discussion.

[131-C34] Consensus: Authorize Unicode 6.2.Beta.

[131-C35] Consensus: Approve L2/12-200 on the encoding of the "Newar" script.