Source: Mark Davis
Date: April 27, 2012
Subject: External Link Sign

Eric noticed that we dropped the ball on the EXTERNAL LINK SIGN, because the symbols subcommittee has been folded back into the UTC proper. So we need to take it back up in the next meeting.

November 2006:

Scripts - External Link Sign (C.8)

[109-C26] Consensus: Create a public review issue for the proposal to encode an "external link sign". [L2/06-268]

[109-A54] Action Item for Rick McGowan: Post the public review issue about encoding an "external link sign", to close January 30, 2007. See consensus 109-C26[L2/06-268]

February 2007

Public Review Issue 101 - External Link Sign (B.11.7)

[110-A36] Action Item for Rick McGowan: Extend Public Review Issue #101on external link sign to May 8, 2007. [L2/07-046]

May 2007

Public Review Issue 101 - External Link Sign (B.11.3)

[111-A40] Action Item for Markus, Symbols Subcommittee: Put the proposal to encode an external link sign on the the Symbols Subcommittee agenda. [L2/07-046]

[111-A41] Action Item for Rick McGowan: Close Public Review Issue #101 on the external link sign with the resolution that the issue will be taken up by the symbols subcommittee to make recommendations in the context of their discussion of other symbols.