Moving text from UTS #10 to LDML

Source: Mark Davis
Date: April 27, 2012
Subject: Moving text from UTS #10 to LDML

In UTS #10, we have section 5.1 Parametric Tailoring ( Most of this is simply a restatement of what is in LDML. There is no value to having a separate table; it just opens more opportunities for getting out of sync. I propose that the UTC and CLDR committees:
  1. Make sure that all of the parameter values are clearly defined in LDML in a numbered table.
  2. Replace the text of UCA Section 5.1 by the statement that "The standard parameter names (attributes) and their possible values are listed in Table XX "Collation Settings " of UTS #35, Unicode Locale Data Markup Language (LDML) [UTS35-params]."