UTC Meeting 132
Redmond, WA -- July 30- August 3, 2012
Hosted by Microsoft

Meeting Logistical Information
Last updated: August 3, 2012

UTC Plenary meeting times:
    Monday, July 30         10:30 am to 5:30 pm
Tuesday, July 31          9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Wednesday, August 1  9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Thursday, August 2      9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Friday, August 3          9:30 am to 3:00 pm

L2 Plenary meeting time:
    Friday, August 3          3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Call-in Information:
    Toll-Free (US & Canada): 866-500-6738
    Toll: 203-480-8000
    Participant Pass code: 741167

Scheduled activities:

Agenda Item


Day and Time (PDT)

Call-in Information
B.3 IRG, B.11.3 UAX#11, B.15 CJK
Lunde, Jenkins
Monday, 2 pm
see above
Bidi topics
Davis, et. al.
see above
D.2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10
Wednesday, 9:30 am
see above
B.14 Properties, B.11.21 6.2 Property topics
Davis, et. al.
Wednesday, 2 pm
see above
B.11.14 UTS#10 UCA Davis, Whistler
Thursday, 9:30 am
see above

Ad  Hoc Meetings:

Ad Hoc Subject Person Day and Time (PST) Location Call-in Information
B.11.1 UTR#50
Ishii, et. al.
Thursday, 1 pm
Meeting room
see above

Related meetings:



Day and Time (PST)

Davis, Edberg, et al
Wednesday, 8 to 9:30 am

Unicode Officers
Davis, et.al.
Tuesday, lunch

TC Procedures posted at: http://www.unicode.org/consortium/tc-procedures.html

A. Administrative Issues

A.1 UTC membership roll call
  A.1.1 Call for proxies
  A.1.2 Roll call


A.3 Registration of new documents

A.4 Approval of meeting agenda [L2/12-238]
  Latest version of this document

A.5 Minutes and action items
  A.5.1 Review of minutes
    A.5.1.1 UTC Meeting 131 [L2/12-112R]
  A.5.2  Action Items
    A.5.2.1 Review of open action items [L2/SD2]
    A.5.2.2 Recently closed action items [L2/12-247]

  Minutes publicly posted at http://www.unicode.org/unicode/consortium/utc-minutes.html

A.6 Calendar review
  UTC 133 November 5-9, 2012, Cupertino, host Apple, Annual Members Mtg
  UTC 134 January 28 - February 1, 2013, San Jose, host IBM
  UTC 135 May 6-10, 2013, San Jose, host Adobe
  UTC 136 July 29 - August 2, Redmond, host Microsoft

  Calendar posted at http://www.unicode.org/unicode/timesens/calendar.html

A.7 Letter ballot review

A.8 Schedule ad hoc meetings

A.9 Membership update

B. Liaison Reports and Technical Topics

B.1  JTC1/SC2/WG2
  B.1.1 Meeting reports
    B.1.1.1 Convenor's report [Ksar]
    B.1.1.2 Liaison reports
      B. Unicode liaison report to WG2
      B. Unicode liaison report from WG2 [Constable]
      B. SC2 liaison report

      B. SEI liaison report to WG2 [Anderson]
    B.1.1.3 IR's meeting report [Anderson]
    B.1.1.4 Consent docket
  B.1.3 WG2 minutes, resolutions, reports
    B.1.3.1 Minutes of WG 2 meeting #59 [WG2]
  B.1.4 Amendments
    B.1.4.1 DAM1 of ISO/IEC 10646:2012
    B.1.4.2 PDAM2 of ISO/IEC 10646:2012
      B. Feedback on Old Hungarian [Jenő, L2/12-248]
  B.1.5 Review pipeline characters to ensure all new characters are in ballot comments or a separate document [Whistler]
  B.1.6 Review of document requesting new additions [Anderson]

B.2 SC2/SC22/SC34/SC35/SC36/TC37/SC29/TC12
  B.2.1 Liaison reports
  B.2.2 JTC/SC documents
    B.2.2.1 SC2
      B. 10646
        B. Summary of Voting on SC2 N4228, ISO/IEC 10646: 2012/PDAM 2, Amendment 2 (SC2 N4233) [SC2, L2/12-275]
          B. Request to change the names of three Teuthonista characters under ballot [Irish NB, L2/12-269]
        B. Recommendation to INCITS EB regarding adoption of ISO/IEC 10646:2012 as an American National Standard
      B. 14651
    B.2.2.2 SC35
      B. WG5
        B. SC 35 N 1838 - For DCOR Ballot

  B.3.1 Liaison report [Lunde, L2/12-215]]
  B.3.2 US/Unicode activity report for IRG 38 [Lunde, L2/12-201]

  B.4.1 Liaison report [Ksar]

  B.5.1 Liaison report [McGowan]

B.6 W3C
  B.6.1 Liaison report [Davis]
  B.6.2 MathML liaison report [Sargent]

B.7 UC Berkeley Department of Linguistics - Script Encoding Initiative
  B.7.1 Liaison report [Anderson, L2/12-278]

  B.8.1 Liaison report

B.9 Unicode Locales Project (CLDR)
  B.9.1 Liaison report [Davis, Edberg]

B.10 Unicode Localization Interoperability (ULI)
  B.10.1 Liaison report [Lommel]

B.11 Public Review Issues
  B.11.1 Issue 207: Proposed Draft UTR #50, Unicode Propoerties for Vertical Text Layout
    B.11.1.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
    B.11.1.2 Document for review [Muller]
    B.11.1.3 Suggestions for future direction of UTR #50 [Pournader, L2/12-298R]
  B.11.2 Issue 210: Proposed Update UAX#9, Unicode Bidi Algorithm
    B.11.2.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
      B. A proposal for Bidi isolates in Unicode [Lanin, et.al., L2/12-186R]
        B. Task list for updating Unicode 6.2.1 to include bidi isolates and the BPA [Lanin, L2/12-294]  
    B.11.2.2 Document for review [Davis, L2/12-252]   
  B.11.3 Issue 211: Proposed Update UAX #11, East Asian Width
    B.11.3.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
   B.11.3.2 Document for review [Lunde, L2/12-253]
  B.11.4 Issue 212: Proposed Update UAX #14, Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm
    B.11.4.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
      B. Segmentation of Regional Indicator Symbols [Scherer, Heninger, L2/12-284R]
    B.11.4.2 Document for review [Heninger, L2/12-254]
  B.11.5 Issue 213: Proposed Update UAX #15, Unicode Normalization Forms
    B.11.5.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
   B.11.5.2 Document for review [Davis, L2/12-255]
  B.11.6 Issue 214: Proposed Update UAX #24, Unicode Script Property
    B.11.6.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
   B.11.6.2 Document for review [Davis, Whistler, , L2/12-256]
  B.11.7 Issue 215: Proposed Update UAX #29, Unicode Text Segmentation
    B.11.7.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
      B. Removing colons from default words (UAX #29) [Davis, L2/12-282]
      B. Handling fake Gershayim and Garesh in Hebrew words (UAX #29) [Davis, L2/12-283]
    B.11.7.2 Document for review [Davis, L2/12-257]
  B.11.8 Issue 216: Proposed Update UAX #31, Unicode Identifier and Pattern Syntax
    B.11.8.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
   B.11.8.2 Document for review [Davis, L2/12-258]
  B.11.9 Issue 217: Proposed Update UAX #34, Unicode Named Character Sequences
    B.11.9.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
   B.11.9.2 Document for review [Davis, L2/12-259]
  B.11.10 Issue 218: Proposed Update UAX #38, Unicode Han Database (Unihan)
    B.11.10.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
      B. Request UTC Approve Corrections to Informative Unihan Properties [Cook, Jenkins, L2/12-211]
    B.11.10.2 Document for review [Jenkins, Cook, Lunde, , L2/12-260]
  B.11.11 Issue 219: Proposed Update UAX #41, Common References for Unicode Standard Annexes
    B.11.11.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
   B.11.11.2 Document for review [McGowan, L2/12-261]
  B.11.12 Issue 220: Proposed Update UAX #42, Unicode Character Database in XML
    B.11.12.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
   B.11.12.2 Document for review [Muller, L2/12-262]
  B.11.13 Issue 221: Proposed Update UAX #44, Unicode Character Database
    B.11.13.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
   B.11.13.2 Document for review [Whistler, L2/12-263]
  B.11.14 Issue 222: Proposed Update UAX #45, U-Source Ideographs
    B.11.14.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
    B.11.14.2 Document for review [Jenkins, L2/12-264]
  B.11.15 Issue 223: Proposed Update UTS #10: Unicode Collation Algorithm
    B.11.15.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
      B. Collation Adjustments for DUCET [Wordingham, L2/12-204]
      B. Anomalous Level 4 Weights in Tables for UCA [Wordingham, L2/12-223]
      B. UCA constructs illformed 4th level weights [Scherer, L2/12-227]
      B. Suggested Changes to DUCET for UCA 6.2.1 [Whistler, et al, L2/12-230]  
      B. UCA 6.2 Proposed Changes [Davis, L2/12-246]
      B. UCA 6.2 Conformance Test change [Davis, L2/12-249]
      B. Review of the Specification of the Unicode Collation Algorithm [Wordingham, L2/12-250]
      B. UCA decomposition mappings  [Scherer]  
    B.11.15.2 Document for review [Davis, Whistler]
  B.11.16 Issue 224: Proposed Update UTS #46: Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing
    B.11.16.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
    B.11.16.2 Document for review [Davis, Whistler, L2/12-299]
  B.11.17 Issue 225: Use of Accented Pinyin for kHanyuPinlu in the Unihan database
    B.11.17.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
      B. PRI Feedback
    B.11.17.2 Document for review
  B.11.18 Issue 226: Deprecation of kCompatibilityVariant in the Unihan database
    B.11.18.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
      B. PRI Feedback
    B.11.18.2 Document for review
  B.11.19 Issue 227: Changes to Script_Extensions Property Values
    B.11.19.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
    B.11.19.2 Document for review
  B.11.20 Issue 228: Changing some common characters from Punctuation to Symbol
    B.11.20.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
    B.11.20.2 Document for review 
  B.11.21 Issue 229: Linebreaking changes for pictographic symbols
    B.11.21.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
      B. Modified inclusion set for PRI 229, pictographic symbol line break changes [Edberg, L2/12-300]
    B.11.21.2 Document for review 
  B.11.22 Issue 230: Unicode 6.2.0 Beta
    B.11.22.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
      B. Property Issues for Unicode 6.2 [Davis, L2/12-240]
    B.11.22.2 Document for review
  B.11.23 Issue 231: Bidi Parenthesis Algorithm
    B.11.23.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/12-248]
      B. Comments on bidi parentheses and other similar problems [Pournader, Esfahbod, L2/12-287]
      B. Solidus: an undocumented bidi incompatibilitySolidus [Pournader, Esfahbod, L2/12-288]   
    B.11.23.2 Document for review [Aldahleh, et.al., L2/12-173R2]
    B.11.23.3 Next steps for BPA [Glass, L2/12-301]
  B.11.24 Other feedback
    B.11.24.1 General feedback [L2/12-248]
      B. Storage order for decimal digits (gc="Nd") [Wordingham. L2/12-160]
B.12 Unicode Technical Reports, Standards, and Standard Annexes
B.13 Editorial Committee
  B.13.1 Errata
  B.13.2 Editorial Committee report [Whistler]
  B.13.3 Unicode 6.2
    B.13.3.1 Approve release of Unicode 6.2
    B.13.3.2 Format of names list
  B.13.4 Indic Scripts in Unicode [Muller, L2/12-289]

B.14 Properties
  B.14.1 Property Metadata [Davis, L2/12-074]
  B.14.2 Overridable Properties [Davis, L2/12-075]
  B.14.3 Proposal to Add Mongolian Letters to ArabicShaping.txt [Esfahbod, L2/12-202]
  B.14.4 Cuneiform Numeric Signs 
    B.14.4.1 Revert Cuneiform Numeric Changes for Unicode 6.2 [Whistler, L2/12-210]
    B.14.4.2 Collation and Correcting Errors in the Unicode Character Database [Wordingham, L2/12-268]
    B.14.4.3 Comments on L2/12-268 (Cuneiform) [Karlsson, L2/12-280]
  B.14.5 What to do about CCC133 [Davis, L2/12-286]

B.15 CJK
  B.15.1 Response to WG2 N4247 (Preserving round-trip integrity of CJK compatibility ideographs) [Davis, Lunde, L2/12-241]

B.16 UTC doc register [Whistler]

C. Scripts and Symbols

C.1 WG2-related
  C.1.1 Review of script documents requested by WG2
Proposal for encoding Meroitic numbers in the SMP (WG2 N4276) [SEI/Everson, L2/12-206]
C.3 Proposal for additions and corrections to Sumero-Akkadian Cuneiform (WG2 N4277) [SEI/Everson, L2/12-207]
C.4 Proposal for Early Dynastic Cuneiform (WG2 N4278) [SEI/Everson, L2/12-208]
C.5 Proposal to add Combining Up Tack Above (WG2 N4279) [Everson, Starner, L2/12-209]
C.6 Final proposal to encode Anatolian Hieroglyphs (WG2 N4282) [SEI/Everson, L2/12-213]
C.7 Hungarian
  C.7.1 Specifying request/proposal before encoding the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas in the UCS [Deák, L2/12-218]
   C.7.2 Rovas Working Group minutes June 2012 [Rumi, L2/12-219]
   C.7.3 Letter from Mandorla Public Education Association [Rumi, Rózsa, L2/12-220]
C.8 Revised proposal for encoding the Afáka script in the SMP (WG2 N4292) [Everson, L2/12-228]
C.9 Preliminary proposal for encoding the Bagam script in the SMP (WG2 N4293) [Everson, L2/12-229]
C.10 Proposal for one historic currency character, MARK SIGN [Evensen, Anderson, L2/12-242]
C.11 Preliminary proposal to encode the Mwangwego script (WG2 N4295) [SEI/Everson, L2/12-251]
C.12 Request for a decision on encoding model for Mende numbers [Anderson, L2/12-265]
  C.12.1 Proposal for Nine Mende Digit Characters [Anderson, L2/12-293]
C.13 Proposal for two phonetic characters [von Schneidemesser, L2/12-266]
C.14 Proposal for the addition of ten Latin characters to the UCS [Everson, et.al., L2/12-270]
C.15 Additional evidence of use of Pahawh Hmong clan logographs [SEI/Everson, L2/12-271]
C.16 Preliminary Proposal to encode Bodoni Ornament symbols [Pentzlin, L2/12-276]
C.17 Proposal for additional annotations for some modifier letters used for transliteration of Hebrew [Pentzlin, L2/12-065]
C.18 Proposal to encode Linguistic Doubt Marks [Schrage, Pentzlin, L2/11-373]
  C.18.1 Feedback [Cowan, L2/12-042]
C.19 Proposal to encode a symbol "Capitalized Commercial At: (WG2 N4257) [Pentzlin, L2/12-116]
C.20 Second revised proposal to encode four historic Latin letters for Sakha (Yakut) (WG2 N4213) [Pentzlin, L2/12-044R]
C.21 Proposal for four characters for Bidi [Lanin, et.al., L2/12-290]
C.22 Four new emoticons [Edberg, L2/12-296]

D. South Asian 

D.1 Review of Indic-related UTC documents
  D.1.1 Review of Indic-related documents and recommendations to the UTC [Anderson, et.al., L2/12-267]
  D.1.2 GOI Feedback on the various Indic related document submitted to UTC [Lata, L2/12-277]
D.2 Supporting Tulu language written in the Kannada script [Sharma, L2/12-203]
D.3 Preliminary Proposal to Encode the Rohingya Script [Pandey, L2/12-214]
D.4 Sharada
  D.4.1 Annotation for U+111C9 SHARADA EKAM in nameslist [Anderson, L2/12-216]
  D.4.2 Proposal to Reallocate Sharada EKAM [Pandey, L2/12-285]
  D.4.3 Annotation for 111C4 SHARADA OM [Sharma, L2/12-224]
  D.4.4 Proposal to Encode Signs for Writing Kashmiri in Sharada [Pandey, L2/12-124]
  D.4.5 Request for name change for U+111CD SHARADA SUTRA MARK [Pandey, L2/12-291]
D.5 Introducing the Coorgi-Cox alphabet [Pandey, L2/12-217]
D.6 Siddham
  D.6.1 Comments on naming the "Siddham" encoding [Rajan, Sharma, L2/12-221]
  D.6.2 Siddham [Pandey, L2/12-234R]
  D.6.3 Comments on the name of the "Siddham" script [Baums, Glass, L2/12-237]
  D.6.4 Recommendation against encoding ornamental punctuation marks for Siddham [Sharma, L2/12-274]
  D.6.5 Comments of support for the adoption of Proposal to Encode the Siddham Script [Eidson, et al, L2/12-279]
  D.6.6 Comments of support for the adoption of Proposal to Encode the Siddham Script [Yoritomi, L2/12-281]
D.7 Proposal to add the Ahom Script in the SMP [Hosken, Morey, L2/12-222]
D.8 Proposal to encode 0D5F MALAYALAM LETTER ARCHAIC II [Sharma, L2/12-225]
  D.8.1 Comments on Encoding "Duplicate" Indic Characters [Rajan, L2/12-233]
  D.8.2 Update on Brahmi and other Indic unification issues [Sharma, L2/12-236]
  D.8.3 Comment on archaic Malayalam glyph II encoding & Grantha writing of Dravidian languages [Ganesan, L2/12-273]
D.9 Proposal to add two characters for Brahmi [Sharma, L2/12-226]
  D.9.1 Comments on Encoding "Duplicate" Indic Characters [Rajan, L2/12-233]
  D.9.2 Update on Brahmi and other Indic unification issues [Sharma, L2/12-236]
D.10 Tamil
  D.10.1 Proposal to encode Tamil fractions and symbols [Sharma, L2/12-231]
    D.10.1.1 Comment on L2/12-231: Tamil symbols and fractions [Ganesan, L2/12-243]
  D.10.2 Regarding my Tamil fractions/symbols proposal [Sharma, L2/12-232]
D.11 Gondi [Pandey, L2/12-235]
D.12 Nepaalalipi/Newar
  D.12.1 On the encoding of the "Nepaalalipi" / "Newar" script (revised) [Whistler, L2/12-200]
  D.12.2 Response to L2/12-200 On the encoding of the "Nepaalalipi" / "Newar" script [Manandhar, L2/12-244]
  D.12.3 Ancillary materials on "breathy consonants" in "Nepaalalipi" [Manandhar, L2/12-245]
D.13 Proposal to encode the sign ANJI for Bengali (WG2 N4157) [Pandey, L2/12-121]
D.14 Proposal to change the glyph for Brahmi Lettr Lla (U+11034) [Glass, L2/12-292]

E. Miscellaneous


F. Close of Meeting

F.1 Thank our hosts