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From UTC #131 and L2 #228

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
131-A1Mark DavisCheck on the actual value used by PEP 383, whether it is DC or D8, and make appropriate updates to UTR #36.2012-07-17DoneUTR #36
131-A2Rick McGowanPut Shriramana's feedback (Telugu confusables) into the PRI #208 feedback.html doc and respond to Shriramana.2012-05-17DonePRI #208
131-A3Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and prepare UTR #36 for posting.2012-07-19DoneUTR #36
131-A3ARick McGowanPost final text of UTR #362012-07-23DoneUTR #36
131-A4Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and prepare UTS #39 for posting.2012-07-19DoneUTS #39
131-A4ARick McGowanPost final text of UTR #392012-07-23DoneUTS #39
131-A5Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the data files for UTS #39 to incorporate any remaining actions, review and make any necessary corrections.2012-07-23DoneUTS #39
131-A6Rick McGowanClose PRI #208.2012-05-18DonePRI #208
131-A6ARick McGowanClose PRI #209.2012-05-18DonePRI #209
131-A7Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeUpdate consortium/utc.html to remove subcommittees. Update any other member pages as needed for consitency.2012-05-22DoneWebsite
131-A8Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeUpdate members/index.html info about subcommittee mail lists2012-05-22DoneWebsite
131-A9Rick McGowanCommunicate 131-C4 to those responsible for the Unihan database.2012-06-04Done 
131-A11Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #44 to indicate aspects of the change control process for normative and informative properties.2012-05-18DoneUAX #44
131-A13Lorna Priest, Debbie AndersonCreate a document as an expert contribution to WG2 discussing the importance of containing Latin case pairs on teh BMP.2012-06-11DoneL2/12-205, WG2 N4280
131-A14Ken WhistlerChange linebreak for U+2E3A to "AL" for the next version of the standard.2012-05-17DoneUCD 6.2
131-A14aMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeHighlight the change to lb for U+2E3A during the beta review for 6.2.2012-05-21Done 
131-A15Rick McGowanRespond to Karl Pentzlin re lb change for U+2E3A.2012-05-18Done 
131-A16John Jenkins, Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate U-source glyph errata based on L2/12-1522012-07-19Done 
131-A17Ken WhistlerAdd U+20BA Turkish Lira Sign to pipeline.2012-05-17DonePipeline
131-A18Debbie AndersonAdd U+20BA Turkish Lira Sign to ballot comments on Amd 1.2012-06-19DoneBallot comments
131-A20Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeRespond to central bank of Turkey re Turkish Lira Sign. Ask them to forward proposal to WG2.2012-05-17Done 
131-A21Ken WhistlerAdd Warang Citi to pipeline.2012-05-17DonePipeline
131-A22Debbie AndersonAdd 84 Warang Citi characters to document requesting future additions.2012-06-19DoneWG2 N4275
131-A24Ken WhistlerAdd Old Permic to pipeline2012-05-17DonePipeline
131-A25Debbie AndersonAdd 43 Old Permic characters to document requesting future additions.2012-06-19DoneWG2 N4275
131-A26Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeMake text changes to UTS #10 for problems identified in L2/12-107.2012-05-23DoneUTS #10
131-A27Ken WhistlerUpdate DUCET according to item 1 of L2/12-131R. For UCA 6.2.2012-06-07DoneUCA 6.2
131-A28Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIssue a proposed update for UTS #10 for Unicode 6.2.2012-06-04DoneUTS #10
131-A29Rick McGowanPost a PRI for UTS #10 proposed update.2012-06-04DonePRI #223
131-A30Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate text of UTS #10, clause 3.7, re item #2 of L2/12-131R.2012-06-22DoneUTS #10
131-A34Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd piece of text re limiting processing of contractions to Section 4 of UTS #10 (with an appropriate review note).2012-06-22DoneUTS #10
131-A35Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd missing documentation specified in L2/12-185 in proposed update for UTS #10.2012-06-22DoneUTS #10
131-A35aMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd missing documentation specified in L2/12-185 in CollationAuxiliary.html for UCA 6.2.2012-06-26DoneUCA 6.2
131-A36Ken WhistlerUpdate the status of Script_Extensions property to informative for Unicode 6.2.2012-05-18DoneUAX #44
131-A37Mark DavisUpdate ScriptExtensions.txt for Unicode 6.2 to indicate the property is informative.2012-05-21DoneUCD 6.2
131-A38Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate "provisional" references to "informative" for Script_Extensions in UAX #24 for Unicode 6.2.2012-05-18DoneUAX #24
131-A39Mark DavisUpdate Scripts.txt for Unicode 6.2 to change the value of U+065F Wavy Hamza to "Arabic".2012-05-21DoneUCD 6.2
131-A40Lorna PriestUpdate L2/12-181 and forward to WG2.2012-05-22Done 
131-A41Ken WhistlerAdd U+08B2 to pipeline.2012-05-17DonePipeline
131-A42Debbie AndersonAdd U+08B2 to document requesting future additions to the standard.2012-06-19DoneWG2 N4275
131-A43Lorna PriestSend a font to Michel for U+08B2.2012-05-22Done 
131-A46Mark DavisRespond to Norbert Lindenberg's feedback on UTS #18 in L2/12-160.2012-07-17DoneUTS #18
131-A47Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of UTS #18 per discussion and feedback at the meeting.2012-07-17DoneUTS #18
131-A48Rick McGowanPrepare and post final document for UTS #18.2012-07-19DoneUTS #18
131-A49Rick McGowanClose PRI #182.2012-05-18Done 
131-A50Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate text of UAX #29 for Unicode 6.2. (See 131-C16) [prevent break of RIS ZWJ RIS]2012-06-04DoneUAX #29, UCD 6.2
131-A51Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate text of UAX #14 for Unicode 6.2. (See 131-C16) [prevent break of RIS ZWJ RIS]2012-06-04DoneUAX #14, UCD 6.2
131-A52Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare final text of PRI on cleanup of Script_Extensions, and forward to Rick for posting.2012-06-04Done 
131-A53Rick McGowanPost PRI on cleanup of Script_Extensions2012-06-04DonePRI #227
131-A54Mark DavisSend request to officers to adopt L2/12-109R (policy re decomposition of combining marks) as a stability policy.2012-05-17Done 
131-A55Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare final text of PRI on possible change in gc from Po to So for some characters.2012-06-04Done 
131-A56Rick McGowanPost the PRI on gc change for some characters.2012-06-04DonePRI #228
131-A58Ken WhistlerAdd U+111CD to pipeline.2012-05-17DonePipeline
131-A59Debbie AndersonAdd U+111CD Sharada Sutra Mark to document requesting new additions.2012-06-19DoneWG2 N4275
131-A60Anshuman PandeySend font to Michel for U+111CD Sharada Sutra Mark.2012-07-19Done 
131-A61Ken WhistlerAdd SYRIAC SUBLINEAR COLON SKEWED LEFT to NameAliases.txt for U+0709 in Unicode 6.2.2012-05-17DoneUCD 6.2
131-A62Ken WhistlerAdd name alias for U+0709 to NamesList.txt for Unicode 6.2.2012-05-17DoneNames list
131-A63Debbie AndersonAdd name alias SYRIAC SUBLINEAR COLON SKEWED LEFT for U+0709 to ballot comments on DAM 1.2012-06-19DoneBallot comments
131-A64Debbie AndersonInclude a comment on the acceptable glyphs for U+1F3DD, U+1F3CB, U+1F3CD in the ballot comments for PDAM 2.2012-06-19DoneBallot comments
131-A65Debbie AndersonAdd to ballot comments on PDAM 2, a request to remove the 18 clan logographs for future study.2012-06-19DoneBallot comments
131-A66Debbie AndersonAdd to ballot comments on PDAM 2, a request to remove U+2B74 and U+2B75.2012-06-19DoneBallot comments
131-A67Debbie AndersonAdd to ballot comments on PDAM 2, a request to remove U+A78F LATIN LETTER MIDDLE DOT, and to add U+1032F OLD ITALIC LETTER TTE.2012-06-19DoneBallot comments
131-A68Ken WhistlerAdjust the pipeline to reflect changes based on the WG2 Consent Docket.2012-05-17DonePipeline
131-A69Rick McGowanExtend PRI #207 to close July 23, 2012.2012-05-18DonePRI #207
131-A70Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the notice of non-approvals page for the external link sign.2012-06-07Done 
131-A71Lisa MooreCommunicate to the officers the UTC's concerns with the guidelines about IP concerns in proposal documents.2012-06-04Done 
131-A72Ken Lunde, Editorial CommitteeAdd the paragraph in L2/12-153 on U+20A9 Won Sign to UAX #11 and prepare Proposed Update for Unicode 6.2.2012-05-17DoneUAX #11
131-A73John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTR #45 to be a UAX for Unicode 6.2 and post for a PRI.2012-06-04DoneUAX #45
131-A74Rick McGowanPost PRI for UTR #45 (UAX #45) to close July 23, 2012.2012-06-04DoneUAX #45
131-A78Debbie AndersonAdd 1002 standardized CJK compat variation sequences as defined in L2/12-197 to document requesting future additions.2012-06-19DoneWG2 N4275
131-A81Lisa MooreAdd L2/12-074 and L2/12-075 to agenda for the next UTC meeting.2012-07-23DoneAgenda
131-A82Rick McGowanForward John Cowan's feedback on encoding proposals to Anshuman Pandey. Add these 3 items to the feedback document for the next UTC meeting.2012-06-04Done 
131-A83Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate names list annotations for some currency signs. (See Miguel Farah's entry.)2012-05-22DoneNames list
131-A84Debbie AndersonWork with Roozbeh Pournader to create an annotation for U+0342 Combining Greek Perispomeni.2012-07-19DoneNames list
131-A85Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd useful information about NF formats to UAX #15. See feedback from Loic Etienne2012-06-04DoneUAX #15
131-A86Mark DavisPrepare a document discussing moving locale-based casing to CLDR and bring to attention of CLDR-TC. See feedback from Elika Etemad.2012-05-21Done 
131-A87Rick McGowanInform Elika Etemad of the disposition of the Turkish casing issue in L2/12-160.2012-06-04Done 
131-A88Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate EastAsianWidth values for some jamo for Unicode 6.2. (See 131-C29)2012-05-17DoneUCD 6.2
131-A89Lisa MooreAdd discussion of "storage order for decimal digits" (gc="Nd") to the agenda for the next UTC. See feedback from Richard Wordingham.2012-07-23DoneAgenda
131-A90Ken WhistlerUpdate the numeric values of 1240F..12414 to 40..90 in UnicodeData.txt for Unicode 6.2.2012-05-17DoneUCD 6.2
131-A91Rick McGowanRespond to Kent Karlsson about the disposition of numeric values for Cuneiform signs. (See 131-C30)2012-06-04Done 
131-A92Rick McGowanPoint submitters of Assamese feedback to the FAQ.2012-06-04Done 
131-A93Lisa Moore, Editorial CommitteeAdd a new question in the Basic Questions FAQ that will point to the top of the "Character Names and Properties" section of the casemap_charprop.html FAQ. [Done by menu reorganization instead.]2012-06-22DoneFAQ
131-A94Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMove most of Table 14 in Section 5.1 of UTS #10 into LDML (except for strength, alternate, backwards, and normalization). (See 131-C31)2012-06-22DoneUTS #10
131-A95Andrew GlassPrepare a background document for a PRI based on L2/12-173R, re Bidi Parenthesis Algorithm.2012-06-04Done 
131-A96Peter Constable, Editorial CommitteePrepare the text of a PRI re Bidi Parenthesis Algorithm.2012-06-05Done 
131-A97Rick McGowanPost the PRI on Bidi Parenthesis Algorithm, to close July 23, 2012.2012-06-06DonePRI #231
131-A98Mark DavisChange PropertyValueAliases.txt to move BMG to misc properties. For Unicode 6.2.2012-05-21DoneUCD 6.2
131-A99Ken WhistlerChange BidiMirroring.txt to remove the note about inconsistency.2012-05-17DoneUCD 6.2
131-A100Ken WhistlerChange the value in Table 9 of UAX #44 from "S" to "M" for the second column for Bidi_Mirroring_Glyph. For Unicode 6.2.2012-05-18DoneUAX #44
131-A101Peter EdbergPrepare a background document for a PRI on line break issues with emoji.2012-06-04Done 
131-A102Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteePrepare the text of a PRI on line break issues with emoji.2012-06-04Done 
131-A103Rick McGowanPost the PRI on line break issues with emoji, to close July 23, 2012.2012-06-04DonePRI #229
131-A104Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeStart the Unicode 6.2 beta review.2012-06-04Done 
131-A105Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeOpen all the the UAXes for public review, for Unicode 6.2.2012-06-04Done 
131-A106Debbie AndersonForward L2/12-200 as amended in discussion to Anshuman Pandey.2012-06-19Done 

From UTC #130 and L2 #227

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
130-A3Mark DavisAdd Takr to ScriptExtensions.txt for dandas (0964/0965) in the next version of the standard.2012-05-21DoneUCD 6.2
130-A4Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteePost an erratum about omission of Takri from ScriptExtensions.txt.2012-05-14Done 
130-A5Deborah Anderson, Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeDetermine if L2/12-050 shows an actual error (for Syriac glyph), and if it's correct then prepare and post an erratum and share with WG2.2012-05-14Done 
130-A10V. S. UmamaheswaranRespond to the author of L2/12-033.2012-05-14Done 
130-A11Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd proposal to re-encode Tamil to the notices of non-approval. See 130-M2.2012-05-14Done 
130-A27Lorna PriestProvide a font to Michel Suignard for 28 Myanmar characters.2012-05-14Done 
130-A40Anshuman PandeySend the font for Sharada Ekam to Michel Suignard.2012-05-14Done 
130-A41Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Bengali Isshar annotation.2012-06-05DoneNames list
130-A42Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate section 12.2 of TUS for Unicode 6.1 to include changes to IDS as discussed in L2/12-081.2012-05-14DoneUnicode 6.1 text
130-A45Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate changes from L2/12-041R into the core spec for Unicode 6.1.2012-05-14DoneUnicode 6.1 text
130-A47Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the information about the Unicode 1.0 Name property in UAX #44 in the next version of the standard.2012-05-18DoneUAX #44
130-A57Mark DavisCorrect the @missing NaN according to report from Markus in L2/12-042 (Nov 7, 2011).2012-05-22DoneUCD 6.2
130-A58Julie Allen, Editorial CommitteeIssue an erratum based on the report from Markus Scherer re @missing NaN in L2/12-042 (Nov 7, 2011).2012-06-05Done 
130-A65Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeLook at feedback on "Encoding Georgian and Nuskhuri letters for Ossetian and Abkhaz" and make annotations of entries if appropriate. (for Unicode 6.2)2012-06-05DoneNames list
130-A76Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeLook at L2/12-065 on Hebrew transliteration to see if any action should be taken.2012-06-05DoneNames list

From UTC #129 and L2 #226

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
129-A22John Jenkins, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDraft a PRI on the topic of removing kCompatibilityVariant from the Unihan database.2012-06-04Done 
129-A23Rick McGowanPost the PRI on the topic of removing kCompatibilityVariant from the Unihan database.2012-06-04DonePRI #226
129-A24Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDraft a PRI on changing fields kHanyuPinlu data values to be accented Pinyin instead of numeric Pinyin, to be consistent with other Pinyin fields.2012-06-04Done 
129-A25Rick McGowanPost the PRI on changing fields kHanyuPinlu data values.2012-06-04DonePRI #225
129-A31Ken WhistlerAdd the "@missing" comment with a value of <code point> to BidiMirroring.txt, for Unicode 6.1. (postponed, discovered inconsistency with value in PropertyValueAliases.txt) [Corrected to <none>.]2012-05-18DoneUCD 6.2
129-A38John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeCreate a FAQ regarding Assamese.2012-05-14DoneFAQ
129-A69Murray Sargent, Editorial CommitteeUpdate, review UTR #25 (version 13).2012-05-14DoneUTR #25
129-A70Rick McGowanPost TR25-13 UTR #25 with associated data file 13 as approved UTR.2012-05-14DoneUTR #25
129-A82Anshuman PandeyUpdate L2/11-359 based on discussion in meeting to provide more documentation of the behavior of the Anji sign for Bengali.2012-05-14DoneL2/12-121
129-A83Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeReview additional suggestions in L2/11-413.2012-06-06DoneNames list
129-A84Anshuman PandeyUpdate L2/11-359 based on discussion in meeting to provide more documentation of the behavior in related scripts.2012-05-14DoneL2/12-121

From UTC #128 and L2 #225

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
128-A38Michael EversonProvide Michel Suignard with a font for the 23 playing cards.2012-05-14Done 
128-A44Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the proposed update UTS #18 and the text of PRI #182 based on discussion in the meeting.2012-05-14DoneUTS #18
128-A73Rick McGowan, Michael EversonVerify the correctness of the Grantha font for the proposed repertoire.2012-05-14Done 
128-A92Mark DavisContact Michel Suignard to get the list of documents for 6.1 to look for confusables.2012-05-14DoneUTS #39 6.1
128-A118Murray SargentRemove the duplicate entry for U+0021 in MathClass.txt of UTR #25 for the next revision.2012-05-14DoneUTR #25
128-A119Murray SargentMove the explicit "char" field to follow the comment at the end of each line in MathClassEx.txt, for the next proposed update. And evaluate other suggestions by Philippe Verdy.2012-05-14DoneUTR #25

From UTC #125 and L2 #222

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
125-A42Debbie Anderson, Rick McGowan, Manoj JainDraft a consensus document on Tamil fractions for the August 2012 UTC meeting. Work with V S Umamaheswaran and Shriramana Sharma. [updated from Feb 2011 UTC]2012-07-19DoneL2/12-231
125-A54Mark DavisCommunicate to the authors of L2/10-336 additional information on confusable characters.2012-05-14Closed 
125-A76Mark DavisModify the Unicode utilities demo to show both legacy and extended grapheme clusters. (not done, moot)2012-05-14Closedutilities

From UTC #123 and L2 #220

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
123-A16Mark DavisDiscuss the items mentioned in Karl Pentzlin's feedback on UTR #36 in the next possible version.2012-07-17DoneUTR #36

From UTC #122 and L2 #219

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
122-A75Mark DavisAdd confusability mappings for characters that are, or contain newly encoded Indic abbreviation signs, in UTS #39.2012-07-19DoneUTS #39 6.1