Date: 2012 August 2
From: Peter Edberg
Subject: Modified inclusion set for PRI 229, pictographic symbol line break changes

The PRI 229 background document suggests a Main Inclusion Set of 921 pictographs whole LineBreak property value should be changed to ID. However, Eric Muller referred me to the Wikipedia article on chess notation which describes “figurine algebraic notation” in which a chess symbol is coupled to the letters and numbers describing its move, for example “♞c6” or “♖xg4”. This suggests that the line break class for the 12 chess symbols should not be changed to ID, and these symbols should be deleted from the set of characters whose class will be changed. Similarly, the black & white telephone characters are often used in conjunction with digits for a telephone number. Consequently I propose a new Modified Inclusion Set of 907 characters whose line break class should be changed to ID.