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From UTC #133

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
133-A1Richard Ishida, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and publish approved UTR #20 with no announcement and no notice on home page.2013-01-24DoneUTR #20
133-A2Rick McGowanClose PRI #233, with disposition it will be updated and published.2012-11-16DonePRI #233
133-A10Mark DavisRequest the officers to update the stability policy as per the two resolutions 133-C18 and 133-C19.2012-12-11Donestability policy
133-A11Aharon Lanin, Editorial CommitteeUpdate PU UAX #9 and post for public review.2012-12-11DoneUAX #9 6.3
133-A13Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeUpdate conformance UTS #10 clause 1 based on discussion in L2/12-304.2012-11-19DoneUTS #10 6.3
133-A14Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeRemove "IgnoreSP" from the UCA.2012-11-19DoneUTS #10 6.3
133-A15Ken WhistlerUpdate DUCET for Unicode 6.3.2012-11-21DoneUCA 6.3
133-A16Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #10 to remove max tertiary weights for Unicode 6.3.2012-11-19DoneUTS #10 6.3
133-A18Markus SchererAdd an explanation of the tertiary weights of the combining letters, for Unicode 6.3.2012-11-20DoneUTS #10 6.3
133-A19Ken WhistlerUpdate the primary weight for U+FFFD.2012-11-21DoneUCA 6.3
133-A20Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeChange the range of weights in 7.1.4 to be U+FC00 to U+FFFC, and other associated updates, for UCA version 6.3.2012-11-20DoneUTS #10 6.3
133-A22Ken WhistlerUpdate the release process for UCA 6.3.2012-12-03Done 
133-A23Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #44 regarding numeric type = digit, for Unicode 6.3.2012-11-19DoneUAX #44 6.3
133-A27Laurentiu IancuUpdate LineBreak.txt for Unicode 6.3. See consensus 133-C26.2012-11-29DoneUCD 6.3
133-A28Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #44 default assignment ranges for bidi and linebreak for U+20BB - U+20CF for Unicode 6.3. See consensus 133-C26.2012-11-19DoneUAX #44 6.3
133-A34Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline reflecting all of the consent docket decisions.2012-11-16DonePipeline
133-A35Ken WhistlerAdd the Mongolian and 'Phags-pa characters from L2/12-360 to ArabicShaping.txt, for Unicode 6.3.2012-11-16DoneUCD 6.3
133-A37Ken LundeReview proposal L2/12-333 and make a recommendation to the UTC, for the January 2013 meeting.2012-11-27Done 
133-A38Ken WhistlerUpdate the Pipeline with 9 named sequences as documented in PDAM2 L2/12-199.2012-11-16DonePipeline
133-A39Ken WhistlerUpdate NamedSequences.txt with 9 named sequences as documented in PDAM2 L2/12-199.2012-11-16DoneUCD 6.3
133-A40Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt to change the numeric value of U+12456 to 2 and U+12457 to 3, for Unicode 6.3.2012-11-16DoneUCD 6.3
133-A42Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeArchive the C bidi reference implementation.2012-12-13Done 
133-A47Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the nameslist to document that Noon Ghunna is dotless in all its contextual forms.2012-11-16DoneNames list
133-A49Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for Sutton SignWriting and Meroitic Numbers.2012-11-16DonePipeline
133-A50Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to reflect rescinding approval of U+124D2 Cuneiform Sign Ka Times U.2012-11-16DonePipeline
133-A51Rick McGowanClose PRI #207 with the resolution as in consensus 133-C38.2012-11-16Done 
133-A56Rick McGowanUpdate the closing date of PRI #228 to January 21, 2013. (And contact those who reported feedback already.)2012-11-28DonePRI #228
133-A57Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare announcement text about the extension of PRI #228, by December 1, 2012.2012-11-29DonePRI #228
133-A58Rick McGowanAnnounce the extension of PRI #228.2012-12-03Done 
133-A59Mark DavisUpdate L2/12-385 as per discussion and forward to the officers.2012-11-16Donestability policy
133-A60Deborah AndersonRelay the consensus on "Himalayish" to Pat Hall.2012-11-28Done 
133-A61Deborah AndersonRelay the consensus above to Anshuman Pandey and Dev Dass Manandhar.2012-11-28Done 
133-A62Rick McGowanRelay to Karl Pentzlin that UTC declines to take action on this proposal.2012-11-28Done 
133-A63Rick McGowanRespond to Van Anderson to say thank you for giving us the font for the new glyph, and we will use it.2012-11-28Done 
133-A66Ken WhistlerAdd info to names list for 6.3, per the "Ra with diagonal" section of L2/12-350.2012-11-16DoneNames list

From UTC #132

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
132-A15Michael EversonSend Early Dynastic Cuneiform font to Michel Suignard2012-11-12Done 
132-A21Ken WhistlerAdd Sumero-Akkadian Cuneiform name aliases to NameAliases.txt. (after 6.2)2012-11-21DoneUCD 6.3
132-A23Ken WhistlerUpdate DUCET for UCA 6.3 with changes for U+122D4 and U+122D5.2012-11-21DoneUCA 6.3
132-A27Michael EversonProvide an updated proposal L2/12-209R with the correct properties.2012-11-12Done 
132-A42Deborah Anderson, Anshuman PandeySend font to Michel Suignard for 3 Sharada additions.2012-11-28Done 
132-A45Andrew GlassForward document L2/12-292 to WG2.2012-11-12Done 
132-A51Mark DavisRequest the officers to create a stability policy according to motion 132-M3.2012-12-11Done 
132-A66Mark Davis, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeIssue a proposed update for UTS #10 for 6.3. Call attention to options for #1, and make attendant changes to the text for #4, of L2/12-230.2012-12-11DoneUTS #10 6.3
132-A67Rick McGowanPost the PRI for proposed update UTS #10 to close January 21, 2013.2012-12-11DonePRI #235
132-A73Mark DavisRespond personally to Richard Wordingham thanking him for his many contributions.2012-11-02Done 
132-A82Mark DavisPrepare a proposed stability policy update to an existing policy for property aliases and property value aliases. See consensus 132-C28. (for next UTC meeting)2012-11-12DoneL2/12-385
132-A96Ken WhistlerUpdate LineBreak.txt with change of U+3000 to "BA" for Unicode 6.3.2012-11-14DoneUCD 6.3
132-A100Eric MullerBrief Karl Pentzlin on the LineBreak change for U+2E3A.2012-11-12Done 
132-A123Ken WhistlerAdd annotations to U+0022 and U+0027 about garesh and gershayim. For Unicode 6.3.2012-11-14DoneNames list
132-A136John JenkinsCheck UAX #45 data file to make sure 5 U-Source errors are fixed for 505, 541, 600, 646, 725, for Unicode 6.2.2012-11-12DoneUAX #45
132-A142Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeMake relevant updates for UAX #44 for Unicode 6.3.2012-11-19DoneUAX #44 6.3
132-A148Eric MullerUpdate the data tables for UTR #50 to reflect current agreement.2012-11-12DoneUTR #50
132-A149Koji IshiiPrepare a new draft of UTR #50 based on L2/12-298R and discussions.2012-11-12DoneUTR #50

From UTC #131

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
131-A44Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeDraft an announcement to convey the information that the document registry is being made public after an appropriate lead time. (See 131-C14)2013-01-24Done 
131-A76Ken WhistlerAdd 1002 standardized CJK compat variation sequences as defined in L2/12-197 to StandardizedVariants.txt for Unicode 6.3.2012-11-14DoneUCD 6.3

From UTC #130

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
130-A46Ken WhistlerCommunicate the UTC position on the disunification of Zodiac symbols based on L2/12-071 to Karl Pentzlin.2012-12-04Done 

From UTC #129

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
129-A92Roozbeh Pournader, Mark DavisFix the errors in BidiTest.txt as reported in L2/11-427. (deferred to after 6.2)2013-01-07DoneUCD 6.3

From UTC #127

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
127-A38Roozbeh PournaderFollow up with Thomas Milo on the position of dots under Arabic letter Feh.2012-11-12Closed 
127-A51Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Table 8-9 of TUS with new Arabic joining group "Straight Waw". (after 6.2)2013-01-14DoneUnicode 7.0 text

From UTC #123

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
123-A83aMark DavisPrepare proposal for reference code for IDNA preprocessing and submit for discussion by the UTC. (postponed to after Unicode 6.2) [split from 123-A083]2012-11-12Closed 

From UTC #121

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
121-A6Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeTake input from L2/09-356 and add to normalization FAQ.2013-01-24DoneFAQ
121-A56Roozbeh PournaderSupply additional bizarre test cases for BidiTest.txt. (after Unicode 6.2)2013-01-04DoneUCD 6.3