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From UTC #134

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
134-A1Ken WhistlerAdd four Latin letters at U+AB60 - U+AB63 to pipeline.2013-02-05DonePipeline
134-A2Deborah AndersonAdd four Latin letters at U+AB60 - U+AB63 to doc requesting future additions for 4th edition 10646.2013-02-20Donel2-2013-0005
134-A3Rick McGowanRespond to authors of L2/12-045, with comments as in L2/13-028.2013-02-05Done 
134-A4Deborah AndersonProvide feedback to Omarjan Osman (author of L2/12-066).2013-02-20Done 
134-A5Ken WhistlerAdd US Flag symbol (L2/12-094) to notices of non-approval.2013-02-07Done 
134-A6Rick McGowanReply to author of L2/12-094 with comments as in L2/13-028.2013-02-05Done 
134-A7Ken WhistlerAdd U+1F54F BOWL OF HYGIEIA to pipeline.2013-02-05DonePipeline
134-A8Deborah AndersonAdd U+1F54F BOWL OF HYGIEIA to document requesting future additions for 4th edition.2013-02-20Donel2-2013-0005
134-A9Rick McGowanForward L2/12-359 to Mike Ksar for WG2.2013-02-05Done 
134-A10Ken WhistlerUpdate the general category and bidi class of U+1A1B Buginese Vowel Sign AE to "Mn" and "NSM" in UnicodeData.txt for Unicode 6.3.2013-02-05DoneUCD
134-A11Mark DavisUpdate ScriptExtensions.txt to change U+A9CF JAVANESE PANGRANGKEP to Buginese and Javanese, for Unicode 6.3.2013-03-04DoneUCD
134-A13Ken WhistlerUpdate annotations related to U+A9CF JAVANESE PANGRANGKEP in the nameslist, for Unicode 6.3.2013-02-05DoneNames list
134-A14Rick McGowanRespond to Karl Pentzlin as in L2/13-028, and CC Lorna Evans.2013-02-05Done 
134-A16Rick McGowanRespond to Karl Pentzlin about L2/12-276 with response as in L2/13-028. And thank him for the revisions he made to the document.2013-02-05Done 
134-A17Deborah AndersonForward L2/11-078, previous comments on L2/12-302, to SC35 again.2013-02-20Done 
134-A18Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include four arrow symbols U+2BEC - U+2BEF.2013-02-05DonePipeline
134-A19Deborah AndersonAdd four arrow symbols U+2BEC - U+2BEF to document requesting new additions for the 4th edition 10646.2013-02-20Donel2-2013-0005
134-A20Rick McGowanRespond to Karl Pentzlin that UTC accepted four arrows in section 2 with name changes.2013-02-05Done 
134-A21Ken WhistlerAdd an annotation on U+2592 to clarify its use for mapping to codepage 949.2013-02-05DoneNames list
134-A22Ken WhistlerPost a notice of disapproval for SQUARE WITH SPECKLES FILL.2013-02-07Done 
134-A23Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/12-317; UTC declines to encode this character.2013-02-05Done 
134-A24Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+A69E COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER EF.2013-02-05DonePipeline
134-A25Deborah AndersonAdd to document requesting future additions to 4th edition 10646.2013-02-20Donel2-2013-0005
134-A26Deborah AndersonGet the font for U+A69E COMBINING CYRILLIC LETTER EF and forward to Michel Suignard.2013-02-20Done 
134-A27Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 7 Siddham section mark characters.2013-02-05DonePipeline
134-A28Deborah AndersonAdd 7 Siddham section mark characters to ballot comments on DAM2.2013-02-20Donel2-2013-0003
134-A29Deborah AndersonForward document L2/13-033 to WG2.2013-02-20DoneWG2 N4391
134-A30Deborah AndersonSend feedback on L2/12-125 to Anshuman Pandey, based on L2/13-028 and L2/12-167.2013-02-20Done 
134-A32John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #45 with with the new status information, for Unicode 6.3.2013-02-26DoneUAX #45
134-A33John JenkinsUpdate 112 added tones in kMandarin field for Unicode 6.3.2013-03-08DoneUnihan
134-A36Deborah Anderson, Roozbeh PournaderForward document L2/13-036 to Sri Lanka.2013-02-20Done 
134-A37Roozbeh Pournader, Cibu Johny, Editorial CommitteeCreate text for a PRI on optional Malayalam conjuncts.2013-03-06Done 
134-A38Rick McGowanPost the PRI for optional Malayalam conjuncts, to close April 29.2013-03-06DonePRI #250
134-A40Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeReview and update annotations in names list for Sharada Om based on L2/12-224.2013-02-05DoneNames list
134-A43John JenkinsMake changes to align with GHZ source updates in 10646, based on L2/13-016, for Unicode 6.3.2013-08-08DoneUnihan
134-A44John JenkinsAdd 19 characters in L2/13-009 to UAX #45 for Unicode 6.3.2013-02-26DoneUAX #45
134-A45Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #44 regarding kCompatibilityVariant for Unicode 6.3.2013-02-07DoneUAX #44
134-A46John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of UAX #38 regarding kCompatibilityVariant for UAX #38, for Unicode 6.3. Include the specific derivation rule.2013-02-26DoneUAX #38
134-A51Rick McGowanUpdate the resolution of PRI #226 to indicate that there was a later decision NOT to deprecate, and document the outcome (derived property, as per above action 134-C13).2013-02-05DonePRI #226
134-A54Ken WhistlerUse "%" for alternate aliases when printing the nameslist. See L2/13-013, feedback from Asmus Freytag, Dec 18, 2012, for Unicode 6.3.2013-02-05DoneNames list
134-A57Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate images for sections 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 of UAX #9.2013-02-08DoneUAX #9
134-A60Ken WhistlerAdd U+061C ARABIC LETTER MARK to UnicodeData.txt, and associated files in the UCD for Unicode 6.3.2013-02-05DoneUCD
134-A61Ken Whistler, Laurentiu IancuAdd abbreviations to NameAliases.txt for all new characters encoded in Unicode 6.3 (which have abbreviations).2013-02-05DoneUCD
134-A62Markus Scherer, Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the proposed update of UTS #10 based on draft 3 and post for public review.2013-03-07DoneUTS #10
134-A63Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeIssue Corrigendum #9.2013-02-27DoneCorrigendum #9
134-A64Mark Davis, Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeDraft text for Chapter 16.7 of the core spec, based on L2/13-006. See also Corrigendum #9.(see email from Markus, 1/31/2013 for draft)2013-03-11DoneUnicode text
134-A65Mark Davis, Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the definition of noncharacter in the glossary.2013-03-07DoneGlossary
134-A66Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt to change the general category of U+180E MONGOLIAN VOWEL SEPARATOR from Zs to Cf, for Unicode 6.3., for Unicode 6.3.2013-02-05DoneUCD
134-A67Laurentiu IancuUpdate ArabicShaping.txt for Joining_Group of U+180E MONGOLIAN VOWEL SEPARATOR, for Unicode 6.3. (moot)2013-02-05ClosedUCD
134-A68Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeHighlight the change of category for U+180E in the Unicode 6.3 beta.2013-02-07Done 
134-A70Mark DavisUpdate Scripts.txt for Unicode 6.3 to give the "Common" property to U+A9CF JAVANESE PANGRANGKEP.2013-03-04DoneUCD
134-A74Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate text in section 4.2.9 of UAX #44 based on the discussion about documentation of default values and @missing lines, for Unicode 6.3.2013-02-08DoneUAX #44
134-A75Ken WhistlerUpdate the value of U+3035 to "CM" in LineBreak.txt for Unicode 6.3.2013-02-05DoneUCD
134-A76Andy HeningerUpdate the documentation of the "CM" class in UAX #14 to mention U+3035 VERTICAL KANA REPEAT MARK LOWER HALF in Unicode 6.3.2013-02-14DoneUAX #14
134-A77John JenkinsUpdate the kMandarin value of U+6535 from "su?" to "p?" in Unihan for Unicode 6.3.2013-03-08DoneUnihan
134-A79Rick McGowanRespond to Konstantin on feedback to PRI #240.2013-02-25Done 
134-A80Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to change the name of the Mende script, block, and character names to "Kikakui".2013-02-05DonePipeline
134-A81Ken Whistler, Rick McGowanUpdate the roadmap to change the name of the Mende script to "Kikakui".2013-03-19DoneRoadmap
134-A82Ken WhistlerUpdate associated pages on website mentioning Mende script.2013-02-05Done 
134-A84Deborah AndersonSubmit a document to WG2 on the name change of "Mende" to "Kikakui".2013-02-20DoneWG2 N4396
134-A90Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRelease a Unicode 6.3 beta.2013-03-12Done 
134-A93Andrew Glass, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the draft of UAX #9 to reference the two new bidi properties.2013-03-01DoneUAX #9
134-A95Rick McGowan, Laurentiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteeAdd a reference in UAX #41 for the new bidi data file that UAX #9 can use.2013-02-08DoneUAX #41
134-A96Mark DavisUpdate PropertyAliases.txt and PropertyValueAliases.txt for addition of new bidi properties, for Unicode 6.3.2013-03-05DoneUCD
134-A97Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #44 with the new bidi properties.2013-02-08DoneUAX #44
134-A98Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #42 with the new bidi properties.2013-02-11DoneUAX #42
134-A102Rick McGowanClose PRI #228.2013-02-05DonePRI #228

From UTC #133

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
133-A1Richard Ishida, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and publish approved UTR #20 with no announcement and no notice on home page.2013-01-24DoneUTR #20
133-A5Lisa MooreAdd Pahawh Hmong clan logographs to the February 2013 UTC agenda.2013-01-25Doneagenda
133-A6Lisa MooreAdd Anatolian Hieroglyphs to the agenda for the next UTC meeting. L2/12-213.2013-01-25Doneagenda
133-A7Mark DavisChange U+02D7 to MidLetter in WordBreakProperty.txt for Unicode 6.3.2013-03-06DoneUCD
133-A9Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeEnhance the PRI #232 text (which remains open) for UAX #9. (not needed)2013-04-11ClosedPRI #232
133-A12Rick McGowanPost updated PU UAX #9 for public review and update PRI #232 with info.2013-03-01DonePRI #232
133-A17Ken WhistlerPropose corresponding changes (remove max tertiary) for the CTT for the next amendment of ISO/IEC 14651, and submit to OWG-SORT.2013-03-12Done 
133-A21Ken WhistlerPropose corresponding changes (range of weights in 7.1.4) for the CTT for the next amendment of ISO/IEC 14651, and submit to OWG-SORT.2013-03-12Done 
133-A26Mark DavisUpdate DerivedBidiClass.txt for Unicode 6.3 to update the bidi class for unassigned currency symbols. Consensus 133-C26.2013-03-05DoneUCD
133-A30Roozbeh Pournader, Cibu JohnyResearch the uptake of the cillu characters in Malayalam, and report for the January 2013 UTC meeting.2013-02-04DoneL2/13-036
133-A31Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeCreate a PRI on "Bidi Paired Closing Bracket" property. See consensus 133-C27. (closed - moot)2013-02-04Closed 
133-A32Rick McGowanPost the PRI on "Bidi Paired Closing Bracket" property to close January 21, 2013. (closed - moot)2013-02-04Closed 
133-A41Mark DavisUpdate the ScriptExtensions.txt file for Myanmar, Bengali, and Devanagari digits as documented in L2/12-376R, for Unicode 6.3.2013-03-04DoneUCD
133-A43Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #9 to remove references to the C bidi reference implementation, for Unicode 6.3.2013-03-01DoneUAX #9
133-A44Mark DavisProvide a proposal for the January 2013 UTC meeting for a principle for how to allow characters to have explicit script values and multiple script extension values; and suggested changes to the text and properties to accord with that.2013-02-04DoneL2/13-039
133-A52Koji Ishii, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and post Draft UTR #50 for public review, by December 6, 2012.2013-04-26DoneUTR #50
133-A53Rick McGowanPost a (new) non-moderated PRI for UTR #50 to close January 21, 2013.2013-04-26DonePRI #253
133-A54Deborah AndersonPrepare recommendations for ballot comments on Webdings and Wingdings, for the January 2013 UTC meeting.2013-02-20Donel2-2013-0003
133-A65Deborah AndersonRespond to Jyotiprakash Tamuli (L2/12-339) and Martin Hosken (L2/12-350) regarding their documents.2013-02-04Done 

From UTC #132

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
132-A76Mark Davis, Markus SchererAdd documentation of decomps.txt into CollationAuxiliary.html for UCA 6.2, with special attention to the private use characters. (retargeted for 6.3) (not done)2013-04-12ClosedUCA
132-A77Mark Davis, Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #10 with information about NFKD decomps and decomps.txt, for UCA 6.2. (retargeted for 6.3)2013-03-07DoneUTS #10
132-A83Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeCreate PRI text on section 2 of L2/12-240 "Setting Consistent Uppercase Properties" to close January 21, 2013.2013-03-28Done 
132-A84Rick McGowanPost PRI on section 2 of L2/12-240 to close January 21, 2013.2013-03-28DonePRI #251
132-A85John JenkinsChange the kMandarin property of U+6668 to be chen2 (chén). For Unicode 6.2. (Retargeted to Unicode 6.3)2013-02-04DoneUnihan
132-A86Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeReview Shriramana Sharma's feedback on dollar sign from Mon May 21, 2012 in L2/12-248.2013-02-27Done 
132-A88John JenkinsReview input on kTotalStrokes in L2/12-248 from Kat Momoi from June 13, and make a change if warranted. For Unicode 6.2. (Retargeted to Unicode 6.3.)2013-02-04DoneUnihan
132-A92Mark DavisUpdate UTS #18 (source) to change LS and PS to the character names.2013-04-15DoneUTS #18
132-A97Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeMake updates to text of UAX #14 consistent with change of U+3000 to "BA" for Unicode 6.3.2013-02-14DoneUAX #14
132-A98Mark DavisUpdate LineBreakTest.txt consistent with change of U+3000 to "BA" for Unicode 6.3. See consensus 132-C29. (no change needed)2013-03-06DoneUCD
132-A121Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate the changes for colon in the proposed update of UAX #29 for Unicode 6.3, as specified in L2/12-282. Add rationale in a review note.2013-03-05DoneUAX #29
132-A122Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate the changes for fake gershayim and geresh in the proposed update of UAX #29 for Unicode 6.3, as specified in L2/12-283. Add rationale in a review note.2013-03-05DoneUAX #29
132-A124Mark DavisUpdate the WordBreakProperty.txt and PropertyValueAliases.txt in accordance with changes in L2/12-282 and L2/12-283. (Unicode 6.3)2013-03-05DoneUCD
132-A139John JenkinsAfter 6.2 is finished, then change kHanyuPinlu to use accents for the representation of tones, for Unicode 6.3.2013-03-08DoneUnihan
132-A141John JenkinsRemove the kCompatibilityVariant from Unihan for Unicode 6.3 after 6.2 closes.2013-02-04DoneUnihan
132-A143John Jenkins, Richard Cook, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #38 for deprecation of kCompatibilityVariant, for 6.3. (superseded by 134-A046.)2013-02-08ClosedUAX #38
132-A145John Jenkins, Ken LundePrepare an Extension F submission and submit to IRG and UTC.2013-02-04Done 
132-A152Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeWork with Aharon Lanin and Andrew Glass to produce a proposed update of UAX #9, for 6.3, including updated test data.2013-02-04DoneUAX #9

From UTC #131

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
131-A12Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeLook into the feasibility of designing a mechanism for accelerated releases for a small repertoire of urgently required characters (e.g. A currency sign).2013-02-04DoneL2/13-005
131-A33Mark Davis, Markus SchererModify DUCET test to test for missing prefix contractions.2013-01-24DoneUCA
131-A44Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeDraft an announcement to convey the information that the document registry is being made public after an appropriate lead time. (See 131-C14)2013-01-24Done 
131-A45Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeMake the adjustments on the website to make the document register public after the appropriate amount of time. (See 131-C14)2013-04-30Done 
131-A77Mark DavisUpdate script for production of StandardizedVariants.html to omit the 1002 CJK compat variation sequences of L2/12-197, for Unicode 6.3.2013-03-05DoneUCD

From UTC #129

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
129-A55Mark DavisPost to the forum a summary of the discussion of PRI #185, to be referenced in the resolution of the PRI. (not done)2013-03-13ClosedUTC 132

From UTC #124

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
124-A50Roozbeh Pournader, Mark DavisCorrectly generate 4th category flag for the paragraph direction in BidiTest.txt. (postponed from UCD 6.0 to 6.1, then to after 6.2) (canceled as not useful)2013-02-04ClosedUCD

From UTC #121

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
121-A6Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeTake input from L2/09-356 and add to normalization FAQ.2013-01-24DoneFAQ

From UTC #119

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
119-A24Roozbeh Pournader, Mark DavisUpdate the bidi reference implementation with changes to conform to the latest version of UAX #9. (postponed to after Unicode 6.2) (superseded by 132-A152a)2013-02-04ClosedUAX #9

From UTC #117

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
117-A72aKen Lunde, Richard Cook, John JenkinsMake corrections to Unihan, based on L2/08-281. See Rick's report. (split from 117-A072) (review complete 2012-08-06, just waiting posting to Unihan)2013-02-04DoneUnihan