Re: LB Fix LB status for Floor/Ceiling characters
Source: Mark Davis
Date: 2013-10-06

While running invariant tests, the following got flagged. The Linebreak and General Category now diverge for these 4 characters. It appears that we fixed the Ps and Pe categories for these characters, but did not fix the LB. I think this is an oversight (but people should check). 

The relation between LB and GC properties changed, because of:
2308           #      (⌈)  LEFT CEILING
230A           #      (⌊)  LEFT FLOOR
2309           #      (⌉)  RIGHT CEILING
230B           #      (⌋)  RIGHT FLOOR

Invariant tests:

# Relation of open/close punctuation in LB
\p{LB=OP} = [\p{GC=Ps} $OPInclusions]
[\p{LB=CL}\p{LB=CP}] ⊃ \p{GC=Pe}