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From UTC #136

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
136-A1Rick McGowanRespond to Chandan Misra regarding L2/13-157 Akarmatrik symbols.2013-08-13Done 
136-A4Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include Gujarati Letter ZHA.2013-09-30DonePipeline
136-A5Deborah AndersonAdd Gujarati Letter ZHA to doc requesting new additions.2013-08-15Done 
136-A7Rick McGowanClose PRI #252.2013-08-13DonePRI #252
136-A9Deborah AndersonReview L2/13-163 and prepare ballot comments.2013-08-15DoneBallot comments
136-A11Mark DavisPut up a notice in the Unicode bidi demo by the time 6.3 ships.2013-10-02Done 
136-A13Roozbeh PournaderAdd regression tests to BidiTest.txt, for Unicode 6.3.2013-09-16DoneUCD
136-A14Laurentiu IancuAdd regression tests to BidiCharacterTest.txt, for Unicode 6.3.2013-09-11DoneUCD
136-A15Ken WhistlerPost the C Bidi reference implementation to synchronize with Unicode 6.3, and the Java implementation once it's available.2013-08-19Done 
136-A16Rick McGowanClose PRI #254.2013-08-13DonePRI #254
136-A17Laurentiu IancuRemove @missing from BidiBrackets.txt for Unicode 6.3.2013-09-11DoneUCD
136-A18Mark DavisAdd the bidi Paired Bracket type @missing values to PropertyValuesAliases.txt for Unicode 6.3.2013-08-27DoneUCD
136-A19Ken Whistler, Laurentiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #44 based on L2/13-169 for Unicode 6.3.2013-08-09DoneUAX #44
136-A23Rick McGowanRespond to Andy Heninger and mail@badral.net error report in PRI #249 feedback (Fri Jun 14 13:32:30 CDT 2013)2013-08-13Done 
136-A25Rick McGowanRespond to C.E. Whitehead's first two comments (Lam-Alef and Teh Marbuta) and punctuation in L2/13-134, Sun Jun 16 17:03:20 CDT 2013.2013-08-13Done 
136-A26Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeReview C.E. Whiteheads comments regarding punctuation page 252.2013-10-08DoneUnicode text
136-A27Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeRegenerate the UCD XML files, sorting lists in codepoint order when applicable, for Unicode 6.3.2013-08-09DoneUCD
136-A28Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeDocument use of code point order in lists in UAX #42 for Unicode 6.3.2013-08-09DoneUAX #42
136-A29Rick McGowanRespond to Andrew West on the XML-related issues reported in L2/13-134.2013-08-13Done 
136-A30Rick McGowanRespond to Daniel B端nzli feedback on UAX #42.2013-08-13Done 
136-A31Ken WhistlerFix the problems noted by Andrew West in IndicSyllabicCategory.txt.2013-08-09DoneUCD
136-A32Rick MGowanRespond to Andrew West feedback re IndicSyllabicCategory.txt.2013-08-13Done 
136-A33Rick McGowanRespond to Stephan Stiller regarding feedback on apex/sicilicus.2013-08-13Done 
136-A34Rick McGowanClose PRI #249.2013-08-13DonePRI #249
136-A35Rick McGowanRespond to John Cowan on Leke feedback.2013-08-13Done 
136-A36Rick McGowanRespond to Tim Larson re his feedback.2013-09-12Done 
136-A37Rick McGowanRespond to Dave Thompson's error report in L2/13-134 for TR #36.2013-08-09DoneUTR #36
136-A39Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd "| U+FF1F" to the IDS syntax section of the core specification to bring it into alignment with 10646, for Unicode 7.0.2013-11-01DoneUnicode text
136-A40Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline based on decisions regarding the WG2 consent docket L2/13-154.2013-10-04DonePipeline
136-A41Deborah AndersonRelay feedback on L2/13-135 to Anshuman Pandey.2013-08-15Done 
136-A43Rick McGowanRespond to C. E. Whitehead to thank her for comments on UTR #50; they are being remanded to the editorial committee for review.2013-08-13Done 
136-A46Ken WhistlerAdd 3 new Arabic letters to pipeline.2013-09-30DonePipeline
136-A47Deborah AndersonAdd 3 new Arabic letters to document requesting new additions.2013-08-15Done 
136-A50Rick McGowanRespond to Shriramana Sharma that after discussion, UTC declined to encode these signs.2013-08-13Done 
136-A51Deborah AndersonAsk Shriramana Sharma to review L2/13-161 and submit his feedback to both WG2 and UTC, before the November 2013 UTC meeting.2013-08-15Done 
136-A52Lisa MooreRespond to Tamil Virtual Academy that we will take up their proposal at the November UTC.2013-10-16Done 
136-A53Lisa MooreAdd L2/13-161 and related documents to the agenda for November 2013 UTC meeting.2013-10-29Done 
136-A54Ken WhistlerAdd two combining Cyrillic letters to pipeline. See L2/13-139.2013-09-30DonePipeline
136-A55Deborah AndersonAdd two combining Cyrillic letters to document requesting new additions.2013-08-15Done 
136-A57Deborah AndersonWork with authors of L2/13-139 to forward the document to WG2.2013-08-15DoneWG2 N4475
136-A58Deborah AndersonReply to authors of L2/13-153.2013-08-15Done 
136-A59Ken WhistlerRelease Unicode 6.3.2013-09-30Done 
136-A60Rick McGowanClose PRI #253.2013-08-13DonePRI #253
136-A61Laurentiu IancuRegenerate and post the UTR #50 data files.2013-08-27DoneUTR #50
136-A61aKoji Ishii, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTR #50 and post as approved.2013-09-30DoneUTR #50

From UTC #135

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
135-A5Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate IDNA UTS #46 and post as approved.2013-09-24DoneUTS #46
135-A6Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate IDNA mapping tables IDNAMappingTable.txt and IDNATest.txt.2013-09-24DoneUTS #46
135-A27Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and review UTS #10 for 6.3.2013-08-13DoneUTS #10
135-A29Rick McGowanPublish UTS #10 version 6.3.2013-09-30DoneUTS #10
135-A40Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the first paragraph of section 4.4 of UAX #42 based on the feedback from Daniel B端nzli2013-08-06DoneUAX #42
135-A105Roozbeh Pournader, Cibu JohnyRespond to Behdad Esfahbod's comments on PRI #250.2013-08-01Done 
135-A113Murray SargentHave an updated bidi reference implementation by June 3, 2013.2013-08-19Done 

From UTC #134

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
134-A39Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the Oriya block description documenting the existence of ligated form of "om" as in section 4 of L2/12-106, for Unicode 7.0.2013-09-10DoneUnicode text
134-A41Michael Everson, Deborah AndersonFollow up with graphic documentation of the Pahawh Hmong numbers and work with the user community.2013-08-01Done 
134-A43John JenkinsMake changes to align with GHZ source updates in 10646, based on L2/13-016, for Unicode 6.3.2013-08-08DoneUnihan
134-A69Andrew GlassPoint out the change in general category of U+180E to Mongolian experts and solicit feedback.2013-08-01Done 
134-A71Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeCreate a proposed update of UTS #39 based on L2/13-038.2013-11-01DoneUTS #39
134-A72Rick McGowanPost the PRI / update of UTS #39 to close July 22, 2013. (close date changed to October 28, 2013)2013-11-01DonePRI #258
134-A83Deborah AndersonUpdate the SEI documentation of "Mende" to "Mende Kikakui".2013-08-01Done 
134-A100Roozbeh PournaderChange the document on BidiTest.txt to clarify ONs, for Unicode 6.3.2013-09-16DoneUCD

From UTC #133

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
133-A33Michel SuignardCollect feedback from the UTC reviewing Extension E and submit to IRG.2013-08-01Closed 
133-A45Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeWork with Chris Little to update the block intro for Old Italic based on L2/12-386, for Unicode 6.3. (retargeted for 7.0)2013-11-01DoneUnicode text
133-A46Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeUpdate figure 14-1 of TUS based on information in L2/12-386, for Unicode 6.3. (retargeted for 7.0)2013-11-01DoneUnicode text
133-A55Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeMake appropriate changes to the text of the standard to reflect official spelling change of "Oriya" to "Odia", for Unicode 6.3. (retargeted for 7.0)2013-09-10DoneUnicode text

From UTC #131

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
131-A80Ken Lunde, Editorial CommitteeDraft text for the core spec for Unicode 6.3 to explain the relationship between CJK compatibility characters and the new standardized variation sequences. (retargeted for 7.0)2013-10-04DoneUnicode text

From UTC #130

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
130-A1Lisa MooreFollow up with Andhra Pradesh on action 125-A17.2013-08-01Closed 

From UTC #129

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
129-A89Mark DavisMake changes to IDNA mapping table to fix the formatting as discussed in L2/11-427, after Unicode 6.2.2013-09-24ClosedUTS #46
129-A94Mark DavisInclude Karl Williamson's comments on inconsistent "@missing" in a document combining info from L2/11-358 and L2/11-381, for consideration at the next UTC meeting.2013-08-06ClosedUTC 135

From UTC #123

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
123-A54Murray SargentCreate a WD for a new UTR on Bidi Implementation Guidelines (including Ayman's algorithm), and invite other bidi experts to contribute.2013-08-01Closed