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From UTC #137

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
137-A1Rick McGowanRespond to the author of L2/13-181.2013-11-25Done 
137-A2Rick McGowanRespond to the author of L2/13-204.2013-11-25Done 
137-A3Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+12399 CUNEIFORM SIGN U U.2013-11-25DonePipeline
137-A4Deborah AndersonAdd U+12399 CUNEIFORM SIGN U U to ballot comments on 4th edition.2014-01-10DoneBallot comments
137-A6Ken WhistlerUpdate Blocks.txt and Nameslist.txt for Unicode 7.0 to change the boundaries of the Latin Extended-E block to end at U+AB6F.2013-11-18DoneUCD
137-A7Ken WhistlerHave the Roadmap Committee update the block boundary for Latin Extended-E in the roadmap to end at U+AB6F.2013-11-18DoneRoadmap
137-A8Deborah AndersonCreate a ballot comment for 4th edition 10646, to update block boundary for Latin Extended-E to end at U+AB6F.2014-01-10DoneBallot comments
137-A9Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for change to Latin Extended-E block, to end at U+AB6F.2013-11-25DonePipeline
137-A10Ken WhistlerWork with Roadmap Committee to change the allocation for Cherokee supplement to U+AB70..U+ABBF instead of the SMP.2013-11-18DoneRoadmap
137-A11Deborah AndersonAdd Mongolian Square Script characters U+11A00 - U+11A52 to document requesting future additions.2014-01-10DoneWG2 N4514
137-A12Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 67 Mongolian Square Script characters U+11A00 - U+11A52 with block Mongolian Square at U+11A00 - U+11A5F2013-11-25DonePipeline
137-A16Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the corresponding derivation of alphabetic in UAX #44.For 7.0.2013-11-25DoneUAX #44
137-A17Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeClarify casing stability policy based on section 2 of L2/13-183.2014-01-29DoneStability policy
137-A20Rick McGowanClose PRI #251.2013-11-18Done 
137-A23Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the documentation in UAX #44 for Unicode 7.0, to reflect @missing changes. See L2/13-215.2013-11-25DoneUAX #44
137-A24Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the header of NameAliases.txt based on L2/13-186, for Unicode 7.0.2013-12-09DoneUCD
137-A26Laurentiu IancuUpdate Linebreak.txt for U+2308, U+230A, U+2309, U+230B for Unicode 7.0.2014-01-10DoneUCD
137-A27Deborah AndersonAdd Roozbeh's comments on the turned damma below to ballot comments on Amd 1. See L2/13-202, feedback on PRI #255.2014-01-10DoneBallot comments, WG2 N4519-B
137-A28Rick McGowanClose PRI #255.2013-11-18Done 
137-A29Rick McGowanClose PRI #256.2013-11-18Done 
137-A30Rick McGowanClose PRI #248.2013-11-18Done 
137-A31Ken WhistlerAdd a cross reference from U+0023 NUMBER SIGN to U+2317 VIEWDATA SQUARE.2013-11-18DoneNames list
137-A32Rick McGowanCommunicate UTC action to submitter of L2/13-105R.2013-11-19Done 
137-A33Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd a section in UTR #36 as in L2/13-203, and move unstable links to the FAQ2013-11-18DoneUTR #36
137-A34Rick McGowanClose PRI #257.2013-11-18Done 
137-A35Rick McGowanPrepare and publish UTR #36 when ready.2013-11-18DoneUTR #36
137-A36Ken WhistlerWork with Rick to ensure that the Unicode BRS is updated for version 7.0 to reflect section 2 of document L2/13-203.2013-11-18Done 
137-A38Mark DavisFinalize UTS #39 for publication2013-11-18DoneUTS #39
137-A39Rick McGowanClose PRI #258.2013-11-18Done 
137-A40Rick McGowanPrepare and publish UTS #39 version 6.3.0 when ready.2013-11-18DoneUTS #39
137-A42Mark DavisUpdate ScriptExtensions.txt to include Syloti Nagri for 0964; and Syloti Nagri and Limbu for 0965.2014-01-14DoneUCD
137-A43Roozbeh PournaderLook into the use of dandas in these scripts: Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Sinhala.2013-11-18DoneL2/13-224
137-A46Rick McGowanCopy all feedback on the Armenian issue only (Jungshik Shin, dated Oct 4, 2013) into another document for review at the next UTC meeting. Include a reference to CLDR ticket 6736, for the committee.2014-01-30DoneL2/14-028
137-A47Rick McGowanRespond to Michael Onoff re question on UAX #44 fields (Oct 9, 2013).2013-11-19Done 
137-A49Deborah AndersonAdd to ballot comments a request to delay consideration of the 6 Siddham letter variants while possible alternatives are being discussed by experts.2014-01-10DoneBallot comments
137-A50Mani Manivannan, Shrirmana Sharma, Naga GanesanWork with experts to decide on a consistent approach to Tamil fraction names, by January 27, 2014 for the next UTC meeting.2014-01-29DoneL2/14-018, L2/14-037
137-A51Deborah AndersonAdd to ballot comments on the 4th edition 10646 that we would prefer using Lohit Tamil font as seen already in the PDAM document.2014-01-10DoneBallot comments
137-A52Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to move the codepoint for U+1137D Grantha Sign Combining Anusvara Above from U+1137D to U+11300.2013-11-25DonePipeline
137-A53Deborah AndersonAdd to ballot comments request to change the codepoint for U+1137D Grantha Sign Combining Anusvara Above from U+1137D to U+11300.2014-01-10DoneBallot comments, WG2 N4519-B
137-A54Cibu Johny, Editorial CommitteeDraft text for a PRI on Malayalam conjoining forms.2014-01-15Done 
137-A55Rick McGowanPost the PRI for Malayalam conjoining forms, to close January 27, 2014.2014-01-15DonePRI #263
137-A57Rick McGowanRespond to Andrew West re feedback on U+2B81.2013-11-19Done 
137-A58Deborah AndersonAdd to ballot comments on 4th edition re U+2B81.2014-01-10DoneBallot comments
137-A60Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for Bravanese Arabic additions.2013-11-25DonePipeline
137-A61Deborah AndersonAdd to document requesting new Bravanese Arabic additions.2014-01-10DoneWG2 N4514
137-A62Rick McGowanRespond to proposers of Bravanese, L2/13-178.2013-11-19Done 
137-A67Rick McGowanRespond to Martin Duerst re his feedback in L2/13-202 on Hangul normalization.2013-11-25Done 
137-A69Ken WhistlerAdd an annotation to U+1F12E based on Ken Lunde's feedback in L2/13-202. (Oct 28, Ken Lunde)2013-11-25DoneNames list
137-A70Rick McGowanRespond to Simon Montagu re feedback in L2/13-202 (Oct 21) that the 6.3.0 version of UTS #39 will contain both of these fixes.2013-11-25Done 
137-A72Mark DavisAdd Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Tamil to ScriptExtensions for U+0964 and U+0965, for Unicode 7.0.2014-01-14DoneUCD
137-A76Rick McGowanRespond to submitters of L2/13-218 Hungarian) to say that UTC considered their proposal in L2/13-218 and decided to take no action.2013-11-25Done 

From UTC #136

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
136-A2Mark DavisChange the script property of U+A92E KAYAH LI SIGN CWI to "Common" and add ScriptExtension properties of Latin, Kayah Li, and Myanmar. (Unicode 7.0)2014-01-14DoneUCD
136-A3Mark DavisIn reference to L2/13-142, look at disentangling the name space limitations from loose matching. (retargeted to UTC #138)2014-01-29DoneL2/14-035
136-A6Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeReview feedback on UTS #18 L2/13-134 (and PRI #252) and make any necessary editorial updates.2013-11-18DoneUTS #18
136-A8Rick McGowanPublish approved/updated UTS #18.2013-11-19DoneUTS #18
136-A10Deborah AndersonDiscuss L2/13-140 with Jost Gippert.2013-11-06DoneL2/13-213
136-A20Laurentiu IancuProduce a list of the duplicate and missing (non-binary) @missing entries for future discussion.2013-11-06DoneL2/13-215
136-A38Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeReview Dave Thompson's error report in L2/13-134 for TR #36.2013-11-06DoneUTR #36
136-A39Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd "| U+FF1F" to the IDS syntax section of the core specification to bring it into alignment with 10646, for Unicode 7.0.2013-11-01DoneUnicode text
136-A42Andrew Glass, Deborah AndersonDraft a document suggesting an alternative way of representing the required variants involving the Siddham sign "u" and "uu".2013-11-06DoneL2/13-189
136-A45Deborah AndersonAdd to the US ballot comments a comment supporting the position in L2/13-171 regarding Collection 288 MLS.2014-01-10DoneBallot comments
136-A48Michael EversonProvide a font for 3 new Arabic letters to Michel Suignard.2013-11-06Done 
136-A49Roozbeh PournaderUpdate L2/13-130 per discussion in UTC and forward to WG2.2013-11-06DoneWG2 N4474
136-A56Michael EversonProvide a font to Michel Suignard for two combining Cyrillic letters.2013-11-06Done 

From UTC #135

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
135-A8Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteePublish new version of UTS #46, to synchronize with Unicode 6.3.2013-11-14DoneUTS #46
135-A26Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate deferred (orange) comments from L2/13-109 into UCA 7.0.2013-12-11DoneUTS #10
135-A88Shriramana SharmaWork with Michel Suignard and Rick McGowan regarding font for 55 new Tamil characters. (post 7.0)2013-11-06Done 
135-A122Mark DavisMake changes in draft data files for UTS #39 in accordance with the recommendations in L2/13-070R and discussion in committee.2013-11-07DoneUTS #39
135-A123Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of UTS #39 based on L2/13-070R as amended in discussion.2013-11-07DoneUTS #39
135-A129Cibu Johny, Roozbeh PournaderCreate a new proposal on Malayalam conjuncts for the November 2013 UTC meeting.2013-11-14DoneL2/13-219

From UTC #134

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
134-A12Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Buginese block intro to indicate use of JAVANESE PANGRANGKEP instead of ARABIC-INDIC DIGIT TWO, and update description of Buginese virama; for Unicode 7.0.2013-12-09DoneUnicode text
134-A56Michel Suignard, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTR #36 for PEP 383 issue reported by Roger Costello, including reference to the character U+D881. Feedback Jan 23, 2013, L2/13-013.2013-11-06DoneUTR #36
134-A71Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeCreate a proposed update of UTS #39 based on L2/13-038.2013-11-01DoneUTS #39
134-A72Rick McGowanPost the PRI / update of UTS #39 to close July 22, 2013. (close date changed to October 28, 2013)2013-11-01DonePRI #258
134-A86Roozbeh PournaderSubmit a request to the ISO 15924 registry to add "Mende Kikakui" as an alias for "Mende".2013-11-14Done 

From UTC #133

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
133-A45Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeWork with Chris Little to update the block intro for Old Italic based on L2/12-386, for Unicode 6.3. (retargeted for 7.0)2013-11-01DoneUnicode text
133-A46Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeUpdate figure 14-1 of TUS based on information in L2/12-386, for Unicode 6.3. (retargeted for 7.0)2013-11-01DoneUnicode text

From UTC #132

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
132-A128Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeDocument in the Unicode Standard that characters of numeric type "decimal" are stored most significant digit first, for Unicode 6.3. (retargeted for 7.0)2013-12-09DoneUnicode text

From UTC #126

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
126-A64Debbie AndersonFollow up with authors of Mandombe proposal L2/11-053 regarding their copyright and patent claims.2013-11-06Done 
126-A65Mark DavisGive the Coptic Epact Numbers the script property value Common in a future version of the standard, after 6.2.2014-01-14DoneUCD
126-A66Mark DavisGive the Coptic Epact Numbers the Script Extension Arabic and Coptic in a future version of the standard, after 6.2.2014-01-14DoneUCD

From UTC #123

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
123-A86Debbie AndersonWork with Peri Bhaskararao to provide information on minimal pairs with Yaphalaa for Bengali.2013-11-06Done