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From UTC #139

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
139-A2Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeReview the web pages (http://www.unicode.org/versions/index.html) and make any necessary changes for documentation of release numbers.2014-06-16Done 
139-A4Lisa MooreAdd agenda item B.14.1, L2/13-240 to the agenda for the next UTC.2014-07-29DoneAgenda
139-A5Mark DavisUpdate Scripts.txt and ScriptExtensions.txt to change U+1BCA0..U+1BCA3 to Script=Common, ScriptExtensions=Duployan, for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-19DoneUCD
139-A6Rick McGowan, Van AndersonCheck script behavior of shorthand format controls in the UTN for Duployan.2014-07-08DoneUTN #37
139-A8Rick McGowanPublish UTS #46 for Unicode 7.0.2014-06-16DoneUTS #46
139-A9Rick McGowanClose PRI #264.2014-06-03DonePRI #264
139-A10Rick McGowanRespond to Lina Kemmel's feedback on PRI #265. Copy Steven Loomis and Lisa Moore on the reply.2014-05-19Done 
139-A12Rick McGowanRespond to Steve Rowe on his feedback to UAX #29 PRI #265.2014-05-19Done 
139-A13Rick McGowanReply to Karl Williamson to say we are updating the text of UAX #31 discussion of middle dot based on his feedback. See PRI #270 feedback.2014-05-19Done 
139-A14aMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate text of UAX #31 re middle dot.2014-05-20DoneUAX #31
139-A14bMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Table 2 in UAX #31 to align derivation with DerivedCoreProperties.txt and point to Section 2.5.2014-05-20DoneUAX #31
139-A15Rick McGowanReply to Matthias Bynens, we will be updating the documentation based on his feedback to PRI #270.2014-05-19Done 
139-A17Deborah AndersonCreate a revision of L2/14-089 and forward to the IRG.2014-05-20Done 
139-A19John JenkinsReview feedback from Emmanuel Vallois in PRI #266 and update Unihan data appropriately.2014-05-19DoneUCD
139-A19aJohn Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate text re kDefaultSortKey in UAX #38 description, Section 2.1. To fix error noted by Vallois.2014-05-19DoneUAX #38
139-A20Rick McGowanRespond to Emmanuel Vallois that feedback on PRI #266 will be considered.2014-05-19Done 
139-A22John JenkinsIn Unihan, update "H3" to "H" for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-19DoneUCD
139-A23John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the kIRG_HSource regex and description in UAX #38, for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-19DoneUAX #38
139-A24John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeReview the feedback from Emmanuel Vallois for PRI #269 on the value of the status field and fix the UAX #45 for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-19DoneUAX #45
139-A25John JenkinsReview the feedback from Emmanuel Vallois for PRI #269 and fix USourceData.txt for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-19DoneUCD
139-A26Rick McGowanRespond to Emmanuel Vallois re feedback on PRI #269 that the file(s) will be updated based on feedback.2014-05-19Done 
139-A27Rick McGowanUpdate UAXes, UTS #10, UTS #39, UAX #29, UTS #46 from SVN and post as the revised update when Mark has finished editing -- Prior to 7.0 release.2014-06-03Done 
139-A28Rick McGowanRespond to Ken Karlsson's feedback on danda in Limbu.2014-05-19Done 
139-A29Mark DavisRemove U+061C from ScriptExtensions.txt for Unicode 7.02014-05-19DoneUCD
139-A30Rick McGowanReply to Asmus Freytag's feedback on adding Deva to U+02BC.2014-06-05Done 
139-A31Lisa MooreAdd L2/14-090 (New Tai Lue) to the agenda for August 2014 UTC meeting.2014-07-29DoneAgenda
139-A32Lisa MooreAdd L2/14-108 (Khamti) to the agenda for August 2014 UTC meeting.2014-07-29DoneAgenda
139-A33Mark DavisAdd Khudawadi (Script code "Sind") to ScriptExtensions.txt A830..A839 for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-19DoneUCD
139-A35Mark DavisAdd Grantha, Khudawadi, Tirhuta, Mahajani, and Sinhala to ScriptExtensions.txt for Danda and Double Danda (U+0965, U+0965).2014-05-19DoneUCD
139-A36Rick McGowanRespond to Srinidhi re feedback in L2/14-102.2014-05-19Done 
139-A38Mark DavisAdd Mahajani (Mahj) to ScriptExtensions.txt for 0966..096F, for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-19DoneUCD
139-A41Rick McGowanExtend PRIs #272 and #273 to July 28, 2014.2014-05-19DonePRI #272, PRI #273
139-A42Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeEdit UTS #10 according to feedback from Per Starbäck in PRI #260, and other feedback from discussion in UTC.2014-05-23DoneUTS #10
139-A43Rick McGowanReply to Per Starbäck that his feedback is accepted will appear in an update.2014-05-19Done 
139-A44Rick McGowanPost final UTS #10 for Unicode Version 7.0.2014-06-16Done 
139-A45Rick McGowanClose PRI #260.2014-05-19DonePRI #260
139-A46Markus Scherer, Mark DavisPrepare a proposal to OWG-Sort to remove the Cyrillic Contractions, for consideration at the August 2014 UTC meeting.2014-05-19Done 
139-A47Lisa MooreAdd L2/14-106 to the agenda for the August 2014 UTC meeting.2014-07-29DoneAgenda
139-A48Shervin AfsharWork with Katrina Parrott to map her proposed emoji to emoji already encoded, and report on things that cannot be mapped. For the August 2014 UTC meeting.2014-07-22DoneL2/14-154
139-A49Rick McGowanRespond to the proposer of L2/14-092 (Gorilla emoji). 2014-05-19Done 
139-A50Mark Davis, Peter EdbergUpdate the working draft of UTR #51, Unicode Emoji, based on feedback from discussions for the August 2014 UTC meeting.2014-06-03DoneUTR #51
139-A51Lisa MooreAdd D5 Grantha topics to the August 2014 UTC agenda.2014-07-29DoneAgenda
139-A52Rick McGowanRespond to Ramadan re L2/14-107.2014-05-19Done 
139-A53Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeAdd a link to the power symbols proposal to our proposal page as an example.2014-06-05Done 
139-A54Rick McGowanRespond to Emmanuel Vallois re feedback on PRI #262.2014-05-19Done 
139-A55Rick McGowanClose PRI numbers 261, 262, 265, 267, 268, 269, 270, 274, 275. 2014-05-19Done 
139-A56Rick McGowanPost the approved UAXes for 7.0.2014-06-16Done 
139-A57Rick McGowanClose PRI #271.2014-05-19DonePRI #271
139-A58Rick McGowanRespond to CE Whitehead that the feedback on UTR #51 draft will be passed along to the editor.2014-05-19Done 
139-A69Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 4 alternate Siddham letters.2014-05-23DonePipeline
139-A70Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 2 alternate Siddham vowel signs.2014-05-23DonePipeline
139-A74Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for Tangut.2014-05-23DonePipeline
139-A75Lisa MooreAdd Nushu to the agenda for the next UTC meeting, and relevant documents.2014-07-29DoneAgenda
139-A76Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for U+A7AE.2014-05-23DonePipeline
139-A77Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for 5 Mongolian Head Marks. (dup of 138-A096)2014-05-23ClosedPipeline
139-A78Deborah AndersonAdd to document requesting new additions. (dup of 138-A097)2014-05-23Closed 
139-A79Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for Bhaiksuki.2014-05-23DonePipeline
139-A81Deborah AndersonSend a font for Bhaiksuki to Michel Suignard.2014-05-20Done 
139-A83Deborah AndersonRespond to proposers of L2/14-087 with issues raised in discussion.2014-05-20Done 
139-A85Rick McGowanRespond to submitters of feedback on PRI #263 to thank them for their comments.2014-05-19Done 
139-A88Rick McGowanClose PRI #263.2014-05-19DonePRI #263
139-A89Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for move of Malayalam Sign Para.2014-05-23DonePipeline
139-A90Koji Ishii, Editorial CommitteeCreate the proposed update UTR #50.2014-07-08DoneUTR #50
139-A91Rick McGowanPost a PRI for the UTR #50 update, to close July 28, 2014.2014-07-08DonePRI #278
139-A92Ken WhistlerUpdate the 2 data files IndicSyllabicCategory.txt and IndicMatraCategory.txt in the UCD for Unicode 7.0 based on data files accompanying L2/14-126R.2014-05-19DoneUCD
139-A93Mark DavisUpdate the list of aliases in PropertyValueAliases.txt to reflect the additions in the data file for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-19DoneUCD
139-A94Eric MullerUpdate UAX #42 to reflect the list of aliases in PropertyValueAliases.txt to reflect the additions in the data file for Unicode 7.0.2014-06-05DoneUAX #42
139-A96Rick McGowanClose the PRI numbers 261, 262, 265, 266, 267, 268, 269, 270, 274, and 275, for the Unicode 7.0 release.2014-05-19ClosedDuplicate
139-A97Rick McGowanPost the final approved annexes for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-19ClosedDuplicate
139-A98Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRelease Unicode 7.0.2014-06-16Done 
139-A99Rick McGowanClose PRI #271.2014-05-19ClosedDuplicate
139-A100Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+1123E Khojki Sign Sukun2014-05-23DonePipeline
139-A102Deborah AndersonSend an revised Khojki font to Michel Suignard.2014-05-20Done 
139-A104Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/14-086 that the proposal is under review by the committee.2014-05-19Done 
139-A105Rick McGowanRespond to the author of L2/14-077 that the proposal is under review by the committee.2014-05-19Done 
139-A106Lisa MooreAdd C.6 Unifon and L2/14-104 Warsh Orthography to the August 2014 UTC meeting.2014-07-29DoneAgenda

From UTC #138

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
138-A21Mark DavisAdd Ruble Sign (and Armenian letter) to confusables for UTS #39, Version 7.0.2014-05-23DoneUTS #39
138-A23Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeProvide a background document for a PRI reconciling Script and Script_Extensions, updated from L2/13-240 and the discussion in UTC. See Consensus 138-C8. Due August, 2014.2014-07-08DoneUTC #140
138-A24Rick McGowanPost PRI for Script and Script_Extensions to close July 28, 2014. See Consensus 138-C8.2014-07-08DonePRI #277
138-A26Lisa MooreAdd the discussion of section (B) of L2/13-240 to UTC agenda for next meeting.2014-05-02DoneAgenda
138-A29Mark DavisAdd an invariant test to check that STerm is a proper subset of Terminal_Punctuation, for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-27DoneInvariants
138-A48Mark DavisModify the code and regenerate the IDNAMappingTable.txt, per consensus 138-C17 for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-06DoneUTS #46
138-A50Mark DavisUpdate the documentation of the IDNA Status field in IDNATest.txt, for Unicode 7.0. See L2/13-236.2014-05-06DoneUTS #46
138-A51Mark DavisModify the code in the test generation for IDNA Test for XV8 and the documentation in the header, for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-06DoneUTS #46
138-A54Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeTake the info in L2/14-002 on Grantha virama to Editorial Committee for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-06DoneUnicode text
138-A55Lisa MooreAdd L2/14-020 to the agenda for the next UTC meeting.2014-05-02DoneAgenda
138-A59Mark Davis, Peter EdbergCreate a working draft emoji Technical Report, for the May 2014 UTC meeting.2014-05-06DoneL2/14-093
138-A85Deborah AndersonFollow up with Shriramana Sharma re Zanabazar Square comments. See L2/14-032, L2/14-033.2014-05-07Done 
138-A99Andrew GlassProvide the missing font for new Mongolian characters to Michel Suignard.2014-05-06Done 

From UTC #137

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
137-A18Mark Davis, Laurentiu IancuReview invariant tests and make fixes for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-06DoneInvariants
137-A21Mark DavisCoordinate an ad-hoc committee to look at emoji style default issues and variation selectors.2014-06-03DoneUTC #138
137-A37Mark DavisPrepare a version 6.3.1 proposed update of UTS #39 with data tables that include the 55 characters listed in 5.A and section 4 additions of document L2/13-203, and the new confusables after review by Michel Suignard and Roozbeh Pournader. (Retargeted to 7.0.)2014-05-23DoneUTS #39
137-A71Cibu JohnyRespond to Ajith R on his Malayalam feedback of Oct 29, 2013 in L2/13-202.2014-05-07Done 
137-A75Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate section 7.1 of the core specification based on L2/13-225, for Unicode 7.0.2014-07-08DoneUnicode text

From UTC #136

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
136-A21Roozbeh Pournader, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the Arabic section of the core specification to say that lam-alef ligatures are not obligatory; for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-06DoneUnicode text
136-A44Koji Ishii, Editorial CommitteeInclude information on the orientation for Mongolian and Phags-pa in the next update of UTR #50.2014-05-09DoneUTR #50
136-A62Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeReflect WG2 resolution 61.05 in the text of the core spec, for Unicode 7.0. (Double-check changes of references for Korean standards.)2014-05-14DoneUnicode text

From UTC #135

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
135-A17Deborah Anderson, Thomas MiloWork with Osman on the Uyghur proposal. See L2/13-071.2014-05-06Closed 

From UTC #134

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
134-A35Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the Indic block descriptions based on section 1 of L2/12-106, for Unicode version 7.0.2014-07-23DoneUnicode text
134-A47Michel SuignardChange the format of IICore in the Unihan database, according to L2/13-017, for Unicode 7.0.2014-05-06DoneUnihan
134-A50Michel SuignardProvide a proposed specification for the file structure of Unihan for 7.0.2014-05-06DoneUnihan
134-A68aRoozbeh Pournader, Behdad Esfahbod, Editorial CommitteeProvide updated text for Mongolian (re U+180E) for Unicode 7.0.2014-07-22DoneUnicode text

From UTC #133

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
133-A8Martin Hosken, Debbie Anderson, Editorial CommitteeCreate draft text for an update to the Thai block description covering the characters discussed in L2/10-451, for version 6.3. (retargeted for 7.0)2014-07-22DoneUnicode text

From UTC #132

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
132-A52Mark DavisAdd an invariant test for stability, motion 132-M3. (Retargetted for 7.0.)2014-05-27DoneInvariants
132-A55Mark DavisCheck Mende numbers for confusables. U+1E8D1 - U+1E8D9; see motion 132-M4. (Unicode 7.0)2014-05-23DoneUTS #39

From UTC #131

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
131-A10Mark DavisAdd to the invariant tests, a check on the kMandarin and KTotalStrokes properties.2015-06-02DoneInvariants
131-A19Mark DavisResearch adding U+20BA and U+3082 (hiragana mo) to list of confusables.2014-05-23DoneUTS #39
131-A23Mark DavisReview Warang Citi repertoire for confusables. (post 6.2)2014-05-23DoneUTS #39
131-A31Markus SchererProvide a tool that tests for missing prefix contractions in CLDR tailorings. (Moved to a CLDR ticket: http://unicode.org/cldr/trac/ticket/7403 )2014-05-14ClosedCLDR

From UTC #128

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
128-A91Mark DavisAdd the U+2E40 DOUBLE HYPHEN to the list of confusables. (after Unicode 6.2)2014-05-23DoneUTS #39
128-A92aMark DavisSee L2/11-241 for additions to confusables after Unicode 6.2.2014-05-23DoneUTS #39
128-A95Mark DavisResearch Teutonista repertoire for additions to confusables. (See 1AB0..1ABE, AB30..AB5F.)2014-05-23DoneUTS #39

From UTC #126

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
126-A86Mark DavisAdd U+08A1 ARABIC LETTER BEH WITH HAMZA ABOVE to list of confusables, when it has been encoded in the standard. (after Unicode 6.2)2014-05-23DoneUTS #39

From UTC #124

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
124-A139Van Anderson, Rick McGowanProduce a UTN describing the Duployan shorthand rendering.2014-07-08DoneUTN #37