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From UTC #141

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
141-A1Rick McGowanRespond to Michael Bobeck re L2/14-185 saying that UTC declines to change the glyph for Greek Yot.2014-11-17Done 
141-A3Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/14-229.2014-11-14Done 
141-A7Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteePrepare a PRI for proposed draft UTR #51, Unicode Emoji.2014-11-11DoneUTR #51
141-A8Rick McGowanPost PRI for UTR #51 to close January 26, 2015.2014-11-11DonePRI #286
141-A9Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include name changes for 1F3FB..1F3FF. See 141-C5.2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A11Deborah AndersonAdd to ballot on PDAM 2 a comment that the repertoire of Extension F needs to be updated to reflect the last minute change to remove 49 characters.2014-11-11DoneBallot comments
141-A12Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline. U+9FCD to U+9FE9.2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A13Ken WhistlerAdd 9FCD to 9FD5 to UnicodeData.txt for Unicode 8.0.2014-11-11DoneUCD
141-A14John JenkinsAdd 9FCD to 9FD5 to Unihan for Unicode 8.0.2014-12-02DoneUCD
141-A15John JenkinsUpdate UAX #45 data files with the new UCI-01199 as given in L2/14-260.2014-12-03DoneUAX #45
141-A16John JenkinsAdd "kJa" as a provisional field to Unihan for Unicode 8.0, per L2/14-149. See page 3, note 4.2014-12-02DoneUCD
141-A17John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeAdd documentation of "kJa" to UAX #38 for Unicode 8.0.2014-12-03DoneUAX #38
141-A19Deborah AndersonAdd to ballot comments on PDAM2 a request to hold the "Moji-joho-kiban ideographs" until F1 and F2 are encoded.2014-11-11DoneBallot comments
141-A21Ken WhistlerUpdate the UnicodeData.txt file to include the five FITZPATRICK characters.2014-11-11DoneUCD
141-A24Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeIntegrate the suggestions in L2/14-230 as appropriate into UTS #10.2014-11-21DoneUTS #10
141-A25Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #10 based on feedback in L2/14-277 for Unicode 8.0 version.2014-11-21Done 
141-A26Rick McGowanRespond to Dmitry S. re (both) feedback in L2/14-277 to say that we will take action on the errors he reported.2014-11-17Done 
141-A27Rick McGowanExtend PRI #285 to January 26, 2015.2014-11-11DonePRI #285
141-A29Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate text regarding Script and Script_Extensions property assignments in UAX #24, for Unicode 8.0.2014-11-19DoneUAX #24
141-A35Rick McGowanClose PRI #277. Policy B will be adopted.2014-11-11DonePRI #277
141-A37Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include addition of Tangut U+17132.2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A38Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for move of six Tamil archaic characters from U+0BDF, U+0BFB..U+0BFF in the Tamil block to U+11FF0..U+11FF5 in the Tamil Supplement block.2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A39Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to change the name of character at U+11A29 from ZANABAZAR SQUARE LETTER SMALL A to ZANABAZAR SQUARE LETTER -A.2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A40Ken WhistlerChange the name of block "Glagolitic Extended-A" to "Glagolitic Supplement".2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A41Deborah AndersonAdd to ballot comments request to fix Glagolitic names.2014-11-11DoneBallot comments
141-A43Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 7 emoji characters from L2/14-235R2.2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A46Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include seven new emoji characters from L2/14-272R2.2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A48Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 6 new emoji characters from L2/14-273R.2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A49Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 16 new emoji characters from L2/14-284R.2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A51Rick McGowanRespond to Glenn Adams on feedback to UAX #9, PRI #279.2014-11-17Done 
141-A52Mark Davis, Andrew Glass, Aharon Lanin, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #9 based on discussions.2015-01-09DoneUAX #9
141-A53Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include Adlam script. See L2/14-219R.2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A56Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include Osage script. See L2/14-214.2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A61Rick McGowanExtend four PRIs to January 26, 2015. (280, 282, 283, 284)2014-11-11Done 
141-A63Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 92 Newa characters at U+11400..U+1145D2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A66Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+1DFB Combining Deletion Mark2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A68Rick McGowanProvide the Newa font to Michel Suignard.2014-11-11Done 
141-A69Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt for U+19B0..U+19C0, U+19C8..U+19C9, changing from General Category from Mc to Lo. For Unicode 8.0.2014-11-11DoneUCD
141-A70Ken WhistlerUpdate DUCET for Unicode 8.0 to add 176 prebase vowel plus initial consonant contractions for New Tai Lue.2014-11-17DoneUCA
141-A71Roozbeh PournaderUpdate Indic Syllabic and Positional categories for New Tai Lue.2014-12-17DoneUCD
141-A75Rick McGowanClose PRI #281, indicating that New Tai Lue will be updated for Unicode 8.0.2014-11-11DonePRI #281
141-A77Rick McGowanRespond to those who submitted feedback on UTS #18 in L2/14-277.2014-11-17Done 
141-A78Rick McGowanCopy all of the feedback on UAX #31 that is in L2/14-277 into the open PRI #282 for UAX #31.2014-11-17DonePRI #282
141-A80Rick McGowanForward feedback from Samuel Bronson in L2/14-277 to Ken Lunde for review/consideration.2014-11-17Done 
141-A81Rick McGowanForward feedback from Markus Scherer in L2/14-277 (Mon Jul 14 15:29:43 CDT 2014) to John Jenkins for review and consideration.2014-11-17Done 
141-A83Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Daniel Klein on Sinhala.2014-11-17Done 
141-A84Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Christian Lerch on age property in L2/14-277.2014-11-17Done 
141-A85Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 13 Mongolian characters at U+11660..U+1166C and rescind the five Mongolian characters at U+181A..U+181E.2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A86Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 6 symbol characters U+1F260..U+1F265.2014-11-11DonePipeline
141-A90Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+08B8 Arabic Letter Teh With Small Teh Above2014-11-11DonePipeline

From UTC #140

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
140-A18Mark Davis, Peter EdbergUpdate WD UTR #51 based on input received, for the October 2014 UTC.2014-11-25DoneUTR #51
140-A47Mark DavisTalk to Facebook and Twitter to see if they would like to get more involved.2014-11-11Closed 
140-A48Van AndersonRelay feedback to author of Pitman proposal.2014-11-11Closed 
140-A56Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate an erratum for Mandaic shaping, based on L2/14-194.2014-10-22Done 
140-A80Roozbeh PournaderCommunicate UTC feedback on L2/14-202 to Behdad.2014-11-11Done 
140-A92Roozbeh PournaderRespond to Lateef Sagar Shaikh about L2/14-148, update the proposal and send to WG2. 2014-11-11Done 
140-A95Deborah Anderson, Roozbeh Pournader, Andrew Glass, Peter ConstableDiscuss how to represent Grantha chillus, and create a recommendation for the next UTC meeting. See D.3 of agenda L2/14-176.2014-11-11DoneL2/14/268
140-A115Peter Edberg, Mark DavisUpdate L2/14-172, 173, 174 and post as R versions.2014-11-11Done 
140-A123Rick McGowanCreate a new document for unreviewed feedback in L2/14-179 and request an agenda item for the October UTC.2014-11-11DoneL2/14-277

From UTC #139

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
139-A21John JenkinsMake the change to kDefaultSortkey requested by Markus Scherer in the April 30 feedback on PRI #266, for Unicode 8.0.2014-12-17DoneUAX #38

From UTC #138

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
138-A6John Jenkins, Ken LundeRelay UTC concerns with creating a new Z-Source back to IRG.2014-11-25Done 

From UTC #131

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
131-A10Mark DavisAdd to the invariant tests, a check on the kMandarin and KTotalStrokes properties.2015-06-02DoneInvariants

From UTC #129

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
129-A11Peter Constable, Editorial CommitteeProvide suggested text to edcom to contextualize the Hangul breaking in Section 8 (and highlight the Old Korean treatment better). (deferred to 7.0 --> 8.0)2014-10-29ClosedUAX #29