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From UTC #143

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
143-A4aMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeChange the case of PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR in the 2nd bullet of L1 (of draft 5 of UAX #9) to clarify that it refers to the bidi class, not the character U+2029.2015-05-20 DoneUAX #9
143-A5Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeCreate a structure "unicode.org/emoji" for charts and other information, and move most of UTR #51 Annex A to that location.2015-05-18 DoneUTR #51
143-A6Ken WhistlerAdd 12 keycap sequences to NamedSequencesProv.txt for Unicode 8.0.2015-05-14 DoneUCD
143-A7Mark DavisRemove U+2388 HELM SYMBOL from emoji-data.txt.2015-05-20 DoneUTR #51
143-A8Deborah AndersonAdd the 12 provisional named sequences to the doc requesting future additions.2015-05-21 DoneL2/15-157
143-A9Rick McGowanRespond to Alex Hong's feedback on UTR #51.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A10Rick McGowanRespond to Lucas Welti feedback on UTR #51.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A11Rick McGowanRespond to Peter Mawhorter feedback on UTR #51.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A12Rick McGowanRespond to Eric Andrew Lewis feedback on UTR #51.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A13Mark DavisUpdate the text of StandardizedVariants.html to indicate that the color images are purely illustrative; and point to UTR #51 for details for more information.2015-05-18 DoneUCD
143-A14Rick McGowanRespond to Anton J. Doss and William Lipa feedback on UTR #51.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A15Rick McGowanRespond to William Overington feedback on UTR #51.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A18Rick McGowanMake a glyph for OBSERVER EYE symbol and forward to Michel Suignard.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A19Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+2BD2 GROUP MARK.2015-05-15 DonePipeline
143-A20Deborah AndersonAdd U+2BD2 GROUP MARK, with the left glyph on page 9 of L2/15-083 to doc requesting future additions.2015-05-21 DoneL2/15-157
143-A21Rick McGowanObtain a font for U+2BD2 GROUP MARK and forward to Michel Suignard.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A22Rick McGowanWork with author of L2/15-083 to update proposal.2015-05-15 DoneL2/15-083R
143-A25Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the Kannada block intro for Unicode 8.0 with info in document L2/15-127.2015-06-24 DoneUnicode text
143-A27Rick McGowanRespond to Karl Williamson on his feedback for UAX #29 (Feb 8, 2015 and Thu Apr 30, 2015) in L2/15-144.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A29Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to add Masaram Gondi U+11D00..U+11D5F.2015-05-15 DonePipeline
143-A30Deborah AndersonAdd Masaram Gondi U+11D00..U+11D5F to document requesting future additions.2015-05-21 DoneL2/15-157
143-A31Anshuman PandeySend the Masaram Gondi font to Michel Suignard.2015-06-08 Done 
143-A32Anshuman PandeySubmit revised proposal for Masaram Gondi U+11D00..U+11D5F.2015-06-08 Done 
143-A33Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Kulpreet Chilana on PRI #294.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A34Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Ryusei Yamaguchi on PRI #294.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A35Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Scott Boone on PRI #294.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A36Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Marius Spix on PRI #294.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A37Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Andrew West on PRI #294.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A38Peter EdbergProduce a summary document of resolution for PRI #294.2015-05-14 DoneL2/15-151
143-A39Ken WhistlerPrepare a proposed change for Sign Writing in DUCET for UCA 9.0 which addresses feedback from Steve Slevinski in L2/15-144.2015-07-21 DoneL2/15-184, UCA
143-A40Deborah AndersonRespond to PRI #285 feedback from Steve Slevinski in L2/15-144.2015-06-08 Done 
143-A42Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate feedback in L2/15-108 for UTS #10 in version 8.0.2015-05-28 DoneUTS #10
143-A43Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to add 6 Gujarati signs.2015-05-15 DonePipeline
143-A44Deborah AndersonAdd 6 Gujarati signs to document requesting future additions. 2015-05-21 DoneL2/15-157
143-A45Anshuman PandeySend the font to Michel Suignard for 6 Gujarati signs. 2015-06-08 Done 
143-A46Anshuman PandeyUpdate proposal for 6 Gujarati signs and submit.2015-06-08 Done 
143-A48Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to add 11 Syriac letters for Garshuni.2015-05-15 DonePipeline
143-A49Deborah AndersonAdd 11 Syriac letters for Garshuni to document requesting future additions.2015-05-21 DoneL2/15-157
143-A50Anshuman PandeyUpdate proposal for 11 Syriac letters for Garshuni and submit.2015-06-08 Done 
143-A51Anshuman PandeyProvide font to Michel Suignard for 11 Syriac letters for Garshuni.2015-06-08 Done 
143-A53Deborah AndersonRespond to Sahu on L2/15-091.2015-05-21 Done 
143-A55Rick McGowanRespond to Richard Wordingham's feedback on PRI #297.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A56Rick McGowanRespond to R.S. Wihananto's feedback on PRI #297.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A57Laurențiu Iancu, Ken WhistlerCheck the annotation for U+1DA8B SIGNWRITING PARENTHESIS based on David Corbett's feedback (Fri Mar 13, 2015).2015-05-14 DoneNames list
143-A58Rick McGowanRespond to David Corbett's feedback on PRI #297.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A59Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeReview 2 pieces of feedback on Devanagari from Shreevatsa R, for Unicode 8.0.2015-05-22 DoneUnicode text
143-A60Rick McGowanRespond to Shreevatsa R's feedback's feedback on PRI #297.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A61Rick McGowanRespond to Nick Lawson's feedback's feedback on PRI #297.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A63Ken WhistlerAdd the alias "hanukiah" to U+1F54E in NamesList.txt, for Unicode 8.0.2015-05-14 DoneNames list
143-A66Rick McGowanRespond to the proposer of L2/15-152 and L2/15-153.2015-05-20 Done 
143-A67Ken WhistlerMake annotation changes based on L2/15-151 for Unicode 8.0.2015-05-14 DoneNames list
143-A68Rick McGowanClose PRI #294.2015-05-14 Done 
143-A69Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Charles Cox on PRI #295 (Fri Feb 27 2015).2015-05-15 Done 
143-A70Rick McGowan, Lisa MooreRespond to feedback from Suzuki Toshiya on PRI #295, referencing Michel Suignard's disposition of comments, page 7, as guidance on how to respond.2015-06-05 Done 
143-A71Rick McGowanClose PRI #295.2015-05-14 Done 
143-A72Mark DavisUpdate PropList.txt for Unicode 8.0 to un-deprecate the tags U+E0020..U+E007E.2015-05-18 DoneUCD
143-A73Ken WhistlerUpdate the NamesList.txt annotations for the Tag Character block, for Unicode 8.0.2015-05-14 DoneNames list
143-A74Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #44 to indicate the change in deprecation status, for Unicode 8.0. (checked, not needed)2015-05-14 DoneUAX #44
143-A75Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTR #51 for the new mechanism for flags for Unicode 8.0.2015-05-15 ClosedUTR #51
143-A76Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the core specification Section 23.9 on Deprecated Tags for Unicode 8.0.2015-06-11 DoneUnicode text
143-A77Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeHighlight change for tags in section in Migration on the landing page, for Unicode 8.0.2015-06-15 DoneWebsite
143-A78Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the language tag FAQ on the website.2015-07-01 DoneFAQ
143-A80Ken LundeWork with IRG on encoding the urgently needed CJK character documented in L2/15-109.2015-06-08 DoneL2/15-155
143-A81Ken LundeContact Chinese National Body regarding the character documented in L2/15-114.2015-06-08 DoneL2/15-155
143-A82John JenkinsAdd the two urgently needed characters documented in L2/15-109 and L2/15-114 to UAX #45, USource Data and USource Glyphs for Unicode 8.0.2015-05-20 DoneUAX #45
143-A83Ken LundeSend the request to add 93 characters to the Chinese National Body. See L2/15-098.2015-06-08 Done 
143-A85John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeDocument in UAX #38 that the kMandarin and kTotalStrokes fields are targeted for use by CLDR collation and transliteration, for Unicode 8.0.2015-06-01 DoneUAX #38
143-A86Peter EdbergSupply the data for changes to kMandarin readings to John Jenkins, for Unicode 9.0.2015-05-21 DoneUnihan
143-A89Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteePrepare the draft of UTR #51 Revision 2 draft 10 for publication.2015-06-05 DoneUTR #51
143-A90Rick McGowanPost the final approved version of UTR #51 based on Revision 2 draft 10.2015-06-15 Done 
143-A91Rick McGowanClose PRI #293.2015-05-14 Done 
143-A92Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTR #23, Revision 10 draft 1 for publication.2015-06-01 DoneUTR #23
143-A93Rick McGowanPost final version of UTR #23.2015-06-01 Done 
143-A94Rick McGowanClose PRI #280.2015-05-14 Done 
143-A95Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 38 emoji characters with glyphs, properties, and codepoints as documented in L2/15-054R4.2015-05-15 DonePipeline
143-A96Deborah AndersonAdd 38 emoji characters as documented in L2/15-054R4 to the document requesting future additions.2015-05-21 DoneL2/15-157
143-A100Rick McGowanClose PRI #291.2015-05-14 Done 
143-A104Mark DavisRemove the MSR changes listed in L2/15-147. (for the 8.0 version of data files for UTS #39)2015-05-18 DoneUTS #39
143-A106Rick McGowanClose PRIs 279, 282, 283, 284, 285, 287, 288, 289, 290, 291, 292, 296, 297, 298.2015-05-14 Done 
143-A107Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteePrepare final publication documents for all UAXes and UTSes for Unicode 8.0.2015-06-05 Done 
143-A108Rick McGowanRespond to John Cowan's feedback in L2/15-033.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A110Rick McGowanDouble-check to make sure we responded to feedback from Joshua Dong in L2/15-019.2015-05-15 Done 
143-A111Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeDo the release for Unicode 8.0.2015-06-17 Done 

From UTC #142

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
142-A3Ken WhistlerReview proposed items 1-6 of document L2/15-014 and make specific recommendations to the UTC.2015-07-20 DoneL2/15-182
142-A38Anshuman PandeySend a font for Soyombo to Michel Suignard.2015-05-11 Done 
142-A49Michael EversonProvide a font for U+23FF OBSERVER EYE SYMBOL, and forward it to Michel Suignard. (superseded by 143-A018)2015-05-15 Closed 
142-A52Mark DavisConsider feedback from Véronique Dejeux in L2/15-019 in confusables.txt in the update of UTS #39 coordinated with Unicode 8.0. (moot with table changes)2015-05-02 ClosedUTS #39
142-A54Peter EdbergRemand L2/15-006 to the emoji subcommittee.2015-05-11 Done 
142-A55Mark DavisIn the UTR #51 draft, look at moving external links to the media list and redirect. And make sure there are no links to UNIDATA. Instead use latest.2015-05-18 DoneUTR #51
142-A57Laurențiu Iancu, Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeDocument in the core spec the behavior of combining letters above in manuscript traditions (Cyrillic and Glagolitic).2015-06-10 DoneUnicode text
142-A62Laurențiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #29 rule SB7 as per Consensus C10.2015-05-14 DoneUAX #29
142-A63Laurențiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate wording from L2/15-075 as modified in discussion into UAX #29 for Unicode 8.0.2015-05-15 DoneUAX #29
142-A73Cibu JohnySend font for U+0D3B MALAYALAM SIGN VERTICAL BAR VIRAMA to Michel.2015-05-11 Done 
142-A76Cibu JohnySend font for U+0D3C MALAYALAM SIGN CIRCULAR VIRAMA to Michel.2015-05-11 Done 
142-A79Cibu JohnySend font for U+0D00 MALAYALAM SIGN COMBINING ANUSVARA ABOVE to Michel.2015-05-11 Done 
142-A82Peter Edberg, Mark DavisPrepare a proposal on the basis of L2/15-054R as amended in committee. Work with Michel Suignard on appropriate code points.2015-05-18 DoneEmoji
142-A87Lisa MooreAdd L2/15-056 to the May 2015 UTC agenda.2015-05-11 DoneAgenda
142-A88Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of UTS #39 and data files based on the "recommended for 8.0" section in L2/15-073.2015-05-02 DoneUTS #39
142-A89Lisa MooreAdd L2/15-073 to the agenda for the May 2015 UTC meeting.2015-05-11 DoneAgenda
142-A95Chris LittleProvide feedback to the proposers of Iberian proposal, L2/15-012.2015-05-11 Done 
142-A100Lisa MooreAdd to agenda for the May 2015 UTC meeting B.11.12.1 Feedback from prior meetings2015-05-11 DoneAgenda

From UTC #141

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
141-A20Roozbeh Pournader, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to the core spec reflecting the recommendation in L2/14-268 for the use of chillus and ZWJ for version 8. (not done)2015-05-11 ClosedUnicode text
141-A22Roozbeh PournaderFollow up with the author of L2/14-203 and L2/14-152 for more information.2015-05-11 Done 
141-A57Lisa Moore, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the Grantha block of the core spec to discuss unification of Grantha and Tamil numerals for Unicode 8.0. See L2/14-218.2015-05-11 DoneUnicode text
141-A72Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the core spec for changing to a visual model for New Tai Lue.2015-07-20 DoneUnicode text
141-A73Ken WhistlerHighlight New Tai Lue as a major migration issue for Unicode 8.0.2015-06-05 Done 
141-A74Peter ConstableSend an updated New Tai Lue font to Michel Suignard for Unicode 8.0.2015-05-11 Closed 

From UTC #140

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
140-A30Peter ConstableCommunicate proposed changes in New Tai Lue to Chinese NB in advance of upcoming WG2 meeting.2015-05-11 Done 
140-A41Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of the core specification, and the names list, for the glyph change of U+301C, for Unicode version 8.0.2015-05-14 DoneUnicode text
140-A42Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeInclude the glyph change to U+301C to the Unicode version 8.0 migration information.2015-06-10 Done 
140-A61Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteeAdjust the text of UAX #42 for Indic property changes.2015-05-14 DoneUAX #42
140-A72Mark DavisCompare the xidmodifications.txt characters in UTS #39 against the ICANN list(s) of maximal starting repertoire characters, and add as approporiate for 8.0.2015-05-11 DoneUTS #39, L2/15-147
140-A110Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRelease Unicode 8.0 in the summer of 2015. (superseded by 143-A111)2015-05-14 Closed 

From UTC #139

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
139-A7Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeChange the data file of UTS #46 to use UTS #18 notation instead of two surrogate values. For Unicode 8.0.2015-06-11 DoneUTS #46
139-A11Mark Davis, Laurentiu IancuAdd some test cases to WordBreakTest.txt as in the feedback from Steve Rowe. For Unicode 8.0.2015-05-04 DoneUCD
139-A39Roozbeh PournaderDetermine what needs to be added to ScriptExtensions.txt for Grantha digits and numerics. (remaining open issue is for Grantha fractions)2015-05-11 DoneUCD
139-A72aMark Davis, Lisa Moore, Editorial CommitteeUpdate documentation on website (see, in particular the casing FAQ) regarding case folding to uppercase.2015-06-01 DoneFAQ
139-A72bKen Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate documentation in core spec (see Chapter 3, Chapter 5) regarding case folding to uppercase.2015-05-15 DoneUnicode text
139-A82Deborah AndersonWork with Anshuman Pandey to revise the proposal for Gujarati Signs.2015-05-11 DoneL2/15-103
139-A103Roozbeh PournaderInvestigate the best combining class for Indic sukuns.2015-05-11 Done 

From UTC #138

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
138-A39Mark DavisAdd the Power-On symbols U+23FB, U+23FC to list of confusables. See consensus 138-C15.2015-05-02 DoneUTS #39
138-A58Andrew GlassCoordinate the development of UBA reference implementations to incorporate the three issues raised in L2/14-040.2015-06-05 ClosedUBA

From UTC #131

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
131-A32Markus SchererNotify CLDR-TC to add the missing prefix contractions identified by the tool in the CLDR tailorings.2015-05-11 Done 

From UTC #125

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
125-A64bMark Davis, Roozbeh PournaderAdd list of confusables from L2/10-455R (sent by Roozbeh) to UTS #39. Retargeted to 8.02015-05-18 DoneUTS #39

From UTC #124

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
124-A92Mark DavisUpdate IDNATests.txt to test both cases (disallowed_STD3 and not). Retargeted to Unicode 8.0. (closed not done)2015-05-11 ClosedUTS #46
124-A104aMark DavisAdd confusables extracted by Roozbeh to UTS #39 (after Unicode 6.1). (split from 124-A104) Retargeted to 8.0.2015-05-18 DoneUTS #39