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From UTC #147

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
147-A1Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of UAX #31 as per discussion and prepare for publication in Unicode 9.0.2016-05-31 DoneUAX #31
147-A3Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteePrepare UAX #24 for publication.2016-05-20 DoneUAX #24
147-A4Rick McGowanReply to feedback by "Eriice" on PRI #315.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A5Rick McGowanReply to feedback by "Marcin Grzegorczyk"2016-05-20 Done 
147-A6Mark Davis, Laurentiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteePrepare the publication of UAX #9 for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-20 DoneUAX #9
147-A9Mark DavisRespond to feedback by Addison Phillips on PRI #319.2016-05-31 Done 
147-A10Mark Davis, Peter EdbergMake emoji property updates for U+1F946 RIFLE and U+1F93B MODERN PENTATHLON in UTR #51 Version 3.0.2016-05-20 DoneUTR #51
147-A11Peter Edberg, Mark DavisFix the emoji candidates HTML page to remove the two candidates U+1F946 RIFLE and U+1F93B MODERN PENTATHLON, and fix the statistics on the page.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A12Peter Edberg, Mark DavisAlso remove U+1F946 RIFLE and U+1F93B MODERN PENTATHLON from the Beta Emoji charts.2016-05-27 Done 
147-A13Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeChange some statistics about the number of emoji characters in Unicode 9.0 release documentation.2016-05-26 Done 
147-A14Laurentiu Iancu, Ken WhistlerCheck implications of property changes to U+1F946 RIFLE and U+1F93B MODERN PENTATHLON for any other properties in UCD for 9.0.2016-06-01 Done 
147-A15Peter Edberg, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTR #51 version 3.0 for publication.2016-06-02 DoneUTR #51
147-A16Rick McGowanPost the update of UTR #51 and data tables.2016-06-06 DoneUTR #51
147-A17Rick McGowanClose PRI #319.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A18Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+1D377, U+1D378 tally marks.2016-05-20 DonePipeline
147-A21Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+1F12F COPYLEFT SYMBOL.2016-05-20 DonePipeline
147-A23Deborah AndersonProvide a font for U+1F12F COPYLEFT SYMBOL to Michel Suignard.2016-07-13 Done 
147-A24Laurentiu Iancu, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate and prepare UAX #44 for publication.2016-05-20 DoneUAX #44
147-A25Rick McGowanRespond to Karl Williamson's feedback on UAX #29 (PRI #306, April 4, 2016).2016-05-20 Done 
147-A27Mark DavisChange the derivation of Sentence_Break = Sp to include U+202F NARROW NO-BREAK SPACE, for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-31 DoneUCD
147-A28Mark Davis, Laurentiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteePrepare UAX #29 for publication in Unicode 9.0.2016-06-03 DoneUAX #29
147-A29Agustin Fonts, Mark Davis, Nicole Bleuel, Rachel BeenTake proposal L2/16-160 to the Emoji Subcommittee for further review and development.2016-05-31 Done 
147-A30Rick McGowanClose PRI #321.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A32Lisa MooreProvide draft language of reasons for suspending work on UTS #52.2016-06-01 Done 
147-A33Ken Whistler, Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeImplement the suspension of UTS #52.2016-05-26 DoneUTS #52
147-A34Mark DavisEnsure that U+1F441 EYE and U+1F5E8 LEFT SPEECH BUBBLE have "Emoji_Presentation = No" in EmojiData.txt version 3 for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-27 DoneUTR #51
147-A35Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeDocument in the text of UTR #51 the known exceptions to the rule that ZWJ sequences use emoji variations selectors where necessary.2016-05-27 DoneUTR #51
147-A36Ken Lunde, Editorial CommitteePrepare UAX #11 for publication.2016-05-20 DoneUAX #11
147-A37Laurentiu Iancu, Ken LundeDouble check EastAsianWidth.txt for consistency with the final 3.0 version of EmojiData.txt, for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-27 DoneUCD
147-A38Laurentiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteePrepare UAX #41 for publication.2016-05-20 DoneUAX #41
147-A39Mark Davis, Laurentiu IancuRun comparison tests of UAX #42 data files against the UCD before Unicode 9.0 release.2016-06-18 DoneUCD
147-A40Eric Muller, Editorial CommitteePrepare UAX #42 for publication.2016-05-31 DoneUAX #42
147-A41Ken LundeRespond to Bobby Tung's and John Cowan's feedback on PRI #316 in L2/16-123.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A42Roozbeh PournaderUpdate ScriptExtensions.txt for Unicode 9.0 with changes from Consensus 147-C14.2016-05-23 DoneUCD
147-A43Rick McGowanClose PRI #316.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A44Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Åke Persson (March 15, 2016) in PRI 323.2016-05-25 Done 
147-A49Rick McGowanRespond to zrh and Charlotte Buff about their feedback on PRI #323.2016-05-25 Done 
147-A50Mark DavisUpdate PropList.txt to add tag characters U+E0020..U+E007F to Other_Grapheme_Extend for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-31 DoneUCD
147-A51Mark DavisUpdate SentenceBreakProperty.txt to change the Sentence_Break property for tag characters U+E0020..U+E007F to "Extend".2016-05-31 DoneUCD
147-A52Rick McGowanRespond to Andrew West re his feedback in PRI #323.2016-05-25 Done 
147-A53Rick McGowanRespond to Markus Scherer re L2/16-078 that we don't have a precedent at this time for adding alternate names for script property values.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A54Ken LundeCommunicate with the Japan National Body and request them to submit a revised final proposal in time for the August 2016 UTC meeting, and point them to feedback on hentaigana in L2/16-123.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A55Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 5 new Tangut characters at U+187ED..U+187F1.2016-05-20 DonePipeline
147-A57Andrew WestProvide a font to Michel Suignard for printing 5 new Tangut characters at U+187ED..U+187F1.2016-07-13 Done 
147-A58Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to fix the name of U+16FE0 TANGUT ITERATION MARK.2016-05-20 DonePipeline
147-A61Ken LundeAsk Michel Suignard to relay to John Jenkins the changes to the underlying kIRG_JSource prefixes.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A62John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #38 and prepare for publication in Unicode 9.0.2016-05-20 DoneUAX #38
147-A63John JenkinsUpdate two kMandarin values in Unihan database for 9.0.2016-06-22 DoneUnihan
147-A64John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteePrepare UAX #45 for publication in Unicode 9.0.2016-05-20 DoneUAX #45
147-A66Rick McGowanReply to Andrew West that the UTC recommends using IVD as the mechanism to maintain such a distinction rather than defining a standardized variation sequence.2016-05-25 Done 
147-A67Ken LundeRespond to Toshiya Suzuki regarding L2/16-092.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A68Mark DavisIn the draft/Public/emoji/3.0 directory modify the Readme file, and move the emoji-tags.txt file to the tr52 directory, and modify the text of PD-UTS #52 to point to it.2016-05-31 DoneUTS #52
147-A69Mark DavisRemove emoji-regex.txt from the references and the version 3.0 data directory, and fix Annex C of UTR #51.2016-05-27 DoneUTR #51
147-A70Laurentiu Iancu, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate NamedSequencesProv.txt and NamedSequences.txt for Unicode 9.0. See Consensus 147-C24.2016-05-26 DoneUCD
147-A71Peter EdbergAdd ORANGE HEART to the emoji candidate list.2016-06-10 Done 
147-A72Mark Davis, Emoji Subcommittee, Editorial CommitteeModify the emoji candidates chart to reflect the changes in process agreed to by the UTC.2016-06-07 Done 
147-A73Peter EdbergAdd SLED and CURLING STONE to the emoji candidate list.2016-06-07 Done 
147-A77Laurentiu IancuUpdate the default Line_Break property for all unassigned codepoints in U+1F000..U+1FFFD, to "ID", for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-26 DoneUCD
147-A78Laurentiu Iancu, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeMake a change to UAX #44 regarding the defaults for the Line_Break property.2016-05-20 DoneUAX #44
147-A81Rick McGowanRespond to Marcin Grzegorczyk that the revised text of UAX #14 will note the difficulty in implementing LB30a with a pair table implementation.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A82Mark Davis, Laurentiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteeAdd a pointer in UAX #29 to UTR #51 for customizing segmentation behavior of emoji sequences, for Unicode 9.0.2016-06-02 DoneUAX #29
147-A83Peter Edberg, Mark DavisAdd a description in UTR #51 Version 3.0 of emoji sequence segmentation behavior, pointing to CLDR for customization.2016-05-27 DoneUTR #51
147-A84Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteePrepare UAX #14 for publication in Unicode 9.0.2016-06-01 DoneUAX #14
147-A87Rick McGowanRespond to proposer of L2/16-086.2016-05-25 Done 
147-A88Rick McGowanRespond to Andrew West on L2/16-107 Pluta marks.2016-05-25 Done 
147-A89Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for change of U+0BBC TAMIL SIGN NUKTA to U+1133B COMBINING BINDU BELOW.2016-05-20 DonePipeline
147-A90Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to rescind 7 Tamil characters in Item 1 of L2/16-155. See Consensus 147-C28.2016-05-20 DonePipeline
147-A94Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+110CD KAITHI NUMBER SIGN ABOVE.2016-05-20 DonePIpeline
147-A96Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt to Change the general category of characters U+11C38..U+11C3B from "Mc" to "Mn" for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-20 DoneUCD
147-A97Roozbeh PournaderInclude an explanation of the vowels U+11C38..U+11C3B in the core specification for Unicode 9.0.2016-06-30 DoneUnicode text
147-A98Mark DavisMake change of property ("prepended concatenation mark = yes") to U+08E2 DISPUTED END OF AYAH in PropList.txt for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-31 DoneUCD
147-A99Laurentiu IancuCorrect other parts of the standard that need to be updated for changes to U+08E2 DISPUTED END OF AYAH, for Unicode 9.0.2016-06-06 DoneUnicode text
147-A100Mark DavisUpdate PropList.txt to remove U+200D ZERO WIDTH JOINER from Other_Grapheme_Extend, for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-31 DoneUCD
147-A101Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeDocument which of the validity criteria in Section 4.1 of UTS #46 are based upon conditions in the IDNA specification.2016-05-27 DoneUTS #46
147-A102Rick McGowanRespond to Dave Patterson's feedback on PRI #313.2016-05-23 Done 
147-A103Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 8 astrological characters. L2/16-064.2016-05-20 DonePipeline
147-A105Rick McGowanForward the font to Michel Suignard for Uranian astrological symbols.2016-05-31 Done 
147-A107Rick McGowanLet Anshuman Pandey know that UTC has decided not to encode the Siyaq Number Mark. Ref L2/16-117.2016-05-25 Done 
147-A108Rick McGowanLet Anshuman Pandey know that the UTC has decided not to do a unification and will proceed with attempting to get Ottoman Siyaq finished. Ref L2/16-116.2016-05-25 Done 
147-A109Ken WhistlerAdd 4 alternates for Pluto to the pipeline. L2/16-067.2016-05-20 DonePipeline
147-A115Rick McGowanRespond to William Overington.2016-05-25 Done 
147-A116Peter Edberg, Emoji SubcommitteeUpdate the emoji selection factors to state that we are not looking for scientific or taxonomic/systematic classification and proposals should not suggest too many gradations.2016-06-10 Done 
147-A117Rick McGowanRespond to John Cowan's feedback of May 4, 2016 in L2/16-123 re proposal L2/16-071.2016-05-25 Done 
147-A119Rick McGowan, Peter Edberg, Mark Davis, Emoji SubcommitteeRespond to proposers of E.1.3 (L2/16-022) and E.1.9 (L2/16-126).2016-05-31 Done 
147-A120Rick McGowanRespond to Andrew West re L2/16-108.2016-05-25 Done 
147-A121Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTS #10 for publication for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-20 DoneUTS #10
147-A122Rick McGowanClose PRI #311.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A123Ken WhistlerRegenerate DUCET based on the final UCD files for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-20 DoneUCA
147-A124Markus SchererRegenerate data files for UTS #10 based on the updated DUCET for Unicode 9.0.2016-06-09 DoneUCA
147-A125Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteePrepare final CollationTest.html for publication, for Unicode 9.0.2016-06-09 DoneUCA
147-A126Mark DavisCorrect any problems in the UTS #46 data file, considering the feedback from Marc Lehmann in PRI #317.2016-06-15 DoneUTS #46
147-A127Mark DavisRe-generate the UTS #46 data with the final Unicode 9.0 values, for version 9.0.2016-06-20 DoneUTS #46
147-A128Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTS #46 for publication including an update of the figures in Table 4, for version 9.0.2016-06-01 DoneUTS #46
147-A129Rick McGowanClose PRI #317.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A130Rick McGowanRespond to Marc Lehmann that his feedback has been taken into consideration for UTS #46.2016-05-25 Done 
147-A131aMark Davis, Editorial CommitteeExplain the formats of IdentifierType.txt and IdentifierStatus.txt in both Section 7 and header of data files.2016-06-15 DoneUTS #39
147-A132Mark DavisRe-generate the UTS #39 data files after Unicode data is final, for version 9.0.2016-06-21 DoneUTS #39
147-A133Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTS #39 for publication for version 9.0.2016-06-02 DoneUTS #39
147-A134Rick McGowanClose PRI #313.2016-05-27 Done 
147-A135Rick McGowanPost the final UTS #39 when finished, for version 9.0. Target date end of July 2016.2016-06-22 DoneUTS #39
147-A136Peter Constable, Editorial CommitteeSubmit explanatory text to the Editorial Committee for Section 23.4 of the core spec capturing the spirit in the paragraph beginning "These constraints..." of document L2/16-162.2016-05-20 DoneUnicode text
147-A139Roozbeh PournaderU+AA74..U+AA76 ISC = Consonant_Placeholder, and U+17DD ISC = Syllable_Modifier, for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-23 DoneUCD
147-A140Rick McGowanRespond to John Cowan re feedback on Go symbols, Tue May 3, 20162016-05-25 Done 
147-A141Rick McGowanRespond to feedback of Wed May 4 08:41:00 CDT 2016 from David Corbett.2016-05-25 Done 
147-A142Rick McGowanPull into the document register images and/or other info from Ray Larabie's feedback (Thu Mar 10 19:02:08 CST 2016) which might be transient, for permanent reference. And update pointers in L2/16-123 so that they can be refereneced.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A143Deborah AndersonFollow up on the UCAS error report in L2/16-123 from Ray Larabie.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A144Rick McGowan, Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteePut up a glyph erratum on UCAS ranges U+1513..U+1516 and U+151D..U+1525 using Noto font. See L2/16-123 and L2/16-164.2016-05-26 Done 
147-A145Rick McGowanUpdate the chart font for the glyphs for the UCAS ranges U+1513..U+1516 and U+151D..U+1525 for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-26 Done 
147-A146Rick McGowanGenerate new delta chart for UCAS range for 9.0.2016-05-26 Done 
147-A147Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+08D3 ARABIC SMALL LOW WAW.2016-05-20 DonePipeline
147-A149Michael EversonProvide a font to Michel Suignard for U+08D3 ARABIC SMALL LOW WAW.2016-07-13 Done 
147-A150Lorna EvansRelay results of script ad-hoc and UTC decisions to proposers of Arabic documents cited in discussions of agenda item C.10, meeting UTC #147.2016-07-06 Done 
147-A152Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 91 Medefaidrin characters U+16E40..U+16E9A 2016-05-20 DonePipeline
147-A154Deborah AndersonObtain a font for printing Medefaidrin in the standard.2016-07-13 Done 
147-A155Rick McowanClose the PRIs for all UAXes for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A156Rick McGowanPost final UAX documents for 9.0, when they are ready.2016-06-22 Done 
147-A157Rick McGowanClose the PRI #323 for the Unicode 9.0 beta.2016-06-01 Done 
147-A158Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRelease Unicode 9.0.2016-06-22 Done 
147-A160Rick McGowanProvide feedback to Anshuman Pandey on Buginese. See L2/16-156.2016-05-25 Done 
147-A161Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+312F BOPOMOFO LETTER NN.2016-05-20 DonePipeline
147-A163Andrew WestProvide a font to Michel Suignard for printing U+312F BOPOMOFO LETTER NN.2016-07-13 Done 
147-A164Rick McGowanProduce a highlighted delta chart for Egyptian Hieroglyphs (U+13000 block) in Unicode 9.0.2016-05-20 Done 
147-A165Ken WhistlerAdd highlighted delta chart for Hieroglyphs to 9.0 delta fonts index.2016-05-20 Done 

From UTC #146

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
146-A2Deborah Anderson, Roozbeh PournaderFollow up with authors and relay script ad hoc feedback and engage in discussion.2016-07-25 Done 
146-A5Michael EversonProvide a font to Michel Suignard for printing three N'ko characters.2016-05-15 Done 
146-A8Michael EversonProvide a font to Michel Suignard for printing U+2E4A DOTTED SOLIDUS and U+2E4B TRIPLE DAGGER.2016-05-15 Done 
146-A11Michael EversonProvide a font to Michel Suignard for printing U+A7B8 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U WITH STROKE, U+A7B9 LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH STROKE.2016-05-15 Done 
146-A15Michael EversonProvide a font to Michel Suignard for printing U+A7AF LATIN LETTER SMALL CAPITAL Q.2016-05-15 Done 
146-A19Anshuman PandeyProvide a font to Michel Suignard for printing U+11A9D SOYOMBO MARK PLUTA.2016-05-15 Closed 
146-A26Anshuman PandeyProvide a font, proposal summary form for U+A8FE DEVANAGARI LETTER AY, U+A8FF DEVANAGARI VOWEL SIGN AY. 2016-07-13 Done 
146-A27Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeCreate a glyph erratum on Sharada based on document L2/15-255.2016-05-08 Done 
146-A36Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdjust the discussion of Common Indic Number Forms in the core spec for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-08 DoneUnicode text
146-A39Deborah Anderson, Anshuman PandeyProvide a font for U+0C84 KANNADA SIGN SIDDHAM.2016-05-15 Closed 
146-A48Laurențiu IancuAnnotate the exceptionalism of the tick brackets 298D..2900 in BidiBrackets.txt, for Unicode 9.0.2016-06-07 DoneUCD
146-A62Ken Whistler, Michel SuignardAdjust standardized variant generation for Mongolian, for Unicode 9.0. See document L2/16-041.2016-05-08 DoneNames list
146-A69Andrew GlassSend a font to Michel Suignard for U+13430..U+13432 Egyptian hieroglyphic joiners.2016-05-15 Closed 
146-A70Roozbeh PournaderTalk to Andrew Glass and Martin Hosken about using U+093C DEVANAGARI SIGN NUKTA for Tamil.2016-07-25 Closed 
146-A89Lisa MooreAdd the condom emoji proposal L2/16-022 to the UTC agenda for May 2016.2016-05-08 DoneAgenda
146-A94Ken WhistlerUpdate the text of Section 23.9 Tag Characters of the core spec as per Consensus 146-C20, for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-08 DoneUnicode text
146-A100Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAdd clarifying text regarding prepended concatenation marks to the core spec for Unicode 9.0, per feedback from Asmus Freytag on PRI #310.2016-06-06 DoneUnicode text
146-A108Jeremy BurgeGet more data about when and where the color presentations are actually used on the different platforms. More carefully categorize the different symbols in the list as to which are pictographic and which are non-pictographic.2016-05-15 Done 
146-A110Mark DavisSplit the type information out of xidmodifications.txt and move it to a separate data file. Treat as selection factors. UTS #39 for Unicode 9.0.2016-05-15 DoneUTS #39
146-A111Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeRemove the type discussion in UTS #39 and put it into the header of the new data file. If not possible, then make minimal changes to indicate that the source of the type information is in a separate data file.2016-05-15 DoneUTS #39
146-A112Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeIn UTS #39, make the status of the data clearer and review feedback in PRI #313.2016-05-15 DoneUTS #39
146-A115Mark DavisCommunicate to W3C that the UTC is withdrawing UTR #20 as a Unicode TR, and is handing all maintenance to W3C.2016-05-15 Done 
146-A116Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteeImplement the withdrawal of UTR #20.2016-05-08 DoneUTR #20
146-A117Peter EdbergUpdate UTR #51 and the emoji charts based on the information in L2/16-050.2016-06-10 DoneUTR #51

From UTC #145

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
145-A15Mark Davis, Emoji SCAdd information to the emoji charts for 278 standardized variation sequences, in the Unicode 9.0 timeframe. L2/15-301.2016-05-15 DoneEmoji
145-A33Andy Heninger, Mark DavisReview list of Unicode properties in the current version and make changes necessary to UTS #18.2016-05-08 DoneUTS #18
145-A43Mark DavisAdd an invariant test to insure that Ideographic is a superset of Unified_Ideograph.2016-06-16 DoneInvariants
145-A45Ken LundeReview script and script extension property assignments to Script=Han raised by the characters in L2/15-250.2016-06-01 DoneUCD
145-A46Mark DavisRequest that W3C define a mechanism in CSS for emoji presentation, as described in L2/15-314.2016-05-15 Done 
145-A78Laurențiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteeMake appropriate updates to the core spec for Unicode 9.0. See Consensus 145-C27.2016-07-13 DoneUnicode text

From UTC #144

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
144-A4Laurențiu Iancu, Murray SargentFind out the predominant usage of U+218A and U+218B, and review annotations based on those findings. (result: these are not math)2016-06-22 DoneNames list
144-A23Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of the core spec to address Grapheme_Cluster_Break "Prepend" behavior in the relevant sections.2016-05-08 DoneUnicode text
144-A30Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeMake editorial updates to the core spec, based on L2/15-182.2016-06-15 DoneUnicode text
144-A80Mark DavisAdd copyright and terms of use statements to the UTS #39 data files for its 9.0.0 version, and update the release plan for UTS #39. See L2/15-189, error reports from Laurențiu Iancu.2016-05-15 DoneUTS #39

From UTC #143

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
143-A3Roozbeh PournaderFile a CLDR ticket based on his feedback on UAX #14 in L2/15-144 to not break currency symbols; to be the basis for a CLDR tailoring.2016-07-24 Closed 
143-A24Deborah Anderson, Editorial CommitteeReview the proposal for annotations in document L2/15-115 on Tamil symbols and fractions.2016-05-15 Closed 
143-A64Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeAnalyze Asmus Freytag's feedback of May 4 on PRI #297 (and come up with actionable suggestions).2016-06-15 Done 
143-A109Roozbeh PournaderCreate a proposal to clarify the use of music format characters in the core spec based on discussion in UTC. (for Unicode 9.0)2016-07-24 ClosedUnicode text

From UTC #141

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
141-A28Andy Heninger, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeTake into consideration feedback from Jim Jewett on PRI #277, in section 2.7 and 1.2. of UTS #18.2016-05-15 DoneUTS #18
141-A30Andy Heninger, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UTS #18 to include the relevant discussion of UAX #24 Script and Script_Extensions properties.2016-05-08 DoneUTS #18
141-A31Andy Heninger, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare a PRI for a proposed update of UTS #18.2016-05-08 DoneUTS #18
141-A34Roozbeh PournaderLook at potential other changes to Script properties that result from the adoption of Policy B of PRI #277. (target date extended)2016-07-24 Closed 
141-A76Andy Heninger, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMake changes in UTS #18 based on general feedback in L2/14-277.2016-05-15 DoneUTS #18

From UTC #139

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
139-A95Roozbeh PournaderInvestigate the open issues in L2/14-126R. (Indic property issues.)2016-07-25 Closed