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From UTC #149

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
149-A1Lisa MooreAdd document L2/16-315 to the agenda for the January 2017 UTC meeting. (moot)2016-11-18 ClosedAgenda
149-A2Ken WhistlerIncorporate feedback from Ken Lunde on UAX #44 in L2/16-327 for Unicode version 10.0.2016-11-18 DoneUAX #44
149-A3Rick McGowan, Ken WhistlerReply to Jonathan Lettvin, to look in PropertyValueAliases.txt, etc, for property names.2016-12-12 Done 
149-A4Rick McGowanExtend the closing date of PRI #329 to January 16, 2017.2016-11-18 DonePRI #329
149-A6Rick McGowanExtend the closing date of PRI #332 to January 16, 2017.2016-11-18 DonePRI #332
149-A8Rick McGowanRespond to Jonathan Warden, re disposition of feedback on PRI #333.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A9Rick McGowanExtend the closing date of PRI #333 to January 16, 2017.2016-11-18 Done 
149-A11Rick McGowanRespond to Gervase Markham on PRI #334.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A13Rick McGowanRespond to Manvir Singh, re public feedback in L2/16-327 regarding L2/16-294 (Gurmukhi); supplying info from the above decision.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A14Mark Davis, Laurențiu IancuCorrect the header of DerivedBidiClass.txt for Unicode 10.0 based on feedback from Eric Muller in L2/16-327.2016-11-21 DoneUCD
149-A15Deborah AndersonAdd feedback in L2/16-327 from Norbert Lindenberg to script ad hoc agenda.2016-12-14 Done 
149-A16Rick McGowanRespond to Norbert Lindenberg re feedback disposition.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A17Ken WhistlerFix typo in names list based on feedback from Marcel Schneider in L2/16-327.2016-11-18 DoneNames list
149-A18Rick McGowanRespond to Marcel Schneider re typo fix feedback.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A20Mark Davis, Peter EdbergMove the selected product table and the Japanese carrier emoji diagram out of UTR #51 into the emoji area on the website.2016-12-09 DoneUTR #51
149-A22Rick McGowanRespond to Kennedy Stomps feedback on PRI #330.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A23Rick McGowanRespond to Cristoph Päper on August 12 feedback.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A24Rick McGowanRespond to Cristoph Päper on August 26 feedback.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A25Rick McGowanRespond to Patrick O'Toole feedback of Oct 11 that this was taken care of in Unicode version 9.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A26Rick McGowanRespond to Camila Miyamura's feedback of Oct 19.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A27Rick McGowanRespond to William Overington's questions of Oct 24.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A28Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Emoji SubcommitteeConvert the catalog for 4.0 into the recommended lists of ZWJ sequences.2016-12-14 Done 
149-A30Rick McGowanMake revision 17 of UTR #50 live as the published version.2016-11-28 DoneUTR #50
149-A31Rick McGowanClose PRI #331.2016-11-18 Done 
149-A32Rick McGowanPost a PRI for proposed update UAX #50 to close January 16, 2017.2016-11-28 DonePRI #342
149-A34Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of UAX #44 for the implications of making UAX #50 an annex.2016-11-18 DoneUAX #44
149-A38Ken WhistlerAdd U+0C04 TELUGU SIGN COMBINING ANUSVARA ABOVE to the pipeline.2016-11-18 DonePipeline
149-A42Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline for changes driven by the consent docket (6 consensi above).2016-11-18 DonePipeline
149-A44Rick McGowanExtend the closing date of PRI #335 to January 16, 2017.2016-11-18 DonePRI #335
149-A45Laurențiu Iancu, Editorial CommitteePrepare a proposed update of UAX #9 for Unicode 10.0 based on document L2/16-366.2016-11-23 DoneUAX #9
149-A46Rick McGowanPost the PRI for UAX #9 to close January 16, 2017.2016-12-14 DonePRI #340
149-A49Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #44 for addition of the "DerivedName.txt" file.2016-11-18 DoneUAX #44
149-A51Laurențiu Iancu, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #29 text with the property change for L2/16-336.2016-11-23 DoneUAX #29
149-A54Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #44 for Unicode 10.0 to note the handling of the dependency on emoji properties.2016-12-12 DoneUAX #44
149-A55Mark Davis, Peter EdbergCreate a new data file, emoji-variation-sequences.txt, for UTR #51 version 5.0 with the contents being the emoji variation sequences from StandardizedVariants.txt plus the sequences listed under ED-9 in UTR #51 version 4.0.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A56Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the section on variation sequences in the core spec for Unicode 10.0 to account for option C of L2/16-315R.2016-12-12 DoneUnicode text
149-A57Ken WhistlerUpdate NamedAliases.txt for 11EC through 11EF as documented in L2/16-363, for Unicode 10.0.2016-11-18 DoneUCD
149-A58Deborah AndersonAdd four named aliases for 11EC through 11EF, as documented in section 1 page 7 of L2/16-363 to document requesting future additions.2016-12-14 DoneL2/16-370
149-A59Peter Edberg, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate Emoji-Data.txt and the text of UTR #51, and the emoji charts to remove the 7 characters documented in L2/16-332 from Emoji_Modifier_Base for Emoji version 4.0.2016-11-28 DoneUTR #51
149-A60Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 7 small Kana U+1B129 - U+1B12F.2016-11-18 DonePipeline
149-A61Deborah AndersonAdd 7 small Kana U+1B129 - U+1B12F to document requesting future additions. Add request to move two small kana that are already in ballot.2016-12-14 DoneL2/16-370
149-A62Ken LundeReply to submitters of L2/16-334 and L2/16-354.2016-11-18 Done 
149-A63Ken LundeSupply a font for all 9 newly encoded small kana to Michel Suignard.2016-11-18 Done 
149-A64Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 20 Mayan Numerals.2016-11-18 DonePipeline
149-A65Deborah AndersonAdd 20 Mayan Numerals to document requesting future additions.2016-12-14 DoneL2/16-370
149-A66Deborah AndersonGet a font for 20 Mayan Numerals.2016-12-14 Done 
149-A68Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include three Chakma letters.2016-11-18 DonePipeline
149-A69Deborah AndersonAdd three Chakma letters to document requesting future additions.2016-12-14 DoneL2/16-370
149-A75Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the definition of ideographic variation sequences in the core spec for version 10.0. (moot -- no change needed)2016-11-28 ClosedUnicode text
149-A76Ken Lunde, Editorial CommitteePrepare a proposed update of UTS #37, changing the scope of valid base characters.2016-11-18 DoneUTS #37
149-A77Rick McGowanPost the PRI for UTS #37 to close January 16, 2017.2016-11-18 DonePRI #337
149-A79Ken LundeRespond to Andrew West re disposition of L2/16-291.2016-11-18 Done 
149-A81Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+2BBA ERIS FORM ONE, U+2BBB ERIS FORM TWO, U+2BBC SEDNA.2016-11-18 DonePipeline
149-A82Deborah AndersonAdd U+2BBA ERIS FORM ONE, U+2BBB ERIS FORM TWO, U+2BBC SEDNA to the document requesting future additions.2016-12-14 DoneL2/16-370
149-A83Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include 6 astrological aspect signs.2016-11-18 DonePipeline
149-A84Deborah AndersonAdd 6 astrological aspect signs to the document requesting future additions.2016-12-14 DoneL2/16-370
149-A87Ken WhistlerAdd an annotation to U+11134 for Unicode 10.0.2016-11-18 DoneNames list
149-A88Mark Davis, Peter EdbergAdd the list of 96 symbols in document L2/16-361 to emoji-variation-sequences.txt for Unicode 10.0. Emoji 5.0.2016-12-14 Done 
149-A92Rick McGowanPost a PRI for proposed update of UAX #29 based on L2/16-360, to close January 16, 2017.2016-12-14 DonePRI #341
149-A93Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeMake changes to UTR #51 based on L2/16-368.2016-11-28 DoneUTR #51
149-A94LandlordCapture and exile the mouse that just fell out of the light fixture.2016-11-18 Done 
149-A95Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTR #51 version 4.0 documentation for publication.2016-11-28 DoneUTR #51
149-A96Rick McGowanClose PRI #330.2016-11-18 Done 
149-A97Rick McGowan, Editorial CommitteePublish UTR #51 version 4.0 documentation and data.2016-11-28 DoneUTR #51
149-A98Rick McGowanRespond to commenters, pointing to L2/16-364.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A99Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeInclude material based on L2/16-226R excluding the discussion of private use, and modifying the syntax and discussion to only allow empty keys. For the proposed update UTR #51 version 5.0.2016-12-14 DoneUTR #51
149-A100Rick McGowanPost PRI for PU UTR #51 version 5.0, to close January 16, 2017.2016-12-09 DonePRI #343
149-A101Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeChange the status of Proposed Draft UTS #52 from "Suspended" to "Withdrawn".2016-11-29 DoneUTS #52
149-A103Rick McGowanRespond to Shoulsen.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A104Deborah AndersonRelay feedback on Mongolian discussion to Greg Eck and Chen Zhuang.2016-12-14 Done 
149-A104aKen WhistlerUpdate pipeline to remove additions for Mongolian standardized variation sequences.2016-11-18 DonePipeline
149-A105Ken WhistlerAdd 51 emoji characters to the pipeline, as documented in L2/16-369.2016-11-18 DonePipeline
149-A107Paul HuntSupply a font for new emoji characters to Michel Suignard, by November 30, 2016.2016-12-09 Done 
149-A108Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Emoji SubcommitteeUpdate the emoji candidates page.2016-11-18 Done 
149-A109Deborah AndersonRelay script ad hoc feedback to author of L2/16-241.2016-12-14 Done 
149-A110Michel SuignardProvide the delta names list for the 10646 5th edition to Ken Whistler, including the hentaigana list.2016-11-18 DoneNames list

From UTC #148

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
148-A1Mark Davis, Laurentiu IancuCreate a dependency graph for derived properties where the derivation is either explicit or implicit, for the November 2016 UTC meeting. The initial focus is on the four segmentation properties.2016-11-14 DoneL2/16-328
148-A6Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Emoji SubcommitteeProduce a proposal for handling the interaction between segmentation and emoji properties. Either (1) move some properties in to the UCD, or (2) decouple properties from segmentation. Spell out the preferred option(s) and alternatives.2016-11-14 DoneL2/16-315
148-A8Michel SuignardAdd a cross reference for U+1D376 IDEOGRAPHIC TALLY MARK FIVE to U+6B63.2016-11-14 Done 
148-A13Mark Davis, Laurentiu IancuCreate a proposed "DerivedName.txt" data file for review at the November 2016 UTC meeting.2016-11-18 DoneL2/16-335
148-A38Mark Davis, Laurentiu IancuFor UAX #29, in GB12 and WB15 replace the up-arrow by "SOT" for Unicode 10.0. Remove the first sentence in the note following GB999.2016-11-07 DoneUAX #29
148-A41aLaurentiu IancuPropose which gc=Sk characters to include in ALetter (or to add to Alphabetic).2016-11-07 DoneL2/16-336
148-A42Lisa MooreLet Gov't of Tamil Nadu know about U+1133B COMBINING BINDU.2016-11-14 Done 
148-A43Lisa MooreFollow up with TVA on Vatteluttu and include feedback from Cibu Johny. (August 2)2016-11-14 Done 
148-A49Ken LundeAcquire kTotalStrokes information for the Extension F repertoire for the Unihan database, for Unicode 10.0.2016-11-18 DoneUnihan
148-A63Peter Edberg, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeAdd a review note about the groupings in L2/16-228 to version 4.0 of UTR #51, and clarify that if an image for an Emoji_Modifier_Base character shows no skin, then no change to the image has to be made in a modifier sequence, and the modifier character does not need to be shown.2016-11-14 DoneUTR #51
148-A66John Jenkins, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #38 and UAX #45 to remove any language implying that UAX #45 and U-Source are identical.2017-01-20 DoneUAX #38, UAX #45
148-A69Koji Ishii, Laurentiu IancuPrepare a working draft for a proposed update UAX #50 for a subsequent revision, aiming to make it into an annex for Unicode 10.0.2016-11-14 DoneUTR #50
148-A70Mark Davis, Ken Lunde, Editorial CommitteePrepare text for a PRI for new character properties based on document L2/16-223R, with the addition of meta-properties.2017-01-11 Done 
148-A72Rick McGowanPost the PRI for L2/16-223R to close October 24, 2016.2017-01-11 DonePRI #344
148-A79Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeIncorporate the alternate model for subdivision flags into a proposed update of UTR #51. (After version 4.0.) (superseded by 149-A099.)2016-12-05 ClosedUTR #51

From UTC #147

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
147-A79Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteePrepare a proposed update of UAX #14 that includes removing the pair table implementation, for Unicode 10.0.2016-11-14 DoneUAX #14
147-A80Rick McGowanPost a PRI for the Unicode 10.0 update of UAX #14.2016-11-14 DonePRI #335
147-A151Steven LoomisInvestigate barriers to the adoption of Unicode in Georgia, and report to UTC.2016-11-14 Done 

From UTC #146

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
146-A78Deborah AndersonConsider feedback re Tamil annotations from Simon Montagu on PRI #312.2016-11-14 Done 
146-A82Ken WhistlerReview PRI #312 feedback from David Corbett, first three items. (for 10.0 additions)2016-11-17 DoneNames list
146-A83Ken WhistlerMake appropriate editorial changes U+2BD2 .. U+1F927 based on suggestions from Rainer Seitel in PRI #312. (mostly for 10.0 additions)2016-11-17 DoneNames list

From UTC #138

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
138-A94Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Steven Loomis, Laurentiu Iancu, Andy HeningerInvestigate changes to sentence break to prevent words from spanning sentences in UAX #29. For Unicode 8.0. (postponed to 10.0) (superseded by 142-A64)2016-11-07 ClosedUAX #29