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From UTC #155

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
155-A2Mark DavisUpdate WordBreak property for U+055B, U+055C, and U+055E to ALetter for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-17 DoneUCD
155-A3Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate UAX #29 Table 3 with the changes to ALetter property for U+055B, U+055C, and U+055E.2018-05-11 DoneUAX #29
155-A5Rick McGowanRespond to David Corbett re disposition of feedback on PRI #355, as above.2018-05-09 Done 
155-A8Rick McGowanRespond to feedback in PRI #355 from Daniel Bünzli, Karl Williamson, Asmus Freytag.2018-05-09 Done 
155-A9Ken WhistlerExtend description of the "Extender" property in UAX #44 based on feedback from David Corbett in PRI #357, for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-10 DoneUAX #44
155-A10Rick McGowanRespond to David Corbett's feedback in PRI #368.2018-05-09 Done 
155-A11Rick McGowanRespond to David Corbett's feedback on PRI #370.2018-05-09 Done 
155-A12Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMove Mongolian from Table 7, Limited Use Scripts, to Table 4, Table 4, Candidate Characters for Exclusion from Identifiers, in UAX #31, for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-11 DoneUAX #31
155-A14Liang HaiCommunicate the above decision (about recategorization of Mongolian in UAX #31) to Liang Jin Bao.2018-05-18 Done 
155-A15Ken WhistlerUpdate NameAliases.txt for Unicode 11.0 to add four Medefaidrin characters.2018-05-08 DoneUCD
155-A16Ken WhistlerAdd an annotation to U+16E99 MEDEFAIDRIN SYMBOL AIVA.2018-05-09 DoneNames list
155-A17Mark DavisRegenerate UTS #39 data to pick up the changes from UAX #31 for Mongolian, for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-21 DoneUTS #39
155-A18Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTS #39 for publication.2018-05-22 DoneUTS #39
155-A19Rick McGowanClose PRI #374.2018-05-09 DonePRI #374
155-A21Mark DavisMake sure the test file format documentation is in one place in the header of the data file for UTS #46 for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-11 DoneUTS #46
155-A22Mark DavisPoint out usage of U+FFFD and see if any additional empty sets need to be removed from the test file for UTS #46.2018-05-22 DoneUTS #46
155-A23Mark DavisRegenerate the UTS #46 test data file for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-22 DoneUTS #46
155-A24Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTS #10 for publication.2018-05-10 DoneUTS #10
155-A25Rick McGowanClose PRI #358.2018-05-09 DonePRI #358
155-A26Andy HeningerLook at feedback from Charlotte Buff and fix the character names as described in the PRI #376 feedback. Remove the first instance of NBHY and change the others to "NON-BREAKING HYPHEN", for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-11 DoneUAX #14
155-A27Andy HeningerChange the description of rule LB8a in UAX #14 to match the rule, for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-11 DoneUAX #14
155-A28Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to implement move of Elymaic Block from U+10EC0..U+10EDF to U+10FE0..U+10FFF, for Unicode 12.0.2018-05-08 DonePipeline
155-A29Deborah AndersonAdd ballot comment about moving Elymaic Block from U+10EC0..U+10EDF to U+10FE0..U+10FFF, for Unicode 12.0.2018-05-18 DoneBallot comments
155-A30Roozbeh Pournader, Liang Hai, Ken WhistlerUpdate chapter 13.5 and 6.2 of the core specification re NNBSP for Mongolian.2018-05-18 DoneUnicode text
155-A34Ken WhistlerAdd an annotation to names list to note that TODO SOFT HYPHEN is also used for Hudum, for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-09 DoneNames list
155-A35Lisa Moore, Editorial CommitteeAdd a note re use of the TODO SOFT HYPHEN to the Mongolian block description for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-15 DoneUnicode text
155-A37Ken LundeCommunicate with Japan NB about problems for timeline for publication of new era character in Unicode 12.0.2018-05-11 Done 
155-A38Michel SuignardRemove the Hong Kong Cross reference for U+5344.2018-05-18 DoneUnihan
155-A39John JenkinsRemove HG, Big 5 and CNS Properties for U+5344 in Unihan.2018-05-11 DoneUnihan
155-A41John Jenkins, Richard CookSend 3/22/18 error report for T-source of U+9FEC in L2/18-117 to TCA for their review.2018-05-18 DoneUnihan
155-A42John JenkinsUpdate Unihan based on March 30 feedback in L2/18-117.2018-05-11 DoneUnihan
155-A43John JenkinsAdd sources and update or remove links in UAX #38 for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-15 DoneUAX #38
155-A47John JenkinsReference the 2015 IRG working set in section 1, item 4, for Unicode 11.0 and reword the text about orphaned ideographs.2018-05-15 DoneUAX #45
155-A50John JenkinsConfirm and update the status and codepoints in USourceData.txt for the five characters in the second table of document L2/18-134, for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-11 DoneUCD
155-A53Ken LundeEncapsulate the rationale for kIICore changes and additions in an update of document L2/18-066.2018-05-08 DoneL2/18-066R
155-A54Ken LundeSuggest use of tag "X" for IICore items that have no region at that priority and exclude in L2/18-066.2018-05-08 DoneL2/18-066R
155-A55Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/18-082 that the UTC declined to take any action on this proposal.2018-05-09 Done 
155-A56Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/18-121.2018-05-09 Done 
155-A57Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/18-132.2018-05-09 Done 
155-A58Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Asif Ansari (Sun Jan 28 03:38:12 CST 2018).2018-05-09 Done 
155-A59Rick McGowanForward Charlotte Buff's feedback (Sat Feb 17 08:07:35 CST 2018) to emoji subcommittee and respond to sender.2018-05-09 Done 
155-A62Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Christoph Päper (Wed Feb 28 04:22:57 CST 2018).2018-05-10 Done 
155-A63Rick McGowanForward feedback from Marius Spix (Tue Apr 10 00:50:37 CDT 2018) to emoji subcommittee.2018-05-10 Done 
155-A64Rick McGowanRespond to thank Marius Spix for feedback (Tue Apr 10 00:50:37 CDT 2018).2018-05-10 Done 
155-A66Rick McGowanRespond to Charlotte Buff feedback (Wed Apr 11 09:02:06 CDT 2018).2018-05-10 Done 
155-A67Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Nobuoka Yuya on PRI #356 (Sun Apr 29 09:08:09 CDT 2018).2018-05-10 Done 
155-A68Rick McGowanForward feedback from Christoph Päper (Tue Apr 17 08:59:49 CDT 2018) on PRI #356 to the emoji subcommittee.2018-05-10 Done 
155-A69Roozbeh Pournader, Lorna Evans, Bob HallissyReview U+08D3 ARABIC SMALL LOW WAW for possible inclusion in MCM list in UTR #53.2018-07-17 DoneUTR #53
155-A70Rick McGowanClose PRI #359.2018-05-09 DonePRI #359
155-A71Roozbeh Pournader, Lorna Evans, Bob HallissyCreate a working draft revision 3 of UTR #53.2018-07-17 DoneUTR #53
155-A72Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+08C3 ARABIC LETTER GHAIN WITH THREE DOTS ABOVE and U+08C4 ARABIC LETTER AFRICAN QAF WITH THREE DOTS ABOVE.2018-05-08 DonePipeline
155-A75Deborah AndersonForward feedback from the script ad-hoc to the authors of L2/18-061.2018-05-18 Done 
155-A76Mark DavisIn UAX #29, delete Virama and LinkingConsonant from Table 2, for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-11 DoneUAX #29
155-A77Mark DavisFor UAX #29, remove the cluster break property values Virama and LinkingConsonant in the UCD from all generated grapheme cluster data files and PropertyValueAliases.txt for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-21 DoneUCD
155-A78Mark DavisIn UAX #29, remove rule GB9c and adjust the text to deal with those removals, for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-14 DoneUAX #29
155-A79Mark DavisIn UAX #29, add recommendation to use rules in "the latest version of" CLDR for Indic script languages, for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-11 DoneUAX #29
155-A80Rick McGowanClose PRI #375.2018-05-09 DonePRI #375
155-A81Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTS #46 for publication with Unicode 11.0.2018-05-22 DoneUTS #46
155-A82Eric MullerRemove property LinkC and Virama from the attribute GCB for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-14 DoneUAX #42
155-A83Eric MullerReview final Unihan regexes for any possible changes. See L2/18-119.2018-05-25 DoneUAX #42
155-A85Rick McGowanRespond to PRI #372 feedback from Tim Young on "CJK Unified Ideographs additions" (Wed Mar 14 16:51:28 CDT 2018).2018-05-10 Done 
155-A87Rick McGowanRespond to PRI #372 feedback from David Corbett on "Indic_Syllabic_Category of GURMUKHI SIGN UDAAT" (Mon Mar 26 21:25:58 CDT 2018).2018-05-10 Done 
155-A88Ken LundeAsk Hong Kong to send an updated font to Michel Suignard and Rick McGowan that has a corrected glyph for U+8494 蒔 in the "H" column.2018-05-08 Done 
155-A91Rick McGowanRespond to PRI #372 feedback from Behnam Esfahbod (Fri Apr 6 20:19:21 CDT 2018).2018-05-10 Done 
155-A92Ken WhistlerMake annotations for SHARP S based on feedback from Marc Lodewijck (Sat Apr 14 15:26:56 CDT 2018) as modified in UTC discussion, for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-09 DoneNames list
155-A93Ken WhistlerRespond to PRI #372 feedback on SHARP S from Marc Lodewijck (Sat Apr 14 15:26:56 CDT 2018).2018-05-09 Done 
155-A94Ken WhistlerUpdate U+2BFE for BidiMirroring=YES, in UnicodeData.txt and add mirroring pair 221F/2BFE in BidiMirroring.txt.2018-05-08 DoneUCD
155-A95Lisa MooreRespond to feedback from Marcel Schneider (Tue Apr 24 02:12:15 CDT 2018) on PRI #372 NamedSequencesProv.txt. If he wants to add named sequences, he needs to make a full proposal to UTC with justifications.2018-06-27 Done 
155-A96Ken WhistlerUpdate the numeric value of U+1ECA1 INDIC SIYAQ NUMBER KAROR to 10,000,000 (ten million) in the UCD for Unicode 11.0, per feedback from Charlotte Buff (Sun Apr 29 19:37:14 CDT 2018).2018-05-08 DoneUCD
155-A97Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Charlotte Buff in PRI #372 on U+1ECA1 INDIC SIYAQ NUMBER KAROR.2018-05-10 Done 
155-A99Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to Change U+2B74 CIRCLED COUNTERCLOCKWISE ARROW to U+1F10E and change U+2B75 CIRCLED DOLLAR SIGN WITH OVERLAID BACKSLASH to U+1F10F.2018-05-08 DonePipeline
155-A100Deborah AndersonAdd a note in the request for future additions about changing U+2B74 CIRCLED COUNTERCLOCKWISE ARROW to U+1F10E and U+2B75 CIRCLED DOLLAR SIGN WITH OVERLAID BACKSLASH to U+1F10F.2018-05-08 Done 
155-A101Ken WhistlerRespond to Eduardo Marín Silva and Charlotte Buff about Creative Commons symbols.2018-07-02 Done 
155-A103Rick McGowanRespond to Sultan M Saeed's report on OSA in L2/18-117 (Wed Jan 24 07:48:18 CST 2018).2018-05-10 Done 
155-A105Rick McGowanContact Andrew West and David Corbett pointing to section 2C of L2/18-168, regarding Soyombo and Zanabazar Square, to let them know that Anshuman Pandey is working on some of the text.2018-05-10 Done 
155-A108Roozbeh PournaderReview the Indic Syllabic category of U+A8B4 SAURASHTRA CONSONANT SIGN HAARU, for Unicode 11.0. (Update InSC=Consonant_Final --> Consonant_Medial)2018-05-21 DoneUCD
155-A110Deborah AndersonAsk Sriramana Sharma to review the situation with use of Pushpika across Indic scripts. See document L2/17-424.2018-05-18 Done 
155-A112Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeRemove the right side of the rule for LB8a in UAX #14, and make other necessary changes including the description of ZWJ. (For Unicode 11.0).2018-05-11 DoneUAX #14
155-A114Rick McGowanClose PRI #356.2018-05-09 DonePRI #356
155-A115Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTS #51 version 11 for publication.2018-05-22 DoneUTS #51
155-A116Mark DavisEmpty the provisional emoji candidate chart and populate the approved draft emoji candidate chart.2018-05-21 DoneEmoji charts
155-A117Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include five Arabic letters for Hindko.2018-05-08 DonePipeline
155-A118Deborah AndersonAdd five Arabic letters for Hindko to document requesting new additions.2018-05-08 Done 
155-A120Ken LundeCreate a proposal summary form for the newly added emoji characters.2018-05-08 Done 
155-A121Mark Davis, Emoji SubcommitteeProvide a font to Michel Suignard for the 60 newly encoded emoji characters.2018-07-17 Done 
155-A126Eric MullerUse the long form for Equivalent_Unified_Ideograph in the introductory sentence of section 4.4.21 of UAX #42, for Unicode 11.0. Also update typo in the second bullet of Revision 3 in the Modifications section ("one elements" s/b "one element"). Double-check all of the Unihan properties.2018-05-14 DoneUAX #42
155-A127Rick McGowanClose all of the current PRIs for UAXes for Unicode 11.0.2018-05-09 Done 
155-A128Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeDo final preparation of all of the UAXes (and UTSes) for publication, for Unicode 11.0.2018-07-17 Done 
155-A129Peter ConstableInclude the UTC position on Shuishu in the liaison report to SC2/WG2. See above consensus 155-C21.2018-07-17 Done 
155-A130Rick McGowanForward script ad-hoc feedback on Unifon to Eduardo Marín Silva. See document L2/18-168, page 30.2018-05-10 Done 
155-A131Rick McGowanRelay the UTC feedback on L2/18-058 to Eduardo Marín Silva, requesting that he please provide an updated proposal that includes the proposed codepoint U+1F1B0 with the name "SYMBOL FOR TYPE A ELECTRONICS".2018-05-10 Done 
155-A132Deborah AndersonDraft a response to TC37 regarding the Thai transliteration standard.2018-05-18 Done 
155-A133Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+0D81 SINHALA SIGN CANDRABINDU.2018-05-08 DonePipeline
155-A134Deborah AndersonAdd U+0D81 SINHALA SIGN CANDRABINDU to document requesting new additions.2018-05-08 Done 
155-A135Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to include U+0D04 MALAYALAM LETTER VEDIC ANUSVARA.2018-05-08 DonePipeline
155-A136Deborah AndersonAdd U+0D04 MALAYALAM LETTER VEDIC ANUSVARA to document requesting new additions.2018-05-08 Done 
155-A137Srinidhi A, Rick McGowanProvide a font for printing U+0D04 MALAYALAM LETTER VEDIC ANUSVARA.2018-05-10 Done 
155-A138Rick McGowan, Lisa MooreRespond to author of L2/18-062R.2018-05-14 Done 
155-A139Lisa MooreRespond to Doug Ewell about L2/17-435R.2018-06-03 Done 
155-A140Rick McGowanRespond to authors of L2/18-090.2018-05-10 Done 
155-A141Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRelease Unicode 11.0.2018-07-17 Done 

From UTC #154

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
154-A45Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeAdd material to UTS #51 explaining why we have not yet added more gender neutral characters to RGI.2018-04-28 DoneUTS #51
154-A70Anshuman PandeySend font for Sharada Sign Candrabindu and Sharada Vowel Sign Prishthamatra E to Michel Suignard.2018-05-07 Done 
154-A79Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeAdd a section in UTS #51 to say that emoji characters are not closed under certain destructive operations, such as case-folding and NFKC, and provide examples.2018-04-28 DoneUTS #51
154-A100Michel SuignardCreate new glyphs for U+13432..U+13435 based on L2/18-036 and discussion in the meeting.2018-05-07 Done 
154-A107Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeMake changes to UTS #51 draft as proposed in L2/17-434R2 for Emoji 11.0.2018-04-28 DoneUTS #51
154-A108Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeExpand the review note under ED15a in the proposed update of UTS #51 to indicate pros and cons of this approach, for Emoji 11.0.2018-04-28 DoneUTS #51
154-A128Ken WhistlerUpdate UAX #14 in the clean-up phase to fix typo in section 5, re delimiter in LineBreak.txt2018-05-14 DoneUAX #14

From UTC #153

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
153-A1Bob Hallisey, Lorna EvansIncorporate feedback from Asmus Freytag (PRI #359) into the next revision of Proposed Draft UTR #53.2018-05-07 DoneUTR #53
153-A3Bob Hallisey, Lorna EvansReview the first feedback from Richard Ishida on PRI #359 when making the next revision of Proposed Draft UTR #53.2018-05-07 DoneUTR #53
153-A119Mark DavisTake into account feedback from Timothy Gu when updating the UTS #46 conformance test file.2018-05-22 DoneUTS #46

From UTC #152

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
152-A30Deborah Anderson, Rick McGowanPost a glyph erratum for U+1CF5 VEDIC SIGN JIHVAMULIYA and U+1CF6 VEDIC SIGN UPADHMANIYA. See updated details in script ad hoc report: L2/17-384.2018-05-18 DoneErrata

From UTC #151

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
151-A140John JenkinsAdd a reference to the new property EquivalentUnifiedIdeograph to UAX #38, and indicate that there are values for kRSUnicode and kTotalStrokes for characters that are not Unified Ideographs, for Unicode version 11.0.2018-05-11 DoneUAX #38

From UTC #149

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
149-A37Mark Davis, Andy Heninger, Editorial CommitteeSynchronize the properties of UTS #18 with UAX #44 version 10. (updated to 11.0) [superseded by 150-A032]2018-04-27 ClosedUTS #18

From UTC #147

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
147-A20Roozbeh PournaderReview the bidi properties of U+1D377 TALLY MARK ONE and U+1D378 TALLY MARK FIVE. (for Unicode 11.0)2018-05-07 DoneUCD