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From UTC #157

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
157-A1Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the UBA (UAX #9) to note that max_depth of 125 will not change.2018-12-06 DoneUAX #9
157-A2Markus Scherer, Editorial CommitteeCreate a proposed update of UAX #9 for Unicode 12.0.2018-12-06 DoneUAX #9
157-A3Rick McGowanPost a PRI for UAX #9 to close January 7, 2019.2019-01-10 DonePRI #394
157-A4Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRewrite R3 of Section 4.8 in the core specification as specified in L2/18-267R, for Unicode version 12.0.2018-10-29 DoneUnicode text
157-A5Ken Whistler, Michel SuignardInvestigate corresponding naming rules in 10646.2018-09-22 Done 
157-A6Rick McGowanExtend PRI #379 to close January 7, 2019.2018-09-30 Done 
157-A7Ken WhistlerUpdate the pipeline to correct 3 Wancho character names to U+1E2ED WANCHO TONE TUPNI, U+1E2EE WANCHO TONE KOI, and U+1E2EF WANCHO TONE KOINI.2018-09-22 DonePipeline
157-A9Ken LundeUpdate L2/18-268 by replacing the extension G with the latest extension G.2018-09-22 DoneL2/18-268R
157-A10John JenkinsAdd the fifteen characters documented in L2/18-288 to UAX #45, with status "N", for Unicode version 12.0.2018-10-02 DoneUAX #45
157-A11John JenkinsUpdate provisional properties based on L2/18-263 and L2/18-289, for Unicode version 12.0.2018-10-02 DoneUnihan
157-A12John JenkinsAdd the eleven characters documented in L2/18-290 to UAX #45, with status "N", for Unicode version 12.0.2018-10-02 DoneUAX #45
157-A13Ken LundeRespond to authors of L2/18-288 and L2/18-290, with the outcome.2018-09-22 Done 
157-A14Ken WhistlerReplace the current IICore radical stroke chart with an update based on L2/18-291.2018-10-29 Done 
157-A15John JenkinsFix the radical stroke information in UAX #45 for the entries UTC02931 through UTC02934, for Unicode version 12.0.2018-10-02 DoneUAX #45
157-A16John JenkinsProvide more correct USource identifiers when printing the radical stroke information.2018-10-05 Done 
157-A17Ken LundeRevise L2/18-279 based on feedback received in the meeting and submit to IRG.2018-10-04 Done 
157-A18John Jenkins, Michel SuignardAdd additional property values for U+20063 and U+200DB based on feedback from Ken Lunde (August 2, 2018), in L2/18-274, for Unicode 12.0.2018-11-07 DoneUnihan
157-A20Rick McGowanRespond to David Corbett re feedback on hentaigana identifier type.2018-09-30 Done 
157-A21Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeRevise the section on choice of simplified versus traditional Chinese in UTS #39 by removing it, for Unicode version 12.0.2018-11-02 DoneUTS #39
157-A22Rick McGowanRespond to Karl Williamson re feedback on UTS #39 (July 21, 2018).2018-09-30 Done 
157-A23Lorna Evans, Editorial CommitteePrepare UTR #53 for publication.2018-10-17 DoneUTR #53
157-A24Rick McGowanPost UTR #53.2018-10-17 Done 
157-A25Rick McGowanClose PRI #378.2018-09-30 Done 
157-A27Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeCheck wording in UAX #34 based on July 29, 2018 feedback from David Corbett.2018-10-29 DoneUAX #34
157-A29Mark Davis, Peter EdbergAdd 36 new ZWJ sequences documented in L2/18-306 to Emoji 12.0 data files.2018-10-18 DoneEmoji data
157-A30Mark Davis, Peter EdbergUpdate UTS #51 as necessary for 36 new RGI ZWJ sequences documented in L2/18-306. (No change needed.)2018-10-02 ClosedUTS #51
157-A31Mark DavisAdd 55 new ZWJ sequences for people holding hands to Emoji 12.0 data files.2018-10-02 DoneEmoji data
157-A32Mark Davis, Peter EdbergUpdate UTS #51 as necessary for 55 new RGI ZWJ sequences for people holding hands.2018-10-18 DoneUTS #51
157-A33Mark Davis, Peter EdbergAdd three provisional candidates to the list for Emoji 13.0.2018-10-18 DoneEmoji charts
157-A37Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from Eduardo Marín Silva regarding L2/18-282.2018-09-30 Done 
157-A38Ken WhistlerAdd U+1E94B ADLAM NASALIZATION MARK to the pipeline.2018-09-22 DonePipeline
157-A39Deborah AndersonAdd U+1E94B ADLAM NASALIZATION MARK to document requesting future additions.2018-10-02 DoneL2/18-309
157-A40Rick McGowanLet David Corbett know that UTC will not be updating UAX #31 for Coptic Epact numbers in Unicode 12.0, but will plan for a more extensive revision later.2018-09-30 Done 
157-A42Rick McGowanRespond to Manish Goregaokar re August 4, 2018 feedback.2018-10-02 Done 
157-A43Mark DavisUpdate GraphemeBreakProperty.txt for U+1B35 forUnicode 12.0.2018-10-26 DoneUCD
157-A44Rick McGowanRespond to David Corbett's feedback of August 11 and 12, 2018 re Grapheme_Cluster_Break property of U+1B35 and UAX #31. Also Jul 22, 2018 on U+166D.2018-09-30 Done 
157-A45Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the regex under A2 in UAX #31 for Unicode 12.0, as per above consensus 157-C15.2018-10-18 DoneUAX 31
157-A46Ken WhistlerUpdate UnicodeData.txt to change general category of U+166D CANADIAN SYLLABICS CHI SIGN fron "Po" to "So" for Unicode 12.0.2018-10-02 DoneUCD
157-A47Mark DavisRemove U+166D CANADIAN SYLLABICS CHI SIGN from Terminal_Punctuation in PropList.txt in Unicode 12.0.2018-10-02 DoneUCD
157-A48Ken WhistlerAdjust the collation of U+166D CANADIAN SYLLABICS CHI SIGN so it is in the range of symbols rather than punctuation in DUCET for Unicode 12.0.2018-10-17 DoneUCA
157-A49Rick McGowanRespond to David Corbett's feedback on July 25 re Arabic confusables.2018-09-30 Done 
157-A50Rick McGowan, Ben YangDiscuss information on U+05C7 HEBREW POINT QAMATS QATAN, based on David Corbett's feedback comment of August 8, 2018 in L2/18-274 and provide a suggested resolution.2018-09-22 Done 
157-A52Deborah Anderson, Script Ad HocReview David Corbett's feedback on Chakma maayyaa of August 8, 2018; and Indic Siyaq numbers of August 9, 2018 in L2/18-274.2018-10-31 Done 
157-A53Rick McGowanInform David Corbett of disposition for feedback items of August 8 and 9, 2018.2018-09-30 Done 
157-A54Rick McGowanRespond to Stephen Davis' feedback of August 22, 2018.2018-09-30 Done 
157-A55Rick McGowanRespond to Henrique Peron's feedback of August 18, 2018 in L2/18-274 to say that Lithuanian is already supported.2018-09-30 Done 
157-A56Rick McGowanRespond to feedback from François of August 27, 2018.2018-09-30 Closed 
157-A57Rick McGowan, Lisa MooreRespond to Charlotte Buff's document L2/18-301 that the UTC reviewed this document.2018-09-30 Done 
157-A58Deborah AndersonContact Lorna Evans and request that she investigate Syloti Nagri issues in document L2/18-259.2018-10-02 Done 
157-A59Deborah AndersonAsk Srinidhi and Sridatta for a formal proposal on Vedic gomukha characters.2018-10-02 Done 
157-A60Rick McGowanCreate a glyph erratum notice for U+A86D PHAGS-PA LETTER ALTERNATE YA based on document L2/18-280 Table 5.2018-10-19 DoneErratum
157-A61Rick McGowan, Michel SuignardCorrect the glyph in code charts for U+A86D PHAGS-PA LETTER ALTERNATE YA based on document L2/18-280 Table 5, for Unicode 12.0.2018-10-19 DoneCode charts
157-A62Lisa MooreSchedule a phone meeting with authors of L2/18-275R.2018-10-02 Done 
157-A63Rick McGowanRespond to author of L2/18-303.2018-09-30 Done 
157-A64Liang Hai, Roozbeh PournaderPrepare a proposal for property changes to NNBSP for Unicode 12.0.2018-10-02 DoneUCD
157-A64aRoozbeh PournaderUpdate scx property for NNBSP for Unicode 12.0, per Mongolian ad hoc report.2018-10-17 DoneUCD
157-A65Deborah AndersonContact the Mongolian standards body regarding letters of invitation to the April 2019 Mongolian Working Group meeting, and posting to the e-mail list.2018-10-02 Done 
157-A66Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeMove the last three review notes under section 2.3a.2 (Multiperson Skintones) to a separate PRI document for posting.2018-11-06 DoneUTS #51
157-A68Ken Whistler, Editorial CommitteeRelease the Unicode 12.0 beta.2018-11-06 DonePRI #389

From UTC #156

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
156-A5Mark DavisUpdate the Unicode 12.0 emoji data files to include 55 RGI sequences for people holding hands to emojki_zwj_sequence.txt.2018-10-18 DoneEmoji data
156-A6Mark Davis, Peter EdbergUpdate emoji 12.0 data files to add modifier sequences and ZWJ sequences from the emoji draft candidates list to the data files.2018-10-18 DoneEmoji data
156-A10Peter EdbergProvide font to Michel Suignard for U+1F9CF DEAF PERSON.2018-09-21 Done 
156-A11Peter EdbergUpdate proposal L2/18-229 to include U+1F9CF DEAF PERSON.2018-09-21 Done 
156-A27Mark Davis, Peter EdbergReview feedback from Wang Yifan in L2/18-231 (July 3).2018-09-21 Done 
156-A30Mark DavisUpdate the draft emoji 12.0 candidates data file.2018-09-21 DoneEmoji data
156-A31Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeCreate a 12.0 proposed update of UTS #51.2018-10-18 DoneUTS #51
156-A32Rick McGowanPost PRI for proposed update of UTS #51, to close September 10, 2018.2018-10-31 DonePRI #380
156-A33Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeAdd U+1F9D4 BEARDED PERSON to the table of explicit genders.2018-09-18 DoneUTS #51
156-A36John JenkinsStart a proposed update of UAX #38 for Unicode 12.0 with the addition of "K6" and "TA" sources. See recommendation M67-12 in L2/18-209.2018-10-02 DoneUAX #38
156-A36aRick McGowanPost PRI for proposed update of UAX #38, to close September 10, 2018.2018-10-31 DonePRI #382
156-A43Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Emoji SubcommitteeMake changes to the proposed update of UTS #51 and the data files based on L2/18-202R3, for Version 12.0.2018-09-21 DoneUTS #51
156-A44Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeAdd text to UTS #51 describing when keyboards should generate the marked gender forms of emoji.2018-10-02 DoneUTS #51
156-A53Ken WhistlerRespond to feedback from Emmanuel Froissart in L2/18-231.2018-10-29 Done 
156-A57Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeUpdate the text of UAX #29, re Georgian, for Unicode version 12.0.2018-11-02 DoneUAX #29
156-A58Mark DavisChange the derivation of O_Letter for sentence break for Georgian Mkhedruli and Mtavruli letters. For Unicode version 12.0.2018-11-05 DoneUCD
156-A59Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteePrepare a proposed update for UAX #29, for Unicode 12.0.2018-11-02 DoneUAX #29
156-A60Rick McGowanPost the PRI for proposed update UAX #29 for Unicode 12.0, to close September 10, 2018.2018-11-02 DonePRI #382
156-A62Mark DavisAdd "DOG + ZWJ + SAFETY VEST" to the RGI list of emoji sequences, for Unicode 12.0.2018-10-18 DoneEmoji data
156-A63Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeMake the changes proposed in document L2/18-223R to the text of UTS #51, for version 12.0.2018-09-18 DoneUTS #51
156-A64Mark DavisAdd the nine characters in the table "Multi-Person Groupings" of L2/18-223R to Emoji_Modifier_Base, for version 12.0.2018-10-18 DoneEmoji data
156-A73Michel SuignardUpdate the glyph of U+0D04 MALAYALAM VEDIC ANUSVARA, and add an annotation to U+0D81 SINHALA SIGN CANDRABINDU that it is used in Sanskrit.2018-09-21 Done 
156-A84Liang Hai, Editorial CommitteeClarify the confusable characters in Tamil chapter of the core specification, based on L2/18-207 and L2/18-241. For Unicode version 12.0.2018-10-31 DoneUnicode text
156-A87Roozbeh PournaderAdd a comment in IndicPositionalCategory.txt that U+1A69 and U+1A6A have variable placement in Tai Tham.2018-10-17 DoneUCD
156-A88Deborah AndersonPass ad-hoc feedback to the authors of L2/17-098 and interested parties.2018-09-21 Done 

From UTC #155

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
155-A13Michel SuignardRelay the recategorization of Mongolian in UAX #31 (Table 4) for Unicode 11.0 to ICANN.2018-09-21 Done 
155-A31Roozbeh Pournader, Liang Hai, Ken WhistlerPropose updated linebreak behavior for the glue section of UAX #14, for Unicode 12.0, including use of NNBSP when preceded by non-Mongolian text.2018-10-17 DoneUAX #14
155-A36Liang Hai, Roozbeh PournaderLook into Script and Script_Extension properties for NNBSP, and potentially create a proposal for changes to the properties. (Superseded by 157-A064)2018-10-02 ClosedUCD
155-A44John JenkinsConsider changes proposed in L2/18-096 for Unicode 12.0. (kMainlandTelegraph)2018-09-21 DoneUnihan
155-A45John JenkinsCreate a Proposed Update UAX #38 for Unicode 12.0 that includes the 64-bit version of the algorithm and with key anonymous.2018-09-21 DoneUAX #38
155-A48John JenkinsAdd two CJK characters to UAX #45, based on document L2/18-064, for Unicode 12.0 with status N.2018-09-21 DoneUAX #45
155-A49John JenkinsAdd nine CJK characters to UAX #45, based on document L2/18-097, for Unicode 12.0 with status N.2018-09-21 DoneUAX #45
155-A60Mark Davis, Peter EdbergMake it clear in UTS #51 for Emoji 12.0 that the term "FACE" in an emoji animal name does not impose requirements on the glyph design.2018-09-18 DoneUTS #51
155-A61Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Emoji SubcommitteeCreate a FAQ regarding the term "FACE" in an emoji character name.2018-11-02 DoneFAQ
155-A65Mark Davis, Peter Edberg, Editorial CommitteeMake the list in section 2.1 of UTS #51 be a table with the addition of formal Unicode character names, for UTS version 12.0, and adjust inline references as necessary to have both names.2018-09-18 DoneUTS #51
155-A86Roozbeh Pournader, Liang HaiInvestigate the "Indic_Syllabic_Category of GURMUKHI SIGN UDAAT" in PRI #372 feedback from David Corbett on (Mon Mar 26 21:25:58 CDT 2018), for Unicode 12.0.2018-11-04 DoneUCD
155-A104Roozbeh PournaderReview David Corbett's feedback "Indic categories of U+20F0 COMBINING ASTERISK ABOVE" in L2/18-009, and sections 2B, 2E, and 2F of L2/18-168, for Unicode 12.0.2018-10-17 DoneUCD
155-A106Roozbeh PournaderAdd Tirhuta to ScriptExtension property of U+1CF2, for Unicode 12.0.2018-10-17 DoneUCD
155-A124Roozbeh Pournader, Liang HaiLook into the Indic properties for U+1CF2 VEDIC SIGN ARDHAVISARGA and U+1CF3 VEDIC SIGN ROTATED ARDHAVISARGA, for Unicode 12.0.2018-10-17 DoneUCD

From UTC #154

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
154-A43Peter Edberg, Mark Davis, Editorial CommitteeTake material from L2/18-044 "Encoding emoji vs other characters" as amended in discussion and add to an appropriate location on the Unicode website.2019-01-08 Done 
154-A51John JenkinsUpdate UAX #45 for Unicode 12.0 with a comment field and use the comment field to note the variation relationship that the character in L2/18-045 has with an encoded ideograph.2018-10-02 DoneUAX #45

From UTC #153

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
153-A20John Jenkins, Michel SuignardRemove the UCI source reference for U+24FB9 once it gets a source reference. For Unicode 11.0. (retargeted to 12.0)2018-09-21 DoneUnihan

From UTC #151

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
151-A85Laurențiu Iancu, Ken WhistlerHighlight new fractional numeric values when the Tamil fractions enter beta review. (for Unicode 12.0)2018-10-19 Done 

From UTC #150

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
150-A58Peter Edberg, Mark Davis, Emoji Subcommittee, Editorial CommitteeReflect the proposal in L2/17-005 "System for Documenting Emoji ZWJ Sequences" into the process.html and selection.html pages, as amended in discussion.2018-09-21 Done 

From UTC #148

Action Who Description Date Closed Status Outcome
148-A65John JenkinsFix the J- and G-Source reference regex in UAX #38 to be comprehensible for Unicode 10.0. (retargeted to 11.0, then 12.0)2018-09-30 DoneUAX #38