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Topical Document Lists

This page contains an index of links to certain sets of documents organized by topic, rather than by year. For example, a set of documents may contain all documents associated with a particular script, or all documents associated with a particular technical topic. Such lists are assembled, from time to time, to assist in research on those topics, and to make it easier to understand the relationship between various documents that may exist.

Topical document lists are typically ordered chronologically. Ideally, they contain not only the complete list of relevant documents from the UTC document register, but also documents from the WG2 document register (with links, when available). There may also be links to other documents, including scanned copies of pertinent primary and secondary materials which may never have been included in any official document registry.

For a topical document list organized around a particular script, the intent is to be as comprehensive as possible for documents related to the encoding committees' work on encoding the script. As such, the lists augment material available on sites such as scriptsource.org. The lists are not, however, intended as general reference lists about the script. For that kind of information, check Wikipedia or other sites providing generic information.

Script-specific Topics
Topic Description Editor Last Update
Book Pahlavi Documents concerning encoding of Book Pahlavi Script Ken Whistler 2021-04-27
Khitan Documents concerning encoding of Khitan Small Script and Khitan Large Script Ken Whistler 2018-09-06
Mongolian Documents concerning encoding of Mongolian Ken Whistler 2020-09-23
Quranic Arabic Documents concerning encoding of Quaranic Arabic characters Ken Whistler 2022-04-09
Seal Documents concerning encoding of Seal Script Ken Whistler 2020-07-07
Tai Tham Documents concerning encoding of Tai Tham Script Ken Whistler 2019-05-20
Other Topics
Topic Description Editor Last Update
Script Ad Hoc Reports of the Script Ad Hoc Meetings Ken Whistler 2022-08-31
CJK & Unihan Group Reports of the CJK & Unihan Group Meetings Ken Lunde 2022-07-23