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Authors Members of the Editorial Committee
Date 2003-04-17, 17:46:08 GMT
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This file provides a visual display of the standard variant sequences derived from StandardizedVariants.txt.


The file and the files described herein are part of the Unicode Character Database (UCD) and are governed by the UCD Terms of Use stated at the end.


The tables here exhaustively lists the valid, registered combinations of base character plus variation indicator. All combinations not listed in StandardizedVariants.txt are unspecified and are reserved for future standardization; no conformant process may interpret them as standardized variants. Variation selectors and their use are described in The Unicode Standard.

These mathematical variants are all produced with the addition of Variation Selector 1 (VS1 or U+FE00) to mathematical operator base characters. There is no variation according to context. The Mongolian variants use the Mongolian Variant Selectors, and may vary according to context. That is, if a contextual shape is not listed below, then the variation sequence has an unmodified appearance. At this time no Han variants exist.

Note: The glyphs used to show the variations are often derived from different physical fonts than the representative glyphs in the standard. They may therefore exhibit minor differences in size, proportion, or weight unrelated to the intentional difference in feature that is the defining element of the variation. Such minor differences should be ignored. Likewise, in some cases the existing representative fonts may not yet contain newly encoded characters and hence some representative glyphs shown in these tables may have a slightly different style than others.

Rep GlyphCharacter SequenceContextAlt GlyphDescription of variant appearance
U+2229 2229 FE00 U+2229+U+FE00/ INTERSECTION with serifs
U+222A 222A FE00 U+222A+U+FE00/ UNION with serifs
U+2268 2268 FE00 U+2268+U+FE00/ LESS-THAN BUT NOT EQUAL TO with vertical stroke
U+2269 2269 FE00 U+2269+U+FE00/ GREATER-THAN BUT NOT EQUAL TO with vertical stroke
U+2272 2272 FE00 U+2272+U+FE00/ LESS-THAN OR EQUIVALENT TO following the slant of the lower leg
U+2273 2273 FE00 U+2273+U+FE00/ GREATER-THAN OR EQUIVALENT TO following the slant of the lower leg
U+228A 228A FE00 U+228A+U+FE00/ SUBSET OF WITH NOT EQUAL TO with stroke through bottom members
U+228B 228B FE00 U+228B+U+FE00/ SUPERSET OF WITH NOT EQUAL TO with stroke through bottom members
U+2293 2293 FE00 U+2293+U+FE00/ SQUARE CAP with serifs
U+2294 2294 FE00 U+2294+U+FE00/ SQUARE CUP with serifs
U+2295 2295 FE00 U+2295+U+FE00/ CIRCLED PLUS with white rim
U+2297 2297 FE00 U+2297+U+FE00/ CIRCLED TIMES with white rim
U+229C 229C FE00 U+229C+U+FE00/ CIRCLED EQUALS with equal sign touching the circle
U+22DA 22DA FE00 U+22DA+U+FE00/ LESS-THAN EQUAL TO OR GREATER-THAN with slanted equal
U+22DB 22DB FE00 U+22DB+U+FE00/ GREATER-THAN EQUAL TO OR LESS-THAN with slanted equal
U+2A3C 2A3C FE00 U+2A3C+U+FE00/ INTERIOR PRODUCT tall variant with narrow foot
U+2A3D 2A3D FE00 U+2A3D+U+FE00/ RIGHTHAND INTERIOR PRODUCT tall variant with narrow foot
U+2A9D 2A9D FE00 U+2A9D+U+FE00/ SIMILAR OR LESS-THAN with similar following the slant of the upper leg
U+2A9E 2A9E FE00 U+2A9E+U+FE00/ SIMILAR OR GREATER-THAN with similar following the slant of the upper leg
U+2AAC 2AAC FE00 U+2AAC+U+FE00/ SMALLER THAN OR EQUAL TO with slanted equal
U+2AAD 2AAD FE00 U+2AAD+U+FE00/ LARGER THAN OR EQUAL TO with slanted equal
U+2ACB 2ACB FE00 U+2ACB+U+FE00/ SUBSET OF ABOVE NOT EQUAL TO with stroke through bottom members
U+2ACC 2ACC FE00 U+2ACC+U+FE00/ SUPERSET OF ABOVE NOT EQUAL TO with stroke through bottom members
U+1820 1820 180B isolate
U+1820+U+180B/isolate U+1820+U+180B/medial U+1820+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER A second form
U+1820 1820 180C medial U+1820+U+180C/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER A third form
U+1821 1821 180B initial
U+1821+U+180B/initial U+1821+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER E second form
U+1822 1822 180B medial U+1822+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER I second form
U+1823 1823 180B medial
U+1823+U+180B/medial U+1823+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER O second form
U+1824 1824 180B medial U+1824+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER U second form
U+1825 1825 180B medial
U+1825+U+180B/medial U+1825+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER OE second form
U+1825 1825 180C medial U+1825+U+180C/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER OE third form
U+1826 1826 180B isolate
U+1826+U+180B/isolate U+1826+U+180B/medial U+1826+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER UE second form
U+1826 1826 180C medial U+1826+U+180C/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER UE third form
U+1828 1828 180B initial
U+1828+U+180B/initial U+1828+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER NA second form
U+1828 1828 180C medial U+1828+U+180C/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER NA third form
U+1828 1828 180D medial U+1828+U+180D/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER NA separate form
U+182A 182A 180B final U+182A+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER BA alternative form
U+182C 182C 180B initial
U+182C+U+180B/initial U+182C+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER QA second form
U+182C 182C 180B isolate U+182C+U+180B/isolate MONGOLIAN LETTER QA feminine second form
U+182C 182C 180C medial U+182C+U+180C/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER QA third form
U+182C 182C 180D medial U+182C+U+180D/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER QA fourth form
U+182D 182D 180B initial
U+182D+U+180B/initial U+182D+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER GA second form
U+182D 182D 180B final U+182D+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER GA feminine form
U+182D 182D 180C medial U+182D+U+180C/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER GA third form
U+182D 182D 180D medial U+182D+U+180D/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER GA feminine form
U+1830 1830 180B final U+1830+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER SA second form
U+1830 1830 180C final U+1830+U+180C/final MONGOLIAN LETTER SA third form
U+1832 1832 180B medial U+1832+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER TA second form
U+1833 1833 180B initial
U+1833+U+180B/initial U+1833+U+180B/medial U+1833+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER DA second form
U+1835 1835 180B medial U+1835+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER JA second form
U+1836 1836 180B initial
U+1836+U+180B/initial U+1836+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER YA second form
U+1836 1836 180C medial U+1836+U+180C/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER YA third form
U+1838 1838 180B final U+1838+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER WA second form
U+1844 1844 180B medial U+1844+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER TODO E second form
U+1845 1845 180B medial U+1845+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER TODO I second form
U+1846 1846 180B medial U+1846+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER TODO O second form
U+1847 1847 180B isolate
U+1847+U+180B/isolate U+1847+U+180B/medial U+1847+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER TODO U second form
U+1847 1847 180C medial U+1847+U+180C/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER TODO U third form
U+1848 1848 180B medial U+1848+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER TODO OE second form
U+1849 1849 180B isolate
U+1849+U+180B/isolate U+1849+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER TODO UE second form
U+184D 184D 180B initial
U+184D+U+180B/initial U+184D+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER TODO QA feminine form
U+184E 184E 180B medial U+184E+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER TODO GA second form
U+185D 185D 180B medial
U+185D+U+180B/medial U+185D+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER SIBE E second form
U+185E 185E 180B medial
U+185E+U+180B/medial U+185E+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER SIBE I second form
U+185E 185E 180C medial
U+185E+U+180C/medial U+185E+U+180C/final MONGOLIAN LETTER SIBE I third form
U+1860 1860 180B medial
U+1860+U+180B/medial U+1860+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER SIBE UE second form
U+1863 1863 180B medial U+1863+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER SIBE KA second form
U+1868 1868 180B initial
U+1868+U+180B/initial U+1868+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER SIBE TA second form
U+1868 1868 180C medial U+1868+U+180C/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER SIBE TA third form
U+1869 1869 180B initial
U+1869+U+180B/initial U+1869+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER SIBE DA second form
U+186F 186F 180B initial
U+186F+U+180B/initial U+186F+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER SIBE ZA second form
U+1873 1873 180B medial
U+1873+U+180B/medial U+1873+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER MANCHU I second form
U+1873 1873 180C medial
U+1873+U+180C/medial U+1873+U+180C/final MONGOLIAN LETTER MANCHU I third form
U+1873 1873 180D medial U+1873+U+180D/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER MANCHU I fourth form
U+1874 1874 180B medial U+1874+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER MANCHU KA second form
U+1874 1874 180B final U+1874+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER MANCHU KA feminine first final form
U+1874 1874 180C medial U+1874+U+180C/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER MANCHU KA feminine first medial form
U+1874 1874 180C final U+1874+U+180C/final MONGOLIAN LETTER MANCHU KA feminine second final form
U+1874 1874 180D medial U+1874+U+180D/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER MANCHU KA feminine second medial form
U+1876 1876 180B initial
U+1876+U+180B/initial U+1876+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER MANCHU FA second form
U+1880 1880 180B U+1880+U+180B/ MONGOLIAN LETTER ALI GALI ANUSVARA ONE second form
U+1881 1881 180B U+1881+U+180B/ MONGOLIAN LETTER ALI GALI VISARGA ONE second form
U+1887 1887 180B isolate
U+1887+U+180B/isolate U+1887+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER ALI GALI A second form
U+1887 1887 180C final U+1887+U+180C/final MONGOLIAN LETTER ALI GALI A third form
U+1887 1887 180D final U+1887+U+180D/final MONGOLIAN LETTER ALI GALI A fourth form
U+1888 1888 180B final U+1888+U+180B/final MONGOLIAN LETTER ALI GALI I second form
U+188A 188A 180B initial
U+188A+U+180B/initial U+188A+U+180B/medial MONGOLIAN LETTER ALI GALI NGA second form

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