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Revision 5.1.0
Authors John Jenkins (井作恆), Richard Cook (曲理查)
Date 2008-03-15
This Version http://www.unicode.org/Public/5.1.0/ucd/Unihan.html
Previous Version http://www.unicode.org/Public/5.0.0/ucd/Unihan.html
Latest Version http://www.unicode.org/Public/UNIDATA/Unihan.html


In previous versions, this document described the format and content of the file Unihan.txt in the Unicode Character Database (UCD). This description can now be found in UAX 38, Unicode Han Database (Unihan).


This file and the files described herein are part of the Unicode Character Database and are governed by the terms of use at http://www.unicode.org/terms_of_use.html.

Warning: the information in this file does not completely describe the use and interpretation of Unicode character properties and behavior. It must be used in conjunction with the data in the other files in the Unicode Character Database, and relies on the notation and definitions supplied in The Unicode Standard. All chapter references are to Version 5.0 of the standard unless otherwise indicated.


Modification History

Changes for Version 5.1.0

Superseded by UAX 38.

Changes for Version 5.0.0, from Version 4.1.0

Changes in Unihan.html

Information in Unihan.html in this release has been synchronized with information from the Unihan.txt header. The current file Unihan.html was first created in version 4.1.0 by separating out the property table from UCD.html, and by generating the Unihan Properties information from the Unihan.txt header.

Data Changes in Unihan.txt

Below is a list of the major changes in the Unicode Standard 5.0.0 release of Unihan.txt :

UCD Terms of Use

For terms of use, see http://www.unicode.org/terms_of_use.html.

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