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Updated Conference for an Updated Unicode Standard

Mountain View, CA, August 18, 2003 -- Breaking a longstanding California tradition, the 24th Internationalization and Unicode Conference will be held in Atlanta, GA, USA this September. "Version 4.0 of the Unicode Character Standard is just released, and here is a wonderful opportunity to learn about it" said conference co-chair Lisa Moore, "The Unicode tutorial has been updated, and with it, what you need to know to support internationalized domain names, extended global access to the internet and IT applications, and the roadmap to delivering worldwide products."

With the new additions to Unicode 4.0, computers can now support all languages in use in the world today. Having a single, encompassing character standard makes it both possible and economical for businesses to reach to every corner of the earth electronically. Researchers can use the Unicode Standard to preserve and study our world heritage. Conference attendees will learn about the updated standard and how to make efficient use of Unicode in software and Web applications. This conference provides an in-depth tutorial on Unicode, revamped to cover version 4.0. This is the only training that is endorsed by the Unicode Consortium.

Recent advances in the internationalization industry, including enhancements and proposals for Java, .NET, XML and Web technologies are presented by industry leaders, benefiting anyone involved in the globalization of software or the Internet, who needs to be up-to-date to remain competitive. Case studies demonstrate real-world problems and solutions. An exhibition area and an exhibitors track are designed to meet the needs of the many attendees that come to the conference looking for solutions and services providers.

For those on a limited training budget, this is the one internationalization conference to attend. For more details and registration, go to the conference web site http://www.unicode.org/iuc/iuc24

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