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IUC 29 Call for Participation Deadline Extended San Francisco, Calif., March 6-8, 2006

Stephanie Covert
Object Management Group
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Mountain View, CA, USA October 24, 2005 The Unicode® Consortium is extending the deadline for submission for its call for participation in The Twenty-ninth Internationalization & Unicode Conference (IUC). IUC 29 will take place in San Francisco, California, USA on March 6-8, 2006. The call for participation has been extended to run until October 31. All conference and call details are available at http://www.unicodeconference.org/IUC29call.

The Internationalization & Unicode Conference is the premier technical conference for both software and Web internationalization. It is the only industry event sanctioned by the Unicode Consortium. Each IUC conference features a variety of tutorials and conference sessions that cover current topics related to Web and software internationalization, globalization, and Unicode.

Companies are specifically invited to submit case studies on their globalization efforts. The conference Program Committee is also seeking technical and business-focused presentations on case studies, experience reports, evaluations or research papers on topics relevant to (but not limited to):

  • Web internationalization
  • Text and data mining
  • New and upcoming technologies
  • Enterprise software in a global environment
  • Web services, SOA and Internationalization
  • Security and phishing
  • Language tags and locales: implications for developers
  • Making scripts and languages accessible
  • Global development best practices
  • What’s new with Unicode 4.0
  • Internationalized Domain Names/Internationalized Resource Identifiers
  • Tips, tricks and potential traps in developing international software
  • Successful implementations of Unicode 4.0
  • Globalizing your product, the business cases and technical issues

In addition, proposals for panel sessions in any of the above areas are also welcomed. Proposals are welcomed for quarter and half-day tutorials on established techniques in any of the areas touched on in this call. Those interested in holding Birds-of-a-Feather meetings should contact Kevin Loughry at loughry@omg.org, +1-781-444 0404.

Unicode experts, implementers, clients and vendors are invited to attend this unique conference. The interactive format makes the Internationalization & Unicode Conference a great place to meet and exchange ideas with leading experts, find out about the needs of potential clients, or get information about new and existing Unicode-enabled products.

Interested individuals or organizations are invited to submit a brief (up to 600 word) abstract of their proposed conference presentation by the revised deadline of October 31 using this Web form: http://www.unicodeconference.org/abstracts.

The Program Committee will select presentations for inclusion in the program and notify authors by November 16. Final presentation materials will be required from all selected presenters by January 16, 2006. The final conference agenda and registration details will be available by January 16 and posted at http://www.unicodeconference.org.

Exhibit space is available; for more information on exhibiting contact Sandy Burke at sandy@omg.org or +1-781-444 0404. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Nicole Rikkinen at nicole@omg.org. For all other conference-related questions contact Kevin Loughry at loughry@omg.org, +1-781-444 0404.

The conference is produced by The Object Management Group™ (OMG™) and is sponsored by Basis Technology, media sponsors MultiLingual Computing Inc. and Localisation Research Centre and organizational sponsors Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) and the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA).


About The Unicode Consortium

The Unicode Consortium is a non-profit organization founded to develop, extend and promote use of the Unicode Standard and related globalization standards.

The membership of the consortium represents a broad spectrum of corporations and organizations in the computer and information processing industry. Members are: Adobe Systems, L'Agence Intergouvernementale de la Francophonie, Apple Computer, Basis Technology, Denic e.G., Government of India - Ministry of Information Technology, Government of Pakistan - National Language Authority, HP, IBM, Justsystem, Microsoft, Monotype Imaging, Oracle, RLG, SAP, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, The University of California at Berkeley, VeriSign, Yahoo! and about one hundred Associate, Liaison, and Individual members.

For more information, please contact the Unicode Consortium (http://www.unicode.org/).

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About the Event Producer

The Object Management Group™ (OMG™) is the new Event Producer for the Internationalization & Unicode Conferences. The OMG is an open membership, not-for-profit consortium that produces and maintains computer industry specifications for interoperable enterprise applications. Our specifications include MDA®, UML®, CORBA®, MOF™, XMI® and CWM™. OMG’s specifications are all available for download by everyone without charge.

OMG has been producing events for fifteen years and provides a full range of conference management services and expertise—from conference development, production and support to targeted messaging and media promotion. OMG’s proven team of in-house staff and contract service providers have years of experience organizing, producing and managing large-scale events including Object World, EclipseCon, the OSDL Enterprise Linux Summit and now the Internationalization & Unicode Conference. In addition, OMG currently produces five OMG Technical Meetings, and nine conferences and workshops every year for its members, in locations around the world.

OMG’s in-house team includes experts in Marketing, Public Relations and Event Management. OMG also has longstanding relationships with contract service providers who specialize in event logistics. Bill Hoffman, President and CEO, leads the team. Mr. Hoffman has been involved with trade shows and conferences on both the exhibitor and producer sides of the house for more than twenty years, including his position of President and CEO of Object World Corporation, the producer of trade shows and conferences on object-oriented technology and OMG’s work.

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