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30th Internationalization & Unicode Conference to Feature New Content on Practical Aspects of Unicode, Case Studies and Hot Topics in Internationalization

Full Program Agenda Available for Conference November 15-17, 2006, Washington, D.C. USA

Mountain View, CA, USA – June 21, 2006 – The Unicode® Consortium today announced the program for the 30th Internationalization & Unicode Conference (IUC). The conference will take place November 15-17, 2006, in Washington, D.C. USA. The full conference program is available online at http://www.unicodeconference.org/sd-pr.

The program committee has created an exciting program full of new and cutting-edge topics that is relevant and engaging for the internationalization community. The three-day conference will feature a keynote presentation by Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman, One Laptop per Child and Chairman Emeritus, MIT Media Laboratory. The conference includes a full day of tutorials followed by two days of presentations, panels and discussions. There will also be technology exhibits and demonstrations.

This following is just a small sample of the presentations that will be given at IUC 30. Mark Davis, President of the Unicode Consortium, will speak on what’s new in software globalization standards. Marin Millar of Microsoft will present on Building Multilingual Websites with ASP.NET 2.0; Charles Hornig of IBM will present Globalization Testing using Eclipse. Also featured will be Nelson Ng of eBay, Inc. on A Case Study of eBay UTF-8 DB Migration. Jennifer DeCamp of MITRE will give a presentation on Implementing Multilanguage Databases. For the full program, visit the IUC 30 Web site.

Highlights of the Conference:

  • Keynote Presenter:
    • Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman, One Laptop per Child and Chairman Emeritus, MIT Media Laboratory
  • Tutorials in Three Tracks:
    • A three-part tutorial on Unicode 5.0: Characters in Action, Fundamental Specifications and Unicode Algorithms; Internationalization: An Introduction; Best Practices in Software Localization Process and Technology; Managing Internationalization Projects; Web Internationalization – Standards and Best Practices; Internationalization and Localization in Microsoft .NET and Making Sense of Oracle Character Sets and Length Semantics
    • Presenters come from such organizations as ASMUS, Inc., Basis Technology, IBM Corporation, i18N Inc., MLM Associates, Inc., W3C, and Yahoo!
  • Sessions in Three Morning and Four Afternoon Tracks:
    • Sessions cover a range of topics that fall into each of the four tracks: Web Internationalization, Techniques/Case Studies, Applications and Languages/Scripts.
    • Session Highlights include:
      • Case studies covering concrete aspects of implementations, not just the theories involved
      • Topics of interest to government and non-governmental organizations such as managing an internationalization project and implementing multilingual databases
      • Several presentations in the latest Microsoft technologies including local language features in Office 2007 and Vista.
      • In addition to topics related to Unicode, the Web, software and internationalization
    • Presenters come from such organizations as Apple Computer, Aviva Life Insurance Co., DecoType, Diwan Software Limited, eBay, Emery IT, Google, Hiroshima University, i18N, Inc., IBM, Microsoft, MITRE, Modern Gigabyte, Molecular, Oracle, R.B. Toth Associates, Sun Microsystems, The Ge’ez Frontier Foundation Travelport, Inc., UC Berkeley, University of Paris VIII, W3C, Yahoo!, and Zebra Technologies Group
  • Hosted special interest gatherings will be held throughout the conference. Topics will be announced at the conference.

The Internationalization & Unicode Conference is the premier technical conference for both software and Web internationalization. Unicode experts, implementers, clients and vendors are invited to attend this unique conference. The interactive format makes the Internationalization & Unicode Conference a great place to meet and exchange ideas with leading experts, find out about the needs of potential clients, or get information about new and existing Unicode-enabled products.

The 30th Internationalization & Unicode Conference is sponsored by Gold Sponsors Microsoft Corporation, Basis Technology; Media Sponsors MultiLingual Computing Inc., Localisation Research Centre, Globalization Insider; and Organizational Sponsors Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) and the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA).

The early-bird registration deadline is October 2, 2006; the hotel registration deadline is October 24, 2006. For full conference details and to register, visit http://www.unicodeconference.org/. Sponsorships and exhibit space are available; for more information on sponsoring, exhibiting or other questions contact Kevin Loughry at loughry@omg.org, +1-781-444 0404.


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