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Call for Unicode 13.0 Cover Design Art



The Unicode Consortium is inviting artists and designers to submit cover design proposals for Version 13.0 of The Unicode Standard, scheduled for publications in March 2020.

The selected cover design will appear on the Unicode Standard 13.0 web pages, in the print-on-demand publications, and in associated promotional literature on the Unicode website. The artist whose design is selected for the cover will receive full credit in the colophon of the publication for which the art is used, and wherever else the design appears, and will receive $700. Two selected runner-up artists will receive $150 apiece.

Please see the section below for requirements and more details.


Cover Art for Unicode 13.0, Requirements and Specifications

Submission Requirements:

Proposals must be received on or before November 1, 2019. Final candidate art will be chosen by December 6, 2019. Artists will be notified of the results by December 20, 2019. There is no fee or other cost for submission. Submission materials and inquiries should be sent by e-mail to "u13-art-call@unicode.org".

Submissions must be in electronic/digital form, and contain the following items:

  • Cover letter
  • Draft size-reduced image
  • Artist bio or résumé
  • Source info for any images

All art and associated rights for use must be owned by the artist. Reference and source materials must be owned by the artist or be in the public domain. Submissions utilizing any images not owned by the artist must include source information and copyright status information with the submission. (For example, if a free-use stock image is used, provide a source URL and link to the provider's statement of stock availability.)

Copyright permission and release forms for only the selected art will be required for publication. Other entries will be retained for future reference and contact purposes.


The Unicode Standard Core Specification is printed as a two-volume set having a form factor of 6×9 inches (US Trade paperback), with wrap-around continuous cover art, and a 4-side full bleed.

The submission must include a full-spread cover design proposal in JPEG format approximately 1000 by 1500 pixels, but no smaller than 900 by 1300.

The final cover art must be approximately 13.75 inches wide by 9.25 inches tall at 300 DPI. Art should be created with room for width adjustment of the edges.

The center of the book spine is at or near the center of the image. The same piece of art will be used for both volumes, with differing text and slightly differing book thickness, therefore, the image should be suitable for adjustment of width to accommodate differing spine widths for each volume. This may take the form of right-alignment or center alignment, depending on the image.

Text with title and other info may be added to the covers later during production, but the proposal may also specify intended locations for the respective text blocks on front and back covers.

Examples of Cover Art

Results of the previous cover art submissions were announced in a blog post on July 5, 2018. See that blog post for some examples.

For reference, cover art and information for prior versions of the standard can also be seen on these pages:


Full-sized sample files in Adobe Illustrator and JPEG format are also available.