Uppercase letters

0531 Ա Armenian Capital Letter Ayb
  0561 ա armenian small letter ayb
0532 Բ Armenian Capital Letter Ben
  0562 բ armenian small letter ben
0533 Գ Armenian Capital Letter Gim
  0563 գ armenian small letter gim
0534 Դ Armenian Capital Letter Da
  0564 դ armenian small letter da
0535 Ե Armenian Capital Letter Ech
  0565 ե armenian small letter ech
0536 Զ Armenian Capital Letter Za
  0566 զ armenian small letter za
0537 Է Armenian Capital Letter Eh
  0567 է armenian small letter eh
0538 Ը Armenian Capital Letter Et
  0568 ը armenian small letter et
0539 Թ Armenian Capital Letter To
  0569 թ armenian small letter to
053A Ժ Armenian Capital Letter Zhe
  056A ժ armenian small letter zhe
053B Ի Armenian Capital Letter Ini
  056B ի armenian small letter ini
053C Լ Armenian Capital Letter Liwn
  056C լ armenian small letter liwn
053D Խ Armenian Capital Letter Xeh
  056D խ armenian small letter xeh
053E Ծ Armenian Capital Letter Ca
  056E ծ armenian small letter ca
053F Կ Armenian Capital Letter Ken
  056F կ armenian small letter ken
0540 Հ Armenian Capital Letter Ho
  0570 հ armenian small letter ho
0541 Ձ Armenian Capital Letter Ja
  0571 ձ armenian small letter ja
0542 Ղ Armenian Capital Letter Ghad
  0572 ղ armenian small letter ghad
0543 Ճ Armenian Capital Letter Cheh
  0573 ճ armenian small letter cheh
0544 Մ Armenian Capital Letter Men
  0574 մ armenian small letter men
0545 Յ Armenian Capital Letter Yi
  0575 յ armenian small letter yi
0546 Ն Armenian Capital Letter Now
  0576 ն armenian small letter now
0547 Շ Armenian Capital Letter Sha
  0577 շ armenian small letter sha
0548 Ո Armenian Capital Letter Vo
  0578 ո armenian small letter vo
0549 Չ Armenian Capital Letter Cha
  0579 չ armenian small letter cha
054A Պ Armenian Capital Letter Peh
  057A պ armenian small letter peh
054B Ջ Armenian Capital Letter Jheh
  057B ջ armenian small letter jheh
054C Ռ Armenian Capital Letter Ra
  057C ռ armenian small letter ra
054D Ս Armenian Capital Letter Seh
  057D ս armenian small letter seh
054E Վ Armenian Capital Letter Vew
  057E վ armenian small letter vew
054F Տ Armenian Capital Letter Tiwn
  057F տ armenian small letter tiwn
0550 Ր Armenian Capital Letter Reh
  0580 ր armenian small letter reh
0551 Ց Armenian Capital Letter Co
  0581 ց armenian small letter co
0552 Ւ Armenian Capital Letter Yiwn
  0582 ւ armenian small letter yiwn
0553 Փ Armenian Capital Letter Piwr
  0583 փ armenian small letter piwr
0554 Ք Armenian Capital Letter Keh
  0584 ք armenian small letter keh
0555 Օ Armenian Capital Letter Oh
  0585 օ armenian small letter oh
0556 Ֆ Armenian Capital Letter Feh
  0586 ֆ armenian small letter feh

Modifier letters

0559 ՙ Armenian Modifier Letter Left Half Ring
  02BD ʽ modifier letter reversed comma
  02BF ʿ modifier letter left half ring
  0314 ◌̔ combining reversed comma above
055A ՚ Armenian Apostrophe
  =armenian modifier letter right half ring (1.0)
  02BC ʼ modifier letter apostrophe
  02BE ʾ modifier letter right half ring
  0313 ◌̓ combining comma above
055B ՛ Armenian Emphasis Mark
  02CA ˊ modifier letter acute accent
055C ՜ Armenian Exclamation Mark
  =batsaganchakan nshan
  marks intonation on word, rather than occurring finally
055D ՝ Armenian Comma
  02CB ˋ modifier letter grave accent
055E ՞ Armenian Question Mark
  =hartsakan nshan
  marks intonation on word, rather than occurring finally
055F ՟ Armenian Abbreviation Mark

Lowercase letters

0560 ՠ Armenian Small Letter Turned Ayb
  used for phonetic notation
0561 ա Armenian Small Letter Ayb
  0531 Ա armenian capital letter ayb
0562 բ Armenian Small Letter Ben
  0532 Բ armenian capital letter ben
0563 գ Armenian Small Letter Gim
  0533 Գ armenian capital letter gim
0564 դ Armenian Small Letter Da
  0534 Դ armenian capital letter da
0565 ե Armenian Small Letter Ech
  0535 Ե armenian capital letter ech
0566 զ Armenian Small Letter Za
  0536 Զ armenian capital letter za
0567 է Armenian Small Letter Eh
  0537 Է armenian capital letter eh
0568 ը Armenian Small Letter Et
  0538 Ը armenian capital letter et
0569 թ Armenian Small Letter To
  0539 Թ armenian capital letter to
056A ժ Armenian Small Letter Zhe
  053A Ժ armenian capital letter zhe
056B ի Armenian Small Letter Ini
  053B Ի armenian capital letter ini
056C լ Armenian Small Letter Liwn
  053C Լ armenian capital letter liwn
056D խ Armenian Small Letter Xeh
  053D Խ armenian capital letter xeh
056E ծ Armenian Small Letter Ca
  053E Ծ armenian capital letter ca
056F կ Armenian Small Letter Ken
  053F Կ armenian capital letter ken
0570 հ Armenian Small Letter Ho
  0540 Հ armenian capital letter ho
0571 ձ Armenian Small Letter Ja
  0541 Ձ armenian capital letter ja
0572 ղ Armenian Small Letter Ghad
  0542 Ղ armenian capital letter ghad
0573 ճ Armenian Small Letter Cheh
  0543 Ճ armenian capital letter cheh
0574 մ Armenian Small Letter Men
  0544 Մ armenian capital letter men
0575 յ Armenian Small Letter Yi
  0545 Յ armenian capital letter yi
0576 ն Armenian Small Letter Now
  0546 Ն armenian capital letter now
0577 շ Armenian Small Letter Sha
  0547 Շ armenian capital letter sha
0578 ո Armenian Small Letter Vo
  0548 Ո armenian capital letter vo
0579 չ Armenian Small Letter Cha
  0549 Չ armenian capital letter cha
057A պ Armenian Small Letter Peh
  054A Պ armenian capital letter peh
057B ջ Armenian Small Letter Jheh
  054B Ջ armenian capital letter jheh
057C ռ Armenian Small Letter Ra
  054C Ռ armenian capital letter ra
057D ս Armenian Small Letter Seh
  054D Ս armenian capital letter seh
057E վ Armenian Small Letter Vew
  054E Վ armenian capital letter vew
057F տ Armenian Small Letter Tiwn
  054F Տ armenian capital letter tiwn
0580 ր Armenian Small Letter Reh
  0550 Ր armenian capital letter reh
0581 ց Armenian Small Letter Co
  0551 Ց armenian capital letter co
0582 ւ Armenian Small Letter Yiwn
  0552 Ւ armenian capital letter yiwn
0583 փ Armenian Small Letter Piwr
  0553 Փ armenian capital letter piwr
0584 ք Armenian Small Letter Keh
  0554 Ք armenian capital letter keh
0585 օ Armenian Small Letter Oh
  0555 Օ armenian capital letter oh
0586 ֆ Armenian Small Letter Feh
  0556 Ֆ armenian capital letter feh
0587 և Armenian Small Ligature Ech Yiwn
  0565 ե 0582 ւ
  0535 Ե + 0552 Ւ
  0535 Ե + 0582 ւ
  0565 ե + 0582 ւ
0588 ֈ Armenian Small Letter Yi With Stroke
  used for phonetic notation


0589 ։ Armenian Full Stop
  may also be used for historic Georgian texts
  003A : colon
058A ֊ Armenian Hyphen

Religious symbols

058D ֍ Right-Facing Armenian Eternity Sign
058E ֎ Left-Facing Armenian Eternity Sign
  maps to AST 34.005:1997 ᦗ

Currency symbol

058F ֏ Armenian Dram Sign