Syriac punctuation and signs

0700 ‎܀‎ Syriac End Of Paragraph
  marks the end of a paragraph
0701 ‎܁‎ Syriac Supralinear Full Stop
  marks interrogations, imperatives, and pauses, especially in Biblical texts
0702 ‎܂‎ Syriac Sublinear Full Stop
  marks subordinate clauses and minor pauses, especially in Biblical texts
0703 ‎܃‎ Syriac Supralinear Colon
  marks expressions of wonder and has a distinct pausal value in Biblical texts
0704 ‎܄‎ Syriac Sublinear Colon
  used at the end of verses of supplications
0705 ‎܅‎ Syriac Horizontal Colon
  joins two words closely together in a context to which a rising tone is suitable
0706 ‎܆‎ Syriac Colon Skewed Left
  marks a dependent clause
0707 ‎܇‎ Syriac Colon Skewed Right
  marks the end of a subdivision of the apodosis, or latter part of a Biblical verse
0708 ‎܈‎ Syriac Supralinear Colon Skewed Left
  marks a minor phrase division
0709 ‎܉‎ Syriac Sublinear Colon Skewed Right
  marks the end of a real or rhetorical question
  character name is a misnomer
070A ‎܊‎ Syriac Contraction
  a contraction mark, mostly used in East Syriac
  placed at the end of an incomplete word
070B ‎܋‎ Syriac Harklean Obelus
  marks the beginning of a phrase, word, or morpheme that has a marginal note
  00F7 ÷ division sign
070C ‎܌‎ Syriac Harklean Metobelus
  marks the end of a section with a marginal note
070D ‎܍‎ Syriac Harklean Asteriscus
  marks the beginning of a phrase, word, or morpheme that has a marginal note

Syriac format control character

070F ‎܏‎ Syriac Abbreviation Mark
  marks the beginning of a Syriac abbreviation

Syriac letters

0710 ‎ܐ‎ Syriac Letter Alaph
0711 ◌ܑ Syriac Letter Superscript Alaph
  used in East Syriac texts to indicate an etymological Alaph
0712 ‎ܒ‎ Syriac Letter Beth
0713 ‎ܓ‎ Syriac Letter Gamal
0714 ‎ܔ‎ Syriac Letter Gamal Garshuni
  used in Garshuni documents
0715 ‎ܕ‎ Syriac Letter Dalath
0716 ‎ܖ‎ Syriac Letter Dotless Dalath Rish
  ambiguous form for undifferentiated early dalath/rish
0717 ‎ܗ‎ Syriac Letter He
0718 ‎ܘ‎ Syriac Letter Waw
0719 ‎ܙ‎ Syriac Letter Zain
071A ‎ܚ‎ Syriac Letter Heth
071B ‎ܛ‎ Syriac Letter Teth
071C ‎ܜ‎ Syriac Letter Teth Garshuni
  used in Garshuni documents
071D ‎ܝ‎ Syriac Letter Yudh
071E ‎ܞ‎ Syriac Letter Yudh He
  mostly used in East Syriac texts
071F ‎ܟ‎ Syriac Letter Kaph
0720 ‎ܠ‎ Syriac Letter Lamadh
0721 ‎ܡ‎ Syriac Letter Mim
0722 ‎ܢ‎ Syriac Letter Nun
0723 ‎ܣ‎ Syriac Letter Semkath
0724 ‎ܤ‎ Syriac Letter Final Semkath
0725 ‎ܥ‎ Syriac Letter E
0726 ‎ܦ‎ Syriac Letter Pe
0727 ‎ܧ‎ Syriac Letter Reversed Pe
  used in Christian Palestinian Aramaic
0728 ‎ܨ‎ Syriac Letter Sadhe
0729 ‎ܩ‎ Syriac Letter Qaph
072A ‎ܪ‎ Syriac Letter Rish
072B ‎ܫ‎ Syriac Letter Shin
072C ‎ܬ‎ Syriac Letter Taw

Persian letters

072D ‎ܭ‎ Syriac Letter Persian Bheth
072E ‎ܮ‎ Syriac Letter Persian Ghamal
072F ‎ܯ‎ Syriac Letter Persian Dhalath

Syriac points (vowels)

0730 ◌ܰ Syriac Pthaha Above
0731 ◌ܱ Syriac Pthaha Below
0732 ◌ܲ Syriac Pthaha Dotted
0733 ◌ܳ Syriac Zqapha Above
0734 ◌ܴ Syriac Zqapha Below
0735 ◌ܵ Syriac Zqapha Dotted
0736 ◌ܶ Syriac Rbasa Above
0737 ◌ܷ Syriac Rbasa Below
0738 ◌ܸ Syriac Dotted Zlama Horizontal
0739 ◌ܹ Syriac Dotted Zlama Angular
073A ◌ܺ Syriac Hbasa Above
073B ◌ܻ Syriac Hbasa Below
073C ◌ܼ Syriac Hbasa-Esasa Dotted
073D ◌ܽ Syriac Esasa Above
073E ◌ܾ Syriac Esasa Below
073F ◌ܿ Syriac Rwaha

Syriac marks

0740 ◌݀ Syriac Feminine Dot
  feminine marker used with the Taw feminine suffix
  1DF8 ◌᷸ combining dot above left
0741 ◌݁ Syriac Qushshaya
  indicates a plosive pronunciation
0742 ◌݂ Syriac Rukkakha
  indicates an aspirated (spirantized) pronunciation
0743 ◌݃ Syriac Two Vertical Dots Above
  accent mark used in ancient manuscripts
0744 ◌݄ Syriac Two Vertical Dots Below
  accent mark used in ancient manuscripts
0745 ◌݅ Syriac Three Dots Above
  diacritic used in Turoyo for letters not found in Syriac
0746 ◌݆ Syriac Three Dots Below
  diacritic used in Turoyo for letters not found in Syriac
0747 ◌݇ Syriac Oblique Line Above
  indication of a silent letter
0748 ◌݈ Syriac Oblique Line Below
  indication of a silent letter
  also used to indicate numbers multiplied by a certain constant
0749 ◌݉ Syriac Music
  a music mark
  also used in the Syrian Orthodox Anaphora book to mark the breaking of the Eucharist bread
074A ◌݊ Syriac Barrekh
  a diacritic cross used in liturgical texts

Sogdian letters

074D ‎ݍ‎ Syriac Letter Sogdian Zhain
074E ‎ݎ‎ Syriac Letter Sogdian Khaph
074F ‎ݏ‎ Syriac Letter Sogdian Fe