As of 2012, the name "Oriya" for this script and language is officially spelled "Odia" in India. That change in spelling does not affect the Unicode block or character names, which are constrained by stability guarantees.

Various signs

0B01 ◌ଁ Oriya Sign Candrabindu
0B02 ଂ Oriya Sign Anusvara
0B03 ଃ Oriya Sign Visarga

Independent vowels

0B05 ଅ Oriya Letter A
0B06 ଆ Oriya Letter Aa
0B07 ଇ Oriya Letter I
0B08 ଈ Oriya Letter Ii
0B09 ଉ Oriya Letter U
0B0A ଊ Oriya Letter Uu
0B0B ଋ Oriya Letter Vocalic R
0B0C ଌ Oriya Letter Vocalic L
0B0F ଏ Oriya Letter E
0B10 ଐ Oriya Letter Ai
0B13 ଓ Oriya Letter O
0B14 ଔ Oriya Letter Au


0B15 କ Oriya Letter Ka
0B16 ଖ Oriya Letter Kha
0B17 ଗ Oriya Letter Ga
0B18 ଘ Oriya Letter Gha
0B19 ଙ Oriya Letter Nga
0B1A ଚ Oriya Letter Ca
0B1B ଛ Oriya Letter Cha
0B1C ଜ Oriya Letter Ja
0B1D ଝ Oriya Letter Jha
0B1E ଞ Oriya Letter Nya
0B1F ଟ Oriya Letter Tta
0B20 ଠ Oriya Letter Ttha
0B21 ଡ Oriya Letter Dda
0B22 ଢ Oriya Letter Ddha
0B23 ଣ Oriya Letter Nna
0B24 ତ Oriya Letter Ta
0B25 ଥ Oriya Letter Tha
0B26 ଦ Oriya Letter Da
0B27 ଧ Oriya Letter Dha
0B28 ନ Oriya Letter Na
0B2A ପ Oriya Letter Pa
0B2B ଫ Oriya Letter Pha
0B2C ବ Oriya Letter Ba
  0B35 ଵ oriya letter va
0B2D ଭ Oriya Letter Bha
0B2E ମ Oriya Letter Ma
0B2F ଯ Oriya Letter Ya
0B30 ର Oriya Letter Ra
0B32 ଲ Oriya Letter La
0B33 ଳ Oriya Letter Lla
0B35 ଵ Oriya Letter Va
  0B2C ବ oriya letter ba
0B36 ଶ Oriya Letter Sha
0B37 ଷ Oriya Letter Ssa
0B38 ସ Oriya Letter Sa
0B39 ହ Oriya Letter Ha

Various signs

0B3C ◌଼ Oriya Sign Nukta
  for extending the alphabet to new letters
0B3D ଽ Oriya Sign Avagraha

Dependent vowel signs

0B3E ା Oriya Vowel Sign Aa
0B3F ◌ି Oriya Vowel Sign I
0B40 ୀ Oriya Vowel Sign Ii
0B41 ◌ୁ Oriya Vowel Sign U
0B42 ◌ୂ Oriya Vowel Sign Uu
0B43 ◌ୃ Oriya Vowel Sign Vocalic R
0B44 ◌ୄ Oriya Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr
0B47 େ Oriya Vowel Sign E
  stands to the left of the consonant
0B48 ୈ Oriya Vowel Sign Ai
  pieces left of and above the consonant
  0B47 େ 0B56 ◌ୖ

Two-part dependent vowel signs

These vowel signs have glyph pieces which stand on both sides of the consonant; they follow the consonant in logical order, and should be handled as a unit for most processing.
0B4B ୋ Oriya Vowel Sign O
  0B47 େ 0B3E ା
0B4C ୌ Oriya Vowel Sign Au
  0B47 େ 0B57 ୗ


0B4D ◌୍ Oriya Sign Virama

Various signs

0B56 ◌ୖ Oriya Ai Length Mark
0B57 ୗ Oriya Au Length Mark

Additional consonants

0B5C ଡ଼ Oriya Letter Rra
  0B21 ଡ 0B3C ◌଼
0B5D ଢ଼ Oriya Letter Rha
  0B22 ଢ 0B3C ◌଼
0B5F ୟ Oriya Letter Yya

Additional vowels for Sanskrit

0B60 ୠ Oriya Letter Vocalic Rr
0B61 ୡ Oriya Letter Vocalic Ll

Dependent vowels

0B62 ◌ୢ Oriya Vowel Sign Vocalic L
0B63 ◌ୣ Oriya Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll


For viram punctuation, use the generic Indic 0964 and 0965.
0B64 █ <Reserved>
  0964 । devanagari danda
0B65 █ <Reserved>
  0965 ॥ devanagari double danda


0B66 ୦ Oriya Digit Zero
0B67 ୧ Oriya Digit One
0B68 ୨ Oriya Digit Two
0B69 ୩ Oriya Digit Three
0B6A ୪ Oriya Digit Four
0B6B ୫ Oriya Digit Five
0B6C ୬ Oriya Digit Six
0B6D ୭ Oriya Digit Seven
0B6E ୮ Oriya Digit Eight
0B6F ୯ Oriya Digit Nine


0B70 ୰ Oriya Isshar

Additional consonant

0B71 ୱ Oriya Letter Wa
  0B13 ଓ oriya letter o
  0B35 ଵ oriya letter va

Fraction signs

0B72 ୲ Oriya Fraction One Quarter
0B73 ୳ Oriya Fraction One Half
0B74 ୴ Oriya Fraction Three Quarters
0B75 ୵ Oriya Fraction One Sixteenth
0B76 ୶ Oriya Fraction One Eighth
0B77 ୷ Oriya Fraction Three Sixteenths