Various signs

The anusvara should not be confused with the use of a circular glyph for the pulli.
0B82 ◌ஂ Tamil Sign Anusvara
  not used in Tamil
0B83 ஃ Tamil Sign Visarga
  just as for the Tamil pulli, the glyph for aytham may use either dots or rings

Independent vowels

0B85 அ Tamil Letter A
0B86 ஆ Tamil Letter Aa
0B87 இ Tamil Letter I
0B88 ஈ Tamil Letter Ii
0B89 உ Tamil Letter U
0B8A ஊ Tamil Letter Uu
0B8E எ Tamil Letter E
0B8F ஏ Tamil Letter Ee
0B90 ஐ Tamil Letter Ai
0B92 ஒ Tamil Letter O
0B93 ஓ Tamil Letter Oo
0B94 ஔ Tamil Letter Au
  0B92 ஒ 0BD7 ௗ


0B95 க Tamil Letter Ka
0B99 ங Tamil Letter Nga
  also denotes the measure kuruni/marakkaal
  11FDA 𑿚 tamil sign kuruni
0B9A ச Tamil Letter Ca
0B9C ஜ Tamil Letter Ja
0B9E ஞ Tamil Letter Nya
0B9F ட Tamil Letter Tta
0BA3 ண Tamil Letter Nna
0BA4 த Tamil Letter Ta
  also denotes the measure thuuni
  11FDC 𑿜 tamil sign mukkuruni
0BA8 ந Tamil Letter Na
0BA9 ன Tamil Letter Nnna
0BAA ப Tamil Letter Pa
  also denotes the fraction one twentieth
0BAE ம Tamil Letter Ma
0BAF ய Tamil Letter Ya
0BB0 ர Tamil Letter Ra
0BB1 ற Tamil Letter Rra
0BB2 ல Tamil Letter La
0BB3 ள Tamil Letter Lla
  also denotes the measure kalam
  11FDC 𑿜 tamil sign mukkuruni
0BB4 ழ Tamil Letter Llla
0BB5 வ Tamil Letter Va
0BB6 ஶ Tamil Letter Sha
0BB7 ஷ Tamil Letter Ssa
0BB8 ஸ Tamil Letter Sa
0BB9 ஹ Tamil Letter Ha

Dependent vowel signs

0BBE ா Tamil Vowel Sign Aa
0BBF ி Tamil Vowel Sign I
0BC0 ◌ீ Tamil Vowel Sign Ii
0BC1 ு Tamil Vowel Sign U
0BC2 ூ Tamil Vowel Sign Uu
0BC6 ெ Tamil Vowel Sign E
  stands to the left of the consonant
0BC7 ே Tamil Vowel Sign Ee
  stands to the left of the consonant
0BC8 ை Tamil Vowel Sign Ai
  stands to the left of the consonant

Two-part dependent vowel signs

These vowel signs have glyph pieces which stand on both sides of the consonant; they follow the consonant in logical order, and should be handled as a unit for most processing.
0BCA ொ Tamil Vowel Sign O
  0BC6 ெ 0BBE ா
0BCB ோ Tamil Vowel Sign Oo
  0BC7 ே 0BBE ா
0BCC ௌ Tamil Vowel Sign Au
  0BC6 ெ 0BD7 ௗ


The Tamil pulli usually displays as a dot above, but in some fonts displays as a ring above. Do not use 0B82 to represent a ring-shaped pulli.
0BCD ◌் Tamil Sign Virama

Various signs

0BD0 ௐ Tamil Om
0BD7 ௗ Tamil Au Length Mark


For viram punctuation, use the generic Indic 0964 and 0965.
0BE4 █ <Reserved>
  0964 । devanagari danda
0BE5 █ <Reserved>
  0965 ॥ devanagari double danda


0BE6 ௦ Tamil Digit Zero
0BE7 ௧ Tamil Digit One
0BE8 ௨ Tamil Digit Two
0BE9 ௩ Tamil Digit Three
0BEA ௪ Tamil Digit Four
0BEB ௫ Tamil Digit Five
0BEC ௬ Tamil Digit Six
0BED ௭ Tamil Digit Seven
0BEE ௮ Tamil Digit Eight
0BEF ௯ Tamil Digit Nine

Tamil numerics

Tamil fractions are encoded in the Tamil Supplement block starting at 11FC0.
0BF0 ௰ Tamil Number Ten
0BF1 ௱ Tamil Number One Hundred
0BF2 ௲ Tamil Number One Thousand

Tamil calendrical symbols

More symbols are encoded in the Tamil Supplement block at 11FC0-11FFF.
0BF3 ௳ Tamil Day Sign
  =naal, naali/padi
  denotes a measure of grain that equals 2 uri or 4 ulakku
  11FD9 𑿙 tamil sign muuvuzhakku
  =pillaiyaar suli
  denotes auspiciousness
0BF4 ௴ Tamil Month Sign
0BF5 ௵ Tamil Year Sign

Tamil clerical symbols

0BF6 ௶ Tamil Debit Sign
0BF7 ௷ Tamil Credit Sign
  denotes incoming cash which is set aside for unknown expenses
  sometimes used as the credit sign; the traditional credit sign is distinct
  11FE8 𑿨 tamil traditional credit sign
0BF8 ௸ Tamil As Above Sign

Currency symbol

0BF9 ௹ Tamil Rupee Sign
  11FE6 𑿦 tamil land sign

Tamil clerical symbol

0BFA ௺ Tamil Number Sign
  =enn, niluvai
  denotes balance
  sometimes used as the number sign; the traditional number sign is distinct
  11FE9 𑿩 tamil traditional number sign