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CLDR Version 29 Index 2016-03-16
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Eras - wide
0English: ‹Before R.O.C.›
a-raok Republik Sina ·br·
antes de la R.D.C. ·ast·
Ro Ph. na Sìne ·gd·
جۇڭخۇا مىنگودىن بۇرۇن ·ug·
1English: ‹Minguo›
Minguo ·ast·
Mínguó ·gd·
Republik Sina ·br·
مىنگو ·ug·
Eras - abbreviated
0English: ‹Before R.O.C.›
a-raok R.S. ·br·
A.R.D.C. ·ast·
antes de R.O.C. ·es·
Antes de R.O.C. ·pt·
avant RdC ·fr·
Before R.O.C. ·all·others·
före R.K. ·sv·
hafi R.O.C. ·ee·
Pre RK ·sr_Latn·
Před R. O. C. ·cs·
Prieš R.O.C. ·lt·
prije R.O.C. ·bs· ·hr·
Prima di R.O.C. ·it·
Przed ROC ·pl·
R.O.C. aurretik ·eu·
R.O.C. előtt ·hu·
Ro PnS ·gd·
Sebelum R.O.C. ·id·
Trước R.O.C ·vi·
voor R.O.C. ·nl·
Πριν R.O.C. ·el·
Пре РК ·bs_Cyrl· ·sr·
ปีก่อนไต้หวัน ·th·
ກ່ອນ R.O.C. ·lo·
중화민국전 ·ko·
民国前 ·ja· ·zh·
民國前 ·yue· ·zh_Hant·
1English: ‹Minguo›
Minguo ·ast· ·da· ·de· ·en· ·fi· ·fy· ·it· ·lb· ·nb· ·nl· ·ru· ·tr·
Mínguó ·gd·
R.K. ·sv·
R.O.C. ·bs· ·all·others·
R.S. ·br·
RdC ·fr·
RK ·sr_Latn·
ROC ·pl·
РК ·bs_Cyrl· ·sr·
جمهورية الصي ·ar·
مىنگو ·ug·
ไต้หวัน ·th·
중화민국 ·ko·
民国 ·ja· ·zh·
民國 ·yue· ·zh_Hant·
Eras - narrow
0English: ‹Before R.O.C.›
a-raok R.S. ·br·
Ro PnS ·gd·
1English: ‹Minguo›
Mínguó ·gd·
R.D.C. ·ast·
R.S. ·br·
Formats - Standard - Date Formats
fullEnglish: ‹EEEE, MMMM d, y G›
EEEE d MMMM 'de' y G ·ca·
EEEE d MMMM y G ·fy· ·nl·
EEEE, 'ngày' dd MMMM 'năm' y G ·vi·
EEEE, dd MMMM y G ·id·
EEEE, MMMM dd 'lia', G y ·ee·
EEEEที่ d MMMM ปีGที่ y ·th·
G y MMMM d, EEEE ·br·
Gy年M月d日 EEEE ·yue· ·zh_Hant·
Gy年M月d日EEEE ·ja· ·zh·
longEnglish: ‹MMMM d, y G›
d MMMM 'de' y G ·ca·
d MMMM y G ·fy· ·id· ·nl·
d MMMM ปีG y ·th·
Gy年M月d日 ·ja· ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
MMMM d 'lia', G y ·ee·
mediumEnglish: ‹MMM d, y G›
d MMM G y ·th·
d MMM y G ·fy· ·id· ·nl·
dd/MM/y G ·ca·
Gy/MM/dd ·ja·
Gy年M月d日 ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
MMM d 'lia', G y ·ee·
shortEnglish: ‹M/d/y GGGGG›
d/M/y G ·pt_PT· ·th·
d/M/y GGGGG ·id·
dd-MM-GGGGG y ·ee·
dd-MM-yy GGGGG ·fy· ·nl·
dd/MM/y GGGGG ·ca·
Gd/M/yy ·zh_Hans_HK· ·zh_Hans_MO· ·zh_Hans_SG·
GGGGG y-MM-dd ·br·
Gy/M/d ·yue· ·zh_Hant·
Gy/MM/dd ·ja·
Gyy/M/d ·zh·
Formats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formats
fullEnglish: ‹{1} 'at' {0}›
{1} {0} ·gd·
longEnglish: ‹{1} 'at' {0}›
{1} {0} ·gd·
mediumEnglish: ‹{1}, {0}›
{1} {0} ·gd·
shortEnglish: ‹{1}, {0}›
{1} {0} ·gd·
Formats - Flexible - Date Formats
dEnglish: ‹d›
'Ngày' dd ·vi·
d ·fy· ·gd· ·id· ·nl· ·th·
d. ·bs· ·hr·
d日 ·ja· ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
EEnglish: ‹ccc›
ccc ·nb· ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
EdEnglish: ‹d E›
d日(E) ·yue· ·zh_Hant·
d日E ·zh· ·zh_Hant_HK·
E d ·fy· ·nl· ·th·
E, d ·gd·
GyEnglish: ‹y G›
Gy年 ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
y G ·fy· ·nl·
ปีGที่ y ·th·
GyMMMEnglish: ‹MMM y G›
Gy年M月 ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
MMM G y ·th·
MMM y G ·fy· ·nl·
GyMMMdEnglish: ‹MMM d, y G›
d MMM G y ·th·
d MMM y G ·fy· ·nl·
Gy年M月d日 ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
GyMMMEdEnglish: ‹E, MMM d, y G›
E d MMM G y ·th·
E d MMM y G ·fy· ·nl·
Gy年M月d日E ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
MEnglish: ‹L›
'tháng' L ·vi·
L ·fy· ·id· ·nl· ·th· ·zh_Hans_HK·
L. ·bs· ·hr·
M月 ·ja· ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
MdEnglish: ‹M/d›
d-M ·fy· ·nl· ·zh_Hant_HK·
d/M ·id· ·th·
dd-M ·vi·
M-d ·zh_Hans_HK· ·zh_Hans_MO· ·zh_Hans_SG·
M/d ·ja· ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
MEdEnglish: ‹E, M/d›
d-M(E) ·zh_Hant_HK·
E d-M ·fy· ·nl·
E, d/M ·id· ·th·
E, dd-M ·vi·
M-dE ·zh_Hans_MO· ·zh_Hans_SG·
M/d(E) ·ja·
M/d(E) ·yue· ·zh_Hant·
M/dE ·zh·
MMMEnglish: ‹LLL›
LLL ·bs· ·fy· ·hr· ·id· ·nl· ·th· ·vi· ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
M月 ·ja· ·zh_Hans_HK· ·zh_Hans_MO· ·zh_Hans_SG·
MMMdEnglish: ‹MMM d›
d MMM ·fy· ·id· ·nl· ·th·
d. MMM ·bs· ·hr·
M月d日 ·ja· ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
MMMEdEnglish: ‹E, MMM d›
E d MMM ·fy· ·nl· ·th·
E MMM d 'lia' ·ee·
E, d MMM ·id·
E, d. MMM ·bs· ·hr·
M月d日(E) ·ja·
M月d日E ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
MMMMdEnglish: ‹MMMM d›
d MMMM ·fy· ·id· ·nl·
d. MMMM ·nb·
M月d日 ·ja· ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
E, d MMMM ·id·
yEnglish: ‹y G›
G y ·id·
Gy年 ·ja· ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
y G ·fy· ·nl·
ปีGที่ y ·th·
yyyyEnglish: ‹y G›
Gy年 ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
y G ·fy· ·nl·
ปีGที่ y ·th·
yyyyMEnglish: ‹M/y GGGGG›
Gy/M ·yue· ·zh_Hant·
Gy年M月 ·zh·
M-y GGGGG ·fy· ·nl·
M/GGGGG y ·th·
yyyyMdEnglish: ‹M/d/y GGGGG›
d-M-y GGGGG ·fy· ·nl·
d/M/GGGGG y ·th·
Gy/M/d ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
yyyyMEdEnglish: ‹E, M/d/y GGGGG›
E d-M-y GGGGG ·fy· ·nl·
E d/M/GGGGG y ·th·
Gy/M/d(E) ·yue· ·zh_Hant·
Gy/M/dE ·zh· ·zh_Hant_HK·
yyyyMMMEnglish: ‹MMM y G›
Gy年M月 ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
MMM G y ·th·
MMM y G ·fy· ·nl·
yyyyMMMdEnglish: ‹MMM d, y G›
d MMM G y ·th·
d MMM y G ·fy· ·nl·
Gy年M月d日 ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
yyyyMMMEdEnglish: ‹E, MMM d, y G›
E d MMM G y ·th·
E d MMM y G ·fy· ·nl·
Gy年M月d日E ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
yyyyMMMMEnglish: ‹MMMM y G›
Gy年M月 ·yue· ·zh· ·zh_Hant·
MMMM y G ·fy· ·nl·
yyyyQQQEnglish: ‹QQQ y G›
Gy年QQQ ·yue· ·zh_Hant·
Gy年第Q季度 ·zh·
QQQ G y ·th·
QQQ y G ·fy· ·nl·
yyyyQQQQEnglish: ‹QQQQ y G›
Gy年QQQQ ·yue· ·zh_Hant·
Gy年第Q季度 ·zh·
QQQQ y G ·fy· ·nl·
Formats - Intervals - Date Formats
d/dEnglish: ‹d – d›
d – d ·ast·
M/MEnglish: ‹M – M›
M – M ·ast·
MMM/MEnglish: ‹MMM – MMM›
LLL – LLL ·ast·
y/yEnglish: ‹y – y G›
y – y G ·ast·
yMMM/MEnglish: ‹MMM – MMM y G›
LLL – LLL y G ·ast·
yMMMd/dEnglish: ‹MMM d – d, y G›
d – d MMM 'de' y ·ast·
Formats - Intervals - Fallback
FallbackEnglish: ‹{0} – {1}›
{0} – {1} ·br·